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GOA Files Case Before SCOTUS To Fight Parts Of The NFA

  The Gun Owners of America’s legal arm, the Gun Owners Foundation, is pressing further in their full-throated defense of Jeremy Kettler, a disabled US Army combat veteran. Mr. Kettler was convicted of possession of an unregistered firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA) in November 2016. The original complaint against Mr. Kettler […] Read More … The post GOA Files Case Before SCOTUS To Fight Parts Of The NFA appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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‘Late in the Day’ draws an empathetic portrait of late middle age

Even if you're successful at work and in your personal life, things can grow abruptly precarious in late middle age. British writer Tessa Hadley covers this territory with freshness, subtlety and a deep, shifting empathy in her new novel.
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Paperback Picks: books by Dave Eggers, Ursula K. Le Guin and more

Among this week’s half-dozen highlights are a collection of blog posts by a beloved science-fiction author and a “page-turning mash-up of genres."
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Revealed! The cover of RADICALIZED, my next book of science fiction

On March 19, Tor Books will release my next book, Radicalized, whose four novellas are the angry, hopeful stories I wrote as part of my attempt to make sense of life in our current moment. As with my novel Walkaway and the reissues of my adult backlist, Radicalized will have a cover by the amazing Will Stahle, who is, for my money, the best cover designer working in the business at the moment. Today, Tor has published Stahle's cover for Radicalized, and holy fucking shit, is it ever great...
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I’ve Talked With Teenage Boys About Sexual Assault for 20 Years. This Is What They Still Don’t Know

Author Laurie Halse Anderson shares her insights into what we aren't telling our boys
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“Hear the Truth About Suppressors” presented by the NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is a tremendous steward and champion of the shooting sports. Their work occurs through innumerable events throughout the US in educating people about firearms, but they also do smaller works as well. Some of those are simple infographics that can catch fire on social media and sometimes be even […] Read More … The post “Hear the Truth About Suppressors” presented by the NSSF appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The author of ‘Cat Person’ has more stories to tell. Can they live up to the hype?

Kristen Roupenian's "Cat Person" went viral as no New Yorker short story has since Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" in 1948. The other stories in her new collection are nowhere near as noteworthy or polished.
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The Extraordinary Bravery That Made This Woman One of World War II’s Most Remarkable Spies

Female couriers operating in occupied France had the second highest Allied fatality rate of the wa
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‘Cut the Wire,’ a Toy Bomb Game, Is Discontinued After Criticism

Players had to defuse a toy bomb before time ran out. The manufacturer thought children would see themselves as heroes but critics did not see it that way.
Tags: Toys, News, Parenting, Children and Childhood, Bombs and Explosives, Cut the Wire

‘Rampage: MacArthur, Yamashita, and the Battle of Manila’: A harrowing chronicle of a dark corner of World War II

James Scott tells the story of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and the 29-day battle of Manila in his latest book, "Rampage," which unfolds in a chilling narrative of some of the fiercest urban fighting of WWII.
Tags: Books, News, Entertainment, Manila, James Scott, Gen Douglas Macarthur, MacArthur Yamashita

Hannu Rajaniemi's Summerland: a midcentury spy thriller, with the afterlife

Hannu Rajaniemi is the Finnish-Scottish mathematician and science fiction writer whose debut, 2012's Quantum Thief was widely celebrated; now, in Summerland, Rajaniemi delivers new kind of supernatural historical spy procedural, set in a 1938 where the afterlife has been discovered, colonized and militarized. Rachel White is a spy who is trying to help the British Empire prevail in the global military/political chaos prompted by the Spanish Civil War and the rise of a Soviet Union led by Th...
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China has a very Orwellian reason for banning typing "1984" on social media, while allowing people to read Nineteen Eighty-Four

Chinese internet users can't type the numbers "1984" into social media, but Chinese bookstores freely sell copies of Orwell's novels, including Nineteen Eighty-Four, as well as other books whose titles are banned on social media. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the inner Party members are allowed to read the literature that is banned for consumption by proles and outer Party members, and the same is true in China: the Politburo treats books as the purview of intellectual elites, who are on the on...
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A celebration of Libro.fm: the indie, DRM-free Audible alternative that helps your local bookseller (with giveaway!)

Libro.fm (previously) is an independent audiobook store that sells all the same audiobooks you can get on other platforms like Audible, Google Play, Apple, Downpour, etc, but unlike the industry leaders at Audible and Apple, they are DRM-free, and unlike all of their competition, they work with independent booksellers. When you sign up for a Libro.fm account, you can choose any one of 561 indie booksellers as your home bookstore -- the place where you go to get ideas about which books you ...
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8 Steps to Go After Your Dream and Take Action

N.A. Turner   One of my favorite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The first time I read it was on a train from Beijing to Xi’an in China. An interesting train ride to reflect upon one’s dream. To say the least. Imagine thousands of people on a platform, all eager to get a […]
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Ukrainian FORT Launches New Handgun Ammunition Manufacturing Line

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs has published a news release telling about the visit of Arsen Avakov, head of the ministry, to FORT company where a new handgun ammunition line was launched. According to Mr. Avakov, this new production line will allow to completely fulfill the demand of the Ukrainian Border Guard, National Guard, Police, and […] Read More … The post Ukrainian FORT Launches New Handgun Ammunition Manufacturing Line appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Historian Lucy Worsley on Royal Weddings, Queen Victoria and the ‘Big Mistake’ People Make About the Past

"A lot of people would say history is important because it helps us to predict the future. I don’t think that it does particularly."
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PTR GOES BIG (And Small): New 9KT And 9R MP5 Style Guns

Building on last year’s successful launch of two MP5 clones, South Carolina based firearms manufacturer PTR is announcing two new models in their production line up. The 9KT is an MP5K clone with a custom handguard, top rail and an end cap capable of accepting slings, pistol stabilizing braces and stocks (mind the NFA, boys and […] Read More … The post PTR GOES BIG (And Small): New 9KT And 9R MP5 Style Guns appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Hugo Award nominations are open

If you attended the World Science Fiction Convention in San Jose last year, or if you're signed up to attend or support the next Worldcon in Dublin, Ireland, you're eligible to nominate for the Hugo Award; you should have received an email this week about it with a link to follow.
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Lone Wolf Introduces a Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame

Lone Wolf Distributors has announced the availability of a new version of their recently introduced Timberwolf Large (10mm/.45 ACP) frame. This new product is called TWL-S. It combines a G29/G30 size grip with a G20/21 size dust cover. In other words, by using this frame you can build a 10mm Auto or .45 ACP Glock parts compatible […] Read More … The post Lone Wolf Introduces a Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Medieval book opens six ways, revealing six different texts

A XVIth Century book held in the National Library of Sweden's collection features a "sixfold dos-a-dos binding," meaning that the book could be opened in six different ways to reveal six different texts ("devotional texts printed in Germany during the 1550s and 1570s,including Martin Luther, Der kleine Catechismus"), with the hinges doubling as latches. You may remember a blog I posted about dos-à-dos (or “back-to-back”) books. These are very special objects consisting of usually two book...
Tags: Gadgets, Post, Books, Happy Mutants, Publishing, Old school, News, Sweden, Germany, History, Glam, Erik Kwakkel, Interactive Fiction, Martin Luther Der

Former Seattle Times reporter among winners of 2019 Pacific Northwest Book Awards

The winners of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association's annual awards were announced Wednesday morning.
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The most magical little free library is inside a hollowed-out tree stump

Librarian, artist, and bookbinder Sharalee Armitage Howard of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho decided that rather than dig up the stump of the 110-year-old cottonwood tree in her yard, she'd transform it into a little free library, or rather little tree library. Her creation sparks the imagination and exudes a sense of wonder and welcoming. Like a good book. (via Bored Panda)
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Michael Jackson's "Thriller" masterfully covered by a single guitarist playing two guitars at once

Luca Stricagnoli has the funk of 40,000 years.
Tags: Video, Music, News, Michael Jackson, Guitars, Jacko, Luca Stricagnoli

US Army Wants New Innovative Artillery Muzzle Brakes

Another set of US Department of Defense solicitations has been published on the website of a US government program called SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research). This program includes a huge variety of different projects initiated by all branches of US Armed Forces. In this article, we’ll discuss a US Army solicitation for designing an innovative […] Read More … The post US Army Wants New Innovative Artillery Muzzle Brakes appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: News, Guns, Defense, US, US Army, Us Department Of Defense, Daily News, SBIR, Muzzle Brake, Artillery, SBIR Small Business Innovation Research, US Armed Forces In

Author Huda Al-Marashi offers an inside look at arranged marriage

An interview with the author of "First Comes Marriage" explores common misconceptions around an age-old custom.
Tags: Books, News, Life, Huda Al Marashi

Deer-poaching woman brags on dating app to the wrong person

Cannon Harrison, 24, was on dating app Bumble when he connected with a woman in his area who quickly bragged to him that she had just shot a "bigo buck," a large deer, in the darkness. She even sent Harrison a photo posed with her prey and admitted that she had been "spotlighting," taking advantage of the real deer-in-the-headlights behavior to get an easier shot. The woman didn't know it at the time, but Harrison is a warden with Oklahoma’s Department of Wildlife Conservation. And not only is ...
Tags: Post, News, Guns, Washington Post, Hunting, Oklahoma, Poaching, Crimes, Harrison, Idiots doing idiot things, Cannon Harrison

FAB Defense SKS Chassis System Now Available

We first saw the prototypes of this FAB Defense SKS chassis during the Arms & Hunting 2017 arms exhibition held in Moscow, Russia. These were 3D printed prototypes and back then it was unclear when they will become an actual product. Apparently, this chassis has just hit the market. The FAB Defense SKS Chassis System […] Read More … The post FAB Defense SKS Chassis System Now Available appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: News, Guns, UAS, Daily News, Moscow Russia, SKS, Rifles, Fab defense, GL-CORE, SKS chassis

Lin-Manuel Miranda rescues New York's beloved, century-old Drama Book Shop

For more than 100 years, New York City's Tony-award-winning Drama Book Shop has been a stalwart of the city's thronging theater community; but like so many independent bookstores, it has struggled (it recently announced that it would have to leave its Times Square location on January 20 due to rent hikes). Enter Lin-Manuel Miranda and three of his collaborators from Hamilton, who have joined with the city to save the store and re-open it in Midtown next fall. Miranda spent his boyhood read...
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‘Inheritance’ uncovers the complexities — and risks — of DNA testing and reproductive technology

DNA analysis has become common enough to seem casual, but when memoirist Dani Shapiro looked into her own ancestry, she discovered something shocking: Her father was not the man who raised her. She explores what happened next in a new book, "Inheritance."
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