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Need help cross-compiling jq lib for kobo

Oh hello MobileReaders, long time reader, first time poster :) I noticed the other day that the KoboCloud plugin seems to have stopped working for me. It only syncs files up to a certain number and then just stops. So, I started poking around the source code and thought to myself, wouldn't this be better if we use the dropbox api instead of relying on a parsing urls from a shared folder url? Couple hours of playing around with the dropbox api and I had something that seemed pretty usable and al...
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Emulating Nickel + touch input

Hi, I've been working hard these last few days to try to get the Kobo firmware working in a QEMU-system-arm virtual machine (i.e. emulating a Kobo in a x86 PC) I've successfully (and surprisingly) been able to build a cross-compiled Linux kernel, boot the stock filesystem and firmware of a Glo HD (with a disk image formatted in 3 partitions (rootfs, recoveryfs and onboard), and I gasped when I saw the Nickel setup welcome screen with language selection on a QEMU window. This was quite unexpect...
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KO reader Calibre wireless cannot connect

I'm using Version 2020.12-108 I just updated my ereader tonight, but it's been weeks since I've been able to get my Calibre wireless connection working, it used to work flawlessly until recently. I get the message "Cannot connect to calibre server" Are there any ports I should be forwarding to make it work on my router? Nothing has really changed on my side of things. I'm wondering why this excellent feature seemingly randomly stopped working for me. I appreciate any help. I go to Calibre...
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Display Image with Pickel (or alternative)

Hi, I have a Kobo Nia and I want to use it as an « Image Viewer (with auto-refresh) », I see many ways to do this, but none seems to work in 2021. I want to do something really simple like the script « /etc/bin/Kobo/demoloop.sh » But, if I do from telnet : Code: zcat /etc/images/splash.raw.gz  | /usr/local/Kobo/pickel showpic Nothing happen. And If I do the same from the NickelMenu, I have glitch on screen (like a rotated screen maybe ?). But nothing more. If someone have an idea...
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How to install NickelMenu on a Kobo in 2021

I've been looking around and there aren't many guides with pictures on how to install NickelMenu. So, I made my own. I can't put an image into this, so I will link to a Google Doc. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing The doc file is here too: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1va2...ew?usp=sharing Hope you like this tutorial! :D
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[Project] Xorg-based OS for Kobos

Hi all, Recently with my success on running Xorg on Kobos (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=336210), I had the idea to make a new firmware replacement (well, not 'replacement', but it doesn't run within Nickel) which would include primarily a full-fledged web browser (Firefox or Falkon) and Linux reader apps. Also, it would include some applications such as a calendar, a clock, gnome-terminal (of course) and some more. I'm currently working on it and was wondering if you had any ...
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Forma KoReader OPDS file support

Hi, Just new to KoReader and I could setup my Calibre OPDS server. I managed to reach my server but I can't download any CBZ/CBR files. Simply no button to download my ebook. I read an issue talking about that and it's a known issuem but is it already fixed? https://github.com/koreader/koreader...pdsbrowser.lua When browsing to my KoReader files, I found frontend/ui/widget/opdsbrowser.lua and saw the code ["application/x-cbz"] = "CBZ", ["application/vnd.comicbook+zip"] = "...
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Adobe drm-system on Kobo

Inspired by NiMa's success with xorg I'm pondering if it's possible to get a practicle solution for a full adobe drm environment on a Kobo. (With that I mean to be able to buy adobe drm ebooks and borrow library ebooks directly from the ereader.) One roundabout way could be to install wine and Sony Reader for PC (or ADE). We got some brilliant people here, can you see a feasable and pragmatic way to make this happen? (FWIW I know plenty of people choosing Pocketbook before Kobo just because ...
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Have I bricked my Forma, perhaps by using KOReader?

Just two days ago, my new Forma arrived. I did the Kobo registration thing and letting it upate itself. After it was properly started I connected it with a usb cable to sync up a few epubs and pdfs with calibre. Spoiler: Code: $ uname -a Linux xxxxxxxxxx 5.10.4-arch2-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri, 01 Jan 2021 05:29:53 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux $ calibre --version calibre (calibre 5.9) So far so good. Next step I took was use NiLuJe's One-Click Install scripts for both KOReader an...
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Can I use Forma patched firmware on H2O?

Can I first say thank you to the people who have developed the patches.:thanks: I have just patched my new Forma and the instructions are as clear and unambiguous as any I've seen, so well done. And it works beautifully. I've seen it mentioned a few times that the firmware on Kobos is exactly the same and device-independent, but that seems too good to be true and I hope you don't mind if I ask someone to confirm that I can apply exactly the same KoboRoot.tgz file to my Aura H2O as I have just ...
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[HOWTO][WIP] Run Xorg on your Kobo + full-blown Firefox

This is meant to be a continuation of the previous thread, "Create your own native development environment for your Kobo". I decided to separate Xorg from it because the title was not reflective of the contents of the post. I'll post more tips on here, and all my new Xorg-on-Kobo updates will be there instead. Hi, So after a little bit of tinkering with Alpine Linux on my Kobo (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=336175), I really wanted to get Xorg up and running. So I got down the r...
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[HOWTO] Create your own native development environment on your Kobo!

Hi, It's been a while since I last posted, but now I think I have something to share with you. Those last months, I wasn't finding any interesting books to read and started to find my Kobo just ... boring. And I thought 'then maybe some hacking could be fun' and here I am with this guide. It will help you set up Alpine Linux with gcc, g++ or clang to develop custom applications for your Kobo. I didn't worked out how to run X yet, but maybe I will in the future. Then you could use them (if they a...
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Glo HD [Mac-users] Update Storage, KOReader, hacks on Glo HD

[WorkInProgress for Glo HD with MacOS tools and Terminal] My first eReader was in 2009. Purpose: To publish poetry .EPUBs. That went well. [Ask me how to overcome auto-linebreaks in poetry, if you are interested] Now I have a lot of ebooks. Also ePoetry. Ideal: Gather ALL on Kobo Glo HD with a decent file navigation interface. PS: My mind is less plastic with age, so I need solutions that are easy to follow. Hopefully I can reproduce my own understanding and successes in a meaningful way, with...
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Non-destructive way to grow clone FAT32 partition w/ Mac?

On an OSX.11.6 El Capitan. Could do the work on a High Sierra, if it made any difference. - I have made an .img of my Glo HD. - Cloning it to an SD works. - Resizing the SD (with Paragon's Hard Disk Manager and iPartition) containing the KoboOS destroys the OS. - Can't figure out how to clone it After resizing. Also, it seems max size to FAT32 is 32GB... meaning larger SDs on the Glo is out. But iPartition claims that KOBO is on a Linux partition ext2FS, which has hardly any limits to siz...
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Glo HD Need: a list of do's to update internal SD card on 4.25

https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=261578 I am new to this, but not new to computers. 30+ years of exp. with mac OS. My Glo HD is back to factory, but firmware 4.25.15875. I have a SanDisk card, 128GB, Ultra SDXC. Someone stated (in 2015) that it worked. I have gone through the above instructions. I have waited like stated for white screen, black screen etc. and gotten the expected results as stated by the instructions. It fails, however. See the images, plz. After the 4th ima...
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Buggy multi-touch layer

While testing the diagonal spread gesture with Plato's upcoming Touch Events application on the Glo HD, I noticed that the recognition rate was low, and yet high on the individual swipe gestures. I then tried the diagonal spread gesture within Sketch and the underlying problem came to the surface (cf. first screenshot). My Aura ONE can perform this gesture without the jerky dance but has another multi-touch flaw that the Glo HD hasn't: if I hold the device in portrait mode, put one finger in the...
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Dumbing down the Kobo UI for an older person

Hello! First, I just want to say that I appreciate this forum as a resource, and I'm grateful for your participation with my challenge. I initially posted this to reddit, and that community was both kind and generous, and also sent me here. I want to dumb down my Libra H2O for an older library user not used to smart devices. What are the best things I can do? Some ideas (most of which I'm optimistic about but don't yet know how to change): EasyChanging the screensaver to have instructions ra...
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Libra Frontlight control gesture : Minimal step is 5% instead of 1%

Hello, I have just updated my koreader with the lastest nightly realease after 1 year without update. (!) I was happy to discover new features :)) But in my old release, i was able to set frontlight control gesture percent by percent. But from now, the minimal step is 5% instead of 1% I tried to edit readerfrontlight.lua with another values but no any effects. Can you help me please ?
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Clock sync without wifi

Hi, For the few latest Kobo firmware releases the time is displayed on the home and various other screens. This feature is quite handy, but the clock accuracy is rather poor and hopefully the reader time is reset on each synchronization. I never use the wifi to directly sync my reader, but I verified that the Kobo Application was also resetting the reader's clock when the it was plugged on USB. So, I was wondering if, for those like me who doesn't use very often the Kobo Application, the timesyn...
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Change Pocket sleep screen font?

Hi all - does anyone know if, in the patch files, you can change the sleep screen font when a Pocket article was the last thing you were reading? I currently use the Bookerly font for all of my books, but was wondering if there was a way to set the font to a different one than the default 'sleep screen' font. Thank you!
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Dictionary lookups persisted somewhere?

Hey guys, I'm still in the warm-up phase with Kobo. Back in the Kindle days I've built a primitive Flash-Card feed from my kindle dictionary lookup history: https://github.com/ivy-rew/kindle-voca To start with, one of my most loved features of the kindle was stored in it's sqlite db. Reading books in foreign language automatically created a history of the words that I have looked up in a dictionary ... so obviously I didn't know these words and should learn them somewhen :bulb2: Now I've tri...
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KTerm for Kobo?

Hi guys, Coming from Amazon's Kindle world, I'm just starting to get warm with a Kobo Libra H20. Has anyone built a terminal app to run for the kobo? On the kindle I like KTerm (https://www.fabiszewski.net/kindle-terminal/) in combination with a 'screen' session. Just to run a terminal on a device that still works in a sunny environment. Any hints or posts that could guide me?
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SSH on Kobo?

Hi What is the best/latest to run ssh on Kobo ? I’d like to transfer eBooks wirelessly from my MacBook to my Kobo. Please guide me in the right direction as there seem to be so many posts about it ... Thanks !
Tags: Books, Macbook, Kobo Developer's Corner, Ssh, Kobo

Decrypt disctionaries

I wanted to have a look at the code for the current English dictionary. Is there a way to decrypt the dictionary so I can have a look at it? Thanks.
Tags: Books, Kobo Developer's Corner

Graphics from go on the kobo?

Hi, I'd like to write an application (a browser for the gemini protocol) for the kobo in go, but the only way I have found to draw to the screen from a go program is through fbink (which is great but a little limited for what I'd like). Is there some other way to draw to the screen/get touchscreen events from a go program? Thanks!
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Patch for removing the "Discover" Tab ?

Hi is there a patch or something else to disable/remove/replace the discover tab at the bottom of the screen? Thank you !
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Instructions for patching firmware 4.25.15875

This patch thread is for firmware 4.25.15875 (7615d0aa087df5e3176b67363b51e37f9fe8a991): Instructions for patching on Windows, Linux, or macOS with kobopatch: Download the Kobo firmware release You can find the download links here here. Download and extract the patch zip Download and unzip kobopatch_4.24.15676.zip from here. Copy the firmware file to the src folder Copy the original firmware you just downloaded into the kobopatch src folder. Install the firmware if needed Install the firmw...
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Mod to decrease the brightness level of the Glo HD ?

I'm the happy owner of a Kobo Glo HD reader that I like too much except for one thing, the rather too bright frontlit even at level 1. Actually, in total dark, despite dimming the leds to level 1 it still strains my eyes (with or without night mode). I feel that it is too bright and I would like to be able to fix that (I'm a rather night reader). I found an excellent hardware mod by yoq in the forum but aiming only the Kobo Glo: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...=200706&page=5 I would b...
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Getting Started. . .

Hello Everyone: I am in the process of configuring a Linux system for Kobo development (Ubuntu emulated in VirtualBox on Windows 10) - I am brand new to Linux and I am following OfficerAction's guide posted in this forum. I have managed to fumble my way through most of the steps and I have reached the following instructions: Configure it by adding GCC and G++ compilers of the toolchain, the Qt 4.8.5 version we just built and create a Kit to make use of them. I really don't know what any of thi...
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Custom Chinese-English Dictionary for Kobo not working

Hi there I'm starting a new thread as the thread I need to reference below has been closed. https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=202182 I followed the instruction on adding the Chinese-English dictionary to my Kobo Libra H20 but it doesn't work. It keeps saying "dictionary download pending, sync to install" but it doesn't work no matter how many times I sync it. Does anyone know the problem, or of another Chinese-English custom dictionary I can use? Currently this is the only one I...
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