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New update 2.1.1 (2019-04-23)

For Max/Max2 pro Update Log 2019-04-23_17-47_2.1.1_5ee20a6 733MB V2.1.1 (2019-04-23) Fixed compatibility problems in German, French and Japanese; Fixed some translation in English;
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Removing Google apps on the Onyx Boox Note

Hi, I am looking for an ereader. I would like to ask a question about the Onyx Boox Note/Note pro: I don't feel comfortable at all having Google bloatwares on my ereader, is that possible to remove them completely (G Playstore, Gmail, Youtube, Gmaps...) ? Thank you
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The Times App on Poke Pro

I can't seem to get The Times app to work properly on the Poke Pro. Any advice please?
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Note taking with time stamped audio?

Greetings, I use OneNote to take notes during class and I love the fact that this allows me to take timestamped audio recordings of the lecture. Do any of the Onyx systems/apps allow for this? I would also like to the capacity to open the notes on a PC, or at least save the audio and then import that into OneNote. It is my general understanding that OneNote on the Onyx devices tends to lag. I would think this may interfere with the time syncing. Thanks for any assistance!
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New to Boox Nova Pro and want to use FBReader

So I am stumped. I would like to use FBReader and have the Nova synchronize my books, but all I get is that Google Play is not enabled. Is there any way to sync my books from fbreader.org with the Nova and read books in FBReader? If that is no longer an option, is there any way I can have a reader on the Nova sync with an online repository of my books? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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Text sharpness and darkness of Nova Pro

Hi, I've heard that the flush screen costs some sharpnes/darkness of text for Nova Pro. Can users say something about this? Is it OK or problematic? For example, when you compare with PW, text are sharper or not? Thanks
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Make books from Kindle, Libby show in main library

How do I get books downloaded in Kindle, Libby, or other storefront/library apps to show up in the main library screen that my Nova Pro defaults to on boot? I'd love to be able to read these books in the default reading app. The Kindle app is fine once you're in to a book but a flashing mess getting there because of the graphics even after optimizing. Libby is even worse with flashing and slow, sometimes unresponsive page turns even after optimizing. It was nearly unusable before optimizing. I ...
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Onyx Boox Note Pro - OneNote Sync Issues

Hi all, Has anyone figured out how to get the native Notes to appear in OneNote? I've "bound" to my OneNote account, but nothing appears in one note after syncing. Thanks in advance, -Robert
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New Update 2.1.1 is available (oficial BOOX Nova Pro V2.1.1(20190417))

New Update for BOOX Nova Pro V2.1.1(20190417) Users of NOVA, Onyx can already download and install Official Update V2.1.1(20190417) All the information, and the update to download it, you will find everything here: User manual 2.1.* PDF :bulb2: Update 2.1.* documentation can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qhh...50KiGmGEb/view Attached Thumbnails  
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Boox Max Carta Navigation > More Settings bug?

I got a used Boox Max Carta. I read a lot of two column PDFs. In the max carta, when I use Navigation > More Settings and choose any options, none of them work. It doesn't zoom out to the right regions. Is this a known bug? Is there a way around this? I couldn't find any reference on this forum. This is using Neo Reader v2.0. If I use Onyx Neo Reader, the app just crashes. Zoom, crop etc all work but the navigating columns is important. I can post video if that would be helpful.
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BOOX Nova : How to downgrade firmware from "2.1" to original "2.0.1" ?

Hello my friends ! I have a small question for you. How to downgrade the Frimawre V2.1 to V2.0.1? * BOOX Onyx Nova Pro. :help: - I tested (out of curiosity, yes i know, it's stupid) the Chinese version (upgrade 2.1), but I do not like the new interface for the reader of [email protected] books, many small settings are missing in the new version. *In addition, it is full of bugs - I was trying to download and install with the update.upx from the Onyx official page, it does not work. (with failed messa...
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ragged right margins with epubs?

I have a Kindle and have downloaded a ton of public domain epub books and convert them to the Kindle azw3 format before loading them on the Kindle. When I convert to azw3 I've specified a ragged right margin and the Kindle displays them with ragged right even though they imply (or state) that you only get ragged right with their newer kfx format. Can the Boox (Note Pro let's say) override the formatting of the epub and display ragged right? Or will I have to go through my epubs and find the o...
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App Icons for Boox Devices

Hello all, I've owned several e-readers over the past 10 years or so, but just got my hands on a Boox Note Pro, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'm a little OCD (figuratively), and couldn't stand that the icons downloaded via the Google Play Store didn't have nice, high-contrast icons like the apps that come pre-loaded on the device. I looked around a little bit and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I ended up making some of my own. It's fairly simple to create them, and all you hav...
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Exporting highlights into text

Hi, I want to buy a nova/nova pro but curious about whether I can export my highlights on pdfs into separate text file like we can do in kindle (myclippings)... As far as I know, we can export the whole highlighted page but that's not I'm looking...
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Onyx Notes SDK | Third Party Note Taking App

Hello all Onyx Owners, I am thinking about buying a large ebook reader with note taking capability. So far, my research revealed, that third party note taking apps are lagging because they don't use onyx notes sdk. 1) are there note taking apps available using a svg based file format? 2) If not, are the onyx sdks public? (I already programmed a simple note taking app for my nearly broken linux tablet.) So I am thinking about programming/porting my rudimentary note taking program to android and ...
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Anyone use VNC instead of HDMI to view computer screen?

The max2 has an HDMI port to view computer screen. But, if you run a VNC app, it can do something similar. You can view your computer screen on an android device. Has anyone tried it? I wanted to have a similar feature on the smaller Boox devices.
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Onyx Boox Nova discontinued (Good e-Reader April 2) ?

My question is in the title "Onyx Boox Nova is discontinued" says "Good e-Reader" April 2. Have you heard something about that ? If true it is unbelievable and unpleasant. The Nova (not the Pro model) is marketed since few months only, not very encouraging for his customers if true.
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Questions on the Onyx Boox Nova

Hello! I have three questions on the Onyx Boox Nova: (1) Does the native Onyx Boox Nova e-reading application (neoreader) support Kepub e-books? I have a large library of Kepub books that I read on my Kobo Aura H20. (2) I read the Boox Nova charges via USB-C. Would anyone know if any USB-C cable works or do you have to use the supplied cable? It would be a problem if you lose the cable provided if it only charges via the supplied one. (3) Is the Onyx Nova screen superior to the Likebook Mars...
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Onyx Front Light Trick (Nova Pro/Note Pro)

I was watching a review of the Nova Pro and the reviewer said if you long-press the "back" button at the bottom of the device, it would cycle the front light on and off...I tried it on my Note Pro and sure enough, it works! Anyway, it even works within a running app, like Kindle...since we don't have a manual/user guide for the Note Pro available yet, I thought I'd post this tip here. FYI, I'm running v2.1 on the Note Pro..not sure if that makes a difference or not.
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Onyx Boox Note, not all font sizes possible?

On my Onyx Boox Note the selection of font sizes is limited since the incremental steps between font sizes are very rough. I can e.g. select font sizes 12, 16, 20, 24. But I can not set the size to 14, 18 or 22. Am I missing something? Is there a way to set the font size to your exact liking?
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Onyx Vs. Sony

Hello, Does Onyx make anything that compares with the Sony 13" ereaders for PDF reading/annotating and general note taking? Please let me know if you've used both as opposed to only Onyx. I've used the 1st edition Sony for 3-4 years and traded for the Boyue Mimas based on reviews and backlight and that was a mistake. It's unusable for PDFs. Now I need to sell this Mimas and get a PDF tool that works. Thanks, Phil
Tags: Books, Sony, Onyx Boox, Mimas, Onyx, Boyue Mimas, Onyx Vs Sony

Remote control page turn on Onyx

Has anyone rigged up a hands free remote page turn controller on an Onyx. I'm thinking of getting something like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Bluetooth-Remo...6Q4E6JQABKZ470 Apparently it will work with Moon+ reader. Anyone done this, and how does it work?
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onyx boox max 2:- is this a bootloop?

Booted up my onyx today and it just went on an endless booting process without getting anywhere. I haven't done anything to it (updates etc). When I try a factory reset it doesn't work. When I hold exit button and power as variously suggested here - no joy - just an occasional return to ONYX splash screen and then back to endless bootup....What do I do? Thanks in advance for any replies/help
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Please help! Exporting Notes from Onyx Boox

Hi, when I try and export notes from my Boox, it says "export success" but then I can't locate the notes that have been exported. I've looked in the Notes folder and in storage. I am hoping to email them to myself so that I can look at them on my laptop later. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :thanks:
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T76ML Carta+ 1.9.1 update (chinese)

Any chance someone is able to download the file? http://bbs.onyx-international.com.cn...extra=page%3D1
Tags: Books, Onyx Boox, T76ML Carta

Seamlessly sending websites to eReaders from phones

edit: oops, meant this to be in the What One Should I Buy forum Apologies if this has been done to death, but I'm going crazy trying to figure out what to search for. I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I love for reading eBooks (and for better or worse, I have a pretty big Kindle collection). The workflow I'd love to have work flawlessly is "I'm reading a thing on my phone (or Mac) and want to read it on an eReader *right now*". I use the Android "Upload to Kindle" app which never seems to work - I...
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Is there any way to get a split screen?

Hi Forum, I have an Onyx Max2 Pro. Liking it a lot so far, except for one thing: How to view two different pdf files on the same (huge :-)) screen? I'm looking for some way to split the screen in two panels, side by side or one on top of the other, and read/annotate a different pdf file in each panel. Can this be done, maybe with a third party application? Thanks!
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Stylus for Nova Pro?

I'd like to get a spare stylus for my Onyx Nova Pro. I've read various threads here and in other places and it's all a bit confusing. I'm really surprised that there is no way to just get a replacement stylus from Onyx itself. I know GoodEReader has some, like https://goodereader.com/blog/product...acement-stylus but I'm not sure if that will work with the Nova Pro. Looks like the right one, but I gather that earlier Onyx devices had one type of stylus that is incompatible with later devices. A...
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Problem with stylus after 1.9.1 update

Hi, some months ago I updated my M96 to 1.9.1 using the china language. After this update I have trouble with stylus: often the stylus "thinks" it is out of screen, so my notes are full of lines that goes from the place where I was writing to an edge of the screen. It is impossibile to me to write using the stylus without the fear of random lines. I'm the only one? Suggestions? Thank you
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