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Here’s When a Dark Theme Can Save Battery Power

Dark themes are becoming more and more popular. On some devices, they can even save battery power. It all depends on what type of display your device have—only devices with OLED displays can reap the power-saving benefits. Devices With OLED Displays Only You’ve probably heard of OLED displays, especially if you’ve been on the market for a new TV in the last year or so. OLED screens differ from LCD and LED displays typically found in electronics in that OLEDs don’t have a backlight layer: each...
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Daily Deals: Galaxy S10+ for $850, iPhone X for $640, Xbox One S for $170, and More

eBay Wednesdays are the worst. It’s the middle of the week, and there’s no end in sight. At least we can find solace in discounted cellphones, a $170 Xbox One S, and a cheap iPad. You probably didn’t plan on buying a phone today, but if you’ve had your eyes on the Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy 9, or the iPhone X, then now’s the time to hunt down your wallet. For whatever reason, eBay and B&H are running killer deals on the two most popular premium cellphones. Hey, I ain’t complaining. Some carrie...
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How to Pack Your Electronics for Air Travel

Elnur/Shutterstock 06Photo/Shutterstock Vacations prove to be a great opportunity to use your electronics away from home. But just this year, the US government banned lithium-ion batteries from checked bags. So, just how are you supposed to pack that laptop? This isn’t just a question of TSA compliance; this is a question of convenience. If you plan to bring a bunch of large electronics on your next vacation, you need to be able to organize them in your carry-on bag. Otherwise, your flight...
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Daily Deals: The Brand New iPad Air for $475, Heavily Discounted Laptops, Games, and More

Massgenie, Best Buy, Dell Need a new laptop, TV, gaming chair, or Nintendo Switch? Maybe you want the new iPad Air at a discount? Now’s a great time to drop a few dollars on some killer deals. There are some wild deals floating around today, from Dell’s Small Business Sale to the Totalwireless $87 iPhone 6S. But the strangest deal might be the discounted 64GB iPad Air from Best Buy. We’re talking about the brand new iPad Air, the one that won’t come out until March 26th. This new iPad Air, ...
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Daily Deals: iPad Pro for $750, Cheap Desktop Accessories, Discounted Games, and More

Amazon, Samsung, Apple It’s hard to have the Monday blues when there are great deals abound. If you’ve had your eyes on a new iPad, a curved monitor, or some smart plugs, then now’s the time to pull out your wallet. Right now, there are some killer deals on Amazon, Best Buy B&H, and Rakuten. In fact, there are so many good deals that it’s hard to pick favorites. There are some obvious standouts, like the $750 iPad Pro or the $15 copy of Catan, but we’re also excited about Rakuten’s 15-perce...
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Daily News Roundup: New iPads, Crummy Android Antiviruses, and More

A lot happened over the weekend, but the biggest news to start your March 18th, 2019 morning came from Apple with a couple of new iPads. Otherwise, Microsoft released Defender extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and a lot more. Apple News Apple doesn’t generally, you know, do a lot when it comes to announcements and all that—it’s far less busy than, say, Google, for example. But when something hits the scene, it’s always big news. New iPads! Apple announced a new iPad Mini with modern specs a...
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Android Weekly: What’s Coming in Android Q (and Some Other Stuff)

There was a lot of movement in the Android world the week of March 8th thru 15th. The Q beta landed with all sorts of new features, Vivo showed off a portless phone, and Google killed a bunch of services. Android Q Feature Roundup Let’s start with the biggest Android news for the week, shall we? The Q beta landed for all Pixel devices, and it’s jam-packed with all sorts of new features. Android Police and 9to5Google both did an incredible job of covering all the new stuff as it showed up—here...
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Daily Deals: Microsoft Pi Day Sale, Pixelbook for $1120, Galaxy Note 9 for $720, and More

Amazon Happy Pie Day! If your family and friends aren’t interested in celebrating this mildly important holiday, then you may as well celebrate it with Microsoft, Amazon, and Best Buy. Right now, some of the top online retailers are running Pi Day deals. Microsoft is selling a line of premium laptops at a discount of 31.4% (and more), Amazon is running a 32% discount (close enough) on the popular Pixelbook, and the Galaxy Note 9 is on sale for just $720. Today’s a great day to buy a new lap...
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Daily News Roundup: Google Killed 2.3m Bad Ads, Microsoft Announced Game Stack for XBL, and More

In today’s headlines, we learned that Google is making the web a better place by removing horrible ads (2.3 million last year, in fact), the Edge Insider Addons site for Microsoft’s new Edge-Chrome thing showed up, and more. Note: This post is constantly updated throughout the day as we find more interesting news. Microsoft and Windows News Things have been fairly quiet in Microsoft news this morning, but then Game Stack happened. Oh, and we’re getting a better idea of how Microsoft’s Chrome ...
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Sync or Transfer CC settings and eBook Library from One Android Device to Another

I've been using wireless sync to download books to my Nexus 7 tablet, this is not the whole calibre library. I have now bought a Samsung TAB A and wish to get the same setup on the new device in as painless a manner as possible. At first I considered drop box and cloud connection but that seems to only be a poor substitute for the wireless connection to Calibre on my laptop and can't be used to sync state between multiple devices. Is there a way to use Google Drive or DROPBOX to at least copy...
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How To Personalize Your Android Phone With Themes and Launchers

Android’s customizability is one reason many people prefer it. You can change the look, feel, and function of basically any Android phone with themes, custom launchers, and icon packs. Here’s how to get started. Some phones allow you to install themes, while all Android phones let you install custom launchers and icon packs. These go a long way to making your phone unique, thanks to the nearly infinite launcher and icon pack customizations. Step One: Choose a Theme (Some Phones Only) Some An...
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Deal Alert: Grab a 10,000 mAh Samsung Power Bank and USB-C Cable for $16

Samsung You still haven’t bought a power bank? Well, Samsung is selling a 10,000 mAh power bank with a USB-C cable at a 54 percent discount, so now’s the time to take the plunge. Most 10,000 mAh power banks run for around $25. And while a 10,000 mAh capacity is big enough to fully recharge your phone two or three times, $25 can seem like a lot of money for any portable battery. But right now, Samsung is selling a 10,000 mAh power bank with an included USB-C cable for just $16. Usually, this...
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New Blu-ray Releases: ‘Creed II’, ‘The Favourite’, ‘The Craft’, ‘Burning’, ‘Skinner’, ‘The Standoff at Sparrow Creek’, ‘Between Worlds’

Last month, Samsung announced they would no longer produce Blu-ray players. It gave physical media fans – like me, and presumably you, if you’re reading this column – pause. The reasoning could be because Samsung’s 4K technology has been subpar in compared to others. Or it could spell the beginning of the end – a sign that Blu-ray will soon go the way of VHS. It’s not a pleasant thought. For now, Blu-ray is here, and I can only hope it’s here to stay. For now, let’s treasure it while it’s still...
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[Android] CC Manual Update Error

To chaley or whom it may concern: As per this post, I used this link to the files on chaley personal server to download V5.4.4.1-full.apk and so update my Google Play full version of CC installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (SM-P350) running Android 6.01. However, with the V5.4.4.1-full.apk already installed (and working fine to browse my on-device library) when I tried to connect to the content server of my Calibre Library on my PC, the app said the license was invalid and that the app was...
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‘Zucked’ shows how a mentor of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is now one of the social network’s biggest critics

As a tech venture capitalist and early mentor of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Roger McNamee might be the least likely prophet to wander out of Silicon Valley with warnings of the dangers posed by the social network to those who use it. But that’s exactly where McNamee finds himself today, three years after he first started to seriously worry that Facebook, in its galloping growth to more than 2 billion users – and a current value of more than $400 billion – had gone astray in ways that thre...
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What is an APN, and How Do I Change it on my Android Phone?

Android gives users a whole lot of customization options, some of which are useful for everyone, while others are just for power users. One of these lower level settings is the Access Point Name—better known as the APN. The APN is something most users won’t need to worry about. You pop your SIM card into your phone, maybe reboot it, and it connects to your carrier’s network. You’ll be able to make calls, send messages, browse dank memes, and other important things. But, if you still mess around...
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What Are NVMe Drives, and Should You Buy One?

Samsung The biggest upgrade you can make to your old PC is faster storage. Other components like the CPU and GPU have certainly improved in the last decade, but everyone will appreciate faster storage. NVMe is the latest and greatest storage interface for laptops and desktops, and it offers much faster read and write speeds than older interfaces. This comes at a cost, so depending on what you use the computer for, buying an NVMe drive may not make sense. What Are NVMe Drives? Non-Volatil...
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Calibre Crashes When Removing Book from Tab

Calibre Crashes When Removing Book from Samsung Tab 3, and must be restarted. Calibre recognizes tablet and installs book just fine. But crashes when I remove book. Any thoughts?
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Samsung is Bloating Everything with McAfee—Even Smart TVs

Samsung has a long-running relationship with McAfee. And while it’s bad enough that it bundles this nigh-useless junk on its computers, it’s “extending” this partnership to the S10 and all 2019 Smart TVs. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Samsung throw McAfee on Galaxy smartphones, as it shipped the S8 with the antivirus app installed too. Then Samsung later brought it to previous Galaxy devices with an update, which is honestly just disgusting. Make no mistake here: McAfee is pay...
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Logitech Powered Review: Stylish Wireless iPhone Charging for a Premium

Logitech If you’re looking for a very stylish wireless iPhone charger and you don’t mind paying a bit of a premium, the Logitech Powered wireless charger not only looks good but functions as a handy landscape-friendly cradle. The biggest inertia the Powered wireless charger has to overcome is resistance to the price tag. The design is sharp, but at $70—sold exclusively through Logitech’s website and Apple—you definitely want to be sure you’re getting your monies worth out of it. Let’s brea...
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Samsung J5 prime Help Please

I am trying to get kindle to work on Samsung J5 prime I have downloaded kindle and it shows up on Samsung ok my problem is when i want to put a book from my computer that has been converted by calibre i am using mint 19.1 linux when i plug in my Samsung it shows the menu but Kindle is no showing up, none of the downloaded apps are showing up When i put my old nokia 6.1 it shows kindle , is there a setting in Samsung i am missing any help will be great:help:
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Here Are All the Foldable Phones Announced at MWC so Far

Folding phone screens are the next big thing…maybe. They’re certainly thick on the ground at Mobile World Congress, the yearly phone extravaganza in Barcelona. We’re rounding up all of the designs with folding screens we’ve seen so far. Note that all of the folding screen designs, even the ones currently destined for a full release, were shown in strictly hands-off capacity, either behind glass or only accessible to a presenter. How these phones will handle in the real world is, at least for th...
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LG Shows Off the G8, G8s, and V50 Smartphones at Mobile World Congress

LG Samsung may have stolen everyone’s thunder a week ago, but LG wants you to know it isn’t out of the Android game just yet. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company is introducing three phone designs. V8 ThinQ The LG V8 gets the company’s annoying “ThinQ” branding but otherwise looks like a solid if unambitious design. It’s equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM, and a 6.1-inch display with the familiar rounded corners and notched cutout. That screen is...
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Samsung: All Galaxy S10 and S10+ Phones Have 8 GB of RAM or More

Samsung As smartphones get more powerful and run more and more complex applications, phone memory gets more important. To that end, Samsung wants it known that if you buy a Galaxy S10 or S10+, you’ll get at least 8 GB of RAM. The company said as much to Android Police when asked about the RAM situation on the new models. Apparently, some of the pre-release demonstration hardware showed “just” 6 GB when its specifications were checked in the Settings menu, causing confusion among the enthusi...
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Samsung Wants You to Love the Galaxy Fold… But Not to Buy It

Samsung It’s finally here! Samsung’s folding-screen phone, the Next Big Thing that will ignite the imaginations and empty wallets all over the smartphone world! Or, more probably, not. The Galaxy Fold is an aspirational device, like a flagship supercar or an ultra-rare luxury watch. It’s the phone you drool over, but not the one you buy. Samsung knows this—it’s hard to imagine that they don’t, with a price tag that makes even Apple’s most expensive iPhone look cheap by comparison. And they...
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Kitchen of the Week: An Eco-Friendly, Elevated Ikea Kitchen in a Family’s Forever Home

When builder Steve Albertson and his wife Carole sold their former home, they intended to find some land and build a forever home for themselves and their son Ty. It took nearly seven years, but they finally landed on the perfect parcel: in charming Hatfield, Massachusetts, on the banks of a large pond. Keeping the home healthy for Ty, who has autism, was at the top of their priority list and to that end, their forever home is equipped with whole-home air and water filters, as well as having a N...
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Released

https://www.cnet.com/news/galaxy-fol...ries-for-1980/ Quote: The foldable future is finally here, and it's called the Galaxy Fold. Samsung on Wednesday showed off the new foldable phone during its Unpacked event in San Francisco. The device has a 4.6-inch display when folded, and a 7.3-inch display when unfolded into a tablet. The phone will be available April 26 at a starting price of $1,980. It'll come in four colors: cosmos black, space silver, Martian green...
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Samsung Announces Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit

Samsung Samsung announced a host of new products today, and while phones were a focus, it didn’t forget about the products you wear too. Samsung showed off two new devices: the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Fit. Wearables are a burgeoning market, and Samsung wants to create an entire ecosystem, so it’s no surprise that they’re all in on smartwatches. While the Gear 2 was well known for its rotating bezel functions for easier navigation, the Watch Active eschews that entirely in favor o...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Has a Massive Folding Screen and a $2000 Price Tag to Match

Samsung At today’s Unpacked event, Samsung finally and formally unveiled its long-rumored folding Galaxy phone. The Galaxy Fold (natch) uses a 4.6-inch exterior screen and a folding, seamless 7.3-inch screen that opens book-style thanks to an interior hinge. Samsung As impressive as the technology is, Samsung wants a premium price for what it calls a new category of smartphones. When the Galaxy Fold comes out on April 26th, it will start at $1980 USD, just shy of two grand. If you want t...
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