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Walmart Kobo account — automatic link now?

I got a private email asking about linking a Walmart eBook account to a Kobo account. For some reason the writer's attempts were failing. So I thought I would see if I could try it, so long as I could unlink them (I'm planning on cancelling the Walmart account, I don't need the redundancy). It's been a while since I logged into my Walmart eBook account and now it appears there's no way to log in without linking to Kobo? I don't want to do that. I'm afraid if I try that and then decide to delete ...
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Kobo App on iOS

I'm using the Kobo app for the first time and I must say it's lacking in features. Unless I'm missing a settings menu somewhere, there are no line spacing or margin choices? No two column landscape mode? Is there a dictionary? Kobo seems to put more emphasis on their readers and its software than the iOS app.
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Forma issue after latest firmware update

Hey guys, Ever since the firmware updated on my Forma, I have been having an issue with books keeping their place. If I page through a book from the beginning, it will save my place fine but if I navigate to another chapter via the ToC, it always says that it's 1% complete and if I close the book it will be at the first page when I open it again. I never had this issue before. I tried resetting to factory and even removing and reloading all of my books but it's still doing it. Has anyone expe...
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A very strange problem

Hi, my dear friends, I need your help. A curious and weird problem took place in my Kobo Aura One. I bought it two year ago and it has been working very fine for me. Yesterday I got an E-Book and loaded it to my device. To be honest, the E-Book was not bought but downloaded from a suspicious website, its layout of the book itself is also poorly set. In one word, this E-Book is not a “clean” one like those we get from Kobo shop or from our Mobileread library. After the book has taken a place in m...
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Disable auto firmware update

Hi, I installed the one-click kmon package on my aura-one https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=314220 But I still use the stock firmware for pocket articles. The problem is these auto-updates from kobo which break the install. And since I'm often without a computer for long period of time, then my reader is not usable until I go home. I tried to deactivate the auto update in the kobo preferences, but it still updates itself. (Note: when I update the articles, I do take care to as...
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Aura HD Connecting a USB keyboard to the aura HD

hello, I'm interested in trying to connect a USB keyboard to my aura HD, to use with koreader's text editor or custom notepad software. I read something from years ago saying this could be possible with a kernel module but I've not seen anything since then. Would it be possible to connect a USB keyboard to the aura HD with a hack like this?
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Clara HD Kobo Clara HD noise

I recently bought a Clara HD, and after a few days started noticing noises coming from the device while reading in bed (when it's perfectly silent in the room). When I turn a page I hear a click, then some buzzing, and if I hold the device by ear I also hear some high pitched noises (coil whine). In fact, some high pitched noise is always there, but not audible when the device is held at reading distance. Is this noise also present in other devices? Is it always there and should I not bother wi...
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How to convert .mobi dictionary to stardict?

Hi I really need your help as to how i can convert .mobi dictionary to stardict in order to use it in Koreader. I will add the link. If it is no bother for you to converting it please send me the converted link because i cannot use computer as you do. Thanks in advance. Download link for .mobi dictionary:
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Clara HD When do we expect the Kobo Clara HD to go on sale....

....for under $100? I'm considering a purchase. Thanks!
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Glo Device died after running out of battery

Hi, I have a Kobo Glo, which was working perfectly until a few weeks ago. I was using it, noticed that the battery was running low, but kept using it, until it shut off. Then I recharged it (many many times since that happened), but it never worked again. I'm able to turn on the light (so battery is still working), but nothing shows in the screen. I can see something very faded there, but I can't even identify what's written. I tried soft reset, hard reset, ran fsck on all its partitions, spo...
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What size should images be for Kobo Aura ONE?

i just got a Kobo Aura ONE Limited Edition and i want to make some comics i scanned cbz files, what dimensions should i resize the pages to? and i'm also making custom book covers, what would be the best size to fit the Kobo's screen?
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understanding battery death

I understand that at some point the device's battery will die. However, I was wondering: will the ereader still work if connected to the mains? Thank you for your attention.
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Bricked Aura Edition 2

Hi people, as you all seem to be way smarter than I am I am hoping you can help me with my problem. I purchased a Kobo Aura Edition 2 in February this year, I opened the unit and installed XCSoar software and hardwired a BlueFlyVario_TTL_GPS_v12 for use in hang gliding. I also updated the firmware. My problem was caused when I enabled USB-OTG. The result is now the unit appears to be Bricked. Is there anyway to recover the unit or is it terminal? Thankyou in advance.
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Questions About Imaging eReaders

Hi everyone. I'm very new to eReaders and don't know much about technology. Now, I have a few questions about images. Not as in pictures. As in, the, you know, device images the ones you burn onto a disk. 1. What exactly is an image? 2. When burning an image to your SD card, do you need to edit the serial number so it matches yours? 3. Where do I find my Kobo Mini serial number? 4. When and why would you need to replace an image? 5. The Mini comes with firmware version 2.X. If you replace ...
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Clara HD Clara or Glo, replacing the internal SD card, which is best

I've read repeatedly about replacing the internal card on a Glo or Clara. I'm thinking of trying it. I do remember reading that most class 10 cards are optimized for large block storage, but small block storage is more important in an ereader. What specific 32/64GB card would you recommend? Amazon US links are appreciated. (I am well aware that I shouldn't buy from Marketplace sellers for SD cards). My Clara is quite a bit speedier than my Aura. I'm not worried about a speed boost. I just don't ...
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Mini Network Error

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. I own a Kobo Mini, and I have accidentally bricked it while trying to manually downgrade it a few weeks ago. I have solved it by following Kiwisaurus' Guide on "How to Fix Bricked / Boot Loop Kobo eReader". (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=311227.) The last method fixed the problem (Micro SD card firmware fix), and thankfully I didn't need a new image or anything like that. But now I have a different problem. So I did a factory reset, an...
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Forma Cover tips and tricks

Hey everyone. My Forma is in the shop for a backlight repair, but before I sent it in, I noticed that the sleep cover didn't stay closed very well, and the reader was often low on battery unexpectedly. I started using my "spare" Aura H2O without the cover to see if it would be manageable to use the Forma that way once I get it back. This made me notice the cover art wasn't the same aspect ratio the screen of the reader, and I got a little obsessed... First, I decided to find interesting cover a...
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Pdf trim whitespace border / zoom pdf then lock it

Hi, Is there a kobo ereader hack that will trim the whiteapace borders of a pdf when reading? I found this cross icon that somehow zooms the pdf. However, it doesn't lock the position. I'm using the glo hd btw. The 6" screen is sometimes small for pdfs. Thanks!
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Clara HD & Tolino Shine 3 swapping cards

Why doesn't it work? The hardware is identical and the data is on a removable sdcard. I was able to swap sd cards between two ts3's - that works - but not between kobo/tolino. I think it would be sweet to be able to go back and forth between the two platforms whenever.
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Kobo devices with internal SD card

Hello, I chanced upon a sale of Sandisk micro SD cards today. Then I was thinking on this forum whether there is a compiled list of Kobo devices with internal micro SD card slots. Considering the performance of a micro SD card has improved over the years, if we swap the internal SD card, replace it with a UHS-II card, will it make Kobo fly? I am not sure whether it is the CPU or SD card bus speed that chokes the overall performance. What do you guys think? Thanks.
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Clara HD English-Hebrew Dictionary

Hello everyone I've recently bought a new Kobo Clara HD and I want to install an English-Hebrew dictionary but I didn't find any. I've found only an hebrew-english dictionary but I really need the reverse one. thanks you guys
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Forma How to add custom fonts?

I read a lot of posts saying that I can simply copy fonts into a folder called "fonts" in Kobo's eReader and it's done. I've upgraded my Forma's firmware to 4.13.12638 and try to do so but unfortunately, my fonts are not shown in the Kobo font list and the name of fonts are in blank. Is there anything wrong?
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Glo no wifi after 'freeze'

Hi guys, about a year ago my Kobo Glo 'froze' on me while reading, it did'nt react to anything; touchscreen, on/off button, sleep-cover, nothing. The only thing I was left with was a reset with the little pin in the bottom. After the reset the wifi did not work anymore, also I did a software factory reset but that did not help either. Still no cure yet. Anyone heard of this problem before. Could it be the wifi module is broken? Although it's not a big problem, I can still read books and put stu...
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Add cyrillic fonts to Kobo WiFI

Good day! How to add Cyrillic fonts to Kobo WiFi reader? Generating files with embedded fonts is inconvenient and does not always work, especially if you download books from online libraries.
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Clara HD Broken Screen - Touchscreen not working - fetch notes?

Hi there! Yesterday I dropped my Clara HD and although I have cushioned the fall with my foot, the screen is now broken and the touchscreen does not work. Because I was so addicted to the device, I've already bought a new Kobo (Forma HD) but since I haven't sync my Clara HD with Calibre for more than a month, I've finished a few books since and have a lot of annotations in each one, that are precious to me. So the real problem is that after I plug the USB cable to the Clara HD I can't selec...
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Kobo WiFi latest firmware?

Hello! I just managed to fix my old reader (647b). Currently has software version 1.9.10 r32284. Is there any newer one? All threads about software (even wikis) omit these old models. I tried to upload something from the hardware marked as mark3 but the reader gets a bootloop. Thank you for any feedback ...
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optimizeLegibility - Correctly?

Hey guys, I'm okay with the rest of the patches, but the big block of text for 'KePub stylesheet additions' intimidates me. Here's what it looks like by default. Can someone post the same info tweaked for optimizeLegibility, so I can copy/paste to libnickel? Quote: KePub stylesheet additions: - Enabled: no - Description: Makes room to add some additional CSS to the default KePub stylesheet. # See replacement CSS below for examples. - FindBaseAdd...
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Aura H2O2 Signing out of Kobo reset everything??

I signed out of my reader to try and sign in to another account I realized I had. When I signed out, I assumed it would take me to a "sign in again" screen, bu instead it prompted me to set up my ereader again. There was no way to sign in without doing this. Since I sideload all my books, it erased every custom setting because it had to set up again - collections, read/unread, current read. My books were all there, but none of the settings. Why is signing out resetting everything? I would n...
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Aura ONE Connect Aura to Pixel Slate?

I have an Aura ONE, which I've had trouble connecting to a powered USB port. Usually that's been fine, I can use an adapter and somehow that lets it both charge and connect. Now I have a Pixel Slate and I can't get the Aura to connect or charge. A Kindle Voyage plugged into the same port both charges and connects, so I don't think it's the port, cable, or USB-C to USB-A adapter. Is there something I'm missing to let the Aura ONE connect to the Pixel Slate?
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Glo unable to do a facotry reset after disk image copy

What I did to brick my Glo. Copied across a earlier firmware as per instructions. Didn't delete upgrade file in root. Switched Glo on, get to the wifi screen, enter router code, "success" but a few seconds later it says "connection error". Restart, same thing. Factory reset it hangs at the same place. Connected Glo to pc for desktop activation, when I clicked on Kobo desktop for activation it also gave "network error" and froze windows, I had to do a forced pc shutdown. Removed SD card and re-im...
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