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The Hork-Bajir Chronicles Was One of Animorphs' Most Powerful Books

Much as K.A. Applegate’s Animorph series tell a story about a group of kids bonding with one another while adventuring worlds and physically transforming into a variety of animals, the books are also an examination of the devastating impacts that ongoing wars, imperialism, and slavery have on societies.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Animals, War, Aliens, Authors, Scholastic, Genocide, Applegate, Colonization, Animorphs, Ka Applegate

6 Things I Liked About the Dune Miniseries (and 6 I Didn't)

Every time I’ve told people I’ve been reading Frank Herbert’s Dune series, two things happen: 1) I’ll learn what books I can skip, and 2) someone will ask if I’ve seen the Syfy miniseries. Following my experience of watching the baffling disaster that was David Lynch’s vision of Dune, I decided to check out the…Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Syfy, David Lynch, Nostalgia, Dune, Frank Herbert, Ian McNeice, William Hurt, Julie Cox, John Harrison, Mini Series, Saskia Reeves, Alec Newman, Liked Vs Didnt, Barbora Kodetova

Star Wars' Rae Sloane: Everything You Need to Know About the Face of a Fallen Empire

When EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons was announced, fans (rightfully) got very excited about glimpses of familiar faces among the cast of starfighter pilots: Wedge Antilles, flying for the New Republic! Rebel’s Hera Syndulla, now a general! But there’s one more familiar face in there that has fans talking, and it’s not a…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Books, Science, Video Games, Disney, EA, Explainer, Lucasfilm, Rae Sloane, Star Wars Squadrons

Having anxiety and agoraphobia holds you back. But there are positives to be found…

If I hadn’t experienced anxiety and agoraphobia and the therapy that resulted from them, I wouldn’t now understand human complexities as I do, writes Charlotte LevinI sometimes wonder about my parallel life: the one in which I attended drama school, became a respected actor, travelled the world and ended up marrying Louis Theroux after meeting him at an awards ceremony. The life in which I didn’t develop anxiety and agoraphobia.In 1995, aged 23, after years of auditions, my application had been ...
Tags: Psychology, Books, Science, London, Life and style, Society, Anxiety, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Louis Theroux, Charlotte LevinI, Royal Welsh College of Music Drama My

Send Help, I Can't Stop Acquiring Babies Yoda

Hello. My name is James. I am ostensibly an adult. And, like The Mandalorian’s Din Djarin before me, I am the proud adoptive father of Baby Yoda. And Baby Yoda. And the other Baby Yoda. In fact, I have seven of them so far and have no intention of stopping.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Toys, Science, Disney, Collection, Streaming, Hasbro, Lucasfilm, Mattel, Funko, The Mandalorian, Disney Plus, Baby Yoda, Regrettable Life Choices, James I am, Baby Yoda And Baby Yoda

The Expanse Studio Is Investigating Cas Anvar for Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Alcon Entertainment, the studio behind The Expanse, has started an investigation into actor Cas Anvar after multiple reports of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior surfaced online last week. Anvar, who has denied the allegations, said he plans to cooperate.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Syfy, Streaming, The Expanse, Sexual Harassment, Assassins Creed, Alcon Entertainment, James Sa Corey, Amazon Studios, Cas Anvar, Anvar

There Are So Many New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Coming Out in July

Holy moly, there sure are a lot of books coming out in July! After the still-ongoing pandemic inspired some postponements earlier this year, it seems like publishers are now realizing people are hungry for new reading material. And for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fans, this month is a bountiful feast. Read on!Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Marvel, Star Trek, Faith, Authors, Avatar The Last Airbender, Bookshelf Injection, Jeff VanderMeer, Jim Butcher, Ann Vandermeer, Valiant, The Wasp, Sarah Kuhn, Josh Malerman, Star Trek Discovery

The Future Earth Challenges Us to Break Our Cycle of Doom

In an era of the climate crisis, it’s easy to imagine things getting worse because that’s all we know.Read more...
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How understanding science can be made easy

When I was a teenager, I was awed by popular science writings. I was most affected by Roger Penrose’s The Emperor’s New Mind, with its detailed and fascinating account of quantum mechanics and relativity. However, it was not an easy read and it gave only one perspective of these amazing theories.Some 30 years later one of my mentors has given me advice on what to tell my students when things get tough: “Science is hard.” He meant that doing good science is hard. You must be meticulous in your fo...
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"So...can we have your liver, then?"

NOTE: Best viewed in full screen. Soundtrack's pretty good, too.Highlight for Spoiler: In the long run, entropy wins. . [Author: Tam]
Tags: Space, Science, Guns, Tam, Vidjo

Ten Years in an Hour

Time lapse footage of a decade's worth of images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. At the speed of the video, every second is a day.You can see by the end that we've entered an extremely quiet period for solar activity.In other news, our planet's magnetic field is acting wonky, but this is 2020, so nothing's really surprising. . [Author: Tam]
Tags: Space, Science, Guns, Nasa, Tam, Solar Dynamics Observatory, Vidjo

Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting The Crystal Shard

In the frozen tundra of Icewind Dale, four unlikely (sort of) heroes (sort of) join forces (sort of) to defeat an evil wizard (sort of) wielding unimaginable power (actually, it’s pretty imaginable). Welcome to io9’s look back at the Dungeons & Dragons novels of yore, where I read these classic fantasy books to see…Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Fantasy, RPG, Dungeons And Dragons, Dungeons And Dragons And Novels, Ra Salvatore, Drizzt Dourden

Check Out Christopher Nolan's Tenet With This Exclusive Making-of Sneak Peek

For fans anxious to learn every little secret about Christopher Nolan’s new movie, Tenet, we’ve got your first look at the promised land.Read more...
Tags: Books, Christopher Nolan, Science, Robert Pattinson, Tenet, John David Washington, Insight Editions, James Mottram

Income inequality drives health disparities

Pretax incomes for the poorest 50% of Americans have stayed mostly unchanged for the past 40  years, widening income gaps in the country. We leave the question of why inequality matters for the economy to others. What is of concern to us is whether income inequality matters to our health, and, to the extent that it does, how the health profession should respond.In 1992, Richard Wilkinson, then a professor at the University of Sussex, published a paper in The British Medical Journal called “Incom...
Tags: Health, Books, Science, Public Health, British Medical Journal, Health & Medicine, University of Sussex, Science & Medicine, Medical Mondays, Richard Wilkinson, Pained

How an unlikely pair became legendary molecular biologists

In 1962 the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded jointly to John Kendrew (1917-1997) and Max Perutz (1914-2002). They were the first scientists to accurately describe the three-dimensional structure of proteins. Enzymes, hormones, and antibodies are only a few examples of the many kinds of proteins present in all living organisms and knowledge of their structure is essential for progress in curing human diseases. Consequently, Kendrew and Perutz have become legendary scientists whose research is...
Tags: Books, England, Science, Featured, Austria, Canada, United Kingdom, Oxford, Cambridge, Cavendish, Health & Medicine, Biologists, Francis Crick, Ministry of Defense, James Watson, Medical Research Council

An Ancient Dark Crystal Mystic Comes to Life for the First Time in a New Book of Thra

The world of Thra is full of incredible beings and creatures, from major civilizations like the Gelfling and the Skesis, to humble landstriders and adorable (and occasionally horrifying) Nurlocs. Now, a new book wants to detail Thra’s grand bestiary—and io9 has an exclusive look inside shows.Read more...
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Ahsoka Tano Leads the Charge in the New Star Wars Lego Sets

There’s a lot to love in the new Lego Star Wars sets coming later this summer. But frankly, only one of them has a season seven Clone Wars Ahsoka in it, so we’ll start there, please and thank you.
Tags: Star Wars, Toys, Science, Christmas, Disney, Lego, Theme Parks, Lucasfilm, Return Of The Jedi, Lego Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano, Revenge Of The Sith, Star Wars Galaxys Edge, The Mandalorian

Max Brooks' Bigfoot Tale Devolution Is Headed for the Big Screen

Author Max Brooks has a new book out called Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre, and it arrives with some exciting news: much like Brooks’ previous best-seller, zombie-apocalypse story World War Z, Devolution will be getting the feature-film treatment.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Bigfoot, Monsters, Legendary, World War Z, Brooks, Max Brooks, Rainier Sasquatch Massacre

In This Star Wars: Shadow Fall Excerpt, Wyl Lark Recalls a Costly Victory

The daring adventures of our loveably traumatized pilot heroes in Alphabet Squadron are continuing this month with the release of Shadow Fall, the second in Alexander Freed’s planned trilogy of tales giving us starfighter action in the early days of the New Republic. But our latest look inside the novel offers a…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Books, Science, Disney, Exclusive, Lucasfilm, New Republic, Del Rey, Alexander Freed, Alphabet Squadron, Alphabet Squadron Shadow Fall, Wyl Lark

Sorry, Captain Picard, Your Taste in Tea Sucks

Every June 16 we gather to celebrate Captain Picard, for it is—based on a loose extrapolation of the stardate of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s season seven episode “The Pegasus”—Captain Picard Day. A day to recall his triumphs, his heroism, his morals, and his earnest sincerity. Not this year. This year I come to…Read more...
Tags: Tea, Science, Star Trek, Cbs, Earl Grey, Jean Luc Picard, Picard, Goofballery

Lego's Super Mario Is Perfect If You Suck at the Video Games

Approximately 40,000 years ago, back in March when time still had meaning, Lego and Nintendo made nerds weep with joy when the companies announced their first collaboration: a high-tech Super Mario that lets you build real-life video game levels for out of Lego bricks. A real-life Mario Maker, if you will. Since then,…Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Lego, Nintendo, Super Mario, Mario Maker, Lego Super Mario

Stephen King Yearned to Write an 'Existential' Horror Novel About Friday the 13th's Jason

Watching a hockey mask-wearing killer murder dozens of campers in the Friday the 13th franchise may not scream: “We need his point of view!” But it turns out horror icon Stephen King’s “best novel idea” he never penned was the story of, you guessed it, the indescribably immortal Jason Voorhees.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Horror, Stephen King, Jason, Blumhouse, Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th

Logan's Run Is Somehow Both Fabulously Dated and Weirdly Timeless

Logan’s Run was released in June 1976. That means, according to the rules of the movie’s gleaming utopia, it expired 14 years ago—since aging past 30 is simply unheard of. And while certain aspects of the sci-fi classic are indeed outdated, other elements feel as oddly relatable as ever.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Dystopia, Nostalgia, Retro Review, 1970s, Logan, Michael York, Logans Run

Star Wars' Not-So-Brief History of Fleeting LGBTQ+ Representation

The long road to meaningful representation of LGBTQ+ creatives and characters in our popular media is a history interwoven throughout decades of media narratives. For Star Wars, one of the biggest pieces of popular culture in living memory, that story has come in fits and starts—and in many ways, it’s still a story…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Books, Comics, Science, Video Games, Marvel, Disney, Lgbtq, Lucasfilm, Marvel Comics, George Lucas, Representation, Knights of the Old Republic

This Is Some Meaningless Bullshit, Warner Bros.

To say that Warner Bros. released a statement about J.K. Rowling’s recent and ongoing response to accusations of transphobia would be, well, an overstatement. Because at this point I’ve read it enough times that I’m not even sure it’s words anymore.Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Human Rights, Race, Rant, Harry Potter, Jk Rowling, Lgbtq, Warner Bros, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Universal Studios, Transgender Rights, Scholastic, J K Rowling, Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald, Fantastic Beasts 3

Artemis Fowl Is a Flashy Fairytale About a Magically Militarized Police Force

If you wandered through a book store’s YA section back in the early aughts, chances were good your eye would eventually be caught by one of the glittering, golden cardboard standees stocked full of Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl, a novel about a criminal boy genius with designs on carrying out the most impressive heist in…Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Disney, Streaming, Judi Dench, Colin Farrell, Eoin Colfer, Nonso Anozie, Artemis Fowl, Ferdia Shaw, Disney Plus, Lara McDonnell, Magically Militarized Police Force

Google’s Drone Delivery Service Now Dropping Library Books to Kids

Book-loving kids in Christiansburg, Va., are about to get a special delivery to ease the boredom of summer quarantine (and months of being stuck at home). Google will soon start dropping books to kids via its drone delivery service, Wing, according to the Washington Post. Now they can get their hands on a copy of The…Read more...
Tags: Google, Books, Science, Washington Post, Schools, Drone Delivery, CHRISTIANSBURG Va, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Holy Swarovski, Batman!

If you’re worried about losing the respect of your co-workers with a collection of die-cast miniature Batmobile toys parked on your desk, don’t worry, Swarovski’s got your back. This $600 crystal Batmobile replica is described as a totally acceptable and normal “decoration object” on the Swarovski website and is…Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Dc Comics, Batman, Batmobile, Collectibles, Swarovski, Swarovski Batman

Apropos of Nothing, Check Out These Fantasy Novels by LGBT Creators

Why do I bring this up today? Oh, no reason. Definitely not because one of the world’s most (formerly) beloved fantasy authors outed herself definitively as a transphobe, sharing boilerplate trans-exclusionary talking points that are pretty easily debunked. Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Harry Potter, Jk Rowling, Transphobia, All The Birds In The Sky, Charlie Jane Anders, Sarah Gailey, Noelle Stevenson, Nimona, Magic For Liars A Novel, The Black Tides Of Heaven, Jy Neon Yang, Queen Of The Conquered, Kacen Callendar

Facebook Let a Politician Advocate Shooting Looters With His 'Liberty Machine'

Popular Information broke the news Thursday that Facebook had allowed a Republican Congressional candidate to run an ad suggesting that looters should be shot. In the video, former Georgia Congressman Paul Broun, who is currently running to represent Georgia’s 9th Congressional District, fires off his “liberty…Read more...
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