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This is probably a simple question, but, I need help understanding the current search functionality. In the past, if I had 10,000 books and searched titles for 'foo' the main grid would only display those books that matched. When I do that now, all the books are still displayed, and the selected book is the first one that matched. Okay, but I can't seem to "search next" functionality. If press the search button, I'm stuck on the first occurrence. So, what should I be doing differently? (ru...
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In Duplicates Found dialog, I want option to show more data (to help w deciding)

When you add books, you sometimes get something like "45 duplicates found". It will then show show something like this: Quote: ❑ Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss [EPUB] Already in Calibre: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss [EPUB] It would help me if I had the option of seeing more data in this dialog window, for example:file size info from a column I created called "Source" Date (which, for me, is usually import date) This pr...
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Questions about metadata and calibre library

Okay here is some issues I am having. (1) I was told to change the name in the series section to "Baki - Son Of Ogre" which I did. I even changed the name of the title for the Chapter 33 manga to "The Warrior" and then I found a area that says "Number" I placed "33" in there and it says 33.00. But I'm still having issues with this when I see the stuff on calibre I see this. Title>"The Warrior" Author>"Unknown" Series>"Baki - Son Of Ogre. Now the title is correct and the series is correc...
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Search for series with a specific number of book

Hello, Is there a way to search for all books in series that contain exactly n books? With n=1, I have tried the following two syntaxes, but neither works. series:#=1 series_index:#=1 I would appreciate a good indication on how to solve this small puzzle. Thanks in advance! W.
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A useful tool

For Goodreads users if you download this tool It will convert your current Goodreads library export.csv into one that has two extra columns at the end. One containing every start and finish read dates (so you finally have a list of every read date) and a genre column, which is basically the common bookshelf list. They both require a bit of manipulation to be able to format them into importable columns into goodreads (after formatting I end up with about 7 "DR" shelves (date read), and heirarch...
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creating a tag rule

Through some rule or another I have ended up with a few tags with leading periods. They are multiple word tags that have the period between the words, but they have a leading period. I must have had a rule to delete whatever parent word/tag it was and it left the period (heirarchal shelves) Since I can't do a search and replace on the period (multiple periods per tag), I was wondering if someone could help me by showing me a quick tag mapper rule or a regex rule that I can use in search repla...
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Download more cover variations from sources?

It looks like calibre just downloads one cover from each metadata source (eg: amazon, google, etc), but if the source has multiple covers, how can I influence which cover is chosen? Right now I have to manually download the cover and drag it into calibre (too bad I can't drag the cover image url directly into calibre). On one book, the cover chosen is for the kindle version. How can I influence it to get the cover for the physical version? Is it related to the values in the IDs field? When I bl...
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RegExp Help

Hi all. When I click on Authors>F, I get the following in the search bar: author_sort:"~(^[F])|(&\s*[F])" I understand that to the left of the OR, the expression is to "find at the beginning (of the author column) anything that begins with the capital letter F. What does the ampersand symbol mean, please? Thanks in advance.
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Book blurbs?

I was letting my daughter browse my ebooks on Calibre. Since she didnt recognize most of the authors or titles, she wanted a description of the book to see if it might interest her. Only a fraction of my books had descriptions available. Is there a way to import something like the descriptions on book dust jackets into Calibre? She wasnt willing to look each one up, nor risk something her Dad liked. LOL. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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Custom Column: Alphabetical sorting in tag browser includes articles

I have a custom column that appears in the tag browser. Some of the custom categories include articles such as "The" and "A." They sort in alphabetical order so that "The Category" sorts as T instead of C. How do I make sorting by alphabetical order ignore the articles without changing them all to "Category, The"? :thanks:
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moving library to a new computer

I got a new computer and followed the advice in the manual on moving a library. It mostly worked. I say mostly because not all of my library was imported. I tried deleting what was imported and retrying, but the entire library still did not get imported.:( What do I do to get the rest of my library back into Calibre?
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Problems adding single books in individual folders to library

Hello, I just tried to add to library with folders and sub folders "assuming each folder contains same book in different formats". Unfortunately it completely fails - every book entry starts with a period, the names and titles are messed up, and the actual books don't seem to get imported at all! So far example, Calibre thinks it has a PDF and EPUB of the same book but both return errors when I open. Space on drive for each entry is 0.1mb - so nothing is importing. I have used this feature bef...
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Images Pasted in Comments from Web No Longer Visible

I copy and paste reviews from various online sources (Kirkus, NYT, NYR, Shelf Awareness...) in a book’s comment section. With Calibre 4.x all images included in these reviews became a grey thumbnail ranging in size from tiny to overwhelming. Any idea if this is fixable or if at least or if there is a way to paste only a text while excluding the images? Or even just batch delete all grey thumbnails? Many thanks, Madeleine Attached Thumbnails  
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Can't asociate epubs with Calibre after MS Edge Installed

Wonder if anyone else has had this problem. I'm running the latest version of Calibre on Windows 7 server and Microsoft decided to install Edge (On a Windows version they're supposedly not supporting anymore). Now I can't open epubs in Calibre by double-clicking on the files. This is what I attempted so far. 1. First, I uninstalled Edge. 2. I had made calibre-viewer the default. Now when I click on an epub, the viewer opens, but the file is not loaded into Calibre. I'm sure there's a simpl...
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Remove all mobi versions of a book where there is a corresponding epub?

I'm trying to tidy up my Calibre library and am moving to a new Kobo device. I have many books with a range of formats —*ideally I'd like to remove many of the redundant formats where there is an existing epub for that book? Is this something I can achieve in Calibre?
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Auto-merge added books if they already exist (works?)

I am looking at some options in the add book category and I don't see the result. Select what you select adds a new record. Could someone explain how it works or test whether it works for them. Attached Thumbnails  
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Error Opening Database stored on a NAS - RESOLVED!

For those of you that run Calibre with your library stored on a Synology NAS, I thought I would post a problem with solution that I recently encountered. In short, in my configuration (Windows 10 PC running Calibre program with Calibre Library and database stored on a Synology NAS) only works properly with SMB 1.0 file sharing; it will not work properly with SMB 2.0 or 3.0. Before I continue: I know that Calibre is not designed to be run with it's database residing on a NAS. However, I have be...
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Using {comments} in Cover Generation

Hi all, I did some digging and didn't see any topics about this, but I'm not so good with Calibre's template language or html so this might be a dumb question. I'm trying to get Calibre cover generator to display the text from the book's comments field in the cover's subtitle area. I tried simply using "{comments}" and that seems to work... except the cover displays and html tags also. Here's an imgur link to an example picture: https://imgur.com/a/vzY8BBZ Anyone know if this is solvable?
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Regular Expression For Adding Books

Hi All, I am trying to work out an expression for adding epub ebooks into Calibre. I am using this code for files in this format Author - Series - Title. (?P[^_-]+) -?\s*(?P[^_0-9-]*)(?P[0-9]*)\s*-\s*(?P[^_].+) ? But is doesn't work when the series is missing. Ken Follett - Kingsbridge - 1. A katedralis.epub Title: 1. A katedralis Author: Ken Follett Series: Kingsbridge Series Index: Can someone please help? Barthazo
Tags: Books, Library Management, Ken Follett, Ken Follett Kingsbridge

calibredb very slow after large metadata edit

Hi All, I've found lately that when I edit a large number (thousands, possibly hundreds) of titles in my library, the next add I do via calibredb can take a long time. Usually adding a new title (which consists of adding the book with one calibredb call and updating a bunch of metadata fields with a second) takes about 10-12 seconds on a 30,000-title library. After a large edit, I've seen it take about five minutes to add the first title after this, then go back to the 10-12 seconds per title. T...
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Ebook filename conversion at import - suggestions

I know this has been talked about many times because I researched the forums here. But I have possibly a couple new comments/insights on the issue. Like many people, my concern is the shortening of filenames upon import, which impacts the ability to find files via external search tools. 1. To the argument that the search capabilities within Calibre are already very good - undeniable. But myself and others often have favored system-wide search tools - in my case the excellent tool Everything...
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Attempt to add books fails

Hey all, my calibre has been working fine for quite a while. Yesterday the RAID that I store them all was full (I was unaware) and I attempted to add some books, and they failed, and now that I've cleared space on it and attempt to add some books, it goes through the "Adding" sequence, including asking me if I want to add some books that are already there in a different format, but when I select "yes", It throws an error. It says it Failed to add any books, and the "Show Details" looks like this...
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Importing folders containing series collection

Good day to all, My comics collection is organised per folders, usually with the following structure: .../Series Title/Series Number - Album Title.format The best way to import them to Calibre with their proper fields being recognized has been to rename them as Series Title - Series Number - Album Title.format and then tweak the Regular Expression Pattern accordingly. Is there any way to achieve the same result in a less manual intensive technique? Thanks in advance for your experience,
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Save downloaded metadata in book

I have a lot of epubs on my hard drive which do not have metadata. I added a epub into Calibre from my desktop hard drive and then downloaded the metadata for it from the web. After the download I could see the metadata in the "Book Details" in the main interface. But when I saved the epub back on to my hard drive and opened the book, the metadata did not show in the book. How do I save the downloaded metadata in the epub? Thank you mamaijee
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Book Title inc Series Name/# ?

I had a look at Calibre wiki and not much help, so apologies if this has been asked before in the thousands of threads here... I have Title / Author / Series as columns eg "Freedom's Fate", "Bobby Adair", "Freedom's Fire [6]" I want the title (which shows on my Kindle) to be "Freedom's Fate (Freedom's Fire 6)", so when I am browsing on Kindle for next book to read I can find the next book in the series easily. 80% of my books are from series, 20% have no series entry (one offs) so don't nee...
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Adding Books

Just curious, when I add books from a directory to Calibre, does Calibre do anything with the original copies in the original directories or does it just copy them over to new directories inside of Calibre? I ask because I would still like to keep the original files and directories just where they are for backup purposes without them being modified by actions I take from within Calibre.
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Organizing tags

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix my tags so that they are in an order that isn't strictly alphabetical? Would like to have the heirarchal tags show desired tags in my own order rather than alphabetical. (not the child, but the parent) so, Instead of A-Z, I could have Characters, Genre, Themes, etc. I know I could add a number in front to make it show up in the list first, but I would like to avoid doing that. If this isn't possible, perhaps the powers that be could enhance Calibre to a...
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I always choose to review downloaded metadata, and never "Yes, accept". HBU?

When I download metadata (Control-D), I get the message: Quote: Metadata download complete. Finished downloading metadata for X books. Proceed with updating the metadata in your library 1. View log 2.Review downloaded metadata 3. No 4. Yes I never choose Yes, as the downloaded metadata may be worse for a particular book. How about you? Are there some people for whom "Yes (I trust that the downloaded metadata is better/accurate" i...
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Can I move some books into other libraries?

Hi, I'm looking for a way to move some books into one of multiple libraries, is there a function to do it ?
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In Download_Metadata, why does "Comments" end with double asterisks ** ?

When I download metadata, the text in the Comments field almost always ends with a pair of asterisks. Why is that? And how can we prevent that?
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