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"Mexico has one gun shop. So why all the murders?"

Asks BBC.Short answer: It's the U.S.'s fault.New question: Can't Trump use this in his argument for his wall? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Theranos and the cult of personality in science and tech

Elizabeth Holmes was a chemical engineering student who dropped out of Stanford to found Theranos: a silicon-valley start-up company that, at one point, was valued at US$9 billion. Her plan was to be another Steve Jobs and, for a while, it looked like that would happen. She made the cover of magazines like Forbes, Fortune, and even Glamour, wearing black polo-neck shirts and was touted as being the next big thing. Former President Clinton was a fan. Former Secretary-of-State George Schultz was a...
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"Of course, I don’t believe that Alex and Wendy exist. But as a cultural journalist, as a book critic, I’ve been put on notice that I work for them."

Writes Christian Lorentzen, who — email from Harpers tells me — was "New York magazine’s lead book critic until last fall, when the magazine told him that his contract would not be renewed, because what he did had 'little value.'" Lorentzen's essay — "Like This or Die/The fate of the book review in the age of the algorithm" — begins with this amusement envisioning of the nonexistent Alex and Wendy:Alex and Wendy love culture. It’s how they spend their free time. It’s what they talk about at dinn...
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"Forty-nine people were killed in shootings at two mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday..."

The NYT reports.The police said that four people, including three men and one woman, had been taken into custody....A 17-minute video posted to social media appears to show part of the attack. The clip, ... may have been taken from a helmet camera worn by a gunman.... “There wasn’t even time to aim, there was so many targets,” he says at one point...Before the shooting, someone appearing to be the gunman posted links to a white-nationalist manifesto on Twitter and 8chan, an online forum known fo...
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Social media law roundup

Was this an entry in a contest to draft the most unconstitutional bill? “Florida Bill Would Make It a Crime for Minors to Post Pictures of Guns on Social Media” [Eugene Volokh] “Everyone involved in politics has bad days, when one’s interests conflict with one’s ideals.” But conservatives should resist the temptation to call in government to regulate the Internet [John Samples] New Republican interest in antitrust explainable by wish to bust corporations considered unfriendly to Republicans [...
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Second Amendment Sanctuaries and the Constitutional Rule of Law

Michelle Lujan Grisham at a rally. (AFGE) New Mexico/Colorado – -(AmmoLand.com)- Recently some very pro-Second Amendment localities have begun to take a page from opponents of the enforcement of immigration laws. That page is to declare their counties to be “Second Amendment sanctuary” jurisdictions. It is very ironic that the very anti-Second Amendment politicians, many of whom also support the “sanctuary city” concept, are now quite irritated about this new development. Look, Second Amendme...
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Is Trump’s assault on international law working?

For centuries, international law has functioned as an instrument of nation-states working in concert, acting out of a sense of legal obligation. Since World War II, this combination of state practice driven by legal obligation—in the form of both treaties and customary international law—has served as a prime mechanism for shaping and addressing complex global responses to pressing planetary challenges.  In practice, international law has helped to construct a system—exemplified by the United Nat...
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Women in law: a legal timeline

In celebration of International Women’s Day, explore our interactive timeline detailing women’s legal landmarks throughout history. Covering from 1835, when married women’s property laws began to be reformed in America, through to future considerations on how the English judiciary system can continue to improve diversity, delve into the key milestones of women’s legal history. In addition, discover the global female pioneers of the legal profession, such as Arabella Mansfield, who was the first ...
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Reflecting on gender justice

The Charter of the United Nations (signed in 1945), was the first international agreement to uphold the principle of equality between men and women. Since then there have been many significant achievements in the struggle for the international protection of women’s rights, most notably the United Nation’s landmark treaty the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the second most widely ratified human rights treaty in existence.Despite this advancement in gend...
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"In the alternate reality of this novel... humanity hibernates four months out of every year, like bears, gorging on calories in preparation for the long, severe winter."

"Those who have the means to afford a drug called Morphenox can ensure that their slumber is dreamless and peaceful. Why would they want to do this? Because dreams, it is believed, are wasteful, an unnecessary expenditure of calories during a precarious and vulnerable time, putting dreamers at risk of using up all of their stored fats. Worst-case scenario: The dreamer becomes Dead in Sleep. Thus the need for the requisite Governmental Agency to oversee hibernation. The Winter Consuls are those b...
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Constitutional law roundup

You don’t need to be a religious believer to think the Supreme Court should uphold the continued display of the Bladensburg war memorial cross [George Will/syndicated, ] Cato filed a brief in the case [Ilya Shapiro, Trevor Burrus, Patrick Moran, and Michael Finch on The American Legion v. American Humanist Association] “The Second Amendment In The New Supreme Court” [Federalist Society conference with Renee Lerner, Stephen Halbrook, Mark W. Smith, and others; Halbrook on the Court’s decision...
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Books with talking animals as characters that are written for adults.

I went looking for this because, in the comments to a post about Meade saying he found Kirsten Gillibrand "rabbity," Bob Boyd said, "Meade's right and it occurs to me, if Gillibrand gets the nomination, Althouse may finally be forced to read 'Watership Down.'"I reacted, "When's the last time I read a book with animals for characters? I did contemplate rereading 'Animal Farm,' but that aside, unless I was reading with a child, I can't picture it happening.... And I mean talking animals that are t...
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Books for adults with talking animals as characters.

I went looking for this because, in the comments to a post about Meade saying he found Kirsten Gillibrand "rabbity," Bob Boyd said, "Meade's right and it occurs to me, if Gillibrand gets the nomination, Althouse may finally be forced to read 'Watership Down.'"I reacted, "When's the last time I read a book with animals for characters? I did contemplate rereading 'Animal Farm,' but that aside, unless I was reading with a child, I can't picture it happening.... And I mean talking animals that are t...
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Free speech roundup

We’ll pass the bill first, and let the courts tell us later whether it violates the First Amendment. That’s not how it’s supposed to work [my Free State Notes on a Maryland “cyberbullying” bill] Local laws requiring government contractors to disclose/disclaim ties to the anti-Israel BDS movement have rightly come under criticism. Will that spill over to a constitutionally dubious new Los Angeles ordinance requiring contractors to disclose ties with an advocacy group devoted to a different iss...
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Idaho Senate Opens Door to Gun Confiscation Orders with SJR101 Vote ~ VIDEO

Idaho Senate Opens Door to Gun Confiscation Orders with SJR101 Vote Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Idaho State Senate stunned the citizens of Idaho yesterday by opening the possibility of Idaho implementing Gun Confiscation Orders, better known as “Red Flag” laws. Despite repeated warnings from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and gun owners across Idaho, the Idaho State Senate moved forward with their ill-advised resolution known as SJR101 or Marsy's Law. We'll get to who voted for and agai...
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“Have Gun, Can’t Travel”

After nearly a decade of silence, the Supreme Court finally takes another Second Amendment case. And it’s a doozy, on New York’s “eccentric and abusive” ban on gun transport [Ilya Shapiro, Cato, Jacob Sullum (including headline), Dave Kopel (“eccentric and abusive”), Joyce Lee Malcolm on New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York] Tags: guns, NYC, Supreme Court
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An interesting example of how Trump derangement syndrome deranges the understanding of facts.

Notice the projection of the derangement into the mind of the people you can't understand: I’ll bet most diehard Maga Trump supporters who love Russia, don’t know that private gun ownership is NOT ALLOWED by Vladimir Putin in Russia. — Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) February 16, 2019 To put it briefly, in case you don't see my point, Griffin assumes that Trump fans love Russia. But it's Trump haters who made up the idea that Trump is in love with Russia. Griffin sees that something doesn't make...
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Pennsylvania “Taxing Violent Games to Stop School Shootings”

The state of Pennsylvania is explicitly blaming video games for school shootings as lawmakers propose a massive 10% tax on them, which would be contributed to the “Digital Protection for School Safety Account” to improve upon security to prevent any bullied kids or gangbangers from shooting up schools. The 10% “sin tax” (known as House […]
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Celine Liu edits herself into old photographs of celebrities...

"I think people who show up on the screen are glorious.... So this series was created to fulfill my childhood wish, which was to become an icon by standing with the stars," she said. So we see her with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. And she also puts herself on the scene with intellectuals — Albert Einstein, Frida Kahlo, and Simone de Beauvoir. Did you think Simone de Beauvoir would shoot a gun... like that? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Historically, the antinuclear movement didn’t emerge from environmental concerns, which is why arguments for nuclear’s environmental advantages often fall on deaf ears."

"The movement originated out of a panic among European and American intellectuals in the 1950s and ’60s about overpopulation, expressed most luridly in such popular books as the entomologist Paul Ehrlich’s 1969 'The Population Bomb.' They believed more power plants would exacerbate human density and urban growth. But nuclear power champions like Alvin Weinberg, the longtime director of America’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, countered that nuclear could supply energy enough to forestall the soc...
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Man who clung to the hood of a car as it drove for miles up to 70 mph says, "He kept going fast, slow, fast, slow, to get me to slide off."

Video at NBC News, where you can see the man looking straight into the window at the driver and yelling, "Stop the car, stop the car."Police told NBC Boston that Richard Kamrowski, 65, jumped onto the hood of a white Infiniti SUV that belonged to Mark Fitzgerald, 37, after a verbal altercation over a minor traffic accident on Interstate 90 about 20 miles west of Boston.Fitzgerald apparently had enough of the two men’s confrontation at some point after their collision and attempted to drive away,...
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Guy Kennaway: My sister said, ‘Well done Guy, you killed Mummy!’

When his 88-year-old mother asked him to buy heroin so she could end her life, the author Guy Kennaway decided there was only one thing to do: write a book about itHow can you resist an author who proclaims on his dust jacket: “Guy Kennaway lives for pleasure, producing books only when all else has failed”? He’s someone I’ve been running into at parties for years (he is friends with Jay Jopling of White Cube and the artist Mat Collishaw), but I never once suspected he was a writer. I thought may...
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GOA Files Case Before SCOTUS To Fight Parts Of The NFA

  The Gun Owners of America’s legal arm, the Gun Owners Foundation, is pressing further in their full-throated defense of Jeremy Kettler, a disabled US Army combat veteran. Mr. Kettler was convicted of possession of an unregistered firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA) in November 2016. The original complaint against Mr. Kettler […] Read More … The post GOA Files Case Before SCOTUS To Fight Parts Of The NFA appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Top ten developments in international law in 2018

This year was, once again, one of great political turmoil. The international legal order is not immune from the impact of the rise of populism and increasingly strained relations between many of the world’s most powerful states. A positive view is that we are witnessing a period of global re-adjustment. A more negative take is that there is a real risk of the fabric of the international legal order, created so carefully in the aftermath of the First and Second World Wars, unravelling. One of thi...
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NYT: credit card companies should cut off (or report) gun sales

In the New York Times, financial writer Andrew Ross Sorkin asks why credit card companies and banks should not be made to monitor customers’ accounts for unusual gun purchases and share the information with law enforcers. Excerpts from my response at Cato. …In an advocacy piece imperfectly dressed up as a news story, New York Times financial reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin observes that some perpetrators of mass public shootings have bought guns and ammo using credit cards, and asks why credit card ...
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Will Congress penalize colleges that increase tuition?

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa will serve as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee during the upcoming 115th Congress. Senator Grassley’s decision to lead the Finance Committee may have important consequences for the nation’s colleges and universities. Grassley, a Republican, has criticized increased tuition charges in the face of the pronounced, tax-free growth of many college endowments.In light of his prior statements and the current political environment, a Grassley-led Finance Committe...
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Constitutional law roundup

Kansas Supreme Court rules 4-3 that cops can conduct warrantless search of private homes if they say they smell marijuana. Practical difference between this and “…whenever they please” is not clear [Tim Carpenter, Topeka Capital-Journal] At Timbs v. Indiana oral argument, Court seems sympathetic to idea of applying Excessive Fines clause to the states [Robby Soave, Jacob Sullum, Ilya Somin, earlier here, here, and here] Notwithstanding Justice Gorsuch and Kavanaugh’s interjections, there is...
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"On gun control, criminal justice reform and now Syria, President Donald Trump is advancing policies this week that could appeal to voters far outside his much-talked-about political base."

Jonathan Allen observes (at NBC News):[And] Trump appears to be backing down from his threat to shut down parts of the federal government over Congress' refusal to give him $5 billion for a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.The domestic and foreign policy maneuvers are converging partly on Trump's own timetable and partly as a result of the calendar...... Trump is signaling something bigger to the American public — that he is "starting to bring Americans home from some of these wars and int...
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December 19 roundup

So often those who seek to control the rest of us seem unable to achieve self-control. Case in point: sponsor of NY bill to search gun applicants’ social media accounts [Jon Campbell, Democrat and Chronicle, Sen. Rob Ortt on Twitter] More on Sen. Kevin Parker’s proposal: Scott Greenfield, and my earlier; Concerning an issue that Cato has warned about for many, many years, the emergency powers of the President [Elizabeth Goitein/The Atlantic, related video] Web accessibility suits hit college...
Tags: New York, Guns, Law, Uncategorized, US, Social Media, Surveillance, Canada, Atlantic, Terrorism, Kevin Parker, Cato, Albany Times Union, CALEB BROWN, free speech in Canada, Scott Greenfield

The merits of and case for Land Value Taxation

Politics matters for tax as tax matters for politics. The high-minded Scottish economist Adam Smith had four maxims of taxation:Tax should be progressive.Tax should be certain, not arbitrary.Tax should be paid at the time most convenient to the contributor.Tax should take as little from the contributors as possible to pay for the state.In contrast, Jean-Baptiste Colbert reportedly said “the art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers wit...
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