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Juan Diego is walking towards Mexico City when he sees a lady covered in light. “Go to the Bishop; I am the Virgin, I want to be honored here,” says the apparition. Diego obeys her, but nobody pays him any attention. The lady asks time and time again, but the Bishop says that Juan is […]
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Watch this maker restore a WWI lighter made from a bullet

During World War I, skilled craftsmen stuck in trenches would fashion useful items from spent bullets and other war materials. Watch Canadian maker Steven from the Steven's Fix YouTube channel restore a century-old bullet lighter back to working condition. As Steven points out: This video is of a WWI trench art brass bullet lighter. Trench art was what soldiers made while waiting to fight. The earliest reference to a lighter that looks like this is 1909. They were made in Canada, France an...
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Davidson’s Brings Standard Manufacturing on Board

Standard Manufacturing is a relatively young company, having only been around for six years. In that fairly short time, they have produced an eclectic mix of guns. Their unusual lineup includes a number of double-barrel pump and semi-auto shotguns, high-dollar single-action revolvers, a smattering of 1911s, and the particularly odd S333 “Thunderstruck” – which is […] Read More … The post Davidson’s Brings Standard Manufacturing on Board appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Howa Adds Kratos Camo Full-Dip Rifle to Product Line

Not so long ago, the vast majority of hunting rifles were only available with traditional wood furniture or they were of the all-black tactical variety. If you wanted something different in the aesthetic department, you would likely have to break out some rattle-can spray paint in a selection of browns and greens or find something […] Read More … The post Howa Adds Kratos Camo Full-Dip Rifle to Product Line appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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'Origami LED Wall Art,' DIY electronics project that cost only $15

This looks like a fantastic way to have some fun with electronics while safely staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Says IMGURian @swachspress, Finished project: here is a simple animation that has a moving block of green lights that leave a trail of random color behind them. Each RGB LED is individually addressable, so the possibilities for different light animations are endless. This ended up not looking at all like what I had intended to make when I began but I think it tur...
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Kindle cloud reader offline disappear

Kindle cloud reader offline doesn't work anymore. The "Cloud" and "Downloaded" tabs are disappear.
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ZEV Technologies Introduces New Custom SIG Z320 Pistols

By now, the ZEV Technologies brand is practically synonymous with high-end custom guns, especially Glocks. The Centralia, Washington-based company began in 2006 by offering competition-focused drop-in Glock replacement triggers. Over the last fourteen years, they have expanded their offerings to include a vast spectrum of premium upgrade parts for Glock handguns, some SIG parts, their […] Read More … The post ZEV Technologies Introduces New Custom SIG Z320 Pistols appeared first on The Firearm ...
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Everything's Turning Into Tulip Bulbs

First it was hand sanitizer, bleach, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. (And that's not entirely over; good paper towels are still hard to come by.)Then it was flour and baking powder as everyone decided to try home baking.Of course guns and ammo have been in short supply since the start of the 'Rona, and that situation is unlikely to resolve itself in time for the now-traditional quadrennial Great American Election Year Panic-Buying Freakout.Bicycles were a shortage I hadn't foreseen, but shou...
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Reptilia Diving Board Mount Introduced for 34mm Scopes

Nevada-based Reptilia Corp has been putting out firearms accessories like optics mounts and weaponlight mounts for over a decade, drawing on prior experience with companies like Magpul, SilencerCo, and others. Products like their dot mounts, RMR mounts, and light bodies have proven to be popular rifle add-ons. With a July 1st announcement, they have expanded […] Read More … The post Reptilia Diving Board Mount Introduced for 34mm Scopes appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: News, Guns, Nevada, Optics, Daily News, Mount, RMR, Scopes, Product Announcement, Reptilia, Diving Board, Reptilia Corp, 34mm, Geissele Super Precision, Reptilia Diving Board Mount Introduced, Magpul SilencerCo

New Night Sights: XS Announces More DXT2 and DXW2 Options

Night sights are often one of the first modifications that shooters make to their handguns – and in many cases, the only change they may choose. There is a vast array of different makes/models to choose from, and it isn’t uncommon for someone who has a plethora of pistols to use the same version of […] Read More … The post New Night Sights: XS Announces More DXT2 and DXW2 Options appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The US Army Announces the Selection of Interim Anti-Drone Systems

The US Army has announced the selection of a raft of anti-drone systems to combat the threat of small drones which are proliferating on battlefields around the world. The new Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) capabilities range from fixed systems to optics for small arms. Small drones pose a real and increasing danger to ground forces, […] Read More … The post The US Army Announces the Selection of Interim Anti-Drone Systems appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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2 Dead, 8 Injured in Shooting at Nightclub in Greenville, S.C. During Foogiano Concert

Two people are dead and eight others were injured after a shooting broke out at a nightclub in South Carolina. Police said the shooting happened just before 2 a.m. early Sunday morning (Jul. 5) at Lavish Lounge in Greenville. SEE NEXT: Video Allegedly Shows Member of ATL Rapper Foogiano’s Team Shooting Into Crowd at S.C. Nightclub After Someone Tried to Steal His Chain Two deputies were driving on White Horse Road when they noticed a disturbance at the club. The deputies called for backup afte...
Tags: Crime, News, Shooting, Guns, Atlanta, Hip Hop, Pop Culture, Jazz, EMS, Gun Violence, South Carolina, Gucci Mane, Greenville, Lewis, Henry McMaster, Greenville County

FN SCAR-H and a Whole Lot More for Indian Special Forces

With India’s armed forces still awaiting a new service rifle, it seems that Indian Special Forces are forging on ahead. Indian media outlets have reported that India’s Para (Special Forces) unit have selected the 7.62x51mm FN SCAR-H along with a number of other weapons. The selection has reportedly been approved by the Indian Ministry of […] Read More … The post FN SCAR-H and a Whole Lot More for Indian Special Forces appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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"Let's Never Talk About This Again" is a touching memoir about birth, death, and dad's amateur erotica career

In 2012, I was given the privilege of performing my high school ska-punk hit song "Adam Wants A Blowjob" during a performance of Mortified in Brookline, Massachusetts. Mortified is a gloriously hilarious and cathartic evening of performance, wherein people perform excerpts from their actual, real-life high school and college journaling and other writing. It's embarrassing; it's touching; and it's utterly delightful. In the years since then, I've had the privilege of performing my absolute worst ...
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MDT Announces New Inlet Options for XRS Chassis

Precision rifle shooters, this one is for you. British Columbia-based Modular Driven Technologies, or MDT for short, has grown into a popular brand since its founding in 2009. Their long-gun chassis systems and other sniper rifle components are loved by many users of Remington actions, Savage, Howa, and more. One of their hit products, covered […] Read More … The post MDT Announces New Inlet Options for XRS Chassis appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: News, Guns, Precision, Chassis, Columbia, Daily News, Rifles, MDT, Bolt Action, Product Announcement, Modular Driven Technologies, XRS, Firearms Customization

Didn't we just leave this party?

Remember when, in a masterful stroke of diplomacy, the president had used his charismatic negotiating skills to talk the Norks into dismantling their nuclear program? Good times..."In order to eliminate the nuclear threats from the U.S., the DPRK government has made all possible efforts either through dialogue or in resort to the international law, but all ended in a vain effort," North Korean state news wrote in an essay Friday morning about future prospects for peace, using an abbreviation for...
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End Of An Era: No More GLOCK Gen4 Guns; .40S&W Will Go Gen5

It appears that what many of us were predicting finally happened yesterday: GLOCK Gen4 guns are no longer being produced in favor of the Gen5 GLOCK pistols. Residents of California and other more restrictive states have nothing to fear: the Gen3 GLOCKs will continue to be manufactured to support those customers. In addition, the GLOCK […] Read More … The post End Of An Era: No More GLOCK Gen4 Guns; .40S&W Will Go Gen5 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Best shirts for 4th of July holiday 2020

4th of July is approaching! We all know that the first half of 2020 was a rough one, however, there are important events coming up. It’s time for a break,... The post Best shirts for 4th of July holiday 2020 appeared first on Tshirt-Factory Blog.
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Netgalley to start releasing Audiobook ARCs starting next week

Popular with e-book arcs for years, Netgalley has stated they are finally rolling out Audiobook ARCs. They hinted it was "coming soon" in December 2019 for the summer of 2020. Today their Twitter announced the time has arrived. https://twitter.com/NetGalley/status...50005598924800
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Alleged KKK Member Patrick Fontaine Creath Jr. Out on $500 Bond After Shooting Daughter’s Black Boyfriend, Claims It Was Self-Defense

A white man who is allegedly a member of the Ku Klux Klan is out on bond after he shot his daughter’s Black boyfriend in Virginia Beach and told police that he acted in self-defense. 43-year-old Patrick Fontaine Creath Jr. was charged with malicious wounding and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony stemming from a June 19th shooting in the 900 block of Maximus Square, where a man—Creath’s daughter’s boyfriend—was seriously injured. Police said there was an altercation between Creath an...
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“Summertime Silence” Demo and Vendor Event by Silencer Shop and Texas Ordnance Depot

Since opening its doors in 2010, Austin, Texas-based Silencer Shop has proven to be a key player in the recent explosion of the suppressor market. Their efforts and innovations have done as much or more to make suppressors accessible than anyone else in the game. This accessibility and increased demand can then, in turn, be […] Read More … The post “Summertime Silence” Demo and Vendor Event by Silencer Shop and Texas Ordnance Depot appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Texas, News, Guns, Event, Demo, Daily News, Austin Texas, Hearing Protection, NFA / Suppressors / Class III, Suppressors, Silencers, Silencer Shop, Texas Ordnance Depot

Remington Preps for Bankruptcy (Again), Possible Sale

Virtually any institution with a history spanning more than two centuries is almost certain to experience its fair share of ups and downs over those many years. America’s oldest gun maker, the Remington Arms Company, is no exception. Since its founding by Eliphalet Remington in Ilion, New York in 1816, Remington has seen some of […] Read More … The post Remington Preps for Bankruptcy (Again), Possible Sale appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: News, Guns, America, Companies, Bankruptcy, Daily News, Chapter 11, Remington, Remington Arms Company, Ilion New York, New Ownership, Eliphalet Remington

Savage Adds 300 PRC Options to 110 Series Rifles

In the 1890s, Arthur William Savage obtained patents for a repeating rifle and hammerless striker-fired mechanism, and then he founded Savage Arms in Utica, New York. More than a century later, today the company that still bears his name produces a host of rifles and shotguns for a variety of uses. They have recently announced […] Read More … The post Savage Adds 300 PRC Options to 110 Series Rifles appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: News, Guns, Press Releases, Savage, Daily News, PRC, Savage Arms, Rifles, Bolt Action, Product Announcement, 110 Series, 300 PRC, Arthur William Savage, Utica New York More

Hoppe’s “How to Clean” Videos Give Firearms Maintenance Tips

Have you ever encountered a gun guy who wasn’t thoroughly acquainted with the aroma of Hoppe’s #9 gun cleaner? Such an anomaly would likely be difficult to find. Since Frank August Hoppe first mixed that famous nine-chemical concoction 117 years ago, the brand has become virtually ubiquitous in the realm of firearms cleaning. For many […] Read More … The post Hoppe’s “How to Clean” Videos Give Firearms Maintenance Tips appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Cleaning, Videos, News, Guns, Maintenance, How To, Press Releases, Daily News, 9, CLP, Hoppe, Other Gear & Gadgets, Hoppe's, Gun Cleaning & Maintenance, Frank August Hoppe

Every item scanned as "Mr Potato Head" in glitch at department stores

Yesterday, five large department stores in the towns of Lindsay and Whitby, Ontario, Canada had to temporarily stop ringing up customers because every item scanned at the register showed up as Mr. Potato Head. "A point of sale downloading error caused item names to appear incorrectly," said Cathy Kurzbock, manager of external communications for department store chain Canadian Tire. "It has since been corrected and the stores are operating normally." Apparently, they don't suspect this...
Tags: Toys, Video, News, Shopping, Funny, Retail, Stores, POS, Lindsay, Whitby Ontario Canada, Cathy Kurzbock

By July 2020 Indiana Carry Licenses Will be Completely Free

The Indiana House recently voted 64-17 for Bill HB 1284 which helped expand Indiana’s stand-your-ground laws. Inside that bill was also legislation that removed all fees associated with the cost of Indiana Carry Licenses as well as removing court costs for justified use of force in certain circumstances. The Indiana Senate approved the bill by […] Read More … The post By July 2020 Indiana Carry Licenses Will be Completely Free appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: News, Guns, Indiana, Daily News, Indiana House, Indiana Senate, Concealed. Carry, Carry Licenses, Indianna, Indiana Carry Licenses

Suspect injured in officer-involved shooting off 10 Freeway off-ramp in Montclair

A possible homicide suspect shot at officers during a traffic stop in Montclair on Monday, June 29, and was wounded when Pomona police returned fire. California Highway Patrol officers observed a person resembling a homicide suspect driving along the 10 Freeway in Pomona, and requested assistance from the Pomona Police Department, PPD spokeswoman Aly Mejia said. Officers attempted to stop the motorist along Monte Vista Avenue near the freeway off-ramp at 3:37 p.m. SBD: EB I-10 in Montclair. In...
Tags: News, Shooting, Guns, Police, Sport, Soccer, California Highway Patrol, Homicide, Local News, Compton, Pomona, Santa Ana, Montclair, Pomona Police Department, Mejia, South Pasadena

Respect for mystery

Paulo Coelho I had to live for many years before I realized that love is an act of faith in another person, and its face should continue to be wrapped in mystery. It should be lived and relished at each and every minute, but whenever we try to understand it, the magic vanishes. When I […]
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Man Who Pointed Gun At Peaceful Protesters Compares March To Storming Of Bastille

Mark McCloskey, the man in St. Louis, Missouri, who aimed a rifle at peaceful anti-police brutality protesters as his wife Patricia swung her tiny pistol around on Sunday evening, painted the situation as some kind of French Revolution in miniature. During an interview Monday on local NBC affiliate KSDK, McCloskey claimed that the protesters had broken the gate in front of Portland Place, the gated community where he resides, which prompted him and his wife to retrieve their guns while orderi...
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