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Star Wars, Ep 9: How Bad Will It Be?

In watching a few youtube video's reviewing Episode 7 & 8, I got to thinking. Especially about the character development of the Mary Sue of this third trilogy (TT) compared to Luke. For a refresher: EPISODE IVStarted off as a whiny teen. Agreed to work one more year for his uncle but wanted to change that agreement. Got his ass kicked by the sand people, needing to be rescued by Old Ben. Was about to get killed in the bar when Old Ben took out his laser sword and cut off the murderers arm. Was ...
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Get Well card for IJT

Ira (IJT) has been sick for 3 months and is now starting to feel a little better. I would like to send him an email get well card from all of us who enjoyed his books, instead of a bunch of different emails since he's still not well. If you remember him some of his books include The Shelter, Calexit, 37 Miles, Patty's Journey, We Knew They Were Coming, Justin's Journal, The Third World War, By The Light of the Moon, The End of the World as We Might Have Known It, and many more! Please write a l...
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Creating a Post SHTF movie library

I'd like some input on creating a post SHTF movie library. I have hundreds of digital books and music stored in a faraday along with inverters and solar panels. I thought it might be nice to store digital movies as well. Anybody doing this and whats the least expensive route to create this media library. Pretty much any scenario I run through my brain says we will be without power unless it is a slow economic collapse like Venezuela. So should maybe be a laptop that can be charged with solar...
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I just watched it online. This was a really good and funny movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It did have the SJW "rainbow" type of cast, but it did fit the story. If you can watch it free, I highly recommend it. even better, Michelle Borth and Meagan Goode are both looking good in it. :thumb: They needed more screen time though. The villain was also well played.
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Movie Unplanned

Just seen this movie. It's a MUST SEE for all Pro Life, Pro Choice and Teenagers. It's an eye opener. Very moving and gives very good insight on the inner workings of the multi billion dollar industry called Planned Parenthood.
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Movie Unwanted

Just seen this movie. It's a MUST SEE for all Pro Life, Pro Choice and Teenagers. It's an eye opener. Very moving and gives very good insight on the inner workings of the multi billion dollar industry called Planned Parenthood.
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The Domestics

Watched a post apocalyptic movie last night. Called the domestics. It may be a B movie but it is about a couple trying to travel through the Midwest that is controlled by gangs after an event. I actually enjoyed it and like I said even though it’s kind of a b movie if they made a part 2 I would watch it. It is free on amazon prime. Lot of violence lot of cool firearms.
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Netflix movie, The Highwaymen

Watched The Highwaymen on Netflix last night. Not a prepper movie but it was so well done and it's so hard to find a good movie these days I thought I would recommend it. It's the story of Frank Hamer tracking down Bonny and Clyde. I've seen movies about Bonny and Clyde before but this was from the perspective of the two old Texas Rangers. Seems like Netflix is making their own stuff now, I've watched something else of their making and thought it was pretty well done. Hollywood is pretty much ...
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The Highwaymen

If you have Netflix, there is a new movie that you might enjoy. It called The Highwaymen and it's about Bonnie and Clyde, but it's made from the perspective of the agents that are trying to track them down and pitbyhem out of budinesd. It stars Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson md Kathy Bates. Have a look, I thought it was good.. :)
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Just published my first book (Operation Zombie Apocalypse Prep: Gearing Up!)

Good morning, everyone! I have just joined the forum. I published my first book ever to Amazon, and it is all about how to survive the zombie apocalypse. I use the zombie apocalypse as a pretext. If you can survive the zombie apocalypse, you can pretty much survive anything. My book is the 1st in a 5 part non-fiction dystopian how-to series that is dedicated to making sure that you have all the tools necessary to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you like zombies, think a lot about the apoca...
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Audible.com $5 sale

Till sunday the 31st audible.com has recordered books on sale for $5. Of particular interest may be the great courses series of lectures on many different subjects.
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How many days until animal?

A few years ago I saw a well produced documentary on a cable channel predicting the number of days is would take for civilized man to revert back to the 'animal' if society and civilization's infrastructure were to collapse. It wasn't long, about a week or so I think, as our entire focus would move to survival: water, food, shelter. I've googled like crazy trying to find this but can't find any reference to it. Anyone remember seeing this?
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Where have all our authors gone?

I just recently discovered PAW fiction here. It appears that 2008 to 2012 was the heyday for stories posted on SB, and an almost complete absence of stories since then. Am I wrong? What happened? Where are the stories now? Are there other web sites the authors are using now? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. PS - A special thank you to Jerry D. Young!
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Fuzz vs bees

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A Sign I Saw Today

"The Post Apoalyptic Fiction Book Section has been moved to the Current Affairs Section." Jungle Work
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Books on Amazon for readers and authors take note

Amazon has or is merging their paperback creation and publishing subsidiary with their eBook creation pages. Following their instructions I merged the two on my Billy Bob Richardson pen name a while back. A fan contacted me to let me know that doing a search for Billy Bob Richardson books was either showing just three of the eight titles or three with another one not in the same location. Investigating I found that in all the changes Amazon was making to publishing books they didn't bother to...
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Movie Review: Bone Tomahawk

Finally got a chance to see this film and I really enjoyed it. I don't want to give any spoilers since the best way to watch it will be without any knowledge or information. Don't be tempted to read detailed reviews. Set aside 2 hours to sit and watch it. It's a slow burn western with a bit of a psychological or violent horror twist. I cannot speak highly enough for this movie. It's a must see for anyone who likes westerns and horror. Be forewarned there's some serious real violence an...
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Great B movie

The Baytown Outlaws https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Baytown_Outlaws Anyone remember the movie called Raising Arizona? This movie is in the same class. Screw the reviews that call it trashy. This flick is a blast. The lead guy is same guy from season one of the Lethal Weapon television series playing his same rotten scoundrel with a hidden heart of gold. Eva Longoria and Billy Bob Thorton play very typical roles for themselves but that works for this movie. Forget fancy sets or high g...
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Free Kephart

Free download https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004T...=UTF8&qid=&sr=
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The salty mist kisses her face as she gazed off into the distance, the posting aboard the USS Virginia hadn’t been her first choice, but she was glad she was here. Her bottom rested against the forward turret as her hands methodically unclasped a case by her feet. From it, a violin, bow, and resin were produced. Above, Captain Jameson watched with amazement. His ensign had begun this ritual the previous week, when they cast away and headed to sea on a reconnaissance detail. She hadn’t asked per...
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Alex Trebek in Jeopardy.

I was saddened to hear about Alex Trebek being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I have been a Jeopardy viewer going back to the old Art Fleming days when I was a boy. Trebek's run as Host of jeopardy from 1984 till now has been a constant in a inconstant world. I always catch the show when possible. Almost like Rainman and his Judge Wapner in that regard. Although Trebek announced he was not giving up, and would fight, the prognosis for a stage 4 pancreas cancer gives about a year at...
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Alita, Battle Angel

I saw this last weekend and it is beyond great! One of the very best sci fi movies I've ever seen.
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Apollo 11 IMAX movie, brief review.

The newly found film clips, including the restored 70mm film footage of the first moon landing make a great documentary. Crystal clear footage of parts of the event, from start to finish Sure, all of us know the story. But this is stuff you've not seen before. We've all seen the grainy videos, the yellowed, washed out and degraded 8mm and 16mm film footage. This is not the same old stuff. And not from the same angles either. This is 70mm film footage, carefully restored, in sharp detail. From ...
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looking for a book title

The story was about the United States breaking up into different factions. Liberal and conservative seemed to be the case. The liberal side walled off their areas and they had flyover rights over the US. It was a multi book series that had funny politician names of current politicians. Around Obama era presidency. Later in the series they had a tv show where a family from each side switched and lived with another family in the opposite country. A lot of over protective regulations happened...
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Free JDY Kindle e-books

As of right now, 8:56pm PST, Sunday, March 3, 2019, two of my books are available free on Amazon. The Dark Times - Part 1 - The Beginning and Planning Pays Off I am not sure how long they will be available as I have no input on that.
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Looking for a story

Somewhere, I read a story centered on an ex-MLB Player with huge guard dogs, a couple of attractive women, a psycho fundamentalist preacher and some Amish plus ranching figured into it. I downloaded it a while ago and of course, that PC cratered -- of course I didn't get it backed up in my PDF Library. Any ideas, pointers or links appreciated THX G
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john wick

Probably in wrong forum BUT i figured it had enough different aspects such as guns martial arts etc. Have any of you good folks seen JOHN WICK movies, I really like them lots of action and KENNEAU REEVES, who star,s in them is a great action star. In real life he is a top rated 3 gun competitor and a 3rd degree black belt ,he does his own stunts, I have #1 #2 and # 3 is coming out this month and I will have it to lol. So if you like great action movies, staring a guy that actually compete,s wit...
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JDY story?

I read a story by I think JDY that I can't remember the title too and looking at the beginning of the various stories isn't ringing a bell. Maybe someone has a better memory? Some event happens and the guy leaves town and is camping out with his truck and gear trailer. He is wandering around the woods and stumbles on some kid who was having a "nature experience" and no clue the big event happens. They in turn find others. Eventually he does a run into town carefully and drops them off at or n...
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I Will Be Starting A New Website For Writers

 Calvin Cahail, Bish Wheeler, and I are putting together a website for authors. We will offer a place to display and advertise your work, books, short stories, etc. There will be a space for authors exclusively.  We are also going to have a place where a person can come and read everything that is on the website.  Calvin will offer his expertise as a web designer, and book cover illustrator.  We will be inviting editors and others who have expertise in any portion of writing to join us. ...
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