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Kobo considered separate device after factory reset

My Kobo Aura HD started locking up and being glitchy after installing the new firmware a few days ago (thinking maybe the installation went wrong) and after a few attempts at fixing it I decided to do a factory reset. It worked! However, I notice that even though the device has the same serial number, Calibre seems to consider it a new device. I had to re-add it to Reading List and Kobo Utilities. Why does this happen? :thanks:
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Connecting Calibre and Forma

I went ahead and purchased the 32 GB Forma on the 19th and I'm sure it will show up one of these days. Got the confirmation email when I purchased it, but haven't gotten the shipped email yet. I do have an Aura One eReader, so I have no problem with connecting to Calibre and side loading books. What I want to do is avoid the little gotchas that I ran into with the Aura, such as downloading all my ebooks from the Kobo store _before_ I connect to Calibre to avoid duplicates (though there are so...
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Forma or Libra -- Current State of these units? (I want one)

Hi everyone, thanks for the add. The short.., I've had a few older Kobos, never really used much. My fault, not the Kobo (I actually really like the product & the idea.) I want to really embrace the idea of the ereader environment now. Especially since I saw the Forma and Libra. Where I am, it would cost me around $235 for a Libra and $345 for an 8gb Forma. It's the upper upper end of where I want to be, but willing to make the commitment. I've been back and forth on which one... HOWEVER.....
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Kobo ebook not showing up in Mac Finder

Hello, everyone. I connected my Kobo Libra H2o to my Mac (Catalina) via USB cable, planning to drag a new ebook (purchased from Kobo) from the Finder into Calibre. The newly purchased book does NOT show up in the Finder. If I click the Device icon in Calibre (5.11) to view my Kobo books I do see the book listed. I have done this with other books without any trouble. Am I missing a step? Could this book be stored on the Kobo somewhere OTHER THAN the main memory? Any help appreciated. Thx. kathy
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The Modded Kernels Thread

Hi all, So in the last few days I made a big leap forward in my Kobo hacking and connected mines to my Rasberry Pi's serial port. Now I could mod the device as I wanted, installing a new OS if I wanted, and have full control over it. So far I've successfully installed some Linux distros in there, such as Alpine Linux 3.13, Debian 6/7/8. However, to make them run, I had to recompile the kernel because some crucial features weren't there (e.g. cgroups for Debian 8 w/ systemd). I spent some time ...
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New e-reader

My trusted H2O has bricked after 6 years good use. I already miss it. So I need a new e-reader like the Kobo aura H2O (first generation). The dimensions from the H2O (6,8 inch screen) are perfect. If possible I prefer a similar size, or bigger. The format I use is mostly epub. The e-reader has to be compatible wit calibre (to side-load books), online public library and if possible with kobo plus. E-ink is a requirement (bad eyesight) and a long battery life (I want to take it with me on bi...
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Clara HD Problem connecting Kobo Clara HD with Calibre

Hello everybody, I am a newbie. I have a Kobo Clara HD; several weeks ago I have been forced to uninstall the latest version of Calibre and install and older one (3.48 64 bit). Now, when I connect my e-reader, I am able to upload new ebooks, but at the end of the task I get these message Kobo database version unsopported calibre, version 3.48.0 WARNING: Failed: Kobo database version unsupported - See details Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not kno...
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Kobo Libra H2O Release Cycle

Hello! This is my first post. It seems like you guys have a wonderful community :). TL;DR Edition: Given the history of Kobo's release cycles, is now a bad time to buy a Kobo Libra H2O? Unabridged Edition: I've been reading ebooks on 6" Kindles for the past 6-7 years. I own two at this point, an older base model and a newer Paperwhite. I'm interested in seeing the potential advantages of a 7" reader. The Libra H2O interests me for three reasons:I'd like to see what it's like to read on a 7" e-...
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Libra H2O or Oasis

Hello guys, I'm new to the forum, I've been using the Kindle (8th gen) for more than 2 years now and I would like to upgrade to a new device. Was thinking about PW but then I found about about Kobo and Libra H2O which brings me to the dilemma from the subject. I've read more than a few discussions on benefits of both devices so I'll keep it short and ask you what would you choose if the price for Oasis is around 160 € (with the trade in and 20 % discount) and for Libra is 200 €? I can buy ...
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Calibre/Kobo Communication error

My Kobo always worked fine but somehow I now can't see or manage my e-books on my Kobo H2O device. I use an older version of Calibre on my early 2011 macbook pro with OSX High Sierra. This was never before a problem. Note: Adobe digital editions works fine Kobo software works fine also The error message on Calibre: calibre, version 3.48.0 FOUT: Fout: Fout bij communicatie met apparaat (translation: error with communication with device) CorruptError: database disk image is malformed Tra...
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Device ejects on its own

My Kobo will not stay connected to my computer. Is anyone else having or ever heard of this issue? I just purchased the Kobo Libra H2O (from Amazon) It will not stay connected to My Mac. This doesn't happen with any of my other devices or peripherals. I tried 3 different cables with the same result. Libra ejects with Mac message "disk not ejected properly". This happens whether Calibre is open or not. I initially thought it might be a conflict issue with Kobo and Calbre, being they're not mate...
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Crash on Kobo Glo using Koreader 2021.1.1

Just started happening with the latest version. crash.log from today: 02/10/21-11:58:43 INFO Kobo suspend: woke up! validateWakeupAlarmByProximity nil 1613015938 1613015938 1613015938 02/10/21-11:58:58 INFO Kobo suspend: scheduled wakeup. validateWakeupAlarmByProximity 1613212532 1613212532 1613212532 1613015938 02/10/21-11:58:58 ERROR Kobo suspend: wakeup action failed. 02/10/21-11:58:58 INFO Kobo suspend: putting device back to sleep. 02/10/21-11:59:28 INFO Kobo suspend: going to s...
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PocketBook Touch HD 3

Thinking seriously of buying a Pocketbook reader. What is the battery life like on this model, does anyone know? Also, I'm a "load my whole library" onto the reader sort of person (I know, I know), so how would the library list cope (I tried this on my old Kobo and the answer was "badly"). Would I need a case, because they almost cost more than the device in Australia...? thanks all
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Not getting response from Kobo support. Is that typical?

Same day I made this bug report post I also emailed Kobo support ([email protected]). That was a week ago. So far I got no response, automated or otherwise. Is that the correct email? Is this type of silent treatment typical?
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Why would only the audiobook be available?

Someone was talking to me about a book, so I went to Kobo to find it and maybe add it to my wishlist. It was for sale, but only as an audiobook. Weirdly enough its part of a series and some of the later books in the series are available as eBooks. Also it's available on Amazon as an eBook. Any idea why the publisher would do this? :blink:
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Kobo Nia — $80

Looks like Kobo has finally priced the Kobo Nia at a price where it makes sense when compared to the Clara. Looks like it might just be a sale, though. First time I've seen it lower than $100. https://us.kobobooks.com/products/ko...31987720290374 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kobo-Nia-...ight/824752304 "Comfort Light" for the Nia, just means a regular front light. Comfort Light Pro is Kobo-speak for "warm" lighting.
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Clara HD How to BUY books from Kobo??

Hello everyone, Really hoping someone can assist here. I've bought a Kobo Clara HD recently, and it's working just fine. I have set up Overdrive and have borrowed my first book too. But... how do you actually BUY books from Kobo?? Normally ebook companies are falling over themselves to sell to you. The Kindle Store and Apple Books are perfect examples of an easy-to-use ebook store. Not so, it seems, with Kobo books. Whether on the desktop, iPad or the Kobo Clara itself, there seems no wa...
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Kobo Forma

I'm not sure if this is the proper spot for this but it seems as good a place as any. Right now, I use a large iPad Pro, an iPad mini and a Kobo Aura One (8 GB model). I like going back and forth between the iPad Pro and Kobo Aura. It makes a nice change of pace. The Aura is perfect for it's original purpose (camping) and works well in bed, but I find myself wishing for a bigger screen for every day reading and I would really like the 32 GB Forma for the 8 inch (as opposed to 6 inch) screen ...
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JMdict on Kobo (or any other recommended Japanese dictionaries?)

I've had a custom Japanese-English dictionary on my Kobo forever. It still works fine, but it was originally based a ~5 year old copy of Edict (from when the dictionary was made), so I wanted to update it to a newer version, and switch to JMdict. I converted the latest JMdict to Kobo format using Pyglossary. The resulting file worked to some extent on my Kobo, but there was something wrong with it -- I could look up some words, but it would fail to find anything for other words. The words it...
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Kobo PC connection sucks

I found that our 2 Kobo Aura bothe refuse to connect to Windows 10, thus making it unable to transfer content from Calibre to the reader. Internet fora claim it is a known issue, between Kobo and cable connections. I have used both their own, and my other cables, effect none. Will look out for another brand, without the hassle.
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Apparently unique footnote problem

Before you say search the forums or Google, trust me, I have. For about four total hours. I'm finding no one else with the issue I have. :headscratch: So, I have a Kobo Libra H20 running Koreader. Everything works great except footnotes. I really want the popup footnotes at the bottom, but with only one exception (I'll get to that) when I set it to popup footnotes, I get only the number of the footnote and an otherwise blank box. If I turn popup footnotes back off, they link to the footnotes ...
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Change DNS on Kobo

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way of changing WiFi settings on the Kobo to use a specific DNS and hence use that DNS when using the Kobo web browser? Have seen an old post about changing the hosts file, but ideally I don’t want to mess around with the device too much, considering I don’t really have much experience with Kobos or e-readers. Thanks
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Glo HD Hacks, Mods and Ideas, work in progress

SOFT HACKS and MODS PLAN: more and fun stuff to do. Single Hacks - Bypassing KOBO registration, while keeping Wifi active (at least works on Forma) https://www.yingtongli.me/blog/2018/...obo-rego.html] - Save your annotations https://www.ankursheel.com/blog/expo...om-a-kobo-aura - Full-screen on/off (remove header/footer) 1. Attach Kobo to PC/Mac with USB cable and click transfer mode on KOBO screen. 2. Locate "Kobo eReader.config" on the KOBO eReader/.kobo folder. 3. Ctrl-click or right-cli...
Tags: Firefox, Google, Books, Kobo Developer's Corner, Kobo, Linus, Xorg, Attach Kobo to PC Mac, On Kobo

my story - Vivarium

Hello everyone, I've published my short story - Vivarium - online. It's a sci-fi story about a group colonists fleeing from Earth on a spaceship with the intent of beginning a new life on a distant world. However, when some colonists wake up, they find that it is not a normal colonisation mission. Available on Kobo and apple as below: Kobo and apple I'd appreciate it if some of you could give it a try!
Tags: Books, Earth, Self-promotions By Authors And Publishers, Kobo

Change bookcover?

As the title suggests, is it possible to change the bookcover on a book that's been downloaded directly to the reader from Kobo with Calibre? The original cover is red so it's almost invisible on my Aura One.
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Forma Almost ready to give up entirely on Forma

Before launching in let me try a question first: Is there any known way to download a just-purchased book from the Kobo book site to one's computer, as an .epub file? Now on to the rest... I'm all but ready to give up on this Kobo Forma. It wasn't cheap, it is often failing, and I'm at my wit's end. Perhaps someone who has experienced the same kinds of problems will know what to do. Despite our having a pretty fast net connection and good wifi connectivity in this house, the Kobo rarely gets m...
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Adobe drm-system on Kobo

Inspired by NiMa's success with xorg I'm pondering if it's possible to get a practicle solution for a full adobe drm environment on a Kobo. (With that I mean to be able to buy adobe drm ebooks and borrow library ebooks directly from the ereader.) One roundabout way could be to install wine and Sony Reader for PC (or ADE). We got some brilliant people here, can you see a feasable and pragmatic way to make this happen? (FWIW I know plenty of people choosing Pocketbook before Kobo just because ...
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Have I bricked my Forma, perhaps by using KOReader?

Just two days ago, my new Forma arrived. I did the Kobo registration thing and letting it upate itself. After it was properly started I connected it with a usb cable to sync up a few epubs and pdfs with calibre. Spoiler: Code: $ uname -a Linux xxxxxxxxxx 5.10.4-arch2-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri, 01 Jan 2021 05:29:53 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux $ calibre --version calibre (calibre 5.9) So far so good. Next step I took was use NiLuJe's One-Click Install scripts for both KOReader an...
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Tablets - not just for PDFs

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but it seemed to fit. I discovered yesterday that my local library has a new app, and installed it on my 10.1 inch tablet. This turned out to be a great idea for helping me with my goal of reading more poetry. Some here have commented that for them, poetry is best read from paper books because physical formats can preserve the visual structure intended by the poet. Paper books are not an option for me, so I was delighted to discover that the anthology ...
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Inverted screen function for new reader. Kobo only?

Hey, After more than 10 years reading on small screens (one Bookeen and two Kobo, Glo and Glo HD), I am just looking to try out large screen readers. I am thinking about Kobo Aura One, Forma or Pocketbook Inkpad 3. I currently have a Kobo Glo HD, and I love the hacking scene, especially the inverted mode (dark screen, white writing). Can this invert screen stuff be achieved Kobo only? Or pocketbook would be OK too? Maybe it's a functionnality of KOReader? Side question, which one from Kobo...
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