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Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #200...

Almost twenty years I've had this thing now. Carried it for a bunch of them. It was a lot shinier back then. It came with the "idiot mark" and a flattened spot in the checkering where the original owner had shot it while wearing a ring, but it was to see a lot more wear than that. The bottom pic was shot with an old Sony Mavica on a floppy disc, on the range top of the first apartment I lived in in Knoxville. It doesn't feel that long ago.  The camera I shot the top pic with, an EOS 5...
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The Bravest Spam

On this day in 1961, Alan Shepherd strapped himself atop a giant cylinder containing tons of flammable liquid and accelerant, essentially a repurposed intercontinental ballistic missile, and they bolted the hatch shut behind him. After a three hour delay, during which he had to piss himself in his suit because nobody had thought to include a relief tube for what was planned to be a twenty minute flight profile, he was blasted off the surface of the planet to become the second man in space and th...
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"Honey, we have Smith & Wesson at home." No.2

The .38 Regulation Police is just the I-frame .32 Hand Ejector with a five shot .38 S&W cylinder instead of a six shot .32 S&W Long cylinder. I get a kick out of the fact that the Lorem Ipsum Arms Corporation apparently decided it was important to throw a little facsimile of Smith & Wesson's characteristic "lazy ampersand" in the middle, here. [Author: Tam]
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GenX Check

You might be GenX if your inner middle schooler completely lost their shit just now. https://t.co/W2FAWnNfSA— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) May 5, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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A return to the range...

Would you like to know more? Last winter was a bad one. I barely kept ahead of my writing for work. Output at the blog suffered, and patron-only content at the Patreon blog went entirely dormant. With the sun having returned to the sky and the ability to get out and about more, it's time to crawl out of my blanket fort and get more writing done. The first of a series has gone up at the Patreon, to kick things off. Gelatin was shot...for science! . [Author: Tam]
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"But it's factory ammo!"

"Factory" ammo may not mean the same thing, depending on which factory we're talking about. Some of the most disappointing ammo I'd tried thus far was from a factory. The 124gr Sumbro FMJ ammunition I ran through my M&P9 back in 2015 or so had an extreme spread of 89.2 feet per second. In other words, out of ten rounds that were, not just from the same lot number, but the same box, the slowest round was doing 1,069fps while the fastest was almost a hundred feet per second faster, at 1,158. The...
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"Honey, we have Smith & Wesson at home." No.1

The barrel of the Regulation Police has the typical Smith rollmark of the period. Traditional sans serif font and "lazy" ampersand. The markings on the barrel of the paltik don't resemble any alphabet I can find, and may be "greeking". There's a fascinating...and fairly recent...piece on the underground gun industry in Cebu here at the NYT. (It may be paywalled. I trust you're savvy enough to find your way around that via an archive if necessary.) If dudes in the jungle in the 1920s or 1930...
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Project underway...

One of these is a regular S&W .38 Regulation Police. One was cobbled together with hand tools in a Filipino village. Real macro photos forthcoming... . [Author: Tam]
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Excitable Boy

You can be pretty sure your ride is cool when it gets this sort of reaction from little boys. . [Author: Tam]
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It's Holden!

Photographed with a Fuji X-T2 & 18-55mm f/2.8-4 [Author: Tam]
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QotD: Ouch! Edition

"The only instinct human beings are born with is sucking. A good many never get much past that." -Roberta X [Author: Tam]
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Knowing Your Background

Among the great purging of books I'm doing, the filter for keeping a physical hard copy on the shelf is somewhere between "Am I going to read this again?" and "Is it of enough personal significance that I want the actual dead tree book as opposed to just a file on a device?" The latest series to fall under scrutiny is Jack Whyte's Camulod Chronicles. I really love the premise and late Classical to early post-Roman Britain is a fascinating historical setting for me. In the early Fifth Century, ...
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"I have carried a 7.5” Blackhawk in .45 Colt crossdraw in a nylon holster while working at a gun store, and I was only carrying it a little ironically. At least it was one of the more upscale suede lined nylon holsters?Oh, and it was loaded with Glasers because of course it was. I mean at that point, why not?Derpeste."I was being fundamentally unserious. In my defense, it was a long time ago.  Oh, and "Derpeste" = "The derp in me recognizes and acknowledges the derp in you."  We've all been...
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Automotif CCXIII...

Here's something you don't see too often: A 1966 Dodge Charger just out and about in public. Totally coincidentally, a dude I know knows the person who just sold it, and says it's a 440cid 4-speed car. The dash illumination in these things was wild and was super science fiction-y for the era. That huge rear window slope caused problems with lift at NASCAR speeds, and so Dodge quickly got a spoiler offered as a factory option to homologate it for racing, making the Charger the first domes...
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Yamaha's original Virago from the early Eighties was an unusual cruiser in that it didn't just completely ape Harley Davidson design language. There were no fake rocker boxes on the engine, which instead seemed to emphasize its overhead-camness. Further, since the bike used a backbone frame with the engine as a stressed member, it was just kinda hanging our there for all to see, with no downtubes on the frame to obscure your view of the mechanicals. As you can see, it makes a great base for t...
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Are you being played?

Did that tweet or social media post get you mad? Did it make you feel despair? Did you immediately want to share it because it pushed your buttons so hard?"There used to be a distinction between Russian and Chinese activities in cyberspace. While China concentrated on cyber-espionage, plundering secrets from Western corporate and government systems, the Russians were the vandals. They launched destructive cyberattacks while engaging in disinformation and hack-and-leak operations, tactics with th...
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Automotif CCXII...

Spotted in a parking lot in Martinsville after dinner Sunday evening was this '70 'Vette. Peak 'Murrica here in the heart of American-occupied America: [Author: Tam]
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Much Learning Occurred.

This was such a well-rounded two-day class. It can be a bit of a drink from the firehose, but there's a lot of material that's not covered by yet another five-round drill from the seven yard line. Identifying and interacting with suspicious-looking (or -acting) strangers. Deselection, avoiding getting entangled in unwanted conversations. How to carry...and when and how to use...pepper spray. There's basic trauma self-care stuff, things like telling the difference between arterial and venous...
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Weekend stuff...

I'm taking pictures again... [Author: Tam]
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Ugh, the internet.

"Why didn't he fire a warning shot?" Okay, first, because even warning shots land someplace. Whose living room would you like it to land in? Second, because she was in the middle of stabbing someone, so there wasn't a lot of time for warning people. "Why didn't he shoot her in the leg?" Oh, man, when are we going to rid people of the damfool notion that it's possible to shoot someone a little bit? A bullet in the knee can leave someone crippled for life, possibly resulting in amputation....
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Automotif CCXI...

Oh, hey, look! It's the new (G42 series) BMW M440i! Hey, that's a pretty slick-looking ride from the side... Let's walk around to the front of the car and see what's shakin' up there... EWW! It looks, to steal a line from my friend TC, like a Mustang had sex with a naked mole rat. That, or some sort of angry cyborg attack beaver. That snout is going to take some getting used to, not gonna lie. I realize that, thanks to Audi and Lexus, great gaping maws of grille up front are the style of...
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Everything Old is New Again...

...or, "There is nothing new under the sun." (Although the opinions seen as publishable in The Atlantic have definitely swung a hundred and eighty degrees.) From June of 1896:  "But it is not alone that the presumption regarding the immigrant of today is so widely different from that which existed regarding the immigrant of thirty or fifty years ago. The immigrant of the former time came almost exclusively from western and northern Europe. We have now tapped great reservoirs of population then...
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Like Stalin said...

..."Dark humor is like food; not everybody gets it.""Ok, if it flashes blue its a boy and if it flashes pink its a girl." pic.twitter.com/jl8HWUs0AQ— Codex (@codexrau) April 23, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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Yesterday morning's typing was interrupted by a loud sound from down the hall. I couldn't identify it, and assumed one of the cats had knocked over something heavy. Bobbi, on the other hand, identified it immediately. "Oh, no! Holden jumped in the tub!" Sure enough, a large fluffy cat came tear-assing out of the bathroom into the dining room, where he hung a u-turn and came barreling back down the hall to launch himself onto the typewriter shelf of Bobbi's desk, chirring and whirring with i...
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Out of Touch

It wasn't an accident. Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist. Daunte Wright was met with aggression & violence. I am done with those who condone government funded murder. No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can't be reformed.— Rashida Tlaib (@RashidaTlaib) April 12, 2021 "Abolish the police" only plays well with the far end of your base, you know. If you're trying to scare the center back toward the GOP, you're going about it the right way. Crime scar...
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QotD: Applied Skills Edition...

From Chris over at Amplified Being:"My sub-1.2 second draw to first shot or 0.2 second split times (time between shots) aren’t helpful if I don’t understand when I am legally permitted to use lethal force. If I execute that draw to first shot and split times in a legally and morally unjustifiable manner, I’m just rushing to jail-time. In fact, being ignorant and wrong with lots of speed is probably worse than just being wrong, because it’s a lot harder to get on the brakes in time."It's a good p...
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It doesn't work like that.

So, some dude on the gunternet made the claim that he could draw a .22WMR NAA Mini from his pocket and put all five rounds into a playing card sized target at five feet in less than two seconds, strong hand only. Pardon my bluntness, but that claim is simply bullshit and is the sort of gun forum nonsense spouted by people who wouldn't know what button to push on a timer to make it go "beep" in the first place. A fast pocket draw to a relatively wide-open target like a USPSA A-zone or the ID...
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Automotif CCX...

When Alfa Romeo sold their Alfetta 2000 here, they worried that the "Alfetta" name wouldn'd translate well to the American market, so it was called the Alfa Romeo Sport Sedan for the US market. A forty-odd year old Alfa moving under its own power on a public road in the Midwest is the opposite of common. . [Author: Tam]
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What she said...

" Whatever else their motives -- mental imbalance, loathing some person or group, wanting to begin war between sexes, races or religions, and so on -- all of these shooters give a credible impression of seeking attention. Of desiring posthumous fame. One strikes and is a three-day sensation in the news online and over the air, and others follow, time and again.   We've got to stop making these horrible losers famous. Whatever else we do -- and there's a long list of suggestions, from "ban...
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Bonus points if you had a folding grip on it.

(From a friend on the Book of Faces. I LOL'ed and had to share.) . [Author: Tam]
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