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Is Income Inequality Fair?

Opinion Is Income Inequality Fair? USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Some Americans have much higher income and wealth than others. Former President Barack Obama explained, “I do think at a certain point you've made enough money.” An adviser to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has a Twitter account called “Every Billionaire Is A Policy Failure” tweeted, “My goal for this year is to get a moderator to ask ‘Is it morally appropriate for anyone to be a billionaire?'” Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. ...
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Daily News Roundup: iPad Mini Reviews, AT&T CEO Gets a Robocall, and More

Apple just announced the updated iPad Mini and new Air at the beginning of the week, but the reviews are already starting to roll out. We take a look a those and more in today’s news briefing for March 21, 2019. Apple News Apple has announced a new product per day for the first three days of the week, but not today. Instead, we got a handful of reviews for the new iPads. Rene Ritchey from iMore had a good take on the Mini (and threw some thoughts on the new Air in there too). [iMore] Further...
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The Three Things Google Stadia Needs to Conquer the Gaming Industry

Google Yesterday Google announced its long-anticipated streaming game platform, Stadia. In the news post we called it an “invasion” of gaming: this combination platform and delivery service has the potential to compete with consoles, PCs, and mobile games, all at once. Google’s ambition is huge, but it’s appropriate to the task. The game industry as we know it is stagnating in terms of innovation, but its biggest corporate players are well-entrenched and experienced. If Stadia is to compet...
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Here’s When a Dark Theme Can Save Battery Power

Dark themes are becoming more and more popular. On some devices, they can even save battery power. It all depends on what type of display your device have—only devices with OLED displays can reap the power-saving benefits. Devices With OLED Displays Only You’ve probably heard of OLED displays, especially if you’ve been on the market for a new TV in the last year or so. OLED screens differ from LCD and LED displays typically found in electronics in that OLEDs don’t have a backlight layer: each...
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How to Combine Motion Paths in Microsoft PowerPoint

You can assign multiple motion paths to a single object in PowerPoint, but if you don’t combine them, the object will reset to its original position before executing the next animation. Combine the motion paths for a smooth, seamless transition. Assigning and Combining Motion Paths Let’s assume you have an object that you want to bounce to the left, then drop down a bit into its final position. You can assign a single object with multiple motion paths, but if you don’t combine the motion path...
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How to Hide Spelling and Grammar Errors in a Specific Word Document

If you want to hide spelling and grammar errors in a specific Word document without all of your other documents being affected by the setting change, then you’re in luck. Microsoft Word, unsurprisingly, has a way to do this. You might be wondering why you’d want to turn off spellcheck for a specific document in the first place. There is any number of reasons. Perhaps you like leaving the feature on in most documents but have one where it distracts you. Or, perhaps you’ve got a boilerplate where...
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How to Change the Default Search Engine in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Safari uses Google as its default search engine out of the box, but it’s not the only option. You can choose other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo if you prefer them. While most modern search engines can find the web sites you’re looking for, there are often ramifications to consider when making your selection. Google is the big player here, but depending on your privacy stance you might want to select something else. For example, DuckDuckGo pushes itself as a more private search...
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Daily Deals: iPad Pro for $750, Cheap Desktop Accessories, Discounted Games, and More

Amazon, Samsung, Apple It’s hard to have the Monday blues when there are great deals abound. If you’ve had your eyes on a new iPad, a curved monitor, or some smart plugs, then now’s the time to pull out your wallet. Right now, there are some killer deals on Amazon, Best Buy B&H, and Rakuten. In fact, there are so many good deals that it’s hard to pick favorites. There are some obvious standouts, like the $750 iPad Pro or the $15 copy of Catan, but we’re also excited about Rakuten’s 15-perce...
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Daily News Roundup: New iPads, Crummy Android Antiviruses, and More

A lot happened over the weekend, but the biggest news to start your March 18th, 2019 morning came from Apple with a couple of new iPads. Otherwise, Microsoft released Defender extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and a lot more. Apple News Apple doesn’t generally, you know, do a lot when it comes to announcements and all that—it’s far less busy than, say, Google, for example. But when something hits the scene, it’s always big news. New iPads! Apple announced a new iPad Mini with modern specs a...
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How to Enable Remaining Battery Time in Windows 10

Windows 10 no longer shows the estimated battery time remaining after the Creators Update. You’ll just see a percentage when you hover over the battery icon—not a time. Although it has its quirks, you still might want to see it. Why Did Microsoft Hide the Battery Life Estimate? This information was removed because it’s just an estimate. It can change dramatically depending on what processes are running, how bright your screen is, and whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Your comput...
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How to Protect Your BitLocker-Encrypted Files From Attackers

BitLocker, the encryption technology built into Windows, has taken some hits lately. A recent exploit demonstrated removing a computer’s TPM chip to extract its encryption keys, and many hard drives are breaking BitLocker. Here’s a guide to avoiding BitLocker’s pitfalls. Note that these attacks all require physical access to your computer. That’s the whole point of encryption—to protect a thief who stole your laptop or someone that gains access to your desktop PC from viewing your files without...
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Geek Trivia: What Ubiquitous Office Application Was Originally Mac-Only?

What Ubiquitous Office Application Was Originally Mac-Only? Microsoft Word Internet Explorer Microsoft Excel OpenOffice WriterThink you know the answer?
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Washington: Voter’s Rights Under Fire

Opinion Washington: Voter's Rights Under Fire USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- For almost 60 years, the state of Washington has been the gold standard for straight-forward concealed carry licensing. Washington has had shall-issue concealed carry with no training requirement since 1961, and there has never been any sort of problem reported as a result of their simple law which requires a small application fee, a basic criminal background check, and fingerprints. No mandatory training. No local law enfo...
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Android Weekly: What’s Coming in Android Q (and Some Other Stuff)

There was a lot of movement in the Android world the week of March 8th thru 15th. The Q beta landed with all sorts of new features, Vivo showed off a portless phone, and Google killed a bunch of services. Android Q Feature Roundup Let’s start with the biggest Android news for the week, shall we? The Q beta landed for all Pixel devices, and it’s jam-packed with all sorts of new features. Android Police and 9to5Google both did an incredible job of covering all the new stuff as it showed up—here...
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The Best Free Dropbox Alternatives (For More Than 3 Devices)

Nopparat Khokthong/Shutterstock.com Dropbox now limits free users to a maximum of three syncing devices at one time. If you need more devices and don’t want to open your wallet, Google, Microsoft, and even Apple are superior to Dropbox. This is a similar restriction to the one Evernote put in place. Evernote’s free account only lets you sync your notes to two devices. Both services are clearly trying to convert more free users to paying customers. Google Drive – 15 GB Free Google G...
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Daily Deals: Microsoft Pi Day Sale, Pixelbook for $1120, Galaxy Note 9 for $720, and More

Amazon Happy Pie Day! If your family and friends aren’t interested in celebrating this mildly important holiday, then you may as well celebrate it with Microsoft, Amazon, and Best Buy. Right now, some of the top online retailers are running Pi Day deals. Microsoft is selling a line of premium laptops at a discount of 31.4% (and more), Amazon is running a 32% discount (close enough) on the popular Pixelbook, and the Galaxy Note 9 is on sale for just $720. Today’s a great day to buy a new lap...
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Daily News Roundup: Google Killed 2.3m Bad Ads, Microsoft Announced Game Stack for XBL, and More

In today’s headlines, we learned that Google is making the web a better place by removing horrible ads (2.3 million last year, in fact), the Edge Insider Addons site for Microsoft’s new Edge-Chrome thing showed up, and more. Note: This post is constantly updated throughout the day as we find more interesting news. Microsoft and Windows News Things have been fairly quiet in Microsoft news this morning, but then Game Stack happened. Oh, and we’re getting a better idea of how Microsoft’s Chrome ...
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Don’t Share Your Digital Games With Your Friend’s Xbox

You may have seen advice on how to share your Xbox One’s digital games with your friends. But Microsoft doesn’t intend for you to share your game library when you’re not there. Doing so puts you at risk. A Brief History of Xbox One Promises When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, it came with the promise of next-generation features and would require a dedicated internet connection that allowed the console to phone home every 24 hours. In exchange, Microsoft promised that you could play ...
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Daily News Roundup: DirectX for Win7, Android Q Beta, and More

In today’s headlines, we saw Microsoft bring DirectX 12 to Windows 7, Google potentially can some of its hardware business, and LG show off a Keurig for ice cream. Not gonna lie, that last thing sounds pretty amazing. Note: We’ll keep updating this post throughout the day as more news hits the wire! Microsoft and Windows News A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. You know, just Microsoft things. You can now check your Xbox controller’s battery from the Game Bar. That’s cool, I thin...
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Daily News Roundup: Top Stories from March 12, 2019

Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock Today, Microsoft showed off Android screen mirroring in Windows, Google gave away some Home Minis, Spotify offered Premium users free Hulu access, and a lot more. These are the top stories for March 12th, 2019. Microsoft and Windows News Microsoft is still one of the most dominant forces in tech today, and the company is constantly trying to expand and modernize Windows. Here’s what happened today. Build 19H1 came to the Slow Ring (but still didn’t fix the ...
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How to Get New Office 365 Features Up to Six Months Sooner

If you’re an early adopter who wants to get everything new as quickly as possible, you can change your Office 365 release schedule to get “targeted release” versions of the Office 365 apps (if you think it’s a good idea). How Office 365 Updates Work We’ve covered the Windows update schedule and why it seems like Windows 10 updates so frequently, but Office 365 is a little different. It has desktop apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel, but also web versions of those classic apps and a whole bunc...
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Messed up database

I had my library of some 700 Photography e-books in perfect order and added my own tags, categories etc so that I could find any book on any topic. Unfortunately I had my e-book sub folder on my OneDrive (Microsoft) and wanted to access it from my desktop computer instead of my laptop where I had done all the hard work. I know appear to have messed up the metadata somewhat. In Calibre the book shows up with a Generic cover, and if I click on it I get a message saying that the book has no avai...
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The Best Ways to Play PC Games in the Living Room

Corsair In many ways, PC gaming is just objectively better than gaming on a console. But getting a full Windows machine to play nice with your living room setup can be less than elegant. Let’s break down your best options for playing PC games on your big living room TV. We’ve broken our selections down into the best overall, easiest, and cheapest methods of getting full-power PC gaming connected to a TV. The Best Option: A Dedicated Living Room PC If you want the full experience of PC ga...
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How (and Why) to Run Portable Versions of Windows

If you frequently travel but don’t want to lug a laptop, or regularly work with computers missing applications you need you should consider portable Windows. With portable Windows, you have less to carry, and all your preferences come with you. Why You Might Want Portable Windows CatwalkPhotos/Shutterstock Traveling is a pain, especially when flying. You have limited carry-ons, and your suitcases can add to the cost of flying. The more you take, the more you’ll regret traveling at all, ...
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How to Share Things from OneDrive

If you’ve got an Office 365 account (free or paid), then you’ve got OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage app. Cloud storage is great for sharing files with other people, so let’s see how it works in OneDrive. You can share OneDrive files from either the OneDrive folder on your computer (the “client interface”), or the Office 365 web interface, or the OneDrive mobile app. Which method is best depends on your situation and preference, but Microsoft is pushing its cloud offerings strongly, and that...
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Converting Footnotes by Section

Hello, I am looking for a way to convert footnotes by section in a word document using Calibre. Basically, my Microsoft Word document has footnotes by section. That means footnote numbering begins at one after each section break. However, when I convert using Calibre, footnote numbering is continuous throughout the document. I considered using separate documents for each section, however, my sections do not begin with heading 1. Thanks.
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New Spectre-Busting Update Speeds Up Windows 10 PCs

VLADGRIN/Shutterstock.com Windows 10 PCs running the October 2018 Update are now getting improved Spectre fixes. This should speed up many PCs Microsoft slowed down with January 2018’s Spectre patches. This improvement, named “Retpoline,” was originally scheduled for Windows 10’s next update. Technical information about how Google’s “Retpoline” works is available, but you don’t need to sweat the details. When implemented in Windows, it means the operating system can protect against Spectre...
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Why Does Windows 10 Update So Much?

Microsoft says Windows 10 is a “service,” and the company updates it frequently with security patches, bug fixes, and new features. Updates normally happen automatically in the background, so let’s demystify that: Here’s what Windows is installing and when. How Often Does Windows 10 Check for Updates? Windows 10 checks for updates once per day. It does this automatically in the background. Windows doesn’t always check for updates at the same time every day, varying its schedule by a few hour...
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How to Remap any Controller to Keyboard Keys on Windows and MacOS

autovector / Shutterstock (and Microsoft) Many PC and Mac games treat the keyboard as a first-class citizen and have poor support for game controllers. You can remap your controller buttons to keyboard key presses to get around this limitation. You’ll lose some analog input—for example, the joysticks will just function as arrow keys that are on or off without the usual range of sensitivity—but for some games, that’s not a huge issue. If you’re just looking to play Steam games with a contro...
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