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Nearly Half of All U.S. Counties Are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Reporting Project. by Lee Williams 2A Sanctuary Counties National Map Updated March 1, 2021. The number of states, counties, and cities declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries is skyrocketing. Map courtesy of sanctuarycounties.com, and used with their permission. An updated map is coming soon. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- What the media isn’t telling you: Nearly half of all U.S. Counties are now Second Amendment Sanctuaries! There are few s...
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What I Read in April: Part 1

Time for another quick round-up of the books I've read and listened to lately. I finished 16 books in April, most of them audiobooks. Why so many books? I spent the month doing some major paper shredding and cleaning out a storage room. All that gave me hours of good listening time! Here is part 1 of what I read last month, in the order I finished each book (part 2 will go live on Thursday). Note that the following thoughts are also available on Goodreads. Thanks to the publishers and to Libro....
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Another AntiGun Englishman Denounces Your 2A Rights & the Second Amendment Foundation

Max Hastings I Grew Up on Guns Fail USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Sir Max Hugh Macdonald Hastings is one of the preeminent British journalists and military historians. As a foreign correspondent for the BBC, he covered 11 wars and reported from more than 60 countries. In 1982, Hastings was the first reporter to enter Port Stanley, after the British military kicked out the Argentinians and liberated the Falkland Islands. Hastings was knighted in 2002 for his “services to journalism.” He has written ...
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SAF’s Investigative Journalism Project: A letter from Your Lead Investigator

SAF’s Investigative Journalism Project: A letter from Your Lead Investigator USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Welcome, friends, to what is the most important undertaking of our lives. We’re at war, you see, an information war – or in this case a misinformation war – is being waged against our gun community and our gun culture. The anti-gunners have resources that the pro-gun community does not, namely billions of dollars, a growing list of corporate supporters, the President and his administration, Con...
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U.S. Delta Force Veteran Teaches REAL Gunfighting Skills ~ Range Werx

Range Werx Florida Florida, USA – (AmmoLand.com) – We live in the Golden Age of firearms training. There has never been a better time to learn gunfighting – not defensive-pistol or tactical-shooting, but honest-to-Pete gunfighting. Our never-ending wars have produced a small cadre of incredibly experienced Tier One Military Veterans. These elite shooters have, literally, won hundreds of gunfights, and now a few of them are teaching the skills and techniques that kept them alive to SWAT teams,...
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SAF Hires Lee Williams, The ‘Gun Writer,’ To Lead Investigative Reporting Project

SAF Hires Lee Williams, The ‘Gun Writer,’ To Lead Investigative Reporting Project BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment Foundation today announced that award-winning investigative reporter [Ammoland News Author] and editor Lee Williams has been chosen to serve as chief editor of SAF’s Investigative Journalism Project. “Lee has unique skills as an editor, investigative reporter and as a guardian of the Second Amendment,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gott...
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David Chipman, Biden’s ATF Nominee: A lifetime of Anti-Gun Activism ~ VIDEO

Pres. Biden: “Today I’m proud to nominate David Chipman to serve as a director of the AFT.” https://t.co/EWPcEq5VY5 pic.twitter.com/KjDGSebd8f — ABC News (@ABC) April 8, 2021 Florida, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- David Chipman – President Joe Biden’s nominee for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives – is in trouble. The entire gun community is rallying against his nomination, and for good reason. Despite last-minute efforts to conceal his past – Chipman recently swit...
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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) Signs Constitutional Carry Expanding Gun Rights

Iowa RKBA Constitutional Amendment has a good Chance in New Legislature U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Iowa has become the 18th state to restore Constitutional Carry. Vermont has always had Constitutional Carry, so Iowa becomes the 19th member of the Constitutional Carry club. Three members, Utah, Montana, and Iowa, have been added in 2021, so far. Tennessee is expected to join shortly. On Friday, 2 April, 202. Governor Kim Reynolds (R) of Iowa, signed bill HF 756 into law. The bill was delivered t...
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Tennessee on the Brink of Strong Constitutional Carry

Tennessee on the Brink of Strong Constitutional Carry, iStock-884202954 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Tennessee is on the brink of passing a strong Constitutional Carry bill. HB0786 originally relied on the requirements needed for an advanced carry permit in Tennessee. The requirement made the bill somewhat unclear. The Tennessee Senate amended the bill to change the “advanced carry permit” section to a requirement the person be 21 years of age or more, with exceptions for people who served in the...
Tags: Guns, Senate, Department Of Defense, Indiana, Atlantic, United States, Wyoming, Tennessee, House, Iowa, Arizona, Pacific, Lee, Vermont Vermont, Tennessee Senate, Kim Reynolds

Huh? Gun Activist Calls For Expanded Background Checks, Then Says He Didn’t

The longtime instructor, author, and entrepreneur co-wrote a lengthy column with a former president of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which calls for more gun control. Comments by Lee Williams Rob Pincus Is A Divisive Figure In The Gun Community Sarasota, Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Rob Pincus is a divisive figure in the gun community — that’s about the only thing everyone can agree on when his name is mentioned. It started with the shooting method he developed — the “Combat Focu...
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A Tale of Three Tennessee Bills – The Case for Constitutional Carry

Opinion A Tale of Three Tennessee Bills – The Case for Constitutional Carry New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)-  On a growing list that has been exploding as of late, Tennessee aims to be the next state to enter to fold of Constitutional Carry.  To date, there are three bills that wish to achieve the same thing, allow those that are lawfully allowed to purchase a firearm to carry one without first obtaining a permit. The bills that have been introduced are SB 0318/HB 0018, SB 0765/HB 0786, and SB...
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Vivian Gornick: 'I couldn’t finish Michelle Obama’s Becoming'

The journalist and memoirist on learning from Natalia Ginzburg, the genius of Geoff Dyer’s comedy, and why James Salter is overrated The book I am currently readingPenelope Fitzgerald: A Life by Hermione Lee. I had actually never read anything by Lee before. I’ve only read 50 or 60 pages, but her style is immensely appealing. The sentences are very simple, there’s no fancy writing – she somehow puts things together in such a lively way that I feel as if I’m listening to her. She hits that marvel...
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Book Review: Ron Chernow’s Biography of Ulysses S. Grant

I read 900 pages about Ulysses S. Grant in Ron Chernow’s authoritative biography. It was extraordinary. It’s hard not to agree with Chernow claims that Grant is the most underrated president in U.S. history. I knew little to nothing about Grant going in, and hadn’t read a full length book about the Civil War before. So I got a superb education in the three areas I look for when reading a biography: A person of consequence The time period in which the person lived, in this case, Civil War-...
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‘True Believer’ Author Abraham Riesman Dissects the Complicated Legacy of Stan Lee [Interview]

The legacy of Marvel Comics maestro Stan Lee has been muddy for decades. Even as the supposed mastermind behind the early days of Spider-Man, Thor, and the Fantastic Four evolved into a beloved international icon with cameos in every Marvel film, controversy nipped at his heels. At the heart of it all: the constant rumblings that he didn’t actually co-create his most famous characters, and that he went out of his way to bury the talented artists who worked alongside him. The new biography True ...
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Tennessee on the Move Toward Constitutional Carry (HB0786/SB0765)

Tennessee on the Move Toward Constitutional Carry (HB0786/SB0765), iStock-884202954 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- The Tennessee legislature has introduced two bills, one in the House, the other in the Senate, that have a good chance of passage. The bills change current law enough to qualify as a reasonable version of Constitutional Carry. Majority Leaders in both the House and the Senate are in favor of the bill. Governor Lee is in favor of the bills. From tennessean.com: A controversial bill to ...
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Democrats File the First of Many Anti-Rights Bills Aimed at Gun Owners

The Biden-Harris ticket could spell the end of the Second Amendment if elected. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A.– -(AmmoLand.com)- Democrat politicians said they wanted to disarm us. The Democrats didn’t wait long. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Biden would love to see action on gun control. The President promised to act on day one on this issue. This is an issue he is personally committed to. Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee filed two gun control bills, House resolutions 125 and 127. ...
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Chang-rae Lee talks new novel and the best Elton John song for karaoke

Chang-rae Lee’s sixth novel “My Year Abroad” explores America and globalization, risk and recklessness, class and wealth, sex and power, the desire for immortality and much more. The novel begins in America with Tiller, a college-age suburbanite, living with Val and Victor Jr, a woman and her young son, who are in witness protection. They’re an unlikely family but the rudderless Tiller is seeking to start over, with a new, more conscious life.  We flash back to when Tiller meets Pong Lou, a d...
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'I document America's strange beauty': the photography of My Name is Earl's Jason Lee

He played a redemption-seeking redneck on TV, but lately the actor has found solace off-screen, travelling with his camera. He talks about slackers, the Mallrats sequel and breezing into one-horse townsJason Lee knew he was in trouble when he stepped on the set. The year was 1992, Sonic Youth were at their peak and he was starring as a doomed skateboarder in their latest video. As a music obsessed, pro skateboarder with acting aspirations, he felt he had a point to prove. To add more pressure, i...
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Lee Press On Ammo

I must be getting bored, because this is starting to look like an enjoyable project: A Lee Hand Press and a set of 9mm dies. I've got thousands of small pistol primers, freezer bags full of once-fired brass, and I have no idea how many projectiles of various types. Powder's probably my weak link, but I'm pretty sure I've got a few pounds that'll work with nine loads. I can't really use homemade 9mm stuff for work, and really wouldn't want to load in those kind of volumes anyway. For that I'd...
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Spike Lee is Getting His Very Own Funko Pop

Spike Lee is joining that privileged group of auteurs who have their own Funko Pop. The Da 5 Bloods director is getting his own figurine via Funko’s popular Pop! line, which will hit stores this May. See the first look at the Spike Lee Funko Pop below. Spike Lee Funko Pop The vinyl Spike Lee Funko Pop figure (via The Hollywood Reporter) is approximately 4.25-inches tall and shows Lee wearing the purple suit he wore to the 2019 Oscars, when he won his first Oscar for co-writing BlacKkKlans...
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Graphic memoirs draw on life experience to both show and tell their story

“They say,” Merrill Markoe observes in “We Saw Scenery: The Early Diaries of Merrill Markoe,” “the opening line of a book is a good indication of what is to come.” (p. 31) In this case, that means the following sentence, rendered as an image of her childhood handwriting: “I forgot what happened today.” It’s a vivid way to begin a narrative that not only, like all memoirs, explore memory, but also visually recreates Markoe’s early life. “We Saw Scenery” is a graphic memoir that blends the revelat...
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Jelly Bean Splash: Dyeing Wool With Easter Egg Dye

After dyeing our Easter eggs, I hesitated to pour out the remaining dye. Since vinegar has been difficult to find during the 2020 Corona virus outbreak, I felt guilty wasting what vinegar was used in the dye. I knew I could use it on my yarn, but it was such a little amount of liquid color. There was no way I could fully soak the yarn in a pan/pot. However, I recently worked with a hand-painted yarn that resembled color splashed onto the yarn. So I thought I would mimic the effect on some ba...
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Speckles, Speckles And Speckles! How To Easily Speckle Yarn.

Speckling yarn is easier said than done. There are a handful of techniques, but I have found one to be easily mastered. This is a tutorial to dye yarn entirely with speckles! Buy hand-dyed yarns at www.lovelybylee.com When sharing your hand-dyed yarn, please tag me! I would love to share your photos. Please tag, @lovelybylee and #lovelybylee when using social media. [Author: Lovely by Lee]
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Rainbow Gradient Yarn - Dye At Home!

Is there anything more pleasurable to the eyes than an ombre rainbow gradient? To a knitter, lovely variegated yarn with subtle color overlap is divine! This tutorial shows how to dye rainbow gradient yarn at home in your own kitchen at an affordable cost. Buy hand-dyed yarns at www.lovelybylee.com When sharing your hand-dyed yarn, please tag me! I would love to share your photos. Please tag, @lovelybylee and #lovelybylee when using social media. [Author: Lovely by Lee]
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'I Still Have Yarn' Scrunchy!

‘I Still Have Yarn!’ Scrunchy ©Lovely by Lee Have an itty-bitty amount of scrap yarn left over that is painful to throw away? Make a quick-knit, beginner-friendly scrunchy! It is an easy project, and it can be knit up in just a short amount of time! This is a paid pattern. For a printable copy which includes an abbreviation key, stitch explanation, tips and alternatives, see www.lovelybylee.com. [Author: Lovely by Lee]
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Dye Over: Dyeing Over Colored Cotton/Bamboo Blend Yarn

Sometimes we find yarn in our stash that we just feel so-so about. It isn't terrible, but we wish it had more pizzaz. When saving our already-paid-for-quality-yarn, the best way to find excitement for it once again is by giving it a dye-over. This tutorial gives a step-by-step way of styling already colored yarn. The yarn that was dyed-over was a blend of cotton, bamboo, nylon and other fibers. Not all bases are easily dyed, but we mastered this one and found the fiber that wouldn't take...
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Candy Corn Cute Hat

Halloween is a favorite holiday to most in the United States! It is one of my personal favorites, but I’m not into the scary Halloween. I like CUTE Halloween. And what is cuter than candy corn?! Since the usual Halloween festivities aren’t going to be like previous years (thanks, COVID-19), I am celebrating the spooky season of 2020 by knitting all of the cute things. Candy Corn CUTE Hat was one of my most popular makes, back when I sold my knit items. The hat is simple, festive and a QUICK kni...
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Fairy Dust: Hand Dyeing and Speckling Variegated Cotton Yarn

Dyeing yarn is therapeutic, and it can be done in your kitchen! I have experimented with several dyes and fiber bases. I have learned which dyes pair best with with base, and I have some tricks for pigment and ease. Today's project was dyeing 100% pima cotton yarn. I used RIT Dye and Tulip Dye, tweaking the recipes a bit for maximum pigmentation. Buy hand-dyed yarns at www.lovelybylee.com When sharing your hand-dyed yarn, please tag me! I would love to share your photos. Please tag, @l...
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How Many Prosecutions For Illegally Owned Suppressors Happen in the USA?

How Many Prosecutions For Illegally Owned Suppressors Happen in the USA? U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Very few people are prosecuted for the illegal possession of silencers/suppressors in the United States. One of the problems in understanding the U.S. criminal justice system is records are dispersed. Records are kept in many different formats, and not easily searchable or sortable by offense. There are both federal and state crimes. The data is not all digitized. When it is, it is not all in sea...
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Bruce Lee and the invention of martial arts

Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco on 27 November 1940, while his parents toured the US with a Hong Kong theatre company. As a baby, he featured in Esther Eng’s Golden Gate Girl. He then went on to become a major child star in Hong Kong. As an adult, he worked in US TV and film, before gaining international fame via three Hong Kong martial arts films and one US-HK co-production, Enter the Dragon. He died from cerebral oedema on 20 July 1973, at almost exactly the moment Enter the Dragon was rel...
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