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Barry Jenkins: ‘Maybe America has never been great’

The Moonlight director on how making his epic TV adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer prize-winning The Underground Railroad compelled him to fully confront the history of slavery, as well as his own damaged childhoodBarry Jenkins first heard the history of the Underground Railroad from a teacher when he was six or seven years old. The school lesson described the loose network of safe houses and abolitionists that helped enslaved people in the American south escape to free states in the nor...
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LitFest Pasadena offers a weekend of virtual book and author programming on May 15-16

LitFest Pasadena 2021 will present a packed weekend of panels on a wide array of topics, many of them with Southern California themes. The annual event, which was forced to cancel a year ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, returns Saturday and Sunday, May 15-16, with online virtual events featuring dozens of novelists, poets, and non-fiction writers. In addition to panel discussions scheduled to run 50 minutes each, LitFest Pasadena has short programming planned to fill the remaining 10 minutes of...
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An autistic Encino woman and her mother tell their story in ‘I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust’

At 25, Emily Grodin had a life-changing experience. The turning point came when Grodin, who is autistic and minimally verbal, learned to type and began using a method known as facilitated communication to express her thoughts and advocate for her own needs. Now she, along with her mother Valerie Gilpeer, are sharing their story in the joint memoir “I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust,” published by William Morrow. Much of this Encino-based family’s struggle involves the struggle of finding th...
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An autistic woman and her mother tell their story in ‘I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust’

At 25, Emily Grodin had a life-changing experience. The turning point came when Grodin, who is autistic and minimally verbal, learned to type and began using a method known as facilitated communication to express her thoughts and advocate for her own needs. Now she, along with her mother Valerie Gilpeer, are sharing their story in the joint memoir “I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust,” published by William Morrow. Much of this Encino-based family’s struggle involves the struggle of finding th...
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Ever rising for their roses, Huntington Botanical Gardens’ Grateful Deadheaders clip to conquer

Head Gardener John Villarreal speaks with volunteer Gloria Sierra as she deadheads roses in The Huntington Rose Garden on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in San Marino. Volunteers, who call themselves “Grateful Deadheaders,” are busy during the rose garden’s peak bloom. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) Gloria Sierra walks through The Huntington Rose Garden on her way to a bed that needs pruning on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in San Marino. Sierra and the other volunteers, who cal...
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Losing Trust in Politicians and the News Media

Biden’s latest executive orders are as short-sighted and self-condemning as they are draconian. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A.– -(AmmoLand.com)- The business of politics is to sell favors to influential special interests. That is how politicians like the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosi became multi-millionaires. Today’s politicians have divided us into so many small factions that the favors they give to one group collide with the special interests they already granted to earlier groups. Simply stated, big-g...
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CHP probing reports of gunfire at cars on freeways

Christina Martinez Adame was driving south on the 405 Freeway near Seal Beach Boulevard on April 27 when she heard a loud boom. She said she believes her rear window was shot out. “You had glass coming into the car, the power of the wind going through. I felt like our car was caving in,” Adame, 49, said. Another motorist’s window shattered that day in the same area at about the same time, and these aren’t the only reports of similar incidents. “Every day, somebody is telling me, ‘This happened t...
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‘Jaws at 35,000 feet’: the flight attendant whose thriller debut sold for seven figures

Torri Newman dreamt up her terror-in-the-skies novel Falling while guarding the cockpit as the pilots took a toilet break. She reveals how she kept going through furlough and 41 rejectionsFlight attendant Torri Newman was working on the red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New York when the idea for her debut novel came to her. To be precise, she was blocking access to the cockpit, a security procedure required when pilots take a toilet break. “I was standing at the front of the airplane,” she say...
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‘Fun Home’ author Alison Bechdel flexes new muscles in ‘Secret to Superhuman Strength’ graphic novel

Alison Bechdel was planning to go for a run following this interview, but now she wasn’t so sure that was going to happen. A storm had deposited several inches of snow outside her home in northern Vermont. “I ran in the snow all winter,” says Bechdel by phone. “but, somehow, in April, it just seems like a bit of an insult.” The cartoonist, author and 2014 MacArthur Fellowship winner says her love of physical activity drives this latest graphic memoir, “The Secret to Superhuman Strength,” which i...
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This pop singer is celebrating the power of imagination with a new song and children’s book

Gigi Rowe wants to bring your kids into her world, and it’s a colorful one filled with rainbows, lollipops, magical unicorns and there’s a soundtrack, too. Rowe, a former Los Angeles resident and now Miami-based pop singer is releasing a new single on April 30 called “Wishes,” which will be followed by a children’s book titled “Gigi Rowe Wishes,” out on May 2. “It really celebrates the power of the imagination,” Rowe said of her new book. “It’s about believing in the power of our ideas and to be...
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Supreme Court to weigh whether 2nd Amendment gives citizens right to carry guns in public

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a major gun-rights claim on Monday. The decision they make could change whether or not the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to carry loaded firearms when they leave home, regardless of local laws. The laws currently at issue rest mostly in places like California and New York, where concealed carry permits require that gun owns prove they have a "special need" or "good cause" to be armed. — Read the rest
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Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel ‘Whereabouts’ presents life within a mosaic of moments

By Rob Merrill Pulitzer Prize-winner Jhumpa Lahiri is back with what is sure to be one of the more unique “novels” of the year, “Whereabouts.” Readers can debate in book clubs whether it’s a novel in the traditional sense, but it sure is novel in the original sense. Written in Italian and then translated by the author into English, “Whereabouts” features an anonymous first-person narrator who reveals tiny slices of her life in the course of 46 very short chapters with names like “At the Station”...
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Why Molly Baz just might be the Abbie Hoffman of the culinary world

It seems fitting that the title smacks of Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal This Book” because super cheeky “Cook This Book” by Molly Baz is, at times, downright rebellious. The unconventional format. The slangy lingo. The well placed cuss words. A bold “let’s have fun in the kitchen” vibe became the Baz signature on Instagram — she has more than 630,000 followers — and at Bon Appétit magazine where she was a test kitchen star. (She quit in solidarity with colleagues when it was revealed that not all video...
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What ‘Preserving Los Angeles’ could mean for the future of Southern California cities

When Ken Bernstein was a kid growing up in the San Fernando Valley, he would have his dad drive him around Los Angeles, using a Thomas Guide to explore different neighborhoods. “I had no idea that there were professions around this type of interest,” he says on a recent call from his home office. Bernstein, who is still a Valley resident, became an urban planner. He worked for former Los Angeles City Councilmember Laura Chick before becoming part of the staff for Los Angeles Conservancy. Today, ...
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How ‘Murderbot Diaries’ author Martha Wells overcame a career in crisis to create the killer series

There was a time before Martha Wells created Murderbot, the character that narrates her award-winning science fiction series “The Murderbot Diaries,” when she thought her career might be dead. After a successful start in the ‘90s, things had cooled down by the mid-2000s. When the final book in her “Fall of Ile-Rien” trilogy was published without fanfare, the soft-spoken Texan wondered if that was it for her. “I was kind of at that point in my career where, you know, women writers my age were sup...
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Frances McDormand wins third best actress Oscar for Nomadland

McDormand Academy award for her role in Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland, second only to Katharine Hepburn in number of best actress OscarsOscars 2021: the dresses, the winners, and the speeches – live!Oscar winners 2021: the full list – updating live!Oscars 2021 red carpet in picturesFrances McDormand has won the best actress Oscar for Nomadland at the 93rd Academy Awards, which are taking place in Los Angeles.McDormand plays one of a group of retirees struggling to make ends meet, alongside a cast large...
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This Pop Culture Artist Turned His Frames Into Extensions of His Imagination

Subjectivity is one of the best things about art, but there are a few undeniable objective facts about it too. One is that no matter how good or bad a piece of art is, the right frame will only make it better. That’s a truth the artist who goes by JoKa is bringing to his new solo show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles…Read more...
Tags: Science, Robin Williams, Los Angeles, Play, Culture, Toy, Framing, Barry Levinson, Joan Cusack, Tombstone, Joka, Entertainment Culture

‘Porsche Unseen’ Is A Rare Look Inside Porsche’s Design Studio

Porsche's design studio isn't based in some far-flung metropolitan like New York or Los Angeles or Tokyo. The company got its start in industrial design, after all, so why not keep everything in-house where it can be inspired by the depth of history and motor sport the brand is known for. That's why Porsche has kept its design studio in the quiet German town of Weissach. There's a reason Porsches look like Porsches, and could never be mistaken for another make. The whole company is so invested ...
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Hunter Biden Memoir Among Mounting Evidence of Gun Law Violations

Hunter Biden’s open addiction to crack while buying a handgun and the Secret Services’ coverup of the event, further supports the powers that be’s attitude of rules of thee, not for me. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- As President Joe Biden and his Department of Justice concoct new firearm restrictions for ordinary law-abiding Americans, pampered elites can rest assured that the government has no intention of holding them to account for violating these new, or even existing, gun control me...
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Richard Thompson describes how Bob Dylan and the Band inspired Fairport Convention

Singer-songwriter Richard Thompson says he resisted the idea of a memoir for years, but once he decided to write one he found his objections soon drifted away. “I think I was reluctant until I got started,” Thompson says during a phone call about his just-published “Beeswing: Losing My Way and Finding My Voice: 1967-1975.” “And then I realized that I actually enjoyed the process. It was fun to write, especially, you know, the anecdotal stuff. That was easy. “So having embarked on it, it was rewa...
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What every gardener should know about daffodils, society garlic and ginger lilies

The famous trumpeting, cupped receptacle on daffodils is called a corona, and botanists are confounded as to its function. However, the presence of the corona does assist us in explaining why daffodil flowers nod as opposed to staying upright. Were the cupped corona to face the sky, rainwater would collect in it, causing the pollen on the anthers inside of it to rot, preventing pollination and seed formation from taking place. It is worth noting that daffodil species that bloom in the fall have ...
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‘It’s an utter myth’: how Nomadland exposes the cult of the western

From cowboys to ‘van-dwellers’, itinerant Americans are often portrayed as heroic lone wolves. Chloé Zhao’s film shows that the truth is more complicated and less glamorousIt has been a wild ride for Nomadland, Chloé Zhao’s roving portrait of the US’s rootless modern migrants. Shot for $5m and largely featuring amateur actors, it is the little movie that could: this year’s rags-to-riches story, beloved by the critics and odds-setters alike. The road has been cleared, the gold rush is on, but the...
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Hunter Biden Incident Shows that Gun Laws are for the Little People

Hunter Biden broke multiple Federal laws, but the powers that be discreetly swept it all under the proverbial rug. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- There is a central hypocrisy at the heart of the gun control effort. High-profile gun control-supporting politicians, the Hollywood elite, and billionaire tycoons will advocate stripping ordinary Americans of their right to defend themselves and their family, all the while enjoying the security that armed men with guns provide. As Hunter Biden’s...
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Rickie Lee Jones talks ‘Last Chance Texaco’ and tales of music, heartache, addiction and family

Singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones says she decided to write her life story for one simple reason. The material was just so good. “I know I have great stories to tell,” she says recently by phone from her home in New Orleans. “I’ve told a few to audiences in live shows, and told them to friends, and watched them play in my head again and again.” Readers can now get the chance to experience these tales themselves in Jones’s memoir, “Last Chance Texaco,” which hit stores on April 6. She recounts t...
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Anti-Asian violence: the racist use of COVID-19

The recent spate of discrimination, harassment, and violence against Asian Americans has erupted amidst a campaign of fearmongering and disinformation that blames Asian people for the COVID-19 crisis. Rather than being a new phenomenon, the portrayal of Asian Americans as vectors of disease harkens back to a long, sordid, and violent history of anti-Asian racism and nativism.The nineteenth-century anti-Chinese movement that culminated in the passage of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act focused on t...
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How 1974-era LA transformed music, movies and pop culture in ‘Rock Me On The Water’

Writer Ronald Brownstein had a pop culture epiphany while driving home from a political gathering at producer Norman Lear‘s house. It struck Brownstein that Lear’s groundbreaking shows like “All in the Family” arrived on TV just as movie classics “The Godfather” and “Chinatown” hit theaters and the Los Angeles music scene of Joni Mitchell and the Eagles flourished on the radio and in record stores. It was all here in one place, at one moment. “I remember thinking on the way home, like, wait a mi...
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Never heard of East LA’s famed dirigible service? That’s because this history is fiction

Some of the reproduced images you’ll find in the book “ELADATL: A History of the East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Line” are blurry and low-resolution, and that’s by design. “When you’re dealing with historic material, it’s not going to be crystal clear,” says Alhambra-based poet and writer Sesshu Foster during a recent video call with his collaborator, artist Arturo Romo. “ELADATL,” which refers to the East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines, recalls a time in Los Angeles history ...
Tags: Books, Hollywood, La, Los Angeles, Sport, Netflix, Things To Do, Soccer, Southern California, Foster, PAUL, Alhambra, East Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Romo, Lincoln Heights

Try these gardening tips to keep your container plants healthy and growing

If horticulture has a fine art, growing plants in containers would be it. Plants in containers are completely dependent on us. The health of a container-grown plant is an indication of the care lavished upon it and the knowledge of its human helper. A plant may be kept in a container for hundreds of years. This is evidenced in the Japanese art of bonsai, and in the potted orange trees at the Palace of Versailles near Paris, some of which were planted in the 18th century. Succulent plants, especi...
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Upland author revises popular San Gabriel Mountains hiking guide

When David Harris hoofed the trails of almost every known hike within the vast San Gabriel Mountains, he was literally walking in the footsteps of a legend. The painstaking effort lasting from about 2017-2020 paid off when Harris’ update of the popular John W. Robinson book, “Trails of the Angeles: 100 Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains,” was released in March by Wilderness Press as the 10th edition of what some call the hiking bible for Los Angeles-area mountains. The well-known “Trails of th...
Tags: Books, News, California, La, Environment, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Sport, Soccer, John Muir, West Coast, Pasadena, Northwest, Southern California, HARRIS, Santa Clarita

Made in DTLA: A Young Couples’ New Tiled Furniture Line

Gretta Solie, 26, and Alex Cutler, 32, went vintage furniture shopping on their second date. She’s a plant stylist who started her own houseplant business in college, he’s an artist—and that was three happy years ago. The couple now live together in Altadena, CA, and they used last spring’s lockdown to launch their own furniture line, Willow, which grew out of a shared “love of tile and a desire to use it in unconventional ways.” Working in tandem and figuring out things as they go, they special...
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