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Koreader not launching anymore on my kobo after update!

I have Kobo Auro H2O Edition 2 reader, I put some new books on it and when I did it updated to device version 4.12.12111 Now when I click the koreader image in books to launch koreader it just launches the image and NOT koreader, I'm so upset because I did NOT want to update my device. Is it possible to get it working or did they patch it or something so koreader doesnt work anymore?
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Font display 2019.1.1

Using KOReader 2019.1.1 to read an epub file I am now having problems with the font display. Effectively I can select a specific font using the menu but the text is not displayed in that font. The most obvious case is shown in the attached where I have selected a sans-serif font but text is displayed in a serif one. This occurs both with fonts supplied with KOReader and with ones I have loaded. I've used a sans-serif font as an example as it is most visually obvious but it also occurs with ...
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Duplicate menu item

KOReader 201901.1-1-g2009ffa_2019-01-10 on a Kobo Glo. Select Menu Select "Gear" icon Select "Links" "Show footnotes in popup" appears twice - each can be selected independently. Seems a trifle odd. BobC
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Kobo Device Stuck on Sleep Screen in Koreader

I have a huge problem with my device(aura edition 2) now. I normally use Koreader to read books and my device and koreader were both up to date. Last time I read book i left it as sleep mode. I couldn't use the device for couple of days. Now it does not respond to anything. I tried plugging to computer not even the lights up, tried charge for couple of hours nothing; tried hard reset by pressing the button for 1 min again no response. Does anybody had same issue with Koreader?
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Kobo battery?

I bought an older Kobo from one of the Goodwill auctions. I think the battery is failing - I have to charge it up more than once a week, even when not in use. Is there a way to replace the battery easily? Probably a mistaken purchase- I wanted a cheap reader that just used my Kobo library (400+ books unread). I don't mind the slow page turning, but it's really getting annoying to pick it up and it's always wanting to get a charge.
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KoReader 2019.1 - No DJVU

I have a Kobo Glo with KoReader installed. There are 3 DJVU books on it which I have read previously. I updated from 2018.12 to 2019.1 this morning and now if I try to open any of these books KOReader responds wih an error "No reader engine for this is file or invalid file" As I have read the files previously the file cannot be invalid. Is there an issue with this build ? BobC
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PSA: One-step install packages for Kobo

A few years late, but, hey, better late than never! :D. Here goes: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=314220 I'd recommend clearing up the stickies over here, to ditch the awfully outdated stuff, and only keep this & KSM ;). (i.e., advboot should go, and something should be done for this one, because while the thread has its use, its first post is mindbogglingly outdated).
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KOReader as main launcher for Ereader

Hi. Is there any possibility to use KOReader as launcher for rooted Android ereader? AlReader can work this way, but I like KOReader more. Thank You.
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KOReader crashing on PW4

Just installed KUAL. Tried installing the nightly build from http://build.koreader.rocks/download...2019-01-06.zip The moment i press Öpen File Manager, KOReader crashes with the following message: It's a scroll... It's a codex... It's KOReader![*] Current time: 01/07/19-20:16:31[*] Version: v2018.12-49-g05f7e25_2019-01-06 ./luajit: frontend/device/kindle/device.lua:787: unknown Kindle model 01 (102) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error' frontend/device/kindle/device.lua:787: in main ...
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KoReader - fonts

I have KoReader (2018- 12) running on a Kobo Glo. When displaying an EPUB document which has paragraphs declared as : font-family : serif font-family : san-serif and font-family : monospace I'm getting confusing results. I have embedded fonts turned ON, the document does not have any fonts embedded in it - I am relying on the above generic font declarations. The document displays correctly on other EPUB readers but in KoReader both the serif and san-serif paragraphs display using the ...
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Change delay for selection

Hi, is there a way to: - change the initial delay for selection - have "highlight" as default for selection without select the option every time I select some text? Thank you for the answers. Fabrizio
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Status line text size

I have KoReader installed on a Kobo Glo. At the bottom of the page there is the mini status line with a number of options showing such as the number of pages left in the current chapter. The text size of this line is very small and I have difficulty reading it. Is there any way of configuring the size of this line so that it is readable to my older eyes. I haven't been able to find an option in the menus but it could be there and I just can't work out where it is. BobC
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Two pages Landcape mode in manga reading ?

Hello everyone! I've a kobo forma, I love it, but I ordered it to read mangas, I tested every options but I don't know how to have the landscape mode like in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1upp_DwCEcs&t=54s Do you think the guy use koreader or something like that?
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Koreader on Likebook Mars : landscape night mode rendering problems

Hi there, I got yesterday my new Likebook Mars and installed Koreader from the device built in "app store". It fails to render properly books in landscape + night mode. I don't have my ereader now, so i cannot say which version of Koreader was installed. Problem described here : https://github.com/koreader/koreader/issues/4231 It seems that it happens also to another e-ink androids ... Has anyone got a workaround for this? Is this working in your e-ink android devices?
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About MuPDF ePub renderer

Hi I opened some ePubs using the MuPDF renderer. I employed the recent Frenzie patch which modifies the font-size to "50". This size fits globally and needs not to be changed for text display. Some days ago, with the latest OTA Koreader version, a new dpi setting for MuPDF font-size has been added. The comments below do not pretend to be exhaustive but address some of the current points which could be improved. Displaying text. I would give it globally a 9 out of 10 mark. Most of the time, the d...
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Internet browser

Does Koreader have an Internet browser? Is it possible to surf the Internet?
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It is possible to change the font and size in the footnotes? How? Thank you very much for all
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Hide or put all the .sdr folders in one place

I organize my files by folders on my likebook mars. This would be perfect, if it wasn't for the fact that for each file an .sdr folder is formed on the same location. I've tried hiding them by adding a dot on the start of the file, but that just makes me lose the progress I had on the book. Is there a way to stop the .sdr folders from cluttering my file system without having to delete them?
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Way to create 'global default' style for all books?

Hi all - first post ever. Thanks for the forum. I've been using KOReader for about a week now on my Kobo Aura One and am enjoying it. I've dug into the settings and even edited defaults.lua (to increase the margins, they were too small for me). After opening my first book up I tweaked the settings (changed the font, margins, font kerning, and turned off embedded fonts), but once I opened a second book I noticed that everything that I'd changed had reverted back to the preset defaults. So my que...
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What would prevent you from changing fonts on an epub?

I have an epub that, whenever I go to change the font, it doesn't change. All the other epub change fonts just fine, but not this one. I can enlarge or make the font smaller, but not change it. What is it about this epub that prevents this? Is there some lock somewhere or something different about it?
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Update koreader version

My Kobo aura one with Koreader says that the koreader update is not available in OTA. If I manually download the Koreader update to the PC and then replace the folder in the Kobo, are the reading statistics and the progress of the books lost?
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Best approach for koreader + reflow for journal paper reading?

I use Koreader with PDF reflow for reading research journal papers (it's truly wonderful), and very frequently need to jump between the main text and the references section at the back of the doc. That's a common use case for reading research pubs, and many folks still print journal PDFs because hardcopy works well for jumping back and forth. Hyperlinks won't work for at least two reasons: PDF reflow uses bitmapped image content rather than text and hyperlinks Many PDFs simply don't have hyperl...
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Feedback on a few days of koreader use on a TouchLux 3

The application works rather well, I still have several difficulties on the following points: - The ON/OFF button switches the reader to standby, (instead of on/off) and if I hold it down for a long time, then the reader restarts. - If the reader remains in standby, book open, after a few minutes the reader stops and when I restart the reader, I do not find my book on the right page. - The gesture to increase/decrease the intensity of light also sometimes changes the font size. - How do I ge...
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Koreader on Kobo forma. help

I have kobo forma 32gb, I used KFm and KSM 9 run Koreader but my kobo didn't start up. Please help me!
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Questions about default settings

Hi all I was wondering if I can change the default display settings of all books (such as zoom (dpi), 96 is the default value). And my second question is if the cover mode of file manager can show the covers of .mobi books? It seems that all my .mobi books do not show covers in this mode (all .epub books works perfect).
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What plugin do you suggest to move ebooks to your koreader?

Just curious which is easiest. I have downloaded books on my computer not from the kobo store and would like to move them without having to plug in my kobo each time. Any suggestions?
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Cloud Storage - WebDAV wil not work

In the Koreader on my Kobo Glo HD you have the option to add cloud storage. By me the WebDav will not work. When i add my webdav storage and i want to connect to, it says "empty folder" but the folder is not really empty. I can connect to my webdav successfully via PC or phone. How can i solve this problem? (i have used the option also with startup folder etc.. also with https and http)
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Is there a "KoReader for Dummies" tutorial anywhere?

I tried YouTube but shockingly couldn't find anything there. I just want to see a tutorial where someone sets it up, how they customize it, tips, tricks, installing dictionaries, etc...you know, the basics. I know I can search here and there to find stuff but I really, really like video tutorials because they often go through things you never thought of. Can someone recommend one?
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Best News/Artikel reader option

Hello Guys, I have Kobo Glo HD, installed KSM9 with Koreader. I am looking an option to read my artikels easily on my Kobo. I want to download my artikels/rss feeds on my Computer (shared folder) and open on the KoReader with cloud storage (ftp/webdav etc..) The question is; 1. Which software can i use on the PC to download artikels(RSS Feeds) automatically to the shared folder? Better option is to download that whole page as PDF or Epub so i can open that with no problem on the KoReader. 2. New...
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KOReader running on BQ/Fnac devices

This will be, hopefully, the reference thread for running KOReader on BQ/Fnac devices. I will attempt to support all devices described in https://blog.bq.com/es/bq-ereaders-developers-program/ Luckly those devices are nearly identical to Kobos and we can repurpose a lot of code to support them. Done: working toolchain working basic support on koreader-base (refresh screen) working basic support on koreader frontend (device probe, frontlight, basic touch support)
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