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One Day runs into another...

I sent a test email for class...and got 5 back as undeliverables...I'll check the email addresses. And a newsletter was published, link in blog sidebar.  If you signed up most recently you will probably receive the next test which I will announce here.   And I'm still testing. Video. Sound, Lighting. Upload.  Just using the tests here, not to let anything, especially thoughts,  go to waste.     direct link if you see no player  
Tags: Crafts, Video, Stray Cat Series, Dream/thought Catching

How it's going...

P robably just pics this coming week. And comments off. Big Stuff sucking Time. But I'm working on this one. I've posted about liquid applique before. Here, again, silk shibori by Glennis. I've many cloth stories to share about silk. But a new thought caught this morning. The process could be considered a form of kindness, not cutting a cloth to fit and leaving too tiny a scrap to be used. Keeping the cloth together and useful. I'm creating a mailing list for Patchwork i...
Tags: Crafts, Kindness, Flow, Shibori, Notes To Self, Sympathetic Evolution, Scraps Of Self, Usefulness, Applique, Cloth Stories, Stray Cat Series, Glennis, Long Cloth/pathworks, Dream/thought Catching

She becomes a Bridge

T his works right now. I need one. A path from one thing to another. To fill in a Widening Gap. Now I can imagine being one. My self as a bridge between selves. I worked from that digital drawing from yesterday. Without looking back at it.  Her lower half, drawn in. Above her, stitched. I almost said "only sky". To myself.  How one thing becomes another always seems quite simple but it's not. Not if you know the story. Here I am, with a fine list of Piecemaker/Ragmates, already enough to ...
Tags: Crafts, Problem Solving, Stories, Alignment, Crossover, Self Portrait, Cloth is like self, In Between, Sympathetic Evolution, Filling Space, Stray Cat Series, Dream/thought Catching

Going Through February

I t's snowing! Momentary excitement. It won't last long. Rain is coming. I love the patchwork that emerges when it first begins to snow. The graphic quality of the early layer. How it highlights shapes and the in between. I looked at the path. And then at the cloth.  The long-ness, like path. And then. She becomes path. Just like that. Decision: Part 3 of Patchwork in Perspective... Considering Selves.
Tags: Crafts, Online Classes, Patchwork, Self Portrait, Cloth is like self, How It Might Happen, Becoming more or less, Stray Cat Series, Long Cloth/pathworks

Just Thinking

P ay Attention to Recurring Dreams... That's the last note to myself about this one. Today I jotted down... Keep the story together. Above... a d joodle. So here I go. That's what I want to do. My goal this year is to make the story clearer. My sharing series has that personal goal behind it. I am writing a book. For myself. And to do that I am looking back, while being right here, and at the same time imagining not being here. It's my way of packing up and moving from one plac...
Tags: Crafts, Stories, Stray Cat Series, Dream/thought Catching

How it Really Is

  C h a n g i n g my point of view has softened the online time. I look at this, this morning, and remember the thought about the illusion of just one thing moving through, feeling much better about the blur. A Newsletter to myself. How it really is.  It's in motion. I am all-ways in motion. Sharing that is difficult and often time unexpected because the Thing is what we all seem to be after.  And how to get that, get there. Some of us would like to buy that if we could.  And as ...
Tags: Crafts, Flow, Through, Cloth is like self, In Between, Notes To Self, How It Might Happen, continuing aka Just Going, Stray Cat Series, Clarity (now Known As Blur-ity, Dream/thought Catching

Strange Days

M aybe. I've been a bit scattered lately. Early this morning I was moving things around, furniture, studio stuff. And I was feeling like my head was not attached. I moved my computer stuff upstairs so I could look out at the sea through the bare trees. In the process I lost my mouse. Hours, I patiently looked. Tried to remember. Finally I just decided I must have put it out with the trash in a blank moment.  Then, while watering the plants, I found it in the center of the aloe cactus that...
Tags: Crafts, Through, Stray Cat Series


I t's cold. This is an old drawing. From what I now call the library of selves. Not that old but it isn't dated (still not sure that is important, not sure about time). I have a sense it was just yesterday. It surfaced yesterday anyway. I wanted to make a series about this question. In a way I think I'm doing that with the next sharing thing. Expect a Feel Free newsletter soon. But it's so cold. And this morning I am thinking about weather. How the cold is moving through me. B...
Tags: Crafts, Winter, Questions, Self Portrait, Through, Weathering The Storm, Filling Space, Stray Cat Series, Doodles And Drawings (joodlehill, The Real Journal Project- Loose Pages, Dream/thought Catching

Letting Go

of the T he Chill that was haunting me. Got up, lit a fire. Inside. I'm not so good at idle. Juice some ginger and think positive. It can work. I think Dad said that. When I used to draw all the time. I used tiny black ink dots a lot. I was looking for some of my old drawings. They must be somewhere. For now, in cloth, the hand stitched stipple. I think I will let this one never be finished . I think I will even name it that.   I will send out another Feel Free Newsletter test tomor...
Tags: Crafts, Problem Solving, Embroidery, Dad, Feel Free, Online Classes, Through, Moons, Cloth is like self, continuing aka Just Going, Mom and Dad, Stray Cat Series, Dots And Circles

Cloth and Cold

C loth is useful. Again. This is the studio table now, not in the studio, but useful for spreading out, etc., as the temperatures remain below freezing for the 3rd day in a row. The table top was rocking a bit. A scrap of silk was just enough to change that. All the cloth around here is used. As I age I relate more and more. I'm not feeling right today. The chill is in me. I think I'll take it easy and do some extra napping. The cold has also become useful. Helping us begin consider...
Tags: Crafts, Winter, Life, Problem Solving, Reflection, Remembering, Cloth is like self, Sympathetic Evolution, Old Cloth, Scraps Of Self, Usefulness, Cloth Stories, Stray Cat Series, Considering/reconsidering, Long Cloth/pathworks, Patience/Eventually

The Way it Might Fit Together...

S o now it's way cold. Not complaining, just saying. I'm just sitting with this one. Wanting to do a video but it's just too cold in the studio. And not good at the phone video thing yet. Because we thought we wouldn't be here we didn't cut our own wood this year. Wood here is expensive and even more so this season, a story about that later. So not heating the studio. I cut away the cloth around the figure because i was intending to make a pillow and then I thought... I d...
Tags: Crafts, Paris, Edges, Fringe, Feel Free, Online Classes, Fade, Symbols, How It Might Happen, continuing aka Just Going, Scraps Of Self, Cloth Stories, Stray Cat Series, Components Aka Loose Patches, Long Cloth/pathworks

Not an Identity Crisis

J ust Being OneSelves. The thought came, I caught it. Shared it.
Tags: Crafts, Identity, Self Discovery, Becoming more or less, Stray Cat Series, Dream/thought Catching

I slipped into wordlessness

I fell asleep. The fireworks woke me at midnight. The rain kept me awake. On and off all night. I am not rested but I am awake. It's so oddly warm here the windows were are open. A crane fly has a short peaceful life. They are more common here since I am composting leaves. The wings reminded me. Of recent stitching. Maybe that's what drew her(?) here. It is always nice useful to connect. Here's to that. Cheers! Happy New Year.
Tags: Crafts, In Between, Meeting Points, Usefulness, Nine Lives Patch, Stray Cat Series


I am (we are) the Between. Between a Fallen Heart... and a Rising Moon. Just to be there. Is compassion a kind of intelligence? A simply basic understanding, like connecting dots? These loose patches, well, I planned to use them in my new class series.  But I needed them now. And I've become unsure about  the new class.  Like I often do. Lot of folks spend time making marks like stitches on paper. Goes faster but not the same feel to the process for me. The path back to paper will lea...
Tags: Crafts, Kindness, Alignment, Questions, Hearts, Form, Self Portrait, Cloth is like self, In Between, How It Might Happen, Nine Lives Patch, Stray Cat Series, Considering/reconsidering, The Sense-feel, Doodles And Drawings (joodlehill, Components Aka Loose Patches


  Moving Beyond Moving Beyond _____________. (a little game of fill in the blank, but use one of your own weaknesses. For a change.)
Tags: Crafts, Flow, Transformation, Line, Hearts, Imagine, Edges, Mending, Stray Cat Series, The Beast-spirit, Considering/reconsidering, Context/frames Of Mind

Staying Light

I cannot tell you enough times how important lightness is to me. Cultivating that and sharing that. Always be able to laugh. Lighten up. It puts things in perspective. It's foggy here this morning. And summer is drooping. I do love fog. I love how it is a kind of darkness and lightness at the same time. How it softens the hard edge and expands the in between. How it just appears and then disappears as if it was never there. The woodshed is still empty. And I have a lot of stuff I'd rathe...
Tags: Crafts, Symbols, Stray Cat Series, Vibrating Outward, SpiritCloth Lite

Stray Stitches

T hey began that way. Then I thought... Stitch by stitch. Eventually she becomes visible. Yes, stitch by stitch, I make myself visible. I suppose I could just as easily pull them all out. I left some loose ends just in case. It's September. Imagine that. Already. Poof.
Tags: Crafts, Season, Magic, Transformation, Form, Cloth is like self, In Between, Notes To Self, Self Discovery, Becoming more or less, Stitching, continuing aka Just Going, Kantha, Stray Cat Series

Looking Up

J ust Continuing... I guess. Got out of bed and found myself shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Looking up . Things being what they are.   My fringe symbol just evolved a bit.   direct audio link if you see no player (opens in a new window)   I have lot more to say but I gotta run.
Tags: Crafts, Fringe, Self Portrait, Symbols, Stray Cat Series, Vibrating Outward

Threadcrumbs Thursday

Y es, I know, it's Wednesday.  This is for tomorrow (because I will not be here). Again the game here, because it works better... Some Strays Like it Like That That Way aka To Stray is a Way (email me if you want your name in the basket. $85.00 . 6 and 3/4" square-ish. This one, personal check only, free shipping, and USA only. Game over at midnight. Comes with a bit of story.
Tags: Crafts, Usa, Stories, Stray Cat Series, The Beast-spirit, Threadcrumbs


O ff Wandering . Going is a circle so I'll be back eventually. If I can get to it today, I'll be making some changes to Feel Free. If not, I'll do it later. For all you Ragmeates interested in my new workshop series, you can sign up for the Newsletter here . At the bottom of the page.  I'm working on it. We almost washed away last night in the Big Rain. But then, it seems, we didn't. Here's some eyes from the Coma Cloth from way back to keep you considering vision as c...
Tags: Crafts, Eyes, Coma, Lions, Wandering, Cloth is like self, Stray Cat Series, The Beast-spirit

It's been a ...

It's been a wild patch . Going with it relieves stress. Pathwork. Long cloth. Stray moments aligned seem to give form to chaos. Something to look back on. 
Tags: Crafts, Alignment, Form, Stray Cat Series, Long Cloth/pathworks


S he's rolled up to become smaller. And then not. She's inside out... A bit upside down. But still holding together. So done enough I think. And maybe nameless. Being swept up into invokes name-less-ness, I think. A stray might simply be part of the landscape. For those of you who have emailed me in the last weeks, I'm slowly getting to it.  
Tags: Crafts, Identity, Looking, Form, Cloth is like self, Naming Things, Stray Cat Series, Long Cloth/pathworks


S he might become the circle. Then Suddenly become aware of how that might happen. I feel swept up into. Not apart. Saying too much has no appeal at the moment. Being is fine.  
Tags: Crafts, Self Portrait, Becoming more or less, Stray Cat Series

The Heart as a Patch

B ecause I was thinking... My heart is a patch if you need it ...while just going and considering simpler times. Just checking in, testing mobile upload (which didn't work here yesterday) and waving. See you in July. Most likely.
Tags: Crafts, Gift Giving, Hearts, Simpler Times, Patchwork, Wandering, Cloth is like self, Mending, Stray Cat Series

Last Cat

S he changed through the day. She might become so many things. She's on the edge of of uncertainty. She flew away later in the day but I just wanted to say... While stitching I used a little method I call Fringe Applique. Here and there.  It's kind of like ragged and turned at the same time. I added a little video to the applique section of Feel Free. And I will try to find some other examples I have here. Because there are many uses for this kind of edge. If you think about ed...
Tags: Crafts, Edges, Fringe, Feel Free, In Between, Applique, Stray Cat Series

Slow Change

I thought , The Last Cat. The nature of a stray is to adapt. Evolve if there is time enough to notice. It happens slowly, then one day, poof. Not a cat anymore. I'm done with a lot of things. But they still form a cloud around me. I ache for something with no name. I think... Still, an old self is like a foundation. Something to build on. When I remind myself that my self is a component and not the big picture, the whole scale of the thing changes.
Tags: Crafts, Design Mending, Becoming more or less, Naming Things, Stray Cat Series

She is stitched in...

S he (me) is attached to place. Glue stitched . I can feel it by looking. The bond. I'm loving how that which she rose from blends into the new resting place. How some edges seem not there. And then the new base cloth itself. It's a sort of linen burlap.  The weave quite apparent and open. The weave of a cloth is so important to me. Knowing it better helps me speak through it. And it through (because of) me.
Tags: Crafts, Linen, Edges, Place, Cloth Stories, Stray Cat Series

Just letting it flow...

W orking with silk bits mostly. I'm working on the sky. She seems to rise from the scrap basket, surrounded by still unused scraps of self. I added Liquid Applique to the Feel Free Applique menu . (if you need a password for the free protected content please use the contact form over there) I'll have more to say abut this kind of working. I'm using the beautiful hand dyes by Glennis. Silk. Silk is liquid just as it is. Silk inspired Liquid Applique. Right now I am moving stuf...
Tags: Crafts, Feel Free, Applique, Cloth Stories, Stray Cat Series, Glennis Silk Silk

How Cloth has become Paper

O ne thing might become another.     And then another. And another. Silence might become voice. I'm cutting away the face. A symbolic act in many ways. Letting her become. Again. The one who may not be known.
Tags: Crafts, Becoming more or less, Wordless, Skitch Skatch, Stray Cat Series, Un-Doing ( which is a kind of doing

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