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Selecting Tags still shows all files

I just updated to 3.41.2 and now when I select any tag it still shows all books with those with the tag highlighted. And they aren't even grouped together. Since I'm re-downloading fanfics I am adjusting the tags. Even the subseries custom column is doing the same thing. On the previous release, selecting any ONE of them would show just those. Is there something that needs to be adjusted to fix this? Attached Thumbnails  
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Calibre Ebook Viewer Same Page on Right and Left Column in Two Page View

Dear Fellow Users, I've a problem with calibre ebook viewer and I believe some of you might have faced it to, I've been searching for past 3 hours to fix it but I was not successful in finding any solution please forgive me if it is a duplicate I came across following to threads but it did not fixed my problem. https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...92#post2553492 https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...=51500&page=15 When I choose 2 columns per page, only 1 page is flipped after turning th...
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Efficient Workflow For Multiple Directories

Even though I am a heavy users I constantly am discovering more efficient ways to do things. Unfortunately I have not come-up with a way to efficiently load books from multiple directories where the directories contain just one or two books (i.e. lots of directories; not that many books). When I get overwhelmed I sometimes will copy a bunch of them to a new folder and then point Calibre at the new folder so it can go searching for books. Is there a recipe or a plugin or something that wou...
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Sync 2 Libraries with freefilesync Question

I have a "MasterCopyFolder" and a "SyncCopyFolder" in 2 different external drives. I regularly clean and update the "MasterCopyFolder" e.g.: add & remove some books/files, combine different file formats, remove comments etc How can I update the "SyncCopyFolder" with freefilesync? I suppose -I start with dragging and dropping the "MasterCopyFolder" on the left - dragging and dropping the "SyncCopyFolder" on the right - Click Compare -Synchronise ( update selected?) - what are the ...
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Add Books - regular expression required

I apologize if this has been answered before, but I've searched and not found or understood the answer. I wish to add books to calibre that are in the following format, Lucky Shot (Joshua James).txt but I am unable to separate title and author. Regards Mike
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New Calibre install won't recognize library

My hard drive just died. I back up all my data to a cloud. After re-installing Calibre it will not see my library. I've transferred my cloud backups to the new folder, but it still won't recognize anything. I've tried all the suggestions in Calibre for moving a library to a new computer, but not having any luck. I can go into Calibre and choose add books and choose one book at a time, but it doesn't transfer any descriptive data. Any suggestions?
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Combine/Create TAGS how?

I am searching a way to create TAGS and perhaps remove some others. is there a practical approach to achieve this please? e.g.: I have many Alfred Hitchcock books/Thesis/Articles and so many different TAGS already created such as Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock, A Hitchcock etc etc Some of them not written by Hitchcock but they are related to Hitchcock. I'd like to do a search and list all the Hitchcock related items and use one unique TAG for all and forexample to name "Hitchcock" only. anot...
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Portable Tweaks Not Accepting Changes in Version 3.39.1

Hello, all: I was collecting information in preparation for the update to version 3.40.1 when I located a tweak which seemed to perform a function I was earlier trying to accomplish: auto_connect_to_folder. I added Q:My Main Calibre Library between the ' marks but the "Apply" button remained greyed out. I then tried a couple of other changes and got the same result. I am using the portable version of the program but I am sure that I have changed other entries in the tweaks before so I am confu...
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Bug: Automater substitution of "and" with "&" in author field

There does not appear to be any way to insert "and" as part of an author name when adding to the library without this being interpreted as "&" for multiple authors. For example, one can get free PDF files of government reports by "authors" whose names correctly contain the word "and" such as the "National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine" in which case "Medicine" is not a separate author. https://www.nap.edu/catalog/24625/th...-current-state Even trying to change this manually ...
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Scaling in 4k (150%)?

I have a lot of problems with how Calibre scales up in Win10 on 4k monitor (two monitors setup - main 4k with scale function on and one 1440p without scaling). Especially some cover images are really tinny and some are fine despite being the same resolution... Does anyone have similar problems?
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This is my first post, so apologies if i am in the wrong place. I have been trying to remove the background colour and dotted lines to books I have highlighted in Calibre, as seen on the image. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Attached Thumbnails  
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Saved Searches Lost

I just recently upgraded to Calibre 3.39.1 and lost all my saved searches, which, unfortunately, I hadn't backed up in over a year. I am, however, diligent about backing up the whole database, so I thought I could swap out the db file and metadata_db_prefs_backup.json from the back up, open the saved searches and export it. Then I would copy the current db file back and reimport the saved searches json file. But there were no saved searches when I opened the editor. So, my question is, where ar...
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Sort books by last opened?

Is there a way to sort the books in the library by last opened?
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Long text columns containg multiple items

Is there a way of creating a long text column that would allow items being automatically added to not be overwritten and perhaps be shown with hard breaks between items. Maybe format it so that all items are appended rather than overwritten? Appended with hard breaks? Would like to use one column to hold multiple instances of original file paths, original file dates, and multiple add and read dates. Unless I use copy/replace and format it so that each item contains a hard break after it, and...
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Regular Books No Longer Listed after Import

I was trying to add a reference list of book titles (600) to my already robust library of 5000+ ebooks using CSV import. The new titles were just a reference list of books NOT in Calibre-accessible ebook format. But I wanted the titles included so I could sort by author, series, etc. and see what I owned. However, now my library only showss the 600 new titles. For the old books - those truly imported completely into Calibre, the folder structure still exists where all the files are stored. ...
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Managing tags

Is there a way to export the manage tags to a csv file after "managing" them? A csv file that could indicate the tag, then the changes, and whether or not it has been deleted? This would be very helpful in importing to Calibre Spy or other libraries.
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How to add books by programming?

Hello everyone, I have a txt file, which contains many items: book1 author1 link1 book2 author2 link2 ... and I want to import these books into a lib, i want to write some code to do this job, and my favorite tool is C#, python is OK too. how to do that? thanks guys
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Doubt about removing identifier in book

Hi, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it is a bug or whatever. If ind the book window I select the goodreads identifier, press right button and select "Remove identifier", no error appear but the identifier is still in the book. Is there any restriction? Cannot it be removed in this way? Thank you very much in advance.
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Keep more versions of the same format

Hello, any possibility to keep more versions of the same book (under single library item) in same format? (and possibly name the versions accordingly). I noticed that when I open the metadata dialogue for a book, and drag&drop additional version of the book on the upper right list, the former instance of the same format (if existed) is replaced by the new. I'd need somehow to keep them both (and distinguish them by menaingful name), so they appear in the conversion dialogue when I request conve...
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Altering a PDF book "cover"

I have a couple of PDF files that are auto calculating blank forms. Once, only Adobe Reader could hand auto-calc, but today its fairly standard. As a precaution, the PDF files include a warning as the cover for the book. Right there is my problem. I would like to remove this cover and replace it with the standard visual of the form itself (ie, page 1 in PDF). Any suggestions on how to do this? In case anyone is interested here is a direct link to one of the files (a 1 page PDF), a character she...
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How do I format metadata from other fields

Hello there, I'm quite new to Calibre. My question is this, I imported into my library a large bunch (counting hundreds) of epub books, which miss the metadata however, so that author and title were distilled using default import template from file names, and it didn't help much. Now the author is set to unknown author, and the title is in form like Code: NOVELS 17 - BRADBURY, Ray - Dandelion Wine Now I'm looking for something (extension?) that would parse the title string, extracts t...
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How to "align" a text of a custom column?

I have one text custom column (series) after the titles on the main menu but due to space limitations the text often ends with (...). However on a particular entry the text is between two lines, like this: (example only) ABC ABC [1] This way i can see the full text, even the series number, within a quite smaller space. I don't have any clue how i have done this, and i have tried elsewhere but nothing happens. This is great option that i would like to apply to all other entries. I actually...
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Lost Library

I have my entire library on my Mac and after I updated the latest version of Calibre, the entire book list disappeared. I managed to find folders that said the books were inside, but no db at all and the folders are empty. I tried repairing the db. No luck. I think I've lost everything.
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Scan for duplicates

Probably as a result of an rsync error at some point, I have a lot of duplicates in my library, and cannot find any way to automatically find them all and merge them. I've seen mention of a "Merge Duplicates" plugin that doesn't seem to exist anymore, and I found a thread that is many years old. https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=255394 But it refers to the plugin. I've scoured the menus and the preferences, but I am not seeing anything helpful. I estimate that I have at least 600 bo...
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migrate to new computer

I'm going to move from an older Windows 7 computer, to a new Windows 10 computer. Calibre library is on on Dropbox. - Do I need to export the database (all 2000+ books) since they will stay in the same Dropbox location?? - How do I move other preferences, plugins over. I would like to avoid re-installing all of them. I'm sure this isn't a new question. Can someone point me to some directions?? thnx,
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calibre library gets corrupted often

I have a dual booted system(windows+kubuntu), calibre installed in both OSes. I have seen that calibre library gets corrupted very often, something like twice a month or so. Heres the message I got this time: Code: calibre, version 3.39.1 Corrupted database: The library database at E:\Downloads\Science , Experiments & Knowledge\Books\Ashwin's Library appears to be corrupted. Do you want calibre to try and rebuild it automatically? The rebuild may not be completely successful. Tracebac...
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Monetary value library

I wonder there is a plugin to put the value of the book by isn? Enviado desde mi ONEPLUS A3000 mediante Tapatalk
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Making a list of Series in Calibre

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to make a list of my series that I have set up in Calibre? I have quite a lot. I don't want to list all the books, just have a list of the book series with their authors. Is this something I can actually do?
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If ... Then in custom column

Hi all, First, sorry if this thread is a duplicate. I've made some research and I did not find any helpful topics regarding my skills in calibre customization ;p I would like to create custom columns that tells me if some custom metadata are missing or not. Data quality check plugin is not relevant in this case. example of check I want to realize : 1rst example : if #genre contains SF or Fantasy or Weird then populate the column with SFFF else empty I've tried with the first test but it ...
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Too many publishers?

I've run into a snag. I've got a book that might need more than one Publisher. But it's hard to tell if I'm reading the legal mumbo-jumbo on the Copyright page correctly. This is what it says:© 2014 Fire Opal Media and Pelgrane Press Ltd. All rights reserved. Published by Pelgrane Press Ltd under license from Fire Opal Media. 13th Age and the 13th Age Bestiary are published by Pelgrane Press under Open Game License version 1.0a Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. 13th Age is a trademark of...
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