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Ghost writing article on NPR

An article on ghost writing on NPR https://www.wnpr.org/post/ghostwriti...es-stays-pages
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Looking for this book: How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery

Hello All. I'm looking for this book: How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery by Edward Winkleman, Patton Hindle epub, mobi of AZW3 formats will be great. Thanks
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Help! Reading slump

Hi! I have a reading slump. I used to read like five-six books a month or even more if time allowed me but recently I hit the wall. I got totally stuck on one of Kristin Hannah's books (sorry!), I finished it but it was a struggle and I hit a slump since then. What can I do? Can you recommend something else, something to break the terrible slump? Should I get out of my comfort zone and try to read something totally different than I used to? How do you deal with the reading slump?
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Reference recommendations? (Nature field guides)

Has anyone found some good ebook versions of field guides? I'd like to take a well-stocked Android tablet on my nature walks. Carrying around a hardcopy library is not to be done (my lower back would object) and I'm hoping for something better than just an awkward scan by some publisher of their paper version. Specific regions of interest: northeastern US through the western Great Lakes states. More specific regional guides within this general area would be welcome. - birds - insects a...
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Searching mystery books

Do you have any great books you would like to share with me?:thanks:
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Brandon Sanderson' YA books.

I have enjoyed Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn , Wax and Wyne and his Stormlight series, but I see he has written others but they are YA books. ( The Reckoners, Skyward etc ) Has anyone read his normal Fantasy books and the YA ones? How do they compare? I do prefer the more involved fantasy books, but nothing wrong with a bit of good light reading as long as they a good.
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Poetry that looks like poetry?

In the introduction to Best Canadian Poetry 2019, the guest editor says, in part Quote: a reduced emphasis on style (or, alternately, an intentional choice to mute stylistic elements—ear-catching word choices, rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, etc.—in order to direct all attention to the content at hand). The poems published today say far more, but often say it very plainly. You know those people who get all clenched-up, ranting that “free verse is just prose with ...
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The Elf Gate series by Melody Daggerhart

I don't usually give book recommendations, because, well, tastes differ. But Melody Daggerhart is a self-published author whose work I recently discovered and I feel she deserves a word of praise, as she seems not to be well known. The Elf Gate series (6 books so far, of which the last one came out in December) is epic fantasy. It's available from Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords (perhaps elsewhere too, but I didn't check). While the covers (drawn by the author herself) are, to put it mildly, not ver...
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Need a Historical Book recommendation

I'm writing a fantasy book about a world with a technology roughly similar to that of the early Georgian period of England. I need a book that can tell me what life was like for both the wealthy, middle class, and poor Something like Ian Mortimer's "The Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England" would be great. (But he hasn't written that book yet, or, I can't find any mention of it!) I can find Romance novels, and books about women's clothing, and architecture, but very little on the ev...
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The 2021 Annual Reading Challenge Discussion Thread

:book2:2021 Reading Challenge Discussion Thread:book2: Welcome to our 12th Annual Reading Challenge! Maybe you would like to read a certain number of pages this year, finish a certain number of books, concentrate on a specific genre or deplete your ever-growing TBR list. Maybe you're looking for ideas or you just want to see how far you can go… This is the thread where we can share our personal goals and strategies or ask for suggestions and support. New ideas are encouraged and always ...
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The 2021 Annual Reading Challenge List Thread

:bookworm:2021 Reading Challenge List Thread:bookworm: Welcome to our 12th Annual Reading Challenge! The Annual Reading Challenge is neither a race, contest, nor an “exclusive club”, anyone can join! This is just a fun activity that some of us have enjoyed doing in the past. Many of us have found reading challenges to be an entertaining way to set goals for ourselves, get ideas for books, and see what others are reading. This thread is for you to keep a running tally for your chosen cha...
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What were your highlights from 2020?

I'm posting this a little early this year because I'm tired of 2020 and want to be done with it already. Hopefully, this will help us reflect on some of the good things we experienced in 2020. So, take some time to review your 2020 Challenge List, your , or your book diary then make some suggestions for everyone here as we make our 2021 reading lists, figure out what threads to lurk in at the Deals forum, and fill out our watch lists. It'll take me a few weeks to know for sure what I want t...
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Grand Tour series by Ben Bova Chronological Order

I have the chronological order of Ben Bova's Grand Tour series. But what I cannot find is where the short stories go. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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History of SciFi/Fantasy

I'm looking for a book on the history of scifi and fantasy fiction. I'd be interested to read about the beginnings and development of modern scifi/fantasy, as I like reading this and would be interested to read how they've grown, developed and changed etc.
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Rate these Seven Thriller authors from best to worse

Craig Johnson David Baldacci John Connolly Harlan Coben Ian Rankin Mary Higgins Clark Vince Flynn This is not an idle request. I've read books by 6 of these writers. I'd like you, among those who have read a few or even a couple of these writers, give me something to work with. I want to know where the author whose books I have never read so far, lies on this list. Go.
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Has anyone read any of the Firefly series? Just wondering what they are like as I enjoyed the tv series and movie.
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Recommend Me A Series To Binge Read

Not knowing anything about my reading tastes, recommend me a series you think I should read. :D (I thought this would be a fun way of getting recommendations for myself.) :thanks:
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You don't have enough time to read !! GET FREE audiobooks

I've been there, Yes . In the past 1 year I changed my perspective about books !! Not everyone can read a book, people are too busy, They are on the way to work, They are eating, They are washing clothes. At the end of the day they realize that there is no time for reading!:chinscratch::chinscratch: So, i decided to share with you guys the ultimate audiobooks platform which is powered by amazon themselves, Get Free 30 days by signing up for free + 2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS. Remember, You don't have to...
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Redshirts by John Scalzi

If you like Startrek (or any of its similar "adventures in space of the heroes" variants, e.g. Babylon 5, Etc.) - Read this. IT starts out as a well written twist on the theme - and by the end it has twists that make it become better, much better.
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Authors gone rogue

Ok, the title is a bit misleading. There are certain subgenres that seem to belong mostly to indies. However, very occasionally, a name author will take a whirl at that subgenre. One example of that is the whole Zombie Apocalypse subgenre and John Ringo's Black Tide Rising series, which shows the difference between a pro and the wantabes. Another subgenre that seems to be the female equivalent is what I tend to call the Magic High School genre. It was likely inspired by Hogwarts, but it...
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Dr. Drib recommended a book

It was on Amazon and about a million pages long (roughly) and I think it was horror stories or supernatural stories or something similar. Does anyone have that link? I've searched a lot and can't find the original reference.
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New Richard Sharpe book in the pipeline

Bernard Cornwell’s final Last Kingdom book is out today, but for me, the real news here is that he’s gone back to his Richard Sharpe series. Quote: ”I’m telling the story of what happened immediately after Waterloo, so it will take Sharpe to Paris. He’s on pretty good form,” he says. “I think there might be another couple after this one – I left some gaps in his life that can be filled in.” I have kind of a love/hate, although hate is to...
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Hidden Gems from the Patricia Clark Memorial Library

I've been downloading a few books from mobileread. The quality of many obscure e-books is very surprising. If anyone has downloaded such books from this site, can they give recommendations? That's it.
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The Cuckoo's Egg

If you haven't read The Cuckoo's Egg by Cliff Stoll you should give it a look.
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Calling All Sick Ghouls: Recommended Halloween Titles

Hello, fellow nasties. Time for this year's thread to talk about and/or recommend scary Halloween titles that we've read or are thinking of reading. Speak up, or forever hold your body parts! :eek:
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Colin Watson: Flaxborough, and Mayhem Parva

NOT A LOT of writers can get away with humorous and satiric detective stories, but Colin Watson (1920-1982) succeeded. His "Flaxborough" chronicles, eleven novels set in the fictional East Anglian port town of Flaxborough (loosely based on Boston, Lincs) feature Inspector Purbright as the mild and subversive head of the local detective force, having to deal with his Chief Constable as well as the famously, or infamously, intractable East Anglian locals. The titles of the novels give the sati...
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Terraforming sci-fi?

Does anyone have any recommendations for books where terraforming a planet/moon is a significant part of the story? There's the Kim Stanley Robinson "Mars" series, and Dennis Taylor's Bobiverse has some in it, but I'm not sure what else is out there. I did some googling and only came up with some older books that were largely out of print.
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How to help children who are struggling to read?

What are the ways by which we can help kids who are struggling to read at an early age?
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Modern Golden Age style mystery/crime writers?

Can anyone recommend modern mysteries/crime thrillers that DO NOT feature serial killers, graphic violence and/or double-digit body counts? Browsing the Kobo Store there is a certain sameness to the overall flavour: (1)Graphic violence (normally prominently featured in the synopses as a selling point in the book's favour) , (2) serial killers, and (3) lots of corpses (see 1). I'm looking for something more cerebral and less visceral - sort of Louise Penny-ish in her prime, before she reached ...
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I don't usually waste my time reviewing a book that I didn't like, but I thought it might be interesting just from the stand point of why I didn't like it. I picked up a book this week by Gordon Doherty named Legionary, the first in the Legionary series. It had good ratings, a fair number of ratings and it clicked a number of interests for me. It's an indie published under the author's publishing company. I've read about half of it and that's as much time as I care to give it. IMPO, Doherty...
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