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Rush to Irrelevancy?

The CD changer in the Zed Drei's trunk crapped out years ago, and the cassette player in the head unit followed it shortly thereafter.There's so much wind noise at highway speeds that getting a new stereo hasn't been high on my priority list, anyway.Therefore I listen to the radio, and that means I just keep it tuned to NPR. It's not a good audio environment for music, so that means talk radio.I suppose I could listen to right-wing talk radio, but I prefer to be lied to polysyllabically.Driving ...
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Match Shot

Tac-Con 2019 Match winner Rick Remington shooting in the head-to-head elimination brackets on Sunday morning. . [Author: Tam]
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Gotta head to gun school. More later. . [Author: Tam]
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Thanks, Bosma

So, now Kentucky has joined the Constitutional Carry brigade... Meanwhile, this is the first legislative session in the last four, if I'm remembering right, that we haven't even bothered to introduce a bill here in Indiana. House Speaker Brian Bosma is in the hip pockets of lobbies who are still assmad about strong preemption getting stuffed through the legislative process in 2011, and therefore he dutifully sends Constitutional Carry to die in committee. . [Author: Tam]
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My right shin is in a really amazing amount of pain right now.I'm hoping this is barometrically-related. . [Author: Tam]
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Overheard in the Kitchen...

RX: "Did you forget that you have ham here in the refrigerator?" Me: "I tossed what was left of my ham." RX: "Well, whose ham is this?" Me: "I dunno. Is it opened?" RX: "No." Me: "Then I guess it's whoever's. It's communal ham. Which is also the name of my next band." [Author: Tam]
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Pictures From an Expedition

At the corner of College & 22nd, I noticed the broken handset dangling from this pay phone. I hit the power window button and brought the camera up to snap a photo. Just as I framed it, the light went green and Bobbi hit the gas, since our lane ended ahead and she needed to get over to the left.Fortunately I had inadvertently left the camera in Aperture Priority mode with the lens wide open, and the resulting 1/1600th shutter speed was fast enough to catch the shot without motion blur. A little...
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How about we just leave the clocks where they're at now?This idea seems to be gaining in popularity. . [Author: Tam]
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Gaining momentum?

With Maine and New Hampshire having both passed Constitutional Carry laws, I thought it was pretty neat that a person could drive from the Bay of Fundy to Burlington, VT strapped and without need of a permit.Looking at a map posted by NJT the other day, it occurred to me that if either Nebraska or Iowa went to permitless carry, one could drive from Biloxi to Couer d'Alene without requiring a permission slip for your blaster. [Author: Tam]
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Not really surprising...

Hi Point's social media account posted a picture on social media of some dude's 9mm carbine that he'd launched a squib into and then filled the barrel behind the squib with subsequent shots. Hi Point replaced the barrel under warranty, but some folks were amazed it didn't blow up. View this post on Instagram How many rounds of 9mm can you fit in the barrel of a 995TS? Well this guy managed to squeeze 35 rounds in there. When he called statin...
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Not actually by them, just by them...

Via Jennifer... View this post on Instagram I was already planning out a Bayonetta themed manicure before I figure out they meant next door to GameStop, not done by GameStop. I think they are missing a golden opportunity. A post shared by Jennifer Hast (@injennifershead) on Mar 6, 2019 at 2:36pm PST Super Manicure Brothers! Call of Beauty! Sid Meier’s Glitterization!I had fun thinking up names! . [Author: Tam]
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“I ask one thing: Do right by my daddy.”

Back when Marko and I were roommates in Knoxville, we got HBO for the sole purpose of being able to watch Band of Brothers when it came out. Therefore there's precedent for me getting a Netflix subscription, simply because I can't miss the forthcoming Frank Hamer picture.It helps that the screenwriter wrote some of my favorite Westerns, and it seems like he was motivated to do an honest depiction of Hamer:When 86-year-old Frank Jr. arrived, he had an escort comprised of his son Frank III and sev...
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So, once upon a time, I bought a Frommer Stop. This is an intriguing little historical footnote of a pistol whose main purpose in existing is to serve as the answer to a Trivial Pursuit: Firearms Edition question:"The two major pistols to operate on the long recoil operating principle are the Webley Mars and the ____________."Thing is, when I finally got around to test-firing it, it didn't extract the spent shell.On closer examination, most of the extractor was gone. Now, on a blowback operated...
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Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars

Kidrobot has released their Yummy World Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars . From Yummy World, the Yum-Mee crispy chocolate plush bars are named Kitt, Katt, Tim, and Tam. you can remove the chocolate bars from their cozy plush wrapper...as well as break off from one another. Standing in at 16 inches tall, you can currently order this plush for $29.99.
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Time Measurement...

I was doing some research on the Canon EOS-1N film camera, and ran across some photos taken during the invasion of Iraq.Not the Gulf War, but OIF."Surely," I thought, "this is some sort of anachronism. That was 2003..."Nope. The Global War on a Noun has been going on for so long that we were a couple years into it and working photojournalists were still using film cameras.I went and double-checked my timelines and, sure enough, in 2003 we were still in the very first generation of commercial pur...
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The Retail Apocalypse continues in '19...

"There's roughly 52 square feet of retail space per person in the US, compared to 19 square feet of retail space in the UK, according to CoStar.This market oversaturation suggests the US is still in the "early innings" of mass store closures, according to a report last October by the advisory firm Cowen and Company."The Macy's that anchors what's left of what used to be an indoor mall just up the road is making the go-aways, probably finally killed off by the super Target across the parking lot....
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Unlucky ship...

The battle of Lissa in 1866, which saw Rear Admiral Tegethoff's Austrian fleet defeat a numerically superior Italian force, had an affect on ship design for the latter half of the 19th Century. (Possibly because Austria was such a naval underdog.)What was unusual about the battle is that Tegethoff formed his main squadron into a rough wedge and charged the Italian battle line, seeking ramming attacks and close engagement. This was outside the rather staid "line of battle" tactics that had been m...
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You're doing it wrong.

Some dude up the road in Marion was walking about with an unholstered pistol stuffed down the front of his trousers. He says he felt the gun starting to slip down into his pants and grabbed to catch it, causing it to discharge... right into his junk.Dude didn't have a toter's permit, either, so there's every chance he's getting charged for it, too.And to rub extra bonus salt into the wound, if you will, dude has made news as far away as Sacramento and DC.To the surprise of absolutely nobody, it ...
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Changing my mind, at least a little...

Initially when I stuck my toe back into the film photography world, I was pretty down on late-model Canon EOS cameras with auto everything. I wanted knobs and dials and the full retro experience.I've since softened on that, at least to an extent. At least for the higher-end stuff. Having used the digital full-frame EOS 1Ds Mark II and fallen in love with it, I'm looking at the EOS 1N in a new light. It helps that I've got a few good EF-mount lenses to go with it.Hopefully once the weather turn...
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So, cameras that used roll film (as opposed to sheet film, like that used in large format cameras) generally required the user to thread the end of the roll onto a takeup spool. In an attempt to make a more user-friendly volkscamera sort of experience, Kodak launched the 126 film format in the early Sixties.Dubbed the "Instamatic", a name obviously intended to signify ease of use, the film was all spooled up in a little plastic cartridge which you could just drop into the camera and then remove...
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When art & photojournalism meet...

I hadn't seen this amazing spread of photos, titled "Afghanistan: Chronotopia", before. It's definitely worth a look. . [Author: Tam]
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Yesterday was a mental health day (I think this is now called 'self care'), spent indoors... in pyjamas, in fact ...and the morning was in front of the televisor watching the federal government make a gigantic ass of itself.Yesterday, of course, being the public circus part of Michael Cohen's Capitol Hill round robin of committee hearings.Fittingly, on the local NBC affiliate, it preempted Days of Our Lives. I gotta say that, while the average congressperson is a better actor than the average so...
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Very Broad Ripple...

This is about the most Broad Ripple way to fetch the groceries I've yet seen. [Author: Tam]
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Pocket Six Shooter

Chris gets right to the reason I switched from a .38 Special Model 442 to a .32 H&R Magnum Model 432 back in 2005 and haven't ever thought about switching back..38 Special does not expand reliably from a 2" barrel in any loading. The only way you'll see expansion from a J-frame is to step up to .357, but .357 Magnum out of an Airweight is punishing. Followup shots are slow, and that's the sort of recoil that adversely affects accuracy.Look at Chris's posted times in the 5x5x5 drill for the diffe...
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What if I only point them out in my head?

"People Who Constantly Point Out Grammar Mistakes Are Pretty Much Jerks, Scientists Find"Feeling personally attacked here, tbh fam. . [Author: Tam]
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It gets me out of the house...

View this post on Instagram Picture taking today! #canoneos7d #peakdesignslide #ef24105f4l A post shared by Tamara Keel (@tamarakeel) on Feb 23, 2019 at 7:55am PST [Author: Tam]
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Automotif CXLXX...

Ferrari California parked out front of Cafe Patachou this morning at 49th & Penn...Amusingly, Patachou has made t-shirts featuring Yelp! reviews... . [Author: Tam]
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Aw yiss...

I guess I have to get Netflix. (Back when Band of Brothers hit, Marko and I got HBO so we could watch, so it's not without precedent.) . [Author: Tam]
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Ever have one of those days where you just want to pull the covers over your head and try again tomorrow? . [Author: Tam]
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Big camera, little camera...

To take these pictures, the cameras were put in Program mode with ISO set to Auto, just to see how each one would meter the scene. All of them were wearing lenses that are the closest approximation I have to a 50mm f/1.8 full-frame lens, for that respective sensor size. This picture was taken using a Pentax Q-S1 and the 01 8.5mm f/1.9 lens. Lens corrections were applied in Photoshop, but no lighting correction. With the 12mp 1/1.7" sensor, the less attention drawn to the noise in the shadows, t...
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