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How to use reading list plugin

I have the plugin installed, and configured for a device. I have an "add to" list and a "remove from" list. But I don't see how to populate the list. How can I add books to my lists? I have current versions of the plugin and Calibre.
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Author name sort

There was some plugin which could sort the author name in the main calibre view (not in tag browser) in the right order: Last Name, First Name instead of First name Last Name Unfortunately, I have forgotten it's name Yes, I know about the author_sort_copy_method but it just didn't work in my case
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[Store Plugin] Configurable COPS store

Dear all, We have a shared library on COPS server (https://github.com/seblucas/cops) with some of my friends, protected by a password. To simplify browsing of available books I've created a plugin to use the server as a store. The plugin should work with any OPDS server, but it was only tested on a single instance of COPS. The plugin can be found here: https://github.com/blaz-kranjc/calib...s_store_plugin Limitations:Currently the plugin only supports a single server. Ideally, I would transfo...
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Reporting an error

I keep getting errors for Fanfiction.net downloads. I know Fiction Press/Fanfiction has been doing a lot of updates recently, so I figured that is probably the cause. This is the error message I got tonight when trying to update a story previously downloaded: The Procedure iambeagle The site fanfiction.net is blocking downloads. Site is disabled in this version of FanFicFare. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13714341/1/ I did the most recent Calibre update as well as the most recent plug-in...
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Is there a metadata source plugin for FF.net?

Recently FFF has not been able to download fics from FF.net due to issues with the FF.net site. FFDL is able to download fics but when imported into Calibre, there is no metadata. Is there a way to "download metadata" from FF.net? I tried searching for a source plugin for FF.net but did not find anything. Thanks for any assistance or info.
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LC Plug-In Can't Find any LCC/DDC/FAST tags

I always get this message; "calibre, version 5.9.0 Library Codes: Nothing Updated For Any Books, But There Were No Errors. Visit: http://classify.oclc.org/classify2/" when I'm scanning for LCC/DDC/FAST tags for books with valid ISBN's. Is there any particular reason for that ? I already do have the #lcc #ddc #fast columns present fyi. Any help is welcome! Thank you for the tool @DaltonST !
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How will Calibre handle Calibre 5 only plugins?

What happens if a plugin that was written before Calibre 5 ends up no longer working on Calibre 4.23 because of no longer being Python 2 compatible? How will Calibre handle it? As I see it now, Calibre 4.23 or earlier will pull up a notification that there is a new version, the new version will be installed and screw with the existing version. Will Calibre be modified such that it will handle this issue and not show plugins that only work on Calibre 5 to Calibre 423 or earlier versions?
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Fanfiction.net blocking downloads

I have discovered that Fanfiction.net is now blocking 3rd party downloads. This includes the Calibre plugin as well as their own Fanction.net iOS app. I have been in touch with their tech support on this issue and this was confirmed by them. They are also now requiring captcha to try & limit even browsing/reading on their own site & in their own app. I wanted to bring this up & make people aware. I just installed the latest calibre plugin to test it & getting the following error Status Ti...
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[Metadata Source Plugin] Adlibris (Finland / Norway / Sweden)

Adlibris - Version 0.1.0 BETA - January 10th 2021 - by J-H. Plugin to download metadata and covers from Adlibris.com. It is compatible with Adlibris.com Finland, Norway, and Sweden. You can choose the country and configure other plugin settings within Calibre. This plugin is based on Pr. BarnArt's ADLIBRIS_SE plugin. This project is in BETA stage, so please comment to make it more mature. I've tested the plugin with Calibre version 5.9. It may or may not work with earlier releases. Pleas...
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[Conversion Plugin] WebVtt Subtitle Conversion to epub Plugin

This is a plugin to convert subtitles (with webvtt format) downloaded from Netflix service into epub ebook. Features * Choose 1 to 2 subtitle languages. If two are selected, the sub language subtitle would be smaller, served as the translation for main language subtitle. * Support adding Episodes into epub Table of Contents. If the series has several seasons, all season, episode information will be in Table of Contents too for easier navigation in different episodes. Why I wrote this plugin ...
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Can't install Apprentice Alf

Hello, New to E-Books(Kindle) and new to calibre. I am trying to convert a Kindle book to pdf. Learned about Apprentice Alf thru calibre help. Downloaded and followed instructions. Got the following error message: calibre, version 5.8.1 ERROR: Unhandled exception: SyntaxError:invalid syntax (calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__, line 168) calibre 5.8.1 embedded-python: True is64bit: False Windows-10-10.0.18362 Windows ('32bit', 'WindowsPE') 32bit process running on 64bit windows ('Windows', '1...
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[GUI Plugin] fluter. Downloader

This plugin helps to download last issues of fluter. Magazin der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Plugin is unofficial and not related to the magazine. Usage Install and add to the toolbar. Then click on the button to open plugin window. Here you can start downloading or open configuration, where you can choose the number of last issues to download. More information you can find on GitHub repository https://github.com/kam193/fluter-downloader A...
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[Metadata Source Plugin] caching a cover

Hello mobilereaders, I am strugglling with a Calibre plugin I created. The identify method is working great to update my books metadata, but I cannot find how to cache the cover in the result_queue. I have an identifiers dict{} and the cover url as a string. It seems to be very easy, but I cannot get it working for hours. Thks for your help.
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DRM removal - Amazon rented books

It seems Amazon has implemented a new DRM mechanism with ebooks rented from libraries. I can't find a DMR removal tool that will work with rentals. Any suggestions. I've tried the top 3: deDRM by Appretice Alf, Epubor ultimate,any ebook converter. on Google.
Tags: Amazon, Books, Plugins, DMR, Appretice Alf Epubor

Recipe Input Plugin?

In calibre - Preferences - Plugins I see: Quote: Recipe Input (1.0.0) by Kovid Goyal Download periodical content from the internet but I am unable to locate this plugin or any additional information about it. Any pointers? Thanks Dave
Tags: Books, Plugin, Plugins, Kovid Goyal

Reporting an error

I have gotten this error for the last few days. Title: Status Title Author Comment URL Error Unknown Unknown HTTP Error 403: Forbidden https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13773051/1/ Status in calibre: Invalid Bug description: I have gotten this error for the last few days. I've done the latest update, but it is still happening on more than one story. I am using version 5.7.2 64 bit; Windows 8.1. I was trying to download as a Kindle file. Thanks!
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Reinstalled OS, now can't install plugin

Have done a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 on a new SSD. The I downloaded and installed the latest Calibre. Finally I imported back all data I had exported before reinstalling Windows. It seems to work well. I can open books, all personal ajustments are there, like My Shelves, my tags etc, reading settings, notations etc. I can also attach my Kobo and transfer without any problem. But when I was going to install an unofficial plugin again, I got an error message. Does anyone know what wen...
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New FFNET Issue

Dear Plug-In Authors, I'm new to the forum, but the most recent addition to the FFF Plug-In for Calibre seems to have a problem. I can no longer download or update books from fanfiction.net (FFNET). Note: I was trying one book at a time and turning on my VPN doesn't do anything. I also tried multiple books and links. None of them worked. I don't think the plug-in was broken (by me) because I haven't touched the settings. Also, it downloaded two AO3 links just fine. The error message: "HTTP Er...
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[Metadata Source Plugin] browser documentation

Hello, I cannot find documentation in calibre User Manual regarding the Code: browser module used in : Code: from calibre import browser Does anyone know where to find it ? Thks,
Tags: Books, Plugin, Plugins

Error with calibre connection

Hi, this question is for Davidfor and his plugins. When I connect my kobo Clara with last soft and calibre 4.23 all is ok except the following error: ConstraintError: UNIQUE constraint failed: Shelf.Id Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\device.py", line 90, in run File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\device.py", line 543, in _sync_booklists File "site-packages\calibre\devices\kobo\driver.py", line 970, in sync_booklists File "site-packages\calibre\devi...
Tags: Books, Plugins, Clara, Davidfor

New to plugin: need help on reference guide

Hello, I'm starting to write a plugin based on the existing example interface_demo_plugin. So far I made some python additions but I'm not sure how to find documentation about the different existing usable classes. Is the documentation located here : https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/plugins.html ? For instance I would like to retrieve the current library name in use, but couldn't find the information (db.something ?) Also I would like to be able to reimport a book file (pdf, cbr...) to an e...
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[Metadata Source Plugin] Mofibo.dk

This plugin has been created to download metadata and cover image from Mofibo.dk. The plugin is base on some ideas from the Goodreads plugin and the Biblionet plugin. Main features of 1.0.0: Can retrieve title, author, ISBN, comments, publisher, date of publication, series + index, language and a cover image Search based on ISBN, Title&Author or Mofibo ID Special Notes: Requires Calibre 5.0.1 or later. Only tested on 5.4.2 actually. Installation Notes: Download the attached zip file and ...
Tags: Books, Plugins, Mofibo, Plugin -RSB- Mofibo

User Plugins: missing version history

Today I noticed that menu option "Version History" seems to be missing. It used to be between "Install" and "Plugin forum thread". Is that a deliberate omission? Attached Thumbnails  
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Goodreads retiring API

Note on the top of the page. Quote: As of December 8th 2020, Goodreads is no longer issuing new developer keys for our public developer API and plans to retire these tools. How will this affect plugins that pull data from goodreads.com? Are they currently using the API or screen scraping?
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Hello, I have asked if you know a DeDRM plugin that works with KFX-ZIP ebooks bought in Amazon. I can't import the ebooks from Kindle in Calibre because of DRM. I have asked Calibre and they told me that a working beta version exists that is compatible with calibre 5 ? Do you know ? can you provide it to me ? Thanks a lot, Best Regards, Karine:help::help::thanks:
Tags: Amazon, Books, Plugins, Karine

ePubSplit not compatible with ePub3

Apparently one of the omnibus volumes I downloaded is ePub3 so ePubSplit can't handle it. Any alternative? I wouldn't mind converting the ePub3 to ePub2 but not sure how. And it's possible it wouldn't work anyway-there might be a reason it's ePub3. Or not. Still, better solution IMO would be an ePubSplit alternative that handles ePub3. Suggestions?
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Anchors not reaching destination correctly

I have lots of cross-references to add to a document. Half the book is made up of Appendix items. I've set up the first and it's not working correctly. It's supposed to find Appendix Item #26, but when I click the link, (while using Chrome's ebook reader) it only get halfway through Appendix 20. The anchor link is: Appendix #26. Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting Then, on the Appendix.xhtml file I've coded: 26. Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting, July 8, 2014 Any suggestions?
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Updated Plugins

Does the column on the update plugin gui for "Calibre" with the Calibre version mean that it would work with that version or better? I wanted to find out if my plugins are all able to run on the most current version of Calibre. How can I tell? I have a lot of plugins that i use all the time.
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Plugin Updater: What happened to the changelogs?

In the Plugin Updater, you used to be able to right-click on a plugin and see a popup with the changelog. Now it's missing. Was it removed? I found it useful. :(
Tags: Books, Plugins

Calibre Links, library_id, UUID, and Duplicates

While adding the new Calibre Links functionality to CalibreSpy, I necessarily looked at this new Calibre 5.6 function: Code: def create_copy_links(menu, data=None):     library_id = getattr(db, 'server_library_id', None) Calibre table library_id normally has a single record with a Calibre-setup generated (theoretically unique) UUID, such as "aedee8f6-9de0-4f01-ae45-f9e82c02450e". The issue is that up to Calibre 5.6, it did not matter whatsoever to Calibre itself whether the UUID was a...
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