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Autosend MOBI file via email to Kindle after conversion

I know calibre can auto-send news via email to the Kindle. I'm trying to find a function that will auto-send email to Kindle after conversion of a file (eg. epub). I'd love to see a function that "automatically send converted books to email" similar to the function in the "Behaviour" panel. Is this possible?
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Cover shrinks when converting ePUB to MOBI in Cailbre only when sent to iPAD

It's my first time on the forum - I've read many helpful posts over the last few weeks so thanks to everyone who has contributed. I've now struck a problem creating an eBook that I can't seem to solve and am hoping someone might be able to help. I'm creating an eBook in Calibre for publication and need to produce a MOBI I can upload to KDP. I can't upload the ePUB directly and let KDP convert it as it has a lot of special characters (lots of Spanish words with accents) and the formatting do...
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Converted to Kindle format (MOBI or other), won’t show up as “book”

I have searched everywhere for answers, and have only found dates information at best. My ultimate goal here is to get Whispersync for VOICE to work between an Audible audiobook (it has Whispersync, according to their library) and an e-book sideloaded into the kindle app on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). The best info I can come up with says it won’t work because my sideloading has this far only yielded a ‘document’ in kindle, not an actual ‘book’. I’ve tried removing the [PDOC] tag in the M...
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Kindle Fire HD 10 sideload by windows 10 usb books in Mobi format January 2019

Kindle Fire HD 10 sideload by windows 10 usb books in Mobi format January 2019 I am certainly not an expert. I am sideloading using a Windows 10 laptop, windows file explorer I did not use Caliber to manage my kindle I have found that to sideload mobi books to the Kindle Fire HD 10 you have to copy to : This PC\Fire\Internal storage\Android\data\com.amazon.kindle\files\Books I have found to sideload mobi books to SD card on Kindle HD 10 you have to copy to a directory that looks like : Th...
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AWZ(3) vs KFX

Hello folks Ive been a Calibre user for years and used EPUB until now. Got myself an Oasis, and thought ill better covert some 5k book to mobi (some are already in movie and epub format). Have read read loads and loads of MOBI vs AWZ vs AWZ3 vs KFX - jee , I am more confused than I was when I started. I want to have the best possible option, not too bothered about size etc. Also thought of getting rid of all the other formats, as I doubt Ill ever use an iPad again to read, after the Oasis ...
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Bulk Convert Mobi to Mobi

Hi, I need to convert a large number of mobi files to mobi files (yes, mobi to mobi). It's because the author data on the existing mobi files is picking up "firstname lastname" and I need to reconvert (then it picks up authorsort as lastname, firstname). BUT I can't define the input format in calibre for a bulk conversion - it picks up epubs to convert unless I convert each book individually. Any suggestions?
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Add to index/contents list in Mobi?

Is it possible to add to the index in a mobi format book? (or I could convert it to azw3 I guess as it's to be read in a Kindle). There is a long contents list near the start of the book which is clickable, but none of the chapters appear in the 'go to' menu in the Kindle. That just lists other parts of the book like the introduction, main book and appendices. How can I get these chapters into that menu via Calibre?
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calibre companion keeps deleting my books

Hi i have 3 kindle fires and calibre companion keeps deleting my books, it says the book file is missing, my books are on the main storage, at first they were in the kindle folder but to try to stop calibre companion from deleting my books i made a new folder called books and moved my books into it and now i feed new books into that folder but it still keeps deleting my books, often i get half way through reading a book, stop to do something and when i go back to finish reading my book i ge...
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Metadata plugboard no longer working for series on converted books

I have a metadata plugboard set up to do two things: Add the series title and number to a title. Add a fandom name to fanfic if the custom column "fanfic" has info. It looks like this: {series}{series_index:0>2s| – | – }{title} {#fandom:||: }{title} When I purchase a book from Amazon, I convert it from AZW3 to MOBI, which removes the DRM, then send it to Calibre. The plugboard no longer updates the titles of those files. Files that were not purchased from Amazon update correctly. I don...
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Mobi using the "both" option

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but recently when I do a conversion to mobi using the "both" option, it doesn't actually create "both", it *only* creates mobi format, with no kf8 version embedded as well. I'm running Windows 10, and I made sure that I am at the latest version of Calibre. I'm not sure when this stopped working, but it's been at least a few months since I last converted a book and it worked properly. Any ideas? Shari
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Romance Someone To Trust Mary Balogh (2018)

Someone to Trust Mary Balogh (2018) English | November 27th 2018 | 400 Pages | EPUB PDF MOBI | 1 MB During a rare white Christmas at Brambledean Court, the widow Elizabeth, Lady Overfield, defies convention by falling in love with a younger man in the latest novel in the Westcott series. After her husband's passing,Elizabeth Overfield decides that she must enter into another suitable marriage. That, however, is the last thing on her mind when she meets Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, at the We...
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find which AZW/AZW3 files have DRM

Hello, I'd like to know which of the 628 AZW books and 1774 AZW3 books I've got that need to be re-imported due to DRM. About half of the files were imported before I had all the plugins so the DRM was never addressed. I just left them as is since then. Is there a way to find just the AZW and AZW3 files that have DRM from the Search bar (preferred) or somewhere else? What I've tried from reading other threads: 1) One post suggested using the Quality Check plugin, but it doesn't handle the ...
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Left and Right margin issue

I'm trying to convert a book from Mobi to AZW3. The left and right margins are much wider than normal, meaning I get less text on the page. I've tried removing margins, removing fake margins, and setting left and right margins to 0. What am I doing wrong?
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Problems converting Ebook

Hello, I used Calibre in the past to convert ebooks into the MOBI format to put it onto my kindle voyage but have not used it in a while. Now that I just wanted to convert another ebook the way I used to I always seem to get an error. I also tried deinstalling ans reinstalling calibre including the addons/plugins - but I have not been successful so far. It would be great if you could point me in a direction as I wasn't able to find the right solution in this forum so far. Here is the error...
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Mobi upload fail

I converted a word file to Mobi with Calibre. It failed to be "processed" by Amazon (KDP). Alert says "There was a problem processing your file. Please check your file and try again." Converted as a "New". Any advice?
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Adjusting PDf sizes in Calibre

For highlighting and taking notes with PDFs I use Xodo on my Win 10 laptop. I cannot find as good an editor for epub/Mobi files; so I have converted a couple of ebooks to PDF via Calibre to use in Xodo. However the resultant output is not too satisfactory. In Calibre I have adjusted the paper size and base font size several times, but before I drive myself mad, I thought that I'd ask if anyone here has some optimum settings for a 13" screen. I'd be grateful.
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PDF>MOBI Random blank pages inserted no matter what I do.

Hello everyone, I have an issue I've been dealing with for hours now and I completely don't know what to do anymore. I have a couple of pdf books (very obscure, scanned, with no other formats available) and I've been trying to convert them into .mobi for a 2016 basic Kindle. I convert because PDFs on Kindle tend to stop working after two dozens of pages or so. When I convert and view it on the Kindle, I am getting random blank pages approximately every 1-3 pages. For example page 25, blank, page...
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Moving to Kindle

Hi, Used Kindle for many years alongside Calibre, it is certainly the best when converting books. Recently I noticed that books I had added were not appearing although Calibre said they were on my Kindle Fire. Looked and found them in documents and then through various sources altered my settings so that they would go to books and not Docs. Unfortunately some of them are still going into the docs file and I cannot seem to change this. Any help on this subject would be most helpful to me so if...
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image cover disappearing between calibre and kobo

Hello everyone, I'm trying to do an ebook on calibre 3.31 I uploaded the image cover (jpeg) for my ebook (epub) in the metadata but when I try to visualise the book, it doesn't appear and when I send the book to my reading device (kobo), it doesn't appear there either... When I try to edit the metadata there is an icon saying you have to chose the covert for the book from the selected format so I tried to upload jpeg, then png but it's not possible. Then I tried to put my cover in pdf because...
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ePub won't convert to mobi

I've just received "Japan by Train" published by Japan Experience in ePub format. I can add it to my Calibre library, but trying to convert it to MOBI so I can add it to my Kindle library FAILS at 47%. Using the latest version of Calibre, get no error messages, just a conversion stuck at 47%. The file size is ~ 8.3mb. I've remove it from my library, downloaded it again, and get the same result. There's a .pdf version, and while conversion goes to completion, the result is quite unsatisfactory. ...
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Free Book – New Under the Sun

New Under the Sun ($5.99 Kindle), by Nancy Kress and Therese Pieczynski, is this month’s free book from Phoenix Pick. The book bundle this month contains seven additional books by Ms. Kress for a minimum price of $7.50. Book Description A brand new book by master story-teller Nancy Kress “Kress at her best.”-Publishers Weekly on New Under the Sun Set in the near future, Nancy Kress’ story gives us a world increasingly hostile to new ideas as religious fundamentalism dictates social agenda and w...
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Replacing or Adding embedded MOBI cover

I have a MOBI file that does not show a proper cover image, instead it displays some kind of textual made up one, perhaps care of some calibre feature. Anyway, I managed to fix things after doing some research. The chief help was this old topic - Managing cover images in mobi/epub files The solution was not readily apparent to me though, until I tried it. I did not want to use the convert MOBI to MOBI method, as I wanted my source MOBI file to remain unchanged, cover image excepted, and conversi...
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The Get the Vote Out Humble Bundle: dozens of DRM-free ebooks to benefit ACLU

The latest Humble Bundle features up to 26 DRM-free ebooks (including In Real Life, the graphic novel Jen Wang and I created) at prices ranging from $1 (for 8 titles) to $18 (for all 26), with all proceeds to the ACLU to benefit voting rights litigation and action. Eat, sleep, read, resist. Join Chronicle Books, Image Comics, Lonely Planet, Cory Doctorow, and other great publishers and creators in support of a more perfect union! Get a bundle of ebooks on volunteerism and positive resista...
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Which digital book format has the most growth potential?

The answer might surprise you… Amazon’s Kindle format dominates the ebook market today and it’s easy to assume that will remain the case going forward. Despite that fact, I see a number of trends indicating the digital book space could be ripe for disruption. Notice I use the term “digital book”, not “ebook.” That’s because the digital format with the most upside isn’t MOBI or EPUB. It’s audio. Amazon also dominates the audio book space, of course, thanks to their ownership of both Audible and B...
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What Is an AZW File (And How Do I Open One)?

A file with the .azw file extension is a popular file format for storing eBooks for Amazon’s Kindle line of eReaders and devices using the Kindle app. Along with storing things like bookmarks, annotations, and last known page, AZW files usually contain DRM protection, or copyright protection, to prevent copying and illegal viewing. What Is an AZW File? AZW files first rolled out onto Kindle devices in 2007; it’s based on the MOBI file format that Amazon bought in 2005. Although AZW files are ...
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Problem stripping kindle DRMs

Hi. I have been using Calibre successfully for several years. Like many others, I am now having problems converting kindle ebooks. As suggested in forums I have visited, I have downgraded to v 1.17.0 of kindle for mac. I also have used the terminal input suggestion for preventing books from being downloaded in kfx format. When I get a book from Amazon & send it to kindle for mac, it comes in AZW format, but when I try to convert to MOBI, I get the error message stating the book is protected by ...
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-donotaddsource for submission?

When submitting a MOBI file to Amazon, can I use the kindlegen -donotaddsource option?
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Convert to PDF

I am a newbie. I reverted to Kindle 1.17 and downloaded a book that I want to convert to PDF. I go to the preferences screen and select PDF as the output format, but it does not stick. When I run convert I get a MOBI output file.
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Novice User Internet Archive

Hello all. Hoping someone here might assist me. I have a Kindle Fire, therefore tied largely to Amazon. OverDrive is great as I can tie my device to Local and NYC Library System. Tried branching out to Open Library of Internet Archive. OverDrive makes it possible to view and hear content on Kindle Fire. However, would like to get optimum use of Open Library and Internet Archive material by converting to MOBI and sending/downloading on Kindle Fire. I did an online search in order to figur...
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EPUB to MOBI text issue

Hi All I normally read mobi books on my Kindle Fire with the colour set to black, this gives me a black background and white text. I have found that more and more when I convert from EPUB to MOBI format then I get black and black so both the text and background is black, I have to change it to Septia to be able to read the book. Is there a setting in the conversion I am missing that will allow me to fix this issue? Thanks
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