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build-in chrome version looks like too old

can't display well for epub vertical and also fail page scroll Calibre Moderator NoticeInline images are limited to 600x600 per the guidelines google chrome Moderator Noticeremoved oversize Attached Thumbnails    
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Question Regards Calibre UI Layout

Greetings, have not had occasion to write to this forum for about six years but there you are... I have question concerning layout of UI components. Please click link to show pic from my GDrive. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-55...ew?usp=sharing I would really like to switch the locations of these two items, but can't seem to figure out how to do that!
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Search my libraries all in one?

I store my books in Calibre library folders according to the DDS system, i.e. 100 Philosophy, 200 Religion, etc. I access the different library folders with the "Switch/create library" function and can make searches in each library folder. I would, however, like to search all library folders at once. Is there a way? Thanks to anyone who can help.
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Added This Week: Custom Column or Plugboard?

Hi! I use Calibre for both my ebook library and my fic library. I usually put a few new ebooks in every week, and they have to be added to both my iPad and my iPhone. Is there a way to create a column that denotes if something has been added in the past week? Further, could it identify whether it’s a book added within the week (I have a custom column to designate book or fic)?
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How to save to disk where first name is first and last name is last?

I just found answer... please ignore... trying to delete post How to save to disk where first name is first and last name is last? I did a search on the forums and haven't found this question or if it is there I was not understanding it. What I would like to accomplish is to have Author First Name Last Name in both calibre and save to disk feature. Is this possible?
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"on device" column custom width

Hello all, How can I set a custom column width for the On Device column? I have tried setting the column width and then exiting Calibre while the device is still connected, and I have tried using the View Manager plugin, and nothing sticks. Attached Thumbnails    
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A question about backingup Calibre library.

Guys im thinking of backing up my Calibre library, but then in the library there are files like Cover ad metadata.opf , so my question is that should i backup these files too or just the .epub ? Also is there any other better or correct way to backup the library ?
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How to get your Amazon Kindle info into Calibre

If you get Kindle for PC on your computer find the following file... C:\Users\MyPC\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle\Cache\Ki ndleSyncMetadataCache.xml Make a copy of it and open it in excel or another type of program, format it to match what you need in your Calibre Library, then save as a .csv file and use the import list plugin to enter the data. It only shows what you have in the Content and Devices page, but if you haven't gone through and deleted books from it, they should all be listed. Also w...
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Titles and Author missing on Calibre import

Hello, At wits end so hoping someone here has a suggestion. I'll try to give a detailed explanation: Windows 7 (64), installed calibre (64), then the DRM removal plugin. Installed kindle reader (older v1.24.3) and downloaded books. Restarted Calibre and they read in fine. DMR automatically removed it seemed. I did some conversion-to-mobi tests and that was working, but lead me to realize that some wouldn't work because they are .kfx-zip encoded. So I downloaded a plug-in for that, and I ...
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how to Customs Columns for ao3 files

Hi, I want to add several columns for files I have imported from ao3. columns like: number of chapters, words, kudos, comments, status (complete/in progress) etc. everything is in the information section of the file but does not appear in the columns when I'm downloading the file from the url. When I'm adding a custom column, I need to enter the data manually in order to see it in the right column, that is unreasonably too much time-consuming. I understand that maybe the answer is in the tem...
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How to deal with Pseudonyms

Hey there mates. New to calibre here. I'm managing my paper book collection using calibre and I'd like to inquire about a common problem in the area. Is there a plugin for linking 2 or more different writers/publishers, so when typing one name it feeds me results for all linked names? This can happen when a writer uses different names in different books. E.g, I'd like to be able to find Jason C. Connor's books if I search for Jason mcCloud(and they happen to be the same guy). This is called "a...
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Calibre viewer does not display epubs

Running Calibre 3.39.1 on Windows 10. When I try to open an epub in the Caliber viewer, the viewer opens but it only shows white and no text. This happens for every epub in my library. I tried a reset to default preferences in the viewer to no effect. The epubs all open and display normally in other viewers. They also open normally in the Calibre ebook editor. Let me know if there is anything I can try. Thanks.
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collect editings in a memcache before saving them alltogether

Dear Sirs, I wonder if there is an option mechanism in the current release of Calibre so that one can collect somewhere in a memory cache several editings within one library and then eventually save all them in one click. In facts in my library it is a pain to wait for every saving of library (it lasts minutes each). I am aware that is not save in case of power outage, but it would be a nice thing if developer could let user to take his/her own risk.
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Setting PubDate Default

My pubdate field is tweaked to yyyy. Can the default be set to the current year rather than 2000, as currently displayed when clicking on an empty pubdate metadata filed? Thanks
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Importing Books-- often Unknown by Unknown

Hi, I've run into a problem when importing books into Calibre. Sometimes it detects accurate metadata, and it's easy to keep track of which book is which. More often it detects inaccurate metadata. Most often it detects *no* metadata, and I get a string of "Unknown" by "Unknown" and have to figure out which books are which. I could switch preferences > import > read metadata from file contents off. But when the files do contain accurate metadata, that means retyping that metadata. Is there some ...
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Help customize Calibre Portable for SSD

Hi, I use Calibre Portable in windows, I would like to use my SSD to speed up calibre but I have a small SSD, I would like to move application and metadata into the SSD and leave the books on the HDD I found a bat file inside a folder in L:\Calibre Portable\Calibre\app\resources\ made by itimpi. Is this still recommended to use? It has a different folder structure than the Calibre Portable I would like to retain the folder structure so I can just overwrite it with a new version of Calibre. T...
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CalibreDB not adding covers

With one of the latest versions (I'm not sure which as I don't update every cycle, but the first time I saw it was with 3.38) calibredb has stopped adding covers specified in .opf files when you add using --one-book-per-directory. I have a routine that places a PDF in a directory, creates an .opf file for it, creates a .jpg cover then calls calibredb, and the cover is no longer set, instead you get the blue default cover, in previous versions the cover was added correctly. When I add from the ...
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Problems with saving to disk

Hi, I want to save files from Calibre library to external storage or cloud. I have specific requirements for the file name - Author-Series-Book name. So in the Preferences for saving to disk I used a regex for the file name: {author_sort} - {series} {series_index:0>5.2f|| - }{title}/{title} I have tried all 5 options in the Save to Disk menu - the result was either a new folder, containing the epub file or only the epub file itself. In case where there is a folder, the folder is named accordi...
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Un-numbered series entries

Prompted by HogDrvr's thread "Series Count for Omnibus's" https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...ghlight=series this is a different question, but relates to the same bit of the Calibre database. --- Larry Niven has a number of stories set in a common universe "Known Space" (well known to any SF addict). However the stories do not contain any meaningful sequence. What I'd like to do is leave the sequence unset. (But I can't find any way to do it!) Failing that, I've tried (and succeeded) rec...
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Custom Column with Searches

Hi. Is it possible to either create a custom column where all the searches show up? Or just add a search to User Categories? I tried searching the forum but couldn't find anything. Thanks
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Using Calibre Tags as an alternative to Bookmarks?

Hi, I'm having trouble keeping track of relevant passages, in relevant works, on various topics. A lot of the time these passages are relevant to smething I expect to return to, but can't work on just yet. My current reader, Clearview, keeps its own bookmarks and notes, but can't keep too many bookmarks or notes. Many other readers either don't support my scrolling tools, or don't support bookmarks, or re-process files to attach bookmarks. I'm thnking about adding yet another Calibre column, ...
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Series Count for Omnibus's

Is there a way to include multiple counts in a series for a collection (omnibus)? For example: if I have an omnibus of books 5, 6 and 7 of the John Doe series, can I somehow show that in Calibre? Currently, I would just mark it number 5 in the series, then have a gap until #8. It would be nice to mark that entry as John Doe [5-7].
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Can I choose 2nd page from PDF for the cover page ?

Can I choose 2nd page from PDF for the cover page occasionally Adding books and Edit meta information -> Edit data -> Set from e-book files ?
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Template to properly title manga on my device

I have been using the following plugboard for my entire library: {series}{series_index:0>2s| #| – }{title} Unfortunately, this plugboard has some undesirable results for my manga and graphic novels. I end up with titles like:Kasan #01 – Kasan, Vol. 1 Kasan #02 – Kasan, Vol. 2 I was wondering if anyone had come up with a way to remove the redundancy of series information like this? Is there a way to only show the series information if a book doesn't include a particular tag (like "Manga") or...
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3.39.1 Metadata not downloading, again

I've had this problem with every version of Calibre, and I'm tired of it. I can't download any metadata for my books. I updated calibre I turned off my firewall I did the download metadata I get "Failed to find file" calibre, version 3.39.1 ERROR: Download failed: Failed to download metadata. Click Show Details to see details Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\metadata\single_download.py" , line 424, in run File "site-packages\calibre\utils\ipc\sim...
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Critical Error when opening books in Calibre

First time posting, so if I mess it up a bit please be kind. When I initially open Calibre and select a book I can open it with no problems. If I close that book and try to open another I receive a "Critical Error" message. I ran Calibre in debug mode and got the following log file: Spoiler: calibre Debug log calibre 3.39 [64bit] embedded-python: True is64bit: True Windows-10-10.0.17763-SP0 Windows ('64bit', 'WindowsPE') ('Windows', '10', '10.0.17763') Python 2.7.15+ Windows: ('10', '10...
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Pen names

Help! I can't see a good way to record authors who use pen names. (I can't find any forum that addresses this problem. If there is a relevant forum, please point me in that direction) Example: The author's full name is Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden She writes under four different pen names, of which I have ebooks she has written under the pen names Megan Lindholm and Robin Hobb. When I look up her data on the Internet Speculative Fiction database (www.isfdb.org), they list all books by the...
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How to use calibre with a Nook

hey guys... first time posting on this site , haha... so yes I am a super newbie here lol... I was kind of wishing that there was a way to add meta-data... or moreover the book covers to a Nook Simple Touch while the Devil was plugged in to a laptop/PC. For years, Ive uploaded the books I wanted to re-name, edit the authors name... convert [if need be] and then plug int he reader and send them to the external SD card option, then move the boks from the My "Books folder" to the "My Documents" fol...
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Common Expressions Strategies

Hello All, Is there a common expression or strategy that will organize new adds to the basic title, author, publisher, date columns? I have over 3k books I've organized around 1k by hand, ensuring the columns are correct with date and it takes quite awhile. Is there a common accepted strategy for ensuring new book additions of various file names and structure make it to logical columns and saving the most time? Any input or pointer in the right direction would be much appreciated.
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Help? Comments not showing in book details

I'm having a problem getting comments to show up in my book details in my Nook library (oldest e-ink version) and in my Calibre Companion app. Because it's happening in the Nook and not just the CC app, I'm pretty sure it's something Calibre is doing when it's sending the metadata. The thing is, I have no idea why this started happening. I did three things right before it started happening. 1. I edited a few books to get rid of junk in them. Coulda messed one up, for sure, but I did run the ...
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