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New Thor: Love and Thunder Pictures Reveal Jane Foster's Mighty Costume

The seventh Transformers film is expanding its cast. Vin Diesel teases Groot’s future in the MCU. Work on the next Scream is nearly done. Plus, what’s to come on The Flash and Superman & Lois, a new teaser for American Horror Stories, and raise your ax to a new Green Knight poster. Spoilers get!Read more...
Tags: Toys, Comics, Science, Superman, Netflix, Batwoman, Teaser, Groot, Diesel, Transformers, Scream, Roberts, Rayo, Luz, Jane Foster, Morgan Edge

David Eagleman: ‘The working of the brain resembles drug dealers in Albuquerque’

The neuroscientist, broadcaster and author on the evolution of the brain, the mystery of consciousnesss, and why the next generation will be much smarter than usDavid Eagleman, 50, is an American neuroscientist, bestselling author and presenter of the BBC series The Brain, as well as co-founder and chief executive officer of Neosensory, which develops devices for sensory substitution. His area of speciality is brain plasticity, and that is the subject of his new book, Livewired, which examines h...
Tags: Books, Elon Musk, Science, Technology, Neuroscience, Bbc, Medical Research, Culture, Albuquerque, David Eagleman, Eagleman, Science and nature books, Neosensory, Silicon Valley Everything

Wow, Marvel Got Owen Wilson an Action Figure Already

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the latest toy news. This week, Super7 turns its eyes to SilverHawks for its latest Ultimates line, Red XIII joins the Final Fantasy VII Remake figure line, and Hasbro slimes the Ghostbusters real good. Check it out!Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Disney, Remake, Hasbro, Ghostbusters, Owen Wilson, Marvel Studios, Action Figure, Action Figures, Transformers, Joe, Marvel Legends, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Fictional Characters

*HONGA* Stone Age | Resource Management | Worker Placement Math/History Game

Lots of kids want a pet and they all PROMISE they’ll be the one to look after it. Before taking the plunge, maybe try out this game where players MUST care for Honga, a very needy saber-toothed tiger. Maybe the experience of making sure he’s attended to will make kids think twice about wanting a […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Math, Science, History, Logic, Board Games, Geography, Strategy games, Card Games, Homeschool, Gameschooling, Early Elementary, Honga

*NOCTILUCA* Ocean Life | Dice Rolling Game

Ocean life is vast and yet mostly undiscovered, still, in this age of exploration, technology, and knowledge. This game celebrates the miraculous, often strange life that we do know of in the ocean, specifically the noc·ti·lu·ca | a roughly spherical marine dinoflagellate which is strongly phosphorescent, especially when disturbed. The setting of the Noctiluca, which […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Math, Science, Logic, DICE, Strategy games, Homeschool, Gameschooling, NOCTILUCA Ocean Life

The supersense secret: Steve Biddulph on how to become healthier, happier and more fully human

The psychologist and author believes we are tapping into only a small corner of our potential. In his latest book, he explains how to harness all our senses and gut instinctsSteve Biddulph is telling me about a patient who came to him after a life-changing incident in a car park. The woman, Andie, was getting into her car when she noticed a figure in the distance moving towards her. The young man looked nice, well dressed. He called to her, but she couldn’t make out his words. Andie’s stomach tw...
Tags: Psychology, Books, Science, Life and style, Society, Autism, Culture, Health & wellbeing, Andie, Biddulph, Steve Biddulph

He-Man's New Animated Series Looked to Marvel for Inspiration

When a filmmaker like Kevin Smith gets ahold of a popular franchise, it’s natural to be curious what he’ll do with it. That goes double for something like his new He-Man show at Netflix, because the streamer so successfully reimagined She-Ra and the Princesses of Power not too long ago. Recently, io9 spoke with Smith,…Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Netflix, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Smith, Masters Of The Universe, Mark Hamill, Chris Wood, Kevin Smith, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lena Headey, Grant Ward, Human Interest, Noelle Stevenson


It’s great to find a science resource that kids enjoy but that can also be used in conjunction with a variety of different topics throughout the year. Earth science is such a broad topic, I actually use this particular Professor Noggin trivia box (which we always love!) to narrow down such a broad topic. It’s […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Science, Earth, Single player, Geography, Card Games, Homeschool, Gameschooling

*PROFESSOR NOGGINS* Ocean & Countries of the World

  We’ve covered quite a few science topics this year and Professor Noggin trivia boxes have been one big reason why! It’s really easy to create a science unit with books, art projects, videos, games, and some trivia to pull it all together. We recently studied Ocean life and Countries of the World in this […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Science, World, Single player, Card Games, Homeschool, Gameschooling, NOGGINS Ocean

Lego Masters Season 2 Judges Tease Curious Builds and Covid Filming Challenges

A person in possession of just six Lego bricks can create almost a billion different combinations. So when you consider the second season of Fox’s reality competition show Lego Masters gives the contestants 5 million bricks to choose from, the scope and variation of the creations becomes almost unfathomable. “There…Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Fox, Lego, Will Arnett, LEGO Company, Lego Jurassic World, The LEGO Group, Television Series, Lego Masters, Creative Works, Amy Corbett, Jamie Berard


I have never met anyone who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful garden of flowers, so this might be the first game ever with universal appeal. Everyone loves flowers! The theme of Umbra Via is an ancient pathway hidden within climbing vines leading to a mysterious location. Find your way through this secret garden and find the […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Science, Logic, Board Games, Strategy games, Homeschool, Gameschooling

The Water Gun That Shoots Liquid Bullets Has Been Upgraded With a Promise That It No Longer Leaks

There are few ways to better spend a hot summer afternoon than with a water gun fight, and the creators of one the most advanced water blaster ever developed—one that shoots liquid bullets—is back with an upgraded version that’s quieter, faster, more powerful, and is less likely to leave the shooter soaking wet.Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Leak, Kickstarter, Gun, Weapons, Water Guns, Super Soaker, Spyra, Toy Weapons

Behold the Astronomicum Caesareum, “Perhaps the Most Beautiful Scientific Book Ever Printed” (1540)

Art, science, and magic seem to have been rarely far apart during the Renaissance, as evidenced by the elaborate 1540 Astronomicum Caesareum — or “Emperor’s Astronomy” — seen here. “The most sumptuous of all Renaissance instructive manuals, ” the Metropolitan Museum of Art notes, the book was created over a period of 8 years by Petrus Apianus, also known as Apian, an astronomy professor at the University of Ingolstadt. Modern-day astronomer Owen Gingerich, professor emeritus at Harvard Universi...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Books, Science, College, Harvard University, Getty, Charles, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Ferdinand, Lund University, Halley, Josh Jones, Charles V, Durham NC Follow, Gingerich

This Solid E Ink Tablet Just Can't Beat the reMarkable's Pen-on-Paper Experience

Although E Ink’s electronic paper screens are appearing everywhere from price tags on store shelves to luggage tags, they’re still most popular in two types of devices: e-readers designed to replace books, and e-note tablets designed to replace notepads. The new Kobo Elipsa wants to be both at the same time. Depending…Read more...
Tags: Ipad, Books, Publishing, Science, Kindle, Computing, Tablet Computers, Rakuten, Ebook, E Reader, Remarkable, Display technology, Kobo Inc, Kobo ereader, Linux Based Devices, User Interface Techniques

*PHANTOM SEAS* Navigation & Directional Awareness Treasure Hunting Game

Could you manage finding your way in a new place with just a map and a compass? You could do it. Kids could totally do it! Especially if they had a little practice under their belts, especially if the practice came in a play-based way that threw some challenges in their path to really test […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Math, Science, Logic, Board Games, Geography, Strategy games, Homeschool, Gameschooling, Early Elementary

The Largest Lego Set Ever Is a Map of the World That Will Test Your Sanity With Over 11,000 Tiny Dots

Like the city it calls home, Lego’s 9,036-piece Roman Colosseum has already fallen as the largest set ever released by the toymaker. Half a year after the landmark’s reveal, Lego’s new World Map set has stolen the record with 11,695 pieces that mostly consist of tiny single-stud dots that will test even the most…Read more...
Tags: Toys, Science, Entertainment, Disney, Lego, The Lego Movie, Series

*PLANET VOYAGERS* Math + Stem + Astronomy Board Game

Learning by doing is usually the best way to master anything new. In the case of astronomy, this isn’t possible, but there are plenty of other ways to create experiential learning of space.  Planet Voyagers, from Simply Fun, uses information gained by some of the probes that have visited space and incorporates information from data […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Math, Science, Logic, Board Games, Strategy games, Homeschool, Gameschooling, Early Elementary

Daniel Kahneman: ‘Clearly AI is going to win. How people are going to adjust is a fascinating problem’

The Nobel-winning psychologist on applying his ideas to organisations, why we’re not equipped to grasp the spread of a virus, and the massive disruption that’s just round the cornerDaniel Kahneman, 87, was awarded the Nobel prize in economics in 2002 for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making. His first book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, a worldwide bestseller, set out his revolutionary ideas about human error and bias and how those traits might be recognised and mitigated. A new...
Tags: Psychology, Books, New York, Science, Technology, Culture, Daniel Kahneman, Kahneman, Cass R Sunstein, Artificial intelligence (AI, Science and nature books, Olivier Sibony

The secret of how Amundsen beat Scott in race to south pole? A diet of raw penguin

Starving and trapped by ice, the Norwegian’s crew had discovered how to beat scurvy on an earlier voyage. The benefits proved crucialThirteen years before he became the first person ever to reach the south pole in 1911, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen experienced his first merciless taste of winter in the Antarctic. Stuck onboard the Belgian expedition ship Belgica, which was grounded in pack ice, he and the rest of the crew contracted scurvy and faced certain death.That is when, according...
Tags: Books, Science, World news, Culture, Wildlife, Antarctica, Norway, Exploration, Polar regions, Scott, Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott, Amundsen, Antarctic Stuck

Big Smiles, Big Abs, and Big Swords in the Giant-Sized Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the latest and greatest in giant hunks of plastic to go on your shelf. This week: He-Man returns in a revelatory manner, Lego heads back to New York and the ‘90s for a retro Friends treat, and Odin smiles upon you... distressingly. Check it out!Read more...
Tags: Toys, New York, Science, Robert Downey Jr, Friends, Netflix, Lego, The Office, Hasbro, Thanos, Seinfeld, Masters Of The Universe, Action Figure, Action Figures, Ross, Anthony Hopkins

*SPIRECREST* Everdell Expansion Strategy Board Game

The elegant Everdell saga continues into the misty and unexplored regions of the Spirecrest mountains, where friends and foes alike will be met, disasters encountered, and adventures surely had! New and exciting elements and mechanisms come to life with new meeples, a rabbit traveler (one for each critter type in the base game and all […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Math, Science, History, Logic, Board Games, Geography, Strategy games, Homeschool, Language Arts, Everdell, Gameschooling, SPIRECREST Everdell Expansion Strategy Board, Spirecrest mountains

Doctors in London report fivefold increase in children swallowing magnets

Button batteries and magnets found in certain types of children’s toys associated with complicationsThere has been a fivefold increase in magnet ingestion over the past five years in young children amid a steady rise in hospital admissions in London caused by the swallowing of foreign objects, doctors have said.While most of the time objects pass out of the body naturally without incident, button batteries and small permanent magnets found in cordless tools, hard disk drives, magnetic fasteners ...
Tags: Health, Toys, Science, London, Children, Life and style, Society, UK News, NHS

*PLANETARIUM PRIMORDIAL* Epochs & Frost Line Module Expansions

In our gameschooling adventures, we have found a few excellent astronomy themed games to add to our yearly rotation/unit study on space.  Planetarium gets pulled out much more often than just when we’re studying planets, but both the base game (read my review here) AND the Primordial expansion contribute so much interest, fun, and rabbit-hole […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Science, Logic, Board Games, Strategy games, Homeschool, Gameschooling

‘Dracula’s castle’ offers tourists Covid shots

Visitors to Bran Castle in Romania offered vaccines – with a free trip to the ‘torture chamber’ thrown inCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageVisitors to Romania’s forbidding Bran Castle, which styles itself as the inspiration for Dracula’s lair, are being jabbed with needles rather than vampire fangs in a coronavirus vaccination drive.“I came to visit the castle with my family and when I saw the poster I gathered up my courage and agreed to get the injection,” said Liviu ...
Tags: Health, Europe, Books, Science, World news, Infectious Diseases, Romania, Vaccines and immunisation, Bram Stoker, Bran Castle, Coronavirus, Liviu Necula

Tea-growing areas to be badly hit if global heating intensifies

In Kenya, the area of optimal tea-growing conditions will be reduced by more than a quarter by 2050Your morning cup of tea may never taste the same again if global heating increases and the climate crisis intensifies, according to research.Some of the world’s biggest tea-growing areas will be among the worst hit by extreme weather, and their yields are likely to be vastly reduced in the coming decades if climate breakdown continues at its current pace. Floods, droughts, heatwaves and storms are ...
Tags: Tea, Food, Science, Climate Change, China, India, Africa, Environment, World news, Asia Pacific, South and Central Asia, Kenya, Sri Lanka

12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Amazon Kindle

Your Kindle e-reader isn’t the kind of gadget you upgrade all that often, and you might have one that’s been serving you well for years. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything that Amazon’s e-reader can do. Here are some of the lesser-known features and settings you can play around with on your Kindle,…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Books, Publishing, Science, Kindle, E Books, Amazon Kindle, Electronic Paper, Ur, Ray, Digital Technology, E Reader, Linux Based Devices, Technology Internet, Proprietary Hardware

Mend your clothes and do yourself some good

Care and repair is an invaluable mantra for your wardrobe, your mental health, your wallet and the planetIn today’s society, many of us go through our whole lives without ever working with our hands; we live, we work, we eat, we buy, we repeat. Everything is made and delivered at a blistering rate, from fast food to fast fashion and, although this may keep the economy buoyant, it’s not necessarily good for our mental health, or for our planet.But during the past year of lockdown, we have been fo...
Tags: Psychology, Fashion, Science, Life and style, Health & wellbeing, Sewing, Craft

*GET WILD* National Parks Simultaneous Animal Trading Game & *PROFESSOR NOGGIN WILDLIFE BOX* Trivia Game

This year, National Parks Week was April 17-25, an extra special week to spend learning and playing games all about our nation’s most amazing places.  One of our favorite National Parks games is this one, GET WILD! It’s a fast-paced, simultaneously played animal-swapping game, a race to return North American wildlife to their native parks.   […]
Tags: Crafts, Games, Science, DICE, Board Games, Geography, Card Games, Homeschool, National Parks Week, Gameschooling, Early Elementary

Secrets of a tree whisperer: ‘They get along, they listen – they’re attuned’

Suzanne Simard revolutionised the way we think about plants and fungi with the discovery of the woodwide web. The ecologist’s new book shares the wisdom of a life of listening to the forestWhen Suzanne Simard made her extraordinary discovery – that trees could communicate and cooperate through subterranean networks of fungi – the scientific establishment underreacted. Even though her doctoral research was published in the Nature journal in 1997 – a coup for any scientist – the finding that trees...
Tags: Books, Hbo, Science, Biology, Environment, Culture, Trees and forests, Plants, Fungi, University of British Columbia, Richard Powers, Peter Wohlleben, Suzanne Simard, Science and nature books, Merlin Sheldrake, Simard Continue

A tiny, invasive bug and the climate crisis are changing how guitars are made, and shifting the course of music history

Fender; Marianne Ayala/Insider Swamp ash is a wood prized by guitar makers and musicians for its light weight and resonant sound. But flooding, and a tiny bug, threaten the wood and the sound that is synonymous with rock music. Fender is phasing out ash after 70 years of use, and ash trees could soon disappear altogether. See more stories on Insider's business page. In 1970, when Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page recorded the iconic solo on "Stairway to Heaven," he was playing a 1959 Fend...
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