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Desktop App How do I run PyGlossary on Windows ?

Hello, all, I'm trying to get PyGlossary up and running on a (very) small Windows system with not much success :smack: I have downloaded 3.7.7(32b) from https://sourceforge.net/projects/portable-python/ I have downloaded pyglossary-3.2.1-py3-none-any.whl from https://pypi.org/project/pyglossary/ I have successfully installed PyGlossary using pip install from Console-Launcher It sits in the share directory nice and snug. ... and then .... :computer: NOTHING :blink: I can't seem to activate ...
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Aura HD Any way to get Overdrive directly on reader?

I am getting super frustrated with transferring library books to my Kobo. I have the Aura HD, so I have to do it through PC. Most of the times the books will not open due to DRM conflict or whatnot. I have to to the whole deauthorize - authorize thing, and most of the times that does not work either. Is there any way to flash firmware from the newer Kobos to mine so I can have built in Overdrive directly to my device?
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CSS line height vs Kobo line spacing slider?

I’m trying to understand the relationship between line-height as specified in the ebook’s CSS and as set in the Kobo sliders. If I edit the CSS so that line-height is say, 1.2, does it follow that the Kobo line height slider should be slid all the way to the left so that I am actually seeing line-height at 1.2 on the device? I’d love to see the line height slider display a numerical value.
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Aura ONE Strange kind of reader behaviour

I do not know if this a problem of my specific reader or it stems from the firmware, but I have noticed the problem in my last 2 books. Whenever there is an italic word followed by something else they are “tied” together. I am sure that there is a technical term for this, but I wonders what’ s the reason. It cannot be the books, 2 different ones, from different publishers. At least I hope. Maybe the ePub reader ? I do not remember having seen it previously. Attached T...
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kobo ereader freeze problem

do someone know what happen? in the past just kobo clara hd have this problem, but now my kobo forma have this problem too. Device freeze, cannot turn page, cannot go sleep cannot turn off, the only thing i can do is just put on the desk and wait until the battery empty. Is a little bit better on forma somehow rapidly press the power button make the device reboot.
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Libra Kobo Libra H20 Not Connecting.

I purchased my first Kobo reader today, the Libra H20. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to connect to my PC. I get the message 'Connected and Charging' on the Kobo but the PC won't recognise it. If I go to the device manager in Windows 10 it appears as an unknown USB device. I've tried 3 cables and connecting it through different ports, both directly and through a USB hub. It will connect to my wife's PC, she is also running Windows 10. Any idea how to overcome this issue?
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Libra Kobo Libra H2O Not Connecting.

I purchased my first Kobo reader today, the Libra H20. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to connect to my PC. I get the message 'Connected and Charging' on the Kobo but the PC won't recognise it. If I go to the device manager in Windows 10 it appears as an unknown USB device. I've tried 3 cables and connecting it through different ports, both directly and through a USB hub. It will connect to my wife's PC, she is also running Windows 10. Any idea how to overcome this issue?
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Kobo hd glo Firmware

Could someone supply the firmware image for kobo glo hd? My kobo is stuck on book page and nothing I try will reset it.
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Kobo Hd Glo page stuck

Screen has frozen on a page of text I was reading on my Kobo HD Glo. Tried hard reset, tried pin reset, tried plugging it into the PC. The screen stays stuck. Only one thing changes when I try the pin reset, the screen light comes back on. Screen looks fine, no damage. Any ideas what else I can try to get this working again? I managed to get the back off but not sure how to disconnect the battery - does the white pin lift up or slide back? Scared of breaking it.
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using the dictionary with sideloaded and overdrive books

I have been checking out the Libra. I have a question. The user guide states that the dictionary may not work with sideloaded or Overdrive books. "Note: The dictionary may not work in some books such as PDFs, books you borrowed from a public library, or free books you found on the internet." Is this an actual problem? If so, is it solved by installing a different dictionary? Thank you.
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Kobo aura screen replacement - touchscreen top row unresponsive

Hi everyone, After a small accident with my Kobo Aura (1st edition, N514) the screen cracked and died, I ordered one from ebay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-e-ink-ED0...EAAOSwrUdeqXXw) and then proceeded to wait for the shipment to arrive. Thanks to various posts on the internet, it was easy to find out how to disassemble the device and change the screen. I made sure to unplug the battery when doing this, and also used a heat pack to pry out the old screen. There was plenty of adhesive left so I...
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Kobo Forma case

I recently purchased a new Leather case for my Forma from a company on Etsy called Hand and Hide. I had good experiences with their cases on both my iPad Mini and my Kindle Oasis. Their cases are expensive, but in my opinion you get what you pay for. This is the kind of leather that requires break-in and gains character with age. For me a glass of wine and a weathered leather cover add to the reading experience. Any way, they had never made a Forma cover, but took on the challenge. I was given ...
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Paucity of OverDrive books?

My first MobileRead post! I've an ancient Nook (Simple Touch), which mostly still works (except for the page turning buttons), but am looking to get back into an eReader workflow with more modern equipment. I'm gravitating toward the Kobo ecosystem, and may pull the trigger on a Libra or Forma soon. A draw with the Kobos is the integrated OverDrive support (although I understand I can use OverDrive with Kindles here in the US). However, my enthusiasm has been dampened by looking through the ...
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Libra Bookmark issue with Libra H2O

I have a libra H2O and I'm having issues with bookmarking pages. It has been working very sporadically. If I click the top right to bookmark the page, the ear bend graphic shows up. But when i go to view the bookmarks there is nothing there under any view or filter setting. But closing and opening the book still shows the bent ear if i manually navigate to that page. I've reconverted the book to kobo kepub format and cleared the book from the device and reloaded it via calibre, but it simply doe...
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Kobo book management site (highlights/progress/annotations)

Hi Kobo users, I have been building this website for myself and I would like to see if there is any interest for a site like this. Basically I love my Kobo but I also think that it has some key features missing. Like: Highlights management; I highlight things in my kobo and I can't export them anywhere. I would like to have a place to search my highlights per book. Same applies for annotations; all the notes I write in my kobo should be available somewhere. The other main issue is the ability t...
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New bilingual Kobo dictionaries based on Wiktionary

Hi everyone! As part of my project WikDict, I have created a large set of bilingual dictionaries in both the native Kobo dictionary format and Stardict format. If you want to have a look at the data quality before downloading any dictionaries, I recommend using the web interface at https://www.wikdict.com, which based on the same data source. Kobo dictionaries: http://download.wikdict.com/dictionaries/kobo/ Stardict dictionaries: http://download.wikdict.com/dictionaries/stardict/ License: CC...
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Forma Is there an auto-fix for books having grey background or uses light-gray text?

How can I auto-remove background colors/images, to make things easier to read? How can I change light-gray text to either black or darker gray? But please see the photo with my green annotation. I'm referring to the Steve Jobs quote in white and a dark gray background. For me, this is okay, as it's easy to read. Attached Thumbnails      
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Aura ONE Auto brightness / natural lightning

I would like to have input from others users about auto-brightness and auto natural lightning. Since the battery is tanking quite fast, I always close my Aura One after each usage. Though, I noticed that it seems to keep the brightness value but not the natural light one; I have to nudge the value so the color will adjust to the current hour. Are you getting the same thing on your side? Auto flag on or off doesn't seems to have any impact for the natural light. Thanks!
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Nia seems pretty much official now

https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product...black/14689279 I'm a bit disappointed, I was expecting a Forma refresh this year.
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Clara HD Library by File Folder

I just picked up a Clara HD off the clearance rack of the local WallyWorld this week. It's an upgrade to the Nook Simple Touch Glowlight I have been using. So far I really like the Clara with one exception. I've been collecting eBooks for almost 20 years and never did like using Calibre for sorting my library. I only used it for converting formats. My question is there any way to see the books on the Clara by file folder and file name? I have all my books sorted by author and then by ser...
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Upgradeh Kobo (new feature: language filter),Calibre sez Kobo DB version unsupported

Hi all. Last night, as I was on my Kobo Forma, I got a prompt to upgrade (new feature: language filter). Well, today, my Forma is connected to my Calibre laptop, and Calibre is saying "Kobo database version unsupported". Device database version: 160 Device firmware version is now 4.22.15190. What should I do? When will Calibre support this newer version? Bonus question: When will geek1011 create new patches?
Tags: Books, Kobo Reader, Upgradeh Kobo

Missing Books in my VERY OLD Kobo Account

I've had a Kobo account for over 10 years. I'm showing books in my purchase list that go back to Nov 2010, but I'm convinced i bought some early 2010 or late 2009. I'm convinced there's purchases missing, but I'm having difficulty finding out how to verify that. I read something about some books being accidentally archived, and how to restore them, but i can't find the archive section in my Kobo account. Can someone help refresh my memory to tell me when we could start buying Kobo books and s...
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Forma Can Calibre autorecord Finished-read status and time spent reading (hours&minutes)?

1. How can I get Calibre to automatically record "Finished' status of a book that I've finished reading on my Forma? 2. How can I get Calibre to measure how many hours and minutes I've taken per book that I've read on my Kobo Forma, whether I'm still reading a book or whether I've completed it?
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Libra On highlighting, 'x-ray' and reading flow (libra h2o)

Hi I recently switched from a 1st gen kindle to a kobo libra h2o, and I'm disappointed with the reading experience so far. I read mostly non-fiction with authors injection a lot of their own theories and such. This means that I'm very reliant on looking up stuff mentioned before in the book, or just unfamiliar words/terms. Here're the stuff that bothers me: 1.A term I don't know the meaning of made up of two or more words eg 'book worm' : on the kindle this would look up the term directly w...
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Forma Search-in-book results sometimes ends on page17, even if there's more (hidden)results

I noticed that some “search inside a book” ends its results on page 17, even though there are more than just 17 pages of results. Why is that? Here’s what I mean? I search for the word “the” and the results don’t even get past the first chapter of the book. Or when I search for the $ (dollar symbol), I also have just 17 pages of results, even though there’s more than that. (For example, I’m reading the 20th chapter of a book, and I see multiple dollar signs, yet the last page of results only go ...
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Forma Kobo shouldn't delete an annotation when you tap the X on the upper-right corner.

1. I highlight some text. 2. In the context menu that pops up, I tap the second option in the list: "Add Note". 3. I then finger-type in my note. 4. I tap Save on the lower-right. 5. I'm taken back to the book's text. Later on, I may be interested in reviewing what I had written. So I: 6. Long-tap anywhere in the gray (highlighted) section. 7. A context menu pops up, but this time, the second option is "Edit Note". I select that. 8. I read what I wrote. Since I don't make any changes to...
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Calibre can't read booklist from device

Hello everyone, I've been having issues with my Kobo Aura H2O e-reader when connecting with Calibre. First I got an error message that I couldn't remove books from the device ("Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption....") It's a simular message as in the following thread: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=295238 When I first got the error, I didn't write...
Tags: Books, Kobo Reader, Calibre, Your Kobo

Libra Switching from kindle keyboard to libra

Hi there all! First of all, I wanna apologize since English is not my language but I'll try! I'm thinking of switching my old kindle keyboard to a new libra. The main reason is I feel the kindle is sooo slow when reading booking books and I also wanna order the books. I know there's a plugin for calibre for for reasons I dont't know, I can't get it to work. Do you think is a good change? I suppose it is: the libra is faster, up-to-date, has more options and can read more formats than the old ...
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Does Anyone Have both a Forma and a Libra?

I've read through the Libra review thread, but I'm particularly interested in comparisons folks have between the two readers for those who have both. My Forma recently stopped holding a charge well (I reset and everything else -- none worked -- sadly, I think I "overtested" the waterproofing) and I'm debating between replacing it with the same device or switching to the Libra. I have totally loved my Forma, but I'm tempted by the smaller footprint and the power button placement of the Libra, wh...
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Forma I will use whatever the default font face is set for a book. Here's why.

Whatever a book's default font face is (labelled as Publisher Default in the dropdown list in Kobo's settings), I won't change it. You know why? Because if you change it to Kobo Ember or Calibri or whatever, then you lose the variety of fonts that come with "Publisher Default". For instance, I was reading a book last night whose chapter headings were sans-serif and block-like and whose main text was svelte and serif. If I go with something other than "Publisher Default", I get a boring, homogen...
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