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Unwanted page breaks during OTD to MOBI conversion

When I convert my OTD file to a MOBI file, Calibre automatically inserts a page break on every new header 1 and 2. My problem is that my book is structured somewhat like thisChapter 1Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 ... Chapter 2Chapter 2.1 Chapter 2.2 ... Chapter 3Chapter 3.1 Chapter 3.2 ... ... The title of x is always on a its own page with the title of x.1 and its content being on the next page. I want there to be a page break at the start of a new chapter and a new subchapter, except x.1, with...
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Recognizing KFX virtues

Just to report that in this instance KFX is the format which rendered best my text: Inspired by a recent link in the workshop, Quote: Originally Posted by Doitsu (Post 3825582) ... Here's a link to a German website that contains hi res scans of the original German book. ... I reproduced the ebook with a Google french translation of the german text. To give it a Germanized look I decided to code the text u...
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When you THOUGHT Calibre conversion was broken.

First try other ebooks or Wordprocessor documents freshly made on another computer. Symptoms: Using "Docx" there would be no page breaks in AZW3, ePub or mobi. Mobi headings would have outline numbering. Importing the docx back into Libre Office Writer would "create" up to 10 "converted page" styles. About 280 6" x 9" pages. Using "ODT" you'd get page breaks in all formats except mobi. Epub and Mobi would have the strange outline numbering. Well, examining the converted output in Calibre Edi...
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RTL Mobi Conversion

Hi, I'm converting EPUB to MOBI , so I could use it on Kindle. At first it was direction:ltr by default when opened on Calibre viewer, so I added the code: body { direction:rtl; } It made everything work great. BUT! when I moved the file to my kindle, it just removed the direction:rtl CSS command. Anyone has a solution? TNX!
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Kindle Conversion error

I've used our tool many times with great results, thanks for all of your work! Today I tried to convert as usual but was met with the error below: I'm on Ubuntu linux using Kindle for PC (version 1.15.0 last updated 11/18/2018). Can someone help me determine if this is a DRM related error or something else? Thanks, Jason Spoiler: calibre, version 3.40.1 (linux2, embedded-python: True) Conversion error: Failed: Convert book 1 of 1 (Ancillary Mercy (Imperial Radch)) Convert book 1 of 1 (An...
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KFX dictionary

I would like to create a NADSAT KFX dictionary (just as a proof of concept). As the wiki says, dictionaries for new languages are now formatted as an SQLite data base. and, Quote: Originally Posted by Doitsu (Post 3765315) Unfortunately, Amazon hasn't released an official KFX dictionary converter. You're stuck with KindleGen and MOBI dictionaries for the time being. I have been looking at the "Gujarati in...
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tag in the index_split_XXX.html files

Does the tag in the section of each index_split_XXX.html file do/mean anything when converted from ePub/HTML to MOBI or AZW? I've been converting DOCX files to ePub for edit consolidation, then converting to MOBI or AZW for Kindle reading. Some of the converted EPUB files have Unknown , others have Book Title , others have one of the or contents in the . What is generally used to fill this field and/or is there someplace in the Conversion panel I can specify the ? OR does it matter at all?
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Word to MOBI add numbers

Add numbers ahead of the chapter numbers! :( Thanks
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MOBI format problem

Hi everybody! No page breaks when I open books in MOBI format. Content goes without separation. I tried to reinstall calibre, it doesn’t help. EPUB format open books the right way. (Windows 10 /64bit Running calibre 3.40.1 Do you have a solution for this problem? Thank you!
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MOBI format

Hi everybody! No page breaks when I open books in MOBI format. Content goes without separation. I tried to reinstall calibre, it doesn’t help. EPUB format open books the right way. (Windows 10 /64bit Running calibre 3.40.1 Do you have a solution for this problem? Thank you!
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How to display book cover images on android e-reader device?

I have purchased a Likebook Mars ebook reader. I have about 2000 ebooks on my PC arranged with Calibre, mostly in MOBI format. In the Calibre Library folder on PC, all the ebooks are arranged in different folders with book cover images downloaded by me. In some cases, however, the downloaded book cover images do not match the cover images of the MOBI format ebooks. I want to know how to transfer these ebooks from my PC to Likebook Mars device so that the cover images downloaded by me are displa...
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Troubleshooting Books Transferred from Calibre don't show up on Kindle Voyage book list

I've got a weird problem. When I transfer books from my caliber library they never seem to show up on my Kindle voyage book list. If I plug the Kindle in to my Windows PC, the books are in directories under documents. But they never seem to show up in the book list on my Kindle, nor can I search for them and find them. The only workaround I have found so far is to manually copy the MOBI files from each book's directory into the home path of the documents directory. Then the books show up right a...
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A true story (mostly)

Revenge AKA Learning a Lesson Circa 1982 ”B-“ for a 14 hour take home exam, especially when I work faster and more accurately than anyone in the class. This is insulting. With steam coming out my ears and murder in my heart, I seek the professor. Of course the coward is nowhere to be found. I stew over this injustice for two weeks. He's never in his office. Then one day I notice his locked office door has a one inch crack at the bottom. I wonder if he's hiding in there so I kneel ...
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Keep PDF look, just convert to MOBI

Hi there, So, I'm a total newb. Part of the reason I got my Fire HD 8 was so I could save some professional documents to my Kindle for easy viewing. Some of my PDF's have saved to MOBI format beautifully. Others, not so much. I'm looking to keep the look of each PDF as I have it now. I'd like to import it to my Kindle library as I've found they load much faster that way. However, some of my PDFs actually convert to an ebook format and the text is spread across several pages and it separat...
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Author Sort by Surname/Firstname Inconsistent on Kindle 4

Hi - I was wondering if someone could help me out. I've searched for an answer to this and nothing people have suggested in past threads seems to be working! (I assume this is the right subforum as it seems like the answer will be on the Calibre side of things, but if this would be better in the Kindle forum then feel free to move it.) I'm having an issue with the way my library is sorted on the Kindle - I've edited the entire library's metadata through Calibre, and moved it onto my Kindle 4 de...
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Failed to read book error message

I tried to open 3 MOBI files, and received 2 separate error messages: Book 1: Quote: calibre, version 3.39.1 ERROR: Could not open e-book: Failed to read book, /Users/Mona/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Books/Ilona Andrews/On the Edge (1010)/On the Edge - Ilona Andrews.mobi click "Show Details" for more information Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages/calibre/utils/ipc/simple_worker.py", line 289, in main File "site-pack...
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MOBI > PDF font size

Is there a way to increase font size in the output PDF? I see an option "--pdf-default-font-size" but no additional parameters shown. Thanks in advance. Calibre 3.39.1/Win 10 or Linux
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E-Books Sent via Email won't open

I converted the EPUB books to MOBI then I sent it via gmail. It was sent successfully but when I click on the book, it flashes 'queued' then it doesn't open. How can I fix this? Also, I get an error when I transfer via USB. calibre, version 3.39.1 ERROR: Error: Error communicating with device [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: 'D:\\documents\\Wright, Tristina' Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\device.py", line 87, in run File "site-...
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Archive of Our Own (AO3) to start using Calibre for EPUB/MOBI/AZW3 downloads

I just came across this announcement: https://archiveofourown.org/admin_posts/12212 I tried their sample EPUB and it now contains series, comments and tags. Whoohoo! Their old engine only had title, author and publisher, and the MOBI output didn't even have proper TOC nor chapter breaks. As someone who often downloads directly from AO3 to reader and rarely accesses desktop Calibre GUI (ergo FanFicFare), this is a very welcome development. :drinks:
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Conversion problem EPUB to MOBI

I have started to get strange results when I convert. The new file appears to be readable and transfers to my Kindle Paperwhite OK but I get an error when I try to copy it to another Caliber library. This not only has started to occur with new conversions but also applies to prior conversions that copied OK at the time of the original conversion. My error message for one book is: calibre, version 3.39.0 ERROR: Failed to copy books: Could not copy any books, click "Show Details" for more inf...
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Lines Broken

Good Morning. I'm new in this group and I'm from Brazil. I'm trying to convert a pdf to MOBI or AZW3 but the lines are getting broken, as in the figure below. How can I resolve this? Thank you Attached Thumbnails  
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Square box instead of apostrophe in entire book

Dear all, I have a very similar problem to this: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=232764 I have a EPUB File, which I can transfer without any problems to my Kindle Paperwhite. But throughout the book, all the apostrophes are replaced by this square icon-thingy. I get that the apostrophy in the book is apparently something that the kindle cannot read/regonize: But what is the solution to this for me? I would suspect it to be quite simply? I get, that I can somehow maybe...
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Conversion failed

I try to convert a book but it gives me error, the error is as follows: Converti libro 1 di 1 (Digital Marketing A Practical Approach nodrm) DeDRM v6.1.0: In __init__ DeDRM v6.1.0: In load_resources DeDRM v6.1.0: verdir C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\calibre\plugins\DeD RM\6.1.0 DeDRM v6.1.0: In initialize Conversion options changed from defaults: verbose: 2 output_profile: 'kindle' read_metadata_from_opf: u'D:\\temp\\calibre_ax5ad7\\3cb964.opf' Resolved conversion options cali...
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Error on send kindle paper white

Starting job: Email The Economic Times India to < Sending failed... Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\email.py", line 44, in run File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\email.py", line 134, in sendmail File "site-packages\calibre\utils\smtp.py", line 136, in sendmail File "site-packages\calibre\utils\smtp.py", line 128, in sendmail_direct IOError: Failed to send mail: error(10060, 'A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respon...
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Autosend MOBI file via email to Kindle after conversion

I know calibre can auto-send news via email to the Kindle. I'm trying to find a function that will auto-send email to Kindle after conversion of a file (eg. epub). I'd love to see a function that "automatically send converted books to email" similar to the function in the "Behaviour" panel. Is this possible?
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Cover shrinks when converting ePUB to MOBI in Cailbre only when sent to iPAD

It's my first time on the forum - I've read many helpful posts over the last few weeks so thanks to everyone who has contributed. I've now struck a problem creating an eBook that I can't seem to solve and am hoping someone might be able to help. I'm creating an eBook in Calibre for publication and need to produce a MOBI I can upload to KDP. I can't upload the ePUB directly and let KDP convert it as it has a lot of special characters (lots of Spanish words with accents) and the formatting do...
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Converted to Kindle format (MOBI or other), won’t show up as “book”

I have searched everywhere for answers, and have only found dates information at best. My ultimate goal here is to get Whispersync for VOICE to work between an Audible audiobook (it has Whispersync, according to their library) and an e-book sideloaded into the kindle app on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). The best info I can come up with says it won’t work because my sideloading has this far only yielded a ‘document’ in kindle, not an actual ‘book’. I’ve tried removing the [PDOC] tag in the M...
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Kindle Fire HD 10 sideload by windows 10 usb books in Mobi format January 2019

Kindle Fire HD 10 sideload by windows 10 usb books in Mobi format January 2019 I am certainly not an expert. I am sideloading using a Windows 10 laptop, windows file explorer I did not use Caliber to manage my kindle I have found that to sideload mobi books to the Kindle Fire HD 10 you have to copy to : This PC\Fire\Internal storage\Android\data\com.amazon.kindle\files\Books I have found to sideload mobi books to SD card on Kindle HD 10 you have to copy to a directory that looks like : Th...
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AWZ(3) vs KFX

Hello folks Ive been a Calibre user for years and used EPUB until now. Got myself an Oasis, and thought ill better covert some 5k book to mobi (some are already in movie and epub format). Have read read loads and loads of MOBI vs AWZ vs AWZ3 vs KFX - jee , I am more confused than I was when I started. I want to have the best possible option, not too bothered about size etc. Also thought of getting rid of all the other formats, as I doubt Ill ever use an iPad again to read, after the Oasis ...
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Bulk Convert Mobi to Mobi

Hi, I need to convert a large number of mobi files to mobi files (yes, mobi to mobi). It's because the author data on the existing mobi files is picking up "firstname lastname" and I need to reconvert (then it picks up authorsort as lastname, firstname). BUT I can't define the input format in calibre for a bulk conversion - it picks up epubs to convert unless I convert each book individually. Any suggestions?
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