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Small Organized Spaces: Organizing a Pet Drawer in 15 Minutes or Less

The following is a guest post, in the small organized spaces series, about organizing a pet drawer in 15 minutes or less from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me . The question of the month seems to be, “Are you watching the Marie Kondo show?” Although most of the people who have asked me don’t quite get the name right. They call it the tidying show, the Netflix organizing series, or my favorite, the Kondo-ing thing. My answer is, “Yes!” I binged watched...
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AirPlay Is Coming to Smart TVs. Here’s How It Works

Smart TVs are now integrating Apple’s AirPlay 2 technology. That was one of the big stories of CES 2019, where many TV manufacturers simultaneously announced AirPlay was coming to their TVs. Some are even updating existing TVs with AirPlay. What Is AirPlay 2? Apple’s AirPlay 2 standard lets you use Apple devices to control media playback, stream audio, mirror your screen, or do other similar things. It’s built into Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Think of it a bit like Apple’s v...
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Netflix Is Raising Its Prices Again

We all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, but for the first time since 2017, Netflix is bumping the cost of all its plans. The price increase will raise prices by 13-18%. The current base plan, which is $8, will jump to $9. The $11 middle-tier will be $13, while the high-end $14 plan will move to $16. Again, this should come as a surprise to no one—as the company produces more original content, it’s spending more and more money. At least the majority of its original content is really ...
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Trending on The Organized Home: Decluttering Secrets

This week over on our sister site The Organized Home, the editors dispelled decluttering rumors, peeked inside the mudroom of our dreams, and more. Here’s a look: Above: “I’m going to go out on a limb here and posit that what all suburban parents of young children aspire to is a house with a totally tricked-out mudroom,” writes Fan. This one by Studio McGee checks all the boxes (including a water fountain!). See more in Enter Right: The Mudroom of Your Dreams, By Studio McGee. Photograph by K...
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Get Organized with Free Printable 2019 Calendars

Hi friends, I’m working on some great posts to come, hopefully next week. And by “working” I mean actively thinking about them in my head. Ha! My daughter leaves Saturday and then things should get back to normal around here and I’ll have a little more time on my hands. But for today, and to thank you for your patience, I’ve got a little treat for you…free printable 2019 calendars! Every year, to help with organization, I’ve wanted to offer my readers monthly calendar printables. Except my s...
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‘Masters of the Universe’ Reboot Wants ‘Men in Black’ Reboot Writers To Find the Power of Grayskull

The Masters of the Universe reboot that Hollywood refuses to let die has found new writers: Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, who are responsible for the script of another reboot: Men In Black International. Adam and Aaron Nee, who helmed the quirky indie flick Band of Robbers, are directing the movie, which will once again attempt to bring He-Man to the big screen. Remember that Masters of the Universe reboot? The one that has been kicking around tinseltown since at least 2007? Here’s a new upd...
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Marie Kondo v. Tsundoku: Competing Japanese Philosophies on Whether to Keep or Discard Unread Books

By now we've all heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese home-organization guru whose book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up became an international bestseller in 2011. Her advice about how to straighten up the home, branded the "KonMari" method, has more recently landed her that brass ring of early 21st-century fame, her own Netflix series. A few years ago we featured her tips for dealing with your piles of reading material, which, like all her advice, are based on discarding the items t...
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Marie Kondo v. Tsundoku: Two Japanese Philosophies on Whether to Keep or Discard Unread Books

By now we've all heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese home-organization guru whose book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up became an international bestseller in 2011. Her advice about how to straighten up the home, branded the "KonMari" method, has more recently landed her that brass ring of early 21st-century fame, her own Netflix series. A few years ago we featured her tips for dealing with your piles of reading material, which, like all her advice, are based on discarding the items t...
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Off the Shelf; Or What's New in My Corner of the World 1

We're two weeks into the new year, and I already like things better on this side of the calendar. My working life is in good shape, the house is still in order, and we're back to healthful eating. All those things make me happy. I'm experimenting today with a more personal kind of post. The format is a work-in-progress, but I decided to jump right in. My usual roundups and other book-related posts have not gone away. This "Off the Shelf" series will appear only every few weeks--at least...
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Is Marie Kondo Wrong About Books?

There’s been a lot of backlash to Marie Kondo’s attitude toward books, thanks to her new Netflix show. In her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she encourages readers to get rid of all their unread books. She says that she personally only owns 30 titles. Her critics say that’s ridiculous, and in fact you…Read more...
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Your Weekend Justice #254: Shooting is Not Meeting

document.createElement('audio'); http://traffic.libsyn.com/needcoffee/weekendjustice254.mp3 It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. This episode is from the archives: recorded in May 2016. Agenda: Why is Leigh ordering around the guy from the BBC? Jon puts out the lights Lucifer is fun, no matter what wacky moms say The aging of Teenlet Leigh, seeking justice Fear the Walking Dead, getting wet Walking Dead, smacking its audience Doctor Denise gets a harem Fun with Civil Wa...
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Through the Looking-Glass of Black Mirror's 'Bandersnatch'

None Spoilers ahead. In 1983 I played an arcade game called Dragon's Lair. In what was already a video-game cliché, a knight named Dirk the Daring attempted to rescue Princess Daphne. But the selling point was not the story—it was that it looked like a cartoon. Meanwhile, on my Atari back at home, the similarly-themed Adventure featured a protagonist who was literally just a dot. After losing a week's worth of quarters within a minute, though, I realized that Dragon's Lair was not really a game...
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Trending on The Organized Home: Life-Changing Organization Resolutions

This week on The Organized Home: the year in review, plus some “new year, new you” resolutions to help you get organized. Here’s a look: Above: “If you’re looking for motivation to kickstart a decluttering project this month, consider making a Netflix date to watch Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. After all, it’s like a free session with the world’s most famous professional organizer,” writes Fan. Read the rest of her review in Is Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ Life-Changing? Kind Of! Ph...
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Marie Kondo in the Garden, and Life

I couldn’t agree more with what this Washington Post reviewer wrote about Marie Kondo’s approach to “tidying up” in her new show on Netflix. Unlike her TV predecessors, Kondo brings a calming influence to the surroundings — even asking the owners if she may take a moment to kneel in a particular spot and silently greet their homes. This is a noble and overdue concept for the home makeover and real estate genre — a chance to express gratitude for any home, rather than the perfect home....
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Current Obsessions: New Year, New You

Here’s what we’re taking note of this first weekend of 2019: Above: This image (from The Woodhouse Lodge: Designer Megan Pflug’s Catskills Motor Lodge Makeover) was one of our most popular Instagram posts in 2018. See what else made the list in These Were Our Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018. Photograph by Frank Frances. Winter sales at Good, Ikea, Scandinavian Design Center, Brooklinen, and Serena & Lily. Fan clued us in to a new book on how to do everything from re-upholster a chair...
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Hollywood Weapons: Season 3

A new season of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? is upon us. Season 3 airs tomorrow on Outdoor Channel. For those of you who haven’t heard of Hollywood Weapons, check out my other article to catch up. Right now Hollywood Weapons is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix has both the first […] Read More … The post Hollywood Weapons: Season 3 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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VOTD: Massive ‘Indiana Jones’ LEGO Diorama Brings ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Opening to Life

Who doesn’t like Indiana Jones? All of the movies featuring Harrison Ford as the archaeologist and adventurer just recently hit Netflix, but if you don’t have time to sit and watch them, maybe this incredible Indiana Jones LEGO creation that took over 300 hours to build will hold you over for the time being. Master builder Caleb Watson built an incredible Raiders of the Lost Ark LEGO diorama that recreates the opening scene where Indiana Jones retrieves the Fertility Idol that is kept safe by a...
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How to Use Google Assistant With Your Roku

As more of our devices connect to each other, it’s always nice to know that different products from different companies work together. A Chromecast isn’t expensive, but being able to use your TV directly with Google Assistant is better. Roku has long supported Google services like YouTube and Play Movies, but a recent update took it one step further: you can now use your Roku with Google Assistant voice commands. This feature is limited to the United States for now, and Netflix support isn’...
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Will Credit Monitoring Services Protect Me After a Data Breach?

After a major data breach, it’s hard to know whether your information has been compromised and how to protect yourself afterward. Businesses have cropped up that offer credit monitoring services—peace of mind for a price. But should you pay for them, or even sign up for a free trial? What Are Credit Monitoring Services? Credit monitoring services, like LifeLock or Identity Guard, offer a range of monitoring “plans” that run from $10 to $30 a month. While these different plans come with diffe...
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Culture You Can Heft

In 2004, the way I interacted with culture fundamentally changed. That’s the year I got my first iPod. Before my iPod, if I wanted to listen to music, I’d have to pop a CD into my car’s 5-disc changer or bring along my Discman. When one CD was over and I wanted to listen to another, I’d have to put in another disc. If I wanted to buy a new CD, I’d mosey on down to a music store. I’d often go looking for an album from one band, but after talking to the store clerk, walk away with one fro...
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Weekend Cooking: Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent (Film)

Do you know who Jeremiah Tower is? I hope you do. But regardless of whether your answer to that question is yes or no, you should take some time to see the 2016 documentary Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent, directed by Lydia Tenaglia and Morgan Fallon. Anthony Bourdain both appears in the film and is one of the producers. I know Chef Tower first from his association with Alice Waters and Chez Panisse and later from his San Fransisco restaurant Stars. He also had a brief tenure at Tavern on ...
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The Best Leadership Books of 2018

The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter (Harvard Business Review Press, 2018)The Mind of the Leader offers a radical, yet practical, solution to solve the leadership crisis. Organizations need to put people at the center of their strategy. They need to develop managers and executives who lead with three core mental qualities: mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion. (Blog Post) ...
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Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: Preholiday Reading

This has been a crazy two weeks: I've been working hard, reading a bit, finishing the shopping (we're done!), and getting the house holiday ready. I swear, every second of my time has been taken up. The good news is that we're in great shape and it's only December 10. For the first time in years, we'll be able to relax and enjoy the season. My stress levels are near zero! Have you seen Netflix's version of Dumplin' yet? We really liked it, and I thought the film stayed true to the spiri...
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Teen Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links. If you have a teen on your Christmas list you might be struggling. This teen gift guide has several good ideas. You will be sure to find the perfect present. Teen Gift Guide Gift Cards Gift cards are always a safe choice!  iTunes, Amazon, or their favorite store will please.  Best of all you can choose the amount you want!  Plus they are easy to mail! Video Games Nearly every teenage boy (or even girl) wants video games.  Be sure to check what game system...
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How to Play Retro Games on Your NVIDIA SHIELD TV with Emulators

Short of an HTPC, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the most versatile box you can put in your entertainment console. It supports 4K HDR playback from Netflix and YouTube. You can play games from Google Play Store and stream games from your PC or NVIDIA’s servers. And you can even set up an emulator for retro gaming. While we’ve seen retro consoles like the PlayStation Classic and NES Classic, their single use case may be a bit of a turn-off. There’s nothing wrong with just wanting to plug somethi...
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Books: 11 books perfect for Southern California readers and the holidays

Iceland has a national tradition called Jolabokaflod, or the “Christmas Book Flood,” and I picture it every year as a giant blue wave of books flowing into Christmas Eve when Icelanders exchange books and chocolate. Iceland is my kind of place. My chocolate recommendations could fill their own column, so for now let’s focus on books and this season’s wave of Southern California’s best. The Books of Earthsea: The Complete Illustrated Edition by Ursula K. Le Guin, illustrated by Charles Vess Calif...
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Guide to sustainable winter activities

Just because the temperature plummets and the daylight runs short doesn’t mean your bustling days need to end. Instead of hibernating like a bear, wearing pajamas and watching Netflix day after day, put some fun on the schedule and look forward to a winter full of activities. Of course, consumption and waste are always a consideration here at Inhabitat so here’s our top choices for the best eco-friendly, sustainable activities for your winter calendar. Snow play Those who love winter oft...
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My care nurse extraordinaire!

Catching up on Netflix with The Tess…and her Mini Schnauzer cousin Ruby looking jealously on. ;) Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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What to Read in This Week’s Old World Holiday Issue

As we head into December, we’re looking to old-world Europe for winter inspiration. This week we duck into a gilded Kiev apartment, source cabinet fronts from a Danish favorite, and discover the next Ikea, straight from Europe. Check back in this week for these things and more: Above: Glamorous old-world winter style in Paris. Photograph by Claire Cottrell for Remodelista; see our Restaurant Visit: Carbón in Paris for a look around. Alexa, newly back from six months on a European tour, ro...
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Trash & Treasure: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Trash & Treasure is a miscellany of monthly opinions on SFF, fandom and general geekness from Foz Meadows. I was four when I first – and, to my best recollection, last – watched the original She-Ra. I loved her as a preschool-aged kid, and then, because it was the very early 90s and you couldn’t rewatch anything unless it was live-to-air or you’d taped it to VHS, I lost access to her completely. Even so, I was excited when I heard about Netflix’s plans to reboot the show, not least due to the s...
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