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My Dad’s Garden

It’s hard to say this, but I’ve been guilty of taking my Dad for granted. But, in all honesty, it’s his own fault. He has made it awfully easy. He always went to work. Always provided. Always took care of anything and everything. And did so without seeking any favors, attention, or gratitude. My advice to anyone who does not want to be taken for granted: Once in a while, create some drama. Trip people up. Be unreliable at a crucial time. Or disappointing somehow. Or terrifying. Or, almost drop...
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Tariffs: The Taxes That Made America Great

America Fist Free Trade Tariffs U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- As his limo carried him to work at the White House Monday, Larry Kudlow could not have been pleased with the headline in The Washington Post: “Kudlow Contradicts Trump on Tariffs.” The story began: “National Economic Council Director Lawrence Kudlow acknowledged Sunday that American consumers end up paying for the administration's tariffs on Chinese imports, contradicting President Trump's repeated inaccurate claim that the Chinese foot...
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Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: 3 Books for a Rainy Afternoon

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I was blessed to be able to spend four days in Ohio with my mom for Mother's Day. Mr. BFR got her yard and patio ready for summer, and I helped with the indoor jobs. We also managed to find time to eat and cook, and laugh and drink. As a consequence, though, I didn’t have much time to read for pleasure. First, because I needed to work ahead so I could take Friday off work. Second because, of course, I’d rather spend time with my mom than be by myself reading...
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Attempted Undermining of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act ~ Williams v. Beemiller

Attempted Undermining of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act ~ Williams v. Beemiller Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- The New York Supreme Court recently ruled that a man shot by a gang member did not have standing to sue the retailer that legally sold the gun.  The court has been winding its tortuous way through the process for over a decade. Williams was shot in 2005. Williams v. Beemiller is about injuries sustained from an assault committed by a New York High School gang on an innocent bystander, who w...
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Can-Am Expands Defender Farm Test Program in U.S. & Canada

Can-Am Expands Defender Farm Test Program in U.S. & Canada USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Can-Am is expanding its popular Defender Farm Test Program, which allows farmers and landowners to personally experience how a Can-Am Defender can help them on their property. Can-Am now offering Defender Farm Test program in 5 states and 5 Provinces 24-hour real farm use test of Can-Am Defender side-by-side vehicles Program is free of charge, and includes vehicle drop-off and pickup The program is now availa...
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At Work, at Home, and as You Drive – More Self Defense Gun Stories

Self-Defense Gun Stories U.S.A.– (Ammoland.com)- Here is the news you won't get from the mainstream media. Again this week, responsible gun owners defend themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Jeff Street joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan and training?  What can we learn from their experience? (21-minute audio) These victims survived lethal attacks because they had a gun..and a p...
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Ammo Stockpiling – Busting Myths with Real Data ~ VIDEO

Opinion by Rational Preps via Youtube. All credit for video and transcript is the property of Rational Preps. This video uses select data to debunk common myths about stockpiling ammunition for SHTF situations. It explains why using ammo for barter is a terrible idea, how much you really need for self-defense and hunting, and the truth about hoarding ammo for militia activities. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- So-called experts love to pontificate on the amount of ammunition preppers should stockpile....
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2019 NRA-ILA Grassroots Programs Leadership Conference Wrap-Up

2019 NRA-ILA Grassroots Programs Leadership Conference Wrap-Up Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- On Saturday, April 27, the NRA-ILA Grassroots Programs & Campaign Field Operations Division hosted its Leadership Conference in conjunction with NRA’s Annual Meetings in Indianapolis. After his opening remarks, Division Director, Glen Caroline recognized NRA’s National youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors. The NRA’s National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador Program provides an unparalleled opportunity f...
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Knife Rights’ Ohio Knife Law Reform Bill Introduced

Knife Rights' Ohio Knife Law Reform Bill Introduced Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- After a number of years working with our good friend Ohio State Senator Joe Uecker, SB 140 has been introduced that would reform Ohio knife law. SB 140 repeals Sec. 2923.20(A)(6), the state's ban on the manufacture and sale to civilians of switchblade knives, springblade knives and gravity knives, as well as brass knuckles, cestus, billy, blackjack, sandbag or any similar weapon In addition, SB 140 creates an exceptio...
Tags: Guns, Senate, Ohio, Gun Rights News, Knife Rights, America s Grassroots Knife Owners Organization, Buckeye Firearms Association, Joe Uecker, Kristina Roegner, Rick Hinderer, Matt Huffman Larry Obhof

Forget Inbox Zero: Use OHIO to Triage Your Emails Instead

NicoElNino/Shutterstock Email is neither dead nor obsolete. It is, in fact, increasing by 10+ billion emails per day and too many of those will end up in your inbox. Here’s how to get a grip and not let them overwhelm you. If your inbox is a desert of minimalist white and you swiftly deal with the occasional email that dares sully the pristine tidiness, this probably isn’t for you. We’ve got lots more things to read that will be of more interest to you. But if you’ve got an inbox with hund...
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Ohio Rapper Q Money Turns Himself In to Police After Being Wanted for Murder

Ohio rapper Q Money turned himself in to police Thursday (Apr. 18) after reports surfaced that he was wanted for murder in Georgia in connection with the shooting death of another Cleveland area rapper.According to jail records, 23-year-old Qamar Williams was booked into the Dekalb County Jail around 3:25 p.m. Thursday on a felony murder charge.Williams is accused of shooting 24-year-old Calvin Chappell in the head around 8:30 am. Monday at the home of Chappell’s cousin in Decatur, which is abou...
Tags: Murder, Crime, Shooting, Guns, Atlanta, Georgia, Williams, Hip Hop, Pop Culture, Jazz, Ohio, Warner Bros, Cleveland, Gun Violence, Decatur, Chappell

Tulips For A Cause

  Botanically speaking, I suppose most horticulturists don’t do much with tulips in their home gardens. Despite a history rife in treacherous explorations which brought a plant from the dry eastern Mediterranean to low-country Holland, most horticulturists are on to other things. They dismiss the anthropologically fascinating story of markets, economies, and logistics. Many are likely ignorant of the sordid tales of obsession that prompted good, stout, Calvinist Dutch to try one or more of seve...
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Kitchen of the Week: A Glamorous Design by Well-Priced Bespoke UK Workshop Naked Kitchens

Just when we were starting to wonder if we had OD’d on brass accents, we discovered a kitchen in Normandy with a shiny backsplash: see Riverside House from an Upstart American Restaurateur. And then we recently came across this appealing setup that manages to feel both dressy and low-key. So now we’re thinking: bring on the brass backsplashes. Naked Kitchens, a UK outfit with a combined showroom and workshop—both open for tours—came up with the green and brass design. Known as the Ladbroke, it’s...
Tags: Books, UK, Normandy, Italy, Ohio, Brass, Jayne, Carrara, Samphire, Ladbroke, Kitchen Design, Norfolk England, Kitchen of the Week, Kitchen Islands, Wood Paneling, Riverside House

Tickets On Sale Now for Special Events at NRA Annual Meetings in Indy!

Tickets On Sale Now for Special Events at NRA Annual Meetings in Indy! INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -(AmmoLand.com)- The 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, scheduled for April 25-28 in Indianapolis, is just weeks away, and NRA is looking forward to welcoming more than 80,000 Members from across the country to celebrate the Second Amendment! Every year, the NRA Annual Meetings is the biggest celebration of American gun rights, featuring hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest in firearms, outdoo...
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Columbus Sues Ohio for Protecting Second Amendment Rights

Columbus Sues Ohio for Protecting Second Amendment Rights U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- On 27 December, 2018, the Ohio legislature voted with more than the two thirds majority required to override Governor Kasich' veto of HB 228. HB 228 strengthened Ohio's preemption law to prevent erosion of Second Amendment rights in Ohio. The right to own, possess, and carry weapons has been under attack by several cities in Ohio. The City of Columbus is attempting to block the new law with a lawsuit. The City o...
Tags: Guns, Department Of Defense, Arizona, Ohio, City Council, Cleveland, Columbus, General Assembly, Second Amendment, Kasich, CLEVELAND Ohio, Ohio Supreme Court, Frank Jackson, Supreme Court of Ohio, House Bill, Zach Klein

President Trump Saves The Last Tank Factory In The Western Hemisphere ~ VIDEO

Lima, Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- In 2012, the Obama Administration sought to close one of America’s premier defense facilities as part of mandated budget sequestration. Congressional Republicans managed to stop them, but the number of employees at the plant still plummeted to just 75. “Enter President Trump,” writes White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro in The New York Times, “with a far different view of the role of a strong military in both defending our homelan...
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This Wednesday on Shooting USA – The SCTP Nationals

SCTP Nationals Nashville, TN -(AmmoLand.com)- It’s time for a personal best at the Scholastic Clay Target Nationals in Ohio, with thousands of youngsters participating in the most successful youth shooting program of all time. Plus, Hand building 1911s the old way at Les Baer Custom. It’s the same process developed by pistol smiths in the 1930s, still used to create exceptionally accurate handguns. Then, John and John Paul of JP Enterprises begin a rifle build-up for accuracy. And Colt Pro Sh...
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Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: 4 Good Books and a Story

Good morning. If you're in the United States, I hope you're adjusting to the time change. I actually do better with the spring forward than I do with the fall back. Maybe that's because I love the idea that I can now take an outdoor walk after work. Yay for evening daylight. I had a decent reading week, but that might be because most of the books I read were short and didn't require a lot of thought. Always a good choice after editing all day. We haven't watched anything in particular ...
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Master Gardener: Heirloom tomato tips and more on citrus pruning

Q: Last year I planted several heirloom tomato varieties. They grew well, but did not produce many tomatoes. My Brandywine plant was beautiful and healthy-looking, but only produced one tomato. I thought heirloom varieties were better than ordinary hybrids. What is going on? A: In the last few years, vegetable and flower varieties labeled “heirloom” have become popular. The California Master Gardener Handbook defines an heirloom as “a crop variety or cultivar documented to have been in cultivati...
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CMP Adds New Events to 2019 National Matches Long Range Schedule

New events have been added to the 2019 National Matches Long Range schedule to expand opportunities even further for competitors. CAMP PERRY, Ohio –-(Ammoland.com)- The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has added three new matches to its 2019 National Matches Long Range lineup, set to be fired at Camp Perry in Ohio, Aug. The McMaken and Speaks Memorial Match will be unlimited sighting shots and 20 record shots in 30 minutes at 1,000 yards. Awards will be given in match rifle/any sights, ser...
Tags: Guns, America, United States, Ohio, Palma, Nra, Cmp, Springfield, National Guard, Perry, Augusta Georgia, Winder, Ohio National Guard, Trinidad Cuba, Camp Perry Ohio, Competitive Shooting News

Common Semiautomatic Weapons Under Fire, from Democrat Congress

Opinion Common Semiautomatic Weapons Under Fire, from Democrat Congress New York – -(AmmoLand.com)-“It’s like déjà vu all over again.” ~ Yogi Berra If you asked your fellow Americans to point to one defining moment in our Nation’s recent history, many would likely mention the attack on our soil in 2001, for obvious reason. Some Americans might point to Barack Obama as U.S. President, but not for anything he carried out—if he carried out anything of benefit to this Nation and its people—but b...
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Adam Kraut on the 2019 NRA-BoD Elections ~ What Do You Want? NRA’s Future

Editor Note: Please consider voting for Adam Kraut in the NRA 2019 NRA Board of Directors Election. Adam Kraut is endorsed by Jeff Knox USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- While at SHOT this year I ran into Fredy and Brian (the owners/editors) in the SHOT Show media room. Fredy told me that he was publishing articles from candidates soliciting votes from NRA Voting Members for the 2019 NRA Board of Directors election and did not have one from me. I was asked to write a short piece if I wanted something ...
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Ohio Small Game & Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons Proposed to Council

Ohio Small Game & Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons Proposed to Council COLUMBUS, OH  -(Ammoland.com)-  The 2019-2020 small game and migratory bird hunting seasons and trapping seasons were proposed to the Ohio Wildlife Council on Wednesday, Jan. 9, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The hunting season date proposals prepared by the ODNR Division of Wildlife maintain many traditional opening dates. Proposals concerning Ohio's white-tailed deer hunting seasons will be p...
Tags: Guns, Ohio, Lake Erie, Council, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Hunting News, ODNR Division of Wildlife, Small Game Hunting, Ohio Wildlife Council, Dublin Road Columbus, Greene County Fish, Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons Proposed to Council, Sandusky River, Mosquito Reservoir

How To Prepare to Carry a Gun

By Richard D. Turnquist How To Prepare to Carry a Gun Colordao – -(AmmoLand.com)- For me, it was Sandy Hook. For you, it could have been Thousand Oaks. Or Parkland. Or maybe it was Orlando. Mass shooting incidents tend to pique interest in becoming an armed citizen and perhaps a concealed carry permit holder. The journey from unarmed potential victim to armed defender is not difficult, but there are definite steps to be followed and certain things to be aware of. Carrying a firearm in publ...
Tags: New York, Guns, Colorado, America, Fbi, New Jersey, Ohio, District Of Columbia, Sandy Hook, Competitive Shooting News, Firearms Training, Concealed Carry, NRA Certified Instructors, Richard D. Turnquist, Ways Bullets Both Ways, Orlando Mass

Family New to Shooting Receives Unexpected Generosity During First CMP Event

CMP-family CAMP PERRY, Ohio -(Ammoland.com)-“We got really lucky. We were just full of luck this trip.” A trip that was a dream come true for 10-year-old Jayden and his family nearly became a nightmare when everything they had planned quickly unraveled before their eyes. But, when all seemed lost, their misfortunes were patched by the compassion of strangers in the most unexpected ways. Back in their hometown of Mission, Texas, the Sanchez family spends a lot of quality time together. Pete an...
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Ohio Hunters Harvest More Than 14,000 Deer During Muzzleloader Season

Ohio Hunters Harvest More Than 14,000 Deer During Muzzleloader Season COLUMBUS, OH – -(AmmoLand.com)- Hunters checked 14,182 white-tailed deer during Ohio’s muzzleloader season, Jan. 5-8, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). During last year’s muzzleloader season, 13,268 white-tailed deer were checked. Hunters still have opportunities to pursue deer this winter, as archery season remains open through Sunday, Feb. 3 2019. The ODNR Division of Wildlife remains committed...
Tags: Guns, Washington, America, Williams, Fairfield, Athens, Warren, Miami, Ohio, Knox, Jackson, Madison, Delaware, Ross, Montgomery, Hamilton

Paralympic Athlete Gets First Taste of Competitive Shooting While Making History

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer Moira Antal CAMP PERRY, Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- Back in June, Moira Antal, 14, of Bealeton, Va., helped make history as she became the first Paralympic athlete to compete at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Three-Position Air Rifle National Championship, held at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry, Ohio. “It’s very fun,” she said with a laugh, speaking of competing in air rifle. “It’s calming. When I shoot, I zone out and let my min...
Tags: Guns, Navy, Virginia, United States, Ohio, Gary Anderson, Colorado Springs, Nra, Harley, Cmp, Moira, Patricia, Wendy, Matt, Ernie, USA Shooting

And he’s a republican

Gun-owner rights bill becomes Ohio law after legislature overrode Kasich veto. Has Kasich ever been a friend to liberty?
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2018: Buckeye Firearms Association’s Long List of Activities & Accomplishments

by Dean Rieck 2018: Buckeye Firearms Association's Long List of Activities & Accomplishments Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- When I began thinking about writing a review of this year's activities, it didn't take long to realize that this would be a daunting task. While we try to keep supporters informed of what's going on day-to-day and month-to-month, we spend a lot more time working than tooting our own horn. But I started making notes and surprised myself when I saw just how many pages I filled u...
Tags: Maryland, Guns, Colorado, Washington, America, Bloomberg, Indiana, Chicago, United Kingdom, Ohio, Cleveland, Columbus, General Assembly, Cincinnati, Trump, Bfa

Ohio Legislature Overrides Kasich’ Veto of Gun Law Reform

Ohio Legislature Overrides Kasich' Veto of Gun Law Reform Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- The Ohio legislature has passed an override of Governor Kasich' veto of HB 228. There are several major reforms in Ohio's HB 228. One provision is to strengthen Ohio's preemption statute. Ohio, as with most states, has a law that reserves statutory authority about firearms to the legislature. Local governments and regulatory bodies are not allowed to make a crazy quilt of ordinances and regulations to prevent t...
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