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When a river is dammed, is it damned forever?

Since the dawn of advanced civilizations, humanity has sought to manage the flow of rivers. Protection from floods, water for drinking and irrigating crops, and extraction of resources like food and energy are among the most popular reasons for building dams. Early successes in controlling the flow of rivers for society’s benefit led to more construction, reaching the point that in Europe and North America today most prime locations for placing dams have been taken. Additionally, many large rive...
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El Norte review: an epic and timely history of Hispanic North America

Carrie Gibson has written an exhaustive corrective to historians who seek to whitewash a story of settlement and conflictThe subtitle of Carrie Gibson’s book is The Epic and Forgotten Story of Hispanic North America. El Norte lives up to it. Related: These Truths review: Jill Lepore's Lincolnian American history Continue reading...
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Umarex USA to Exhibit T4E Training Products at ILEETA Conference

Umarex USA to Exhibit T4E Training Products at ILEETA Conference FORT SMITH, Ark. –-(Ammoland.com)- Umarex USA is proud to announce that it will showcase its innovative line of T4E training products at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference, March 18-23 in St. Louis, Missouri. T4E will be in booth #250. T4E (Training for Engagement) builds reality based training tools for LE and Military that are significantly lower in cost to operate than oth...
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The Cambridge Guide to English Usage

So, as noted in another thread, I purchased a copy of The Cambridge Guide to English Usage by Pam Peters, published by Cambridge University Press, 2004. (Link to ebook edition.) I think it's an interesting enough publication to be worthy of a thread here. This is a UK publication, but it makes a brave attempt to cover English usage at an international level. It notes regional variances (American, Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and "Standard" - whatever that is) and ...
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Author Tanaz Bhathena talks her new novel THE BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT

In Tanaz Bhathena’s new YA novel, The Beauty of the Moment, Susan is new Canada. She’s not used to the cultural freedoms in this new country, she’s used to live in Saudi Arabia. Susan is reserved, wary of boys and determined not to get her driving license.  She is very bright and her parents have high expectations of her. They want her to be a doctor although in secret she wants to be an artist. Then she meets Malcolm, and her world spirals into a completely new direction. Article by Lucas Maxwe...
Tags: Books, UK, Saudi Arabia, Life, US, Canada, North America, South Asia, Jeddah, Susan, Malcolm, Malcom, Mahtab, Tanaz Bhathena, Tanaz, Lucas Maxwell

Ducks Unlimited Announces Adam H. Putnam as New CEO

Adam H. Putnam MEMPHIS, Tenn. – -(AmmoLand.com)- Ducks Unlimited (DU) announced today the hiring of Adam H. Putnam as their new CEO effective April 1 2019. “I joined Ducks Unlimited when I was 16 and have a lifelong appreciation of the conservation work the organization accomplishes,” Putnam said. “It’s humbling to be chosen as DU’s CEO, and as a lifelong hunter, angler, and conservationist, I look forward to building on our record of success.” DU’s current CEO, Dale Hall, will remain in pla...
Tags: Florida, Guns, Congress, Washington, University of Florida, North America, Ducks Unlimited, Memphis, Hall, Melissa, Adam, Bartow, Putnam, Adam H Putnam, Energy Office, Aspen Institute

Mossy Oak GO Now Streaming “The Bobwhite” Short Film

Mossy Oak GO Now Streaming “The Bobwhite” Short Film WEST POINT, MS – -(AmmoLand.com)- Mossy Oak GO is now streaming “The Bobwhite,” the latest short film added to the evergrowing free, digital on-demand library available on all streaming platforms. Charged with a mission to think outside the box, Dr. Ron Kendall and his team have identified parasites that seriously impact wild Northern bobwhite quail. The Wildlife Toxicology Lab at Texas Tech University has been conducting research over the...
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Is Trump’s assault on international law working?

For centuries, international law has functioned as an instrument of nation-states working in concert, acting out of a sense of legal obligation. Since World War II, this combination of state practice driven by legal obligation—in the form of both treaties and customary international law—has served as a prime mechanism for shaping and addressing complex global responses to pressing planetary challenges.  In practice, international law has helped to construct a system—exemplified by the United Nat...
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DU Recognizes Contributions To Wetlands And Waterfowl Conservation

DU Recognizes Contributions To Wetlands And Waterfowl Conservation MEMPHIS, Tenn. – -(AmmoLand.com)- Ducks Unlimited announced the winners of the 2019 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards today during the 84th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference held in Denver, Colorado. DU’s 2019 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards were presented in six categories and recognized individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the conservation and restoration of North Americ...
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Kahr Firearms Group Sponsors TheManSpot at Mint 400 Off-Road Desert Race

Kahr Firearms Group Sponsors TheManSpot at Mint 400 Off-Road Desert Race Greeley, PA – (Ammoland.com) – Kahr Firearms Group, a leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to announce its sponsorship of TheManSpot at The Mint 400 Off-Road Desert Race. Vaughn Neville, better known as TheManSpot by his social media fans, will be competing in The Mint 400 off-road desert race. Neville is an online marketer, American patriot, defender of the U.S. Constitution, firearms enthusi...
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Love For The Land In Louisiana, Watch DU’s Newest Online Film: “The Bartels” ~ VIDEO

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – -(AmmoLand.com)- Ducks Unlimited has released the latest film in its online series. In “The Bartels,” the Bartels family of Louisiana treat viewers to a southern style duck hunt and a glimpse into what makes their family so special. The Bartels support DU in many ways and have for many years. This premiere film in the 2019 series shows how the next generation of the family continues the tradition. Watch the film at www.ducks.org/dufilms. In this film, family members from Loui...
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Inspiring Empathy by Removing the Abstraction: Tey Meadow's 'Trans Kids'

To be transgender in 2019 is to face near-constant scrutiny and criticism. Since 2013, nearly half of the states in the USA considered, debated, or attempted to pass a bill that would limit gender-separated bathroom access to the biological or at-birth sex of the person using that bathroom. North Carolina passed contentious legislative restriction in an act dubbed "the bathroom bill". While that specific regulation was repealed, it was repealed in such a way as to almost certainly prevent transg...
Tags: Feature, Books, Music, Usa, United States, Sociology, North America, North Carolina, Donald Trump, Case studies, Ontario, Gender Inequality, Trump, Rachel, Meadow, Trans Rights

The growing role of citizen scientists in research

A movement is growing where science is no longer restricted to academics but instead it has become a pursuit for the public in general. Nature lovers have unwittingly been acting as data collectors, especially people that create lists of wildlife they see at home, in the park, or during a hike. Birdwatchers are known for making lists of the bird species they see, and scientists have come to realise that these lists can provide extremely useful information for monitoring animal populations. Throu...
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More native musings

Fossil records show ginkgo was once found on the land mass now called North America. Does that make it native? I’m encouraged by Tony Avent’s recent piece on the native plant debate to address a couple of points, actually open-ended questions, that may inspire more thought on this volatile issue. My hope is that it leads to more collaboration on creating more wildlife habitat, surely a mutual goal with broad support. Plant lush layers of mannerly plants that provide good habitat, native o...
Tags: Gardening, Africa, America, North America, Doug Tallamy, Ministry of Controversy, Tony Avent, Carol Reese, Asia Native, Metasequoia, Anisetree, Berengia, Henry Eilers

Bushnell Named Official Riflescope Sponsor of Precision Rifle Series

Bushnell Named Official Riflescope Sponsor of Precision Rifle Series OVERLAND PARK, Kansas –-(Ammoland.com)- Bushnell is proud to have been named the Official Riflescope Sponsor of the Precision Rifle Series and title sponsor for the PRS Southeast Regional Series. “We are beyond proud to officially announce our 2019 partnership with Bushnell Elite Tactical as the official riflescope of the Precision Rifle Series,” said Shannon Kay, PRS director. “The Bushnell Elite Tactical brand has taken ce...
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More promising news about phages, the parasites that prey on parasites

For many years, we've been following the research on phages, viruses that kill bacteria, once a staple of Soviet medicine and now touted as a possible answer to the worrying rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Steffanie Strathdee is an infectious disease epidemiologist; she's written a book about her husband Tom Patterson's near-death experience: Patterson was nearly killed by a large ("soccer-ball sized"), infected cyst in his gut, and his life was saved by experimental phage...
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Federal Introduces HST 10mm Auto Load

Federal Introduces HST 10mm Auto Load ANOKA, Minnesota –-(Ammoland.com)- Federal has combined the ultimate self-defense bullet and cartridge in its new Federal Premium 10mm Auto HST load. Shipments have been delivered to dealers. Full-power loading makes the most of the HST bullet design, providing large, consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance. Its specially designed hollow point won't plug while passing through a variety of barriers, and the bullet jacket...
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Federal Ammunition Honored by NWTF with Corporate Achievement Award

Federal Ammunition Honored by NWTF with Corporate Achievement Award for More than 35 years of Continuous Support ANOKA, Minnesota –-(Ammoland.com)- Federal, the only licensed ammunition partner of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), recently received NWTF’s Corporate Achievement Award. The award was presented to Federal’s Director of Conservation Ryan Bronson during the 43rd Annual NWTF Convention & Sport Show, February 13-17, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. Presented annually by the N...
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STELLA and FLUX – Infrared Edition

One of the most complex and involved sofubi projects to date for T+CP (4 years in the making), the Stella and Flux sofubi figure will be released for pre-order on Thursday February 28th 2019 at Noon PT. From artist Tara McPherson, the figure release will be the Stella and Flux - Infrared Edition . Sculpted by Mirock Toy and featuring 7 points of articulation, this version will be limited to a run of 100 pieces - 50 via Circus Posterus (North America) and 50 via Tomenosuke (International).  Th...
Tags: Toys, Flux, North America, Stella, Tomenosuke, Tara McPherson, Tomenosuke International The Stella

Animal spotlight: 7 facts about North American eagles

From Bald Eagle Appreciation Days in Wisconsin to soaring Golden Eagles as a tradition at Auburn University, North American eagles are viewed as stately and powerful creatures. However, these two resident eagles of North America have not survived without a struggle.Officials removed Bald Eagles from the US federal list of threatened and endangered species in 2007 after years of illegal hunting and habitat and food destruction diminished the population.  Though Golden Eagles are not currently on ...
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Century Arms Announces New Lifetime Warranty for VSKA AK Rifle

Century Arms Announces New Lifetime Warranty for VSKA AK Rifle DELRAY BEACH, Florida –-(Ammoland.com)- Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, is proud to announce their new heavy duty AK rifle, the VSKA, is now backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Announced in October 2018, the 2019 VSKA (vis-kuh) from Century Arms represents the latest in an American-built AK rifle. Critical components are machined from S7 tool steel, including the bolt carrier, front trunnion and feed ramp, all ...
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Taxidermy Preserving History at 2019 SCI Hunter’s Convention

Editors Note: The North America model of conservation that has hunting as its core management tool is the greatest conservation system ever devised by mankind. For those that are against hunting please recognize what this system has and continues to accomplish and put aside your personal feelings while giving credit where credit is due. Taxidermy Preserving History at 2019 SCI Hunter's Convention Nevada – -(AmmoLand.com)- A few weeks ago I attended the 2019 SCI (Safari Club International) Hu...
Tags: Guns, Colorado, America, United States, Las Vegas, Nevada, North America, Damascus, Reno, Lions, Charlton, Mike, Reno Nevada, Hunting News, SCI Convention, SCI Foundation

Mec-Gar USA Announces New Sig Sauer 226 X5 9mm Magazines

Mec-Gar USA New Sig Sauer 226 X5 9mm Magazines MIDDLETOWN, CONN. – -(AmmoLand.com)- Mec-Gar USA is proud to announce the addition of an upgraded 9mm 19 round Sig Sauer P226 X5 magazine to their product line. The magazine consists of a 17 round tube with their new aluminum +2 basepad installed. Each magazine has Mec-Gar’s proprietary anti-friction coating which makes loading and unloading the magazine easier when shooting which leads to less malfunctions. They have been tested to fit into comp...
Tags: Guns, North America, Sig Sauer, Ammunition News, Brescia Italy, Mec Gar, Mec-Gar magazines, Mec Gar ® USA, Mec Gar Srl, Mec Gar USA Announces New Sig Sauer, Mec Gar USA New Sig Sauer, Mec Gar USA, David Kochol, Mec Gar Mec Gar Srl

Updated North American Waterfowl Management Plan Available

North American Waterfowl Management Plan MEMPHIS, Tennessee – -(AmmoLand.com)- The North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) 2018 update was recently released. For 32 years the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) has stood as a model of waterfowl conservation and as a beacon of success for wildlife conservation practitioners and enthusiasts worldwide. Through innovative partnerships combining science, boots-on-the-ground conservation delivery, and public and policy engage...
Tags: Guns, Mexico, Canada, United States, Tennessee, North America, Ducks Unlimited, Conservation News, Ducks Unlimited Inc, Nick Wiley, North American Waterfowl Management Plan NAWMP, NAWMP

Smart Lawns

Few things in gardening are as polarizing as opinions about lawns. On the one hand, the position of the mainstream turf and landscaping industry is to continue America’s enormous investment in chemical-based, industrially maintained turf, with no consideration for the environmental costs.  Chemlawn forever! On the other is what is popular with horticulturists and environmentalists––that lawns are an unsupportable anachronism and they must be wiped from the landscape, to be replaced by meadows, g...
Tags: Gardening, Virginia, America, United States, Connecticut, North America, Rhode Island, Southwest, Thomas Christopher, Edward S Curtis, Chemlawn

NWTF Announces Mossy Oak as Official Convention Sponsor

2019 NWTF Convention and Sport Show NASHVILLE, Tenn. – -(AmmoLand.com)- The National Wild Turkey Federation is proud to announce Mossy Oak as the Official Sponsor of the annual NWTF Convention and Sport Show at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center, February 13-17 in Nashville. “Turkey hunting and conservation is at the very core of what Mossy Oak is all about,” said Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak founder and CEO. “From our very earliest days in the industry, we drew our inspiration from th...
Tags: Guns, North America, Mack, Cabela, Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest, Shooting Industry News, Sponsorships, NWTF, National Wild Turkey Federation, West Point Miss, Haas Outdoors Inc, Mossy Oak, Mossy Oak Properties Mossy Oak, Becky Humphries, Sport Show, Prairie Wings

12th National Wild Turkey Symposium: First Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2019 Wild Turkeys Flock USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The National Wild Turkey Symposium seeks original research and synthesis papers on the ecology and management of wild turkeys for presentation at the Symposium and publication in the Proceedings. The Symposium occurs every 5 years and brings together state, federal and private wild turkey researchers, land managers, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas relative to ensuring sustainability of the wild turkey resource. C...
Tags: Usa, Guns, North America, Editorial Board, Conservation News, NWTF, Wildlife Management, National Wild Turkey Federation ( NWTF, Asheville Proceedings

Duck Unlimited Applauds President’s Intent To Nominate David Bernhardt

David L. Bernhardt to be nominated for Secretary of the Interior. David L. Bernhardt MEMPHIS, Tennessee – -(AmmoLand.com)- Ducks Unlimited (DU), a leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation, applauds President Trump’s intent to nominate David L. Bernhardt to serve as the new Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), the department in charge of managing and conserving public land and natural resources in the United States. Bernhardt has served as Deputy Secretary of the Int...
Tags: Guns, Senate, Canada, United States, North America, Ducks Unlimited, George W Bush, Trump, Memphis Tennessee, Interior, Bernhardt, Office of Congressional, Conservation News, Dale Hall, David Bernhardt, U S Department of the Interior DOI

National Wild Turkey Fed. Partners With Gowild To Boost Hunting Heritage Programs

National Wild Turkey Federation Partners with GoWild to Boost Hunting Heritage Programs, Conservation Efforts & More National Wild Turkey Federation Partners With Gowild NASHVILLE, Tennessee – -(AmmoLand.com)- One of the more storied organizations in conservation and hunting is partnering with the outdoors industry’s fasting growing tech startup. As the National Wild Turkey Federation expands upon its efforts to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters, it’s adding high tech firepower to its c...
Tags: Google, Guns, Nashville, North America, Luttrell, Conservation News, Hunting News, NWTF, National Wild Turkey Federation, Hunting Heritage Programs, Becky Humphries, Brad Luttrell, GoWild, National Wild Turkey Federation ( NWTF, Louisville Ky Download, National Wild Turkey Fed

If You Kill A Nurse, You Get A Hearse

Opinion Kenneth Freeman, Carlie Beaudin USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Did you know the State of Wisconsin was the first state in the Union to outlaw capital punishment? In fact, before outlawing the death penalty prior to the Civil War only one person was ever executed in Wisconsin. Even after Jeffrey Dahmer the so called “Milwaukee Monster” tortured, killed and ate his prey of young boys, Wisconsin still did not change their statute. When you watch those police dramas on TV and in movies, and the...
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