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Brondell’s Swash Collection Brings Japanese Luxury to the American Bathroom (Plus a Discount Offer)

Long before the Marie Kondo craze, we at Remodelista have taken design inspiration from Japan, and it looks like we weren’t the only ones: San Francisco-based  new line of electronic bidet seats are inspired by Japanese innovation. With a streamlined design, customizable features, and DIY-friendly installation, the line aims to bring high-tech luxury to the American bathroom. Here’s a look at the bathrooms of the future: Above: The Swash bidet reduces a household’s toilet paper consumption...
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City Lights founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti: 'The US isn't ready for a revolution'

As the poet behind the San Francisco literary institution turns 100, the city is preparing for ‘Lawrence Ferlinghetti Day’The last couple of years have taken their toll on Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The American publisher, poet, painter and political activist is frail and nearly blind. He spends a lot of time in bed, relying on his assistant for emails and phone calls.His body might be failing him. But his mind is still on fire. He’s hoping for a revolution. Trouble is, he says, “the United States i...
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Google’s Stadia Streaming Platform is an All-Out Invasion of Gaming

Stadia is Google’s new all-streaming game platform. Google Today the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Google showed off its brand new game streaming service. Stadia (as in the Latin plural of “stadium”) will be available everywhere that Chrome is: PCs, phones, tablets, and televisions, with current hardware. Google gave us a preview of its system with Project Stream last year. But Stadia is built from the ground up for both streaming and sharing. The service will stream games at ...
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Dave Eggers: ‘Being around young people is the balm to all psychic wounds’

The author on the builders who inspired his new book, Trump’s appeal and the energising power of young peopleDave Eggers is a writer, publisher and humanitarian campaigner. He has written 14 books, including A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, What Is the What, The Circle and Heroes of the Frontier. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, the writer Vendela Vida, and their two children. His new novel, The Parade, tells the story of the role played by two visitors in a nation’s fragile pe...
Tags: Books, Americas, San Francisco, South Sudan, Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida, Trump, Khartoum, Aweil, Eggers, Valentino Achak Deng

Washington: Voter’s Rights Under Fire

Opinion Washington: Voter's Rights Under Fire USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- For almost 60 years, the state of Washington has been the gold standard for straight-forward concealed carry licensing. Washington has had shall-issue concealed carry with no training requirement since 1961, and there has never been any sort of problem reported as a result of their simple law which requires a small application fee, a basic criminal background check, and fingerprints. No mandatory training. No local law enfo...
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Suburb Staid No More: A California-French Family Remake a Bay Area House

When we first met Stéphanie Ross several years ago, she had a hint of plaster dust in her hair. That was at Remodelista’s San Francisco Market, where she was showing her children’s clothing line, Les Petits Carreaux (now available at Anthropologie and in some women’s sizes, too). At the time, she had just about finished resuscitating her family’s apartment near the Champs-Élysées—we took a tour and immediately featured it: see A Grand but Understated Flat in Paris. And she was also getting start...
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In the Magazines - March-April 2019

Landscape Architecture March *Trees! *Reed Hilderbrand renovates the failing maple allee at Storm King Art Center *A new visitor center & protecting the sequoias at Yosemite *Decreasing the risk of wildfires *Trees at Ypres, Belgium & the !st World War Sunset March *A "wave" garden in San Francisco, inspired by... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Remodeling 101: All About Butcher Block Countertops

Warm and accommodating, butcher block is an affordable countertop material with a lot going for it. Maintain them regularly and butcher block countertops will reward you by aging gracefully. But without proper upkeep, they can dull and crack. Are butcher block countertops the right material for you and your kitchen? Read our butcher block counter primer to find out. Above: Good enough for a chef: a butcher-block countertop in the Manhattan kitchen of chef David Tanis; see A Chef’s Low-Tech, E...
Tags: Books, England, London, San Francisco, Ikea, Manhattan, Melbourne, Wood, Kitchens, Christine, Reilly, Heidi, David Tanis, Carrara, Athena, Nicks

Domestic Science: How to Sweep a Floor, Perfectionist’s Edition

Everybody should know how to sweep a floor. I got into the habit in college when I lived with a half dozen other reprobates in a shambolic wood-frame home on the edge of campus on the low Iowa prairie. Our house was a typical undergraduate hovel, with yellowed linoleum tiles that curled up at the seams and a Sears stove that hadn’t been cleaned since the 1950s. Some kind of rodent lived behind it. One of my roommates, a real freethinker, was the first to take up sweeping. Gradually, it caught on...
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5 powerful books by 5 powerful Southern California women writers

It’s a happy accident that the five books I’m looking forward to reading this spring are all by women, and an even happier one that this column coincides with Women’s History Month: The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker – San Diego hometown girl, UCLA alum, and New York Times bestselling author. In her previous novel, “The Age of Miracles,” Walker imagines a world where the days and nights are inexplicably growing longer while her young protagonist, Julia, is experiencing her own off-kilter expe...
Tags: Books, New York, Hollywood, Beyonce, California, Time, America, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sport, Things To Do, Soccer, New York Times, San Diego, Dorothy, Random House

10 Design Ideas to Steal from Verjus in San Francisco

Traveling through Europe in recent years, designer Lindsay Tusk and chef Michael Tusk noticed “different variations on the same theme” of an informal and energetic style of dining in Paris, Venice, and San Sebastian Gambero. So the Tusks, known in San Francisco for their restaurants Quince and Cotogna, came up with the idea for Verjus, a bar à vin and cave à manger (eat-in cellar) with a “high-fidelity atmosphere full of gusto, spontaneity, and excitement,” says Lindsay Tusk. An all-day menu wit...
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Five Months Later, Google’s US Repair Centers Now Accept Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Michael Crider Google’s forays into being a full-fledged hardware supplier have been shaky at times. Android Police reports that, after five months of surprising silence, the company is now accepting Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones for repairs in its mail-in service. Previously Google accepted walk-in Pixel 3 repairs at licensed uBreakiFix retail stores, or via the Puls in-home repair service (oddly limited to the San Francisco area). As of today, Google is accepting standard repairs by mail, previ...
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Gun Groups Question Congressional Motives Behind NRA Investigations

Opinion Is this a deliberate effort by anti-gun-rights Congressional Democrats to overwhelm the organization’s leadership and prevent NRA from fulfilling its mission to protect the Second Amendment? BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Reports that the National Rifle Association is being engulfed in what one publication described as “a rapidly expanding tangle of congressional investigations” raise an important question that nobody has been asking: Is this a deliberate effort by anti-gun-rights C...
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PETA Uses Staged Video of Animals Being Gruesomely Killed

PETA Uses Staged Video of Animals Being Gruesomely Killed Washington, DC — -(AmmoLand.com)- A new report published today in fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily alleges PETA and other animal activists have been propagating a staged video of sickening animal abuse to support their anti-fur lobbying campaigns. The video, filmed a decade ago and published online by PETA, shows the gruesome killing of an animal in a Chinese fur market—supposedly a standard practice. The men filmed in the video, ho...
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CBS News Wants Guns for Them.. But Not for You ~ VIDEO

Opinion U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- I missed these details at first. A TV news crew was the victim of a recent robbery attempt. This was a video crew from the local CBS affiliate in San Francisco. The crew was protected by an armed guard. This is interesting because CBS condemned ordinary citizens for being armed. The network said it is unwise for you or me to have a gun for self-defense of our family while CBS protected their camera equipment with armed guards. I love the smell of hypocrisy in ...
Tags: Guns, Cbs News, US, San Francisco, Cbs, Nancy Pelosi, Nra, Pelosi, Ammoland, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Gun Rights News, Rob Morse, Slow Facts, Hypocrites, Polite Society Podcast Rob, CBS News Wants Guns

What to Read in This Week’s New Colorways Issue

Check back this week for these stories and more in our New Colorways issue: Above: The latest unexpected color trend we’re noting? Rusty hues alongside slate greys and greens. Photograph by David Straight, courtesy of Katie Lockhart Studio, from Mission Bay Pavilion: A Modern, Color-Packed Addition to Auckland’s City Beach. The new color-blocking? Inside a serene London house that uses paint in new ways A hotel in Savannah with unexpected color (and how to copy it at home) Palette ideas t...
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Current Obsessions: March by Design

The coolest of cool white paints, behind the scenes on an Oscar-nominated set, and The Organized Home in German: here’s what to know about this weekend. Above: Photograph by Kris LeBoeuf from this week’s house tour, Portlandia: Inside the Remodeled Farmhouse of a Cult Favorite Ceramicist. In Ordnung (The Organized Home book, now in German). The story behind the mysterious pottery appearing on San Francisco’s street corners. Online vintage shops are trending; here’s another to browse. Why ...
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Wine Country Vacation Cottages

Is the California Wine Country on your list of places to visit? Perhaps this year? Events begin as early as spring here in Northern California, and I’m excited for barrel tasting in Healdsburg next weekend. When touring the wine country, one must live the full experience! There’s something so special about sitting outdoors around a firepit surrounded by grapevines sharing a bottle purchased in a nearby tasting room! Where I live, the wine country includes both Napa and Sonoma, they are adjacent ...
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Destroyer: An Under-the-Radar Restaurant Serving Food from the Future

Jordan Kahn, the enfant terrible of LA dining (in a past life, he visually outed an LA Times restaurant critic), has been quietly operating Destroyer, his tiny 16-seat Culver City breakfast and lunch spot, since September 2017. The inspiration for the interiors? “I wanted to create a minimalist space void of superfluousness, a neutral canvas for the food, ceramics, and people,” he says. “Often, the professional kitchen is a space associated with noise and chaos. I wanted to create a more tranqui...
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These Were the Most Popular Posts on Our Sites This Week

Every Friday, we take a look back at the most popular posts of the week across Remodelista, Gardenista, and The Organized Home. Here’s what’s currently trending. Remodelista Above: We loved Lena Corwin’s Brooklyn home, and now the textile designer and photographer has relocated to San Francisco. See her new place in Bohemian Restraint: Lena Corwin’s Tranquil Home in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset. (We love it just as much.) Photograph by Maria del Rio More of this week’s most popular on Re...
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Kitchen of the Week: A Hacienda Kitchen in Sonoma’s Hippest Winery

Brothers Andrew and Adam Mariani are fourth generation California farmers who, after spending time as vineyard hands in Europe, returned to their hometown and bought an old vineyard in the foothills of Sonoma, California, to start their own winery, Scribe. The early 1900s hacienda was in need of a complete overhaul (it had partially burned down in a fire), so working with architect David Darling of San Francisco firm Aidlin Darling, they restored the interiors without losing the essential charac...
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Bohemian Restraint: Lena Corwin’s Tranquil Home in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset

One of our favorite house tours on Remodelista in recent years? The Brooklyn brownstone duplex of Lena Corwin, a textile designer, photographer, and the author of two books (Printing by Hand and Made by Hand)—and her husband Josh Dreier. What we loved about their apartment was its offhand style, modest furnishings, and quiet restraint. Nothing felt belabored. Then, in 2013, the couple relocated to San Francisco, where Lena grew up, and bought and renovated a 1913 Craftsman-style house in the Out...
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A Curated, One-Stop Source for Modern Hardware, from a Pair of Canadian Architects

One of the least-considered elements of a kitchen or bath remodel? Fixtures and fittings, which suddenly become an issue when you find yourself scrambling to source the perfect cabinet pull. Enter: Toronto company Casson, founded by Megan Cassidy and Jane Son, who met on their first day of architecture school at the University of Toronto in 1996. After many years of practice, they formed Casson Hardware in 2017.  As they say, “We were roommates as students, mothers of messy little boys, and cons...
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Patterned Tile + Bathroom Vanity Combos

I’ve been back and forth to San Francisco a few times this week meeting with a client. She has a full home renovation in progress and now that the drywall is up and the walls are painted, we’re in the ‘picking-of-the-finishes’ phase of the design (my favorite!). We’ve been focused on the two bathrooms and for her hall bathroom we chose this porcelain tile for the floor and this vanity in charcoal and I’m so sooo excited to see it all coming together. I love a bold patterned floor tile paired wi...
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Released

https://www.cnet.com/news/galaxy-fol...ries-for-1980/ Quote: The foldable future is finally here, and it's called the Galaxy Fold. Samsung on Wednesday showed off the new foldable phone during its Unpacked event in San Francisco. The device has a 4.6-inch display when folded, and a 7.3-inch display when unfolded into a tablet. The phone will be available April 26 at a starting price of $1,980. It'll come in four colors: cosmos black, space silver, Martian green...
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Here’s Where and When to Watch the Samsung Galaxy S10 Event Today

Samsung It’s almost time for Mobile World Congress, and you know what that means…it’s exactly time for Samsung to steal everyone’s thunder with its own event. The first Galaxy Unpacked product reveal of the year will be later today. As usual, the Unpacked press event will be livestreamed to the internet, so gadget addicts can watch the worldwide reveal in real time. The event will take place in San Francisco at 11 AM local Pacific time, which is 2 PM Eastern and  7:00 PM UTC. The video will...
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Coming to a City Near You: 9 Boutique Hotel Upstarts for the Design-Minded Traveler

There are certainly perks to staying at a luxury chain like the Four Seasons or the Ritz-Carlton, but on the whole, we prefer boutique hotels that are more unique, local-centric, and intimate. Here, eight upstarts in the hospitality industry that prioritize style over size and well-being over high-living. And good news: These hotel groups are expanding (each has either just launched a new location or is opening one or more later this year). The Line Hotels Above: The Line Hotel in D.C. is h...
Tags: Asia, Hong Kong, Books, California, Oregon, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, Atlantic, Chelsea, Portland, Marriott, New Orleans, Philadelphia

This book offers a look at several generations of LA’s coolest figures

Tosh Berman was one of the first people I met when I moved to Los Angeles. We worked together at Book Soup in West Hollywood and at one point we carpooled together from Silver Lake. Or rather, I drove us since Tosh didn’t drive. Tosh seemed like a character out of a play, with his slicked-back hair, librarian glasses, striped shirts, and socks that made a statement, back before we had considered that socks on adult men could make a statement. Tosh’s shotgun small talk felt more like dialogue, no...
Tags: Books, California, La, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sport, Things To Do, Soccer, David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Dennis Hopper, Volkswagen, Duran Duran, Southern California, Phil Spector, City Lights

8 Favorites: Drinking Glasses With a Hint of Pink

Millennial pink is still going strong, but we like this iteration of pink—in a shade of pale blush, on glassware—best. Here are 10 we can drink to. Above: Spotted at one of our favorite shops, March, in San Francisco: the Alpha Collection by Austrian glassware company Lobmeyr. Each piece is made of muslin glass, which is crystal mouth-blown to a thickness of .027 inches. Tumblers are $70 each; the pitcher is $240. Above: The Chroma Glassware line by Hawkins New York comes in many subtle...
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Editors’ Picks: Our 2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

On our collective Valentine’s Day wish list: Above: Justine is eying this Rose Mohair Throw, woven in the U.K., because “it has just the right amount of pink”; $297 at Alder & Co. Above: “I’ve long admired these Love Letter Napkins from Sir/Madam,” says Annie. “I’m partial to their subtle, non-obvious, sometimes cheeky romance, in neat black type. Rather than use them on the table, I’d frame one, or a pair.” Shown are letters, hand-screened onto cotton napkins, by Virginia Wool...
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