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Trolled Again

Look at the background of the header photo! The only way this could be more obvious would be if his Twitter handle were "@lololitrollboomers".But that didn't stop the usual suspects from falling for it with the charmingly adorable, repeated gullibility of Charlie Brown going after that placekick.One post showed a poster that advertised a flag-burning, complete with Antifa members doing face painting, of all things. Another post suggested that 30,000 members of Antifa were planning to invade Get...
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Memes for Days...

This Bryco will ride eternal across the memeiverse, shiny and chrome... pic.twitter.com/oIqOhPA2l4 — Sal the Agorist (@SallyMayweather) June 30, 2020 pic.twitter.com/WKXVQqdNKy — Mofdi De Santa (@MofdiLombardi) June 30, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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Over/Under on the rise of the machines in 2020?

What gun for terrifying robot pony?Also, "Terrifying Robot Pony" is the name of my next band. https://t.co/uhGvWJJ7g2 — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 30, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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Your Morning Boost!

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come, especially when that idea is how to build a hydrogen bomb."— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 29, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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The internet was a mistake...

Okay, this is the weirdest, most cyberpunk dystopian plot twist to 2020 yet: Apparently the Instagram Influencer/Mommy Blogger/Wellness Coach* world is being swept by a wave of Q-Anon and COVID/5G conspiracy nonsense.I'm waiting for the first Instagram shots of someone on the beach in Phuket wearing a sponsored bikini and matching anti-5G tinfoil hat ensemble: "Remember to buy Lululemon and fight the harvesting of adrenochrome from innocent babies!"*throws cards down, pulls chips off table*That'...
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From Elsewhere...

A friend wrote:I don't like the term virtue signaling either, and for the same reason. What's even more hilarious are people who use the term liberally against their political opponents, but who themselves are epic virtue signalers to their own peers. I do notice a lot of actual virtue signaling, especially in the past six months, but I think that's mostly because social media turns some types of people into awful people. Or maybe just provides a powerful avenue for awful people to self-identify...
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Controlling the money supply...

The Wikipedia article on Yapese rai stones is fascinating:"Although the ownership of a particular stone might change, the stone itself is rarely moved due to its weight and risk of damage. The names of previous owners are passed down to the new one. In one instance, a large rai being transported by canoe and outrigger was accidentally dropped and sank to the sea floor. Although it was never seen again, everyone agreed that the rai must still be there, so it continued to be transacted as genuine ...
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Showing up with lube would be inappropriate and awkward.

My 72 year-old mother just informed me she is going to her first "sex party" and doesn't know what to bring.After some delicate questioning, "Gender Reveal, Mom. It's called a Gender Reveal." — Balm Threat (@balmthreat) June 15, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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A glimpse of the past...

Now and again The Onion shows a little spark of the wit that used to make it consistently fire back in the Web 1.0 days..."While Sheila does enjoy our extended line of breakfast foods, that is only one small facet of her rich and complex identity as a human being: Sheila also speaks fluent Italian, likes U2, is bisexual, and enjoys cross-country skiing. Let us make it clear that Sheila never serves the pancakes herself, but now and then goes to a diner near the courthouse where waitresses and wa...
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The latest battle in the hashtag wars...

Apparently the K-Pop division flanked the QBoomer corps and pushed them into the sea in the battle of the hashtags..."For some reason, K-Pop fans decided to start tweeting popular QAnon hashtags like “#QAnon” and “#WWG1WGA,” shorthand for the conspiracy theory’s slogan “Where we go one, we go all.” Understandably, this was more than a little frustrating for the Q-obsessed conspiracy theorists. Hilariously, this resulted in even more conspiracy theories involving George Soros and antifa to explai...
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Pöpcýcle Fïsh!

Found on Facebook, with help from a friend... Holden approved! Holden doesn't look to be a purebred example of any of the three main cold-weather landraces: Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, or Siberian, although one or the other of his parents likely was. I've taken to just referring to him as a Northern Floofloaf.He's got the dense multilayered coat and ear tufts, as well as the big furry paws, complete with tufts of fur between his toes that give him often hilariously terribad traction on...
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Unexpected Literary Subgenre

Via a current piece at DNYUZ, "The Agonizing Question: Is New York City Worth It Anymore?", I was made aware that there's practically an entire subgenre of essays consisting of farewell letters to the Big Apple."The literature may be thin when it comes to “See ya, Chicago” or “Later, Los Angeles” odes, but ever since Ms. Didion set the standard 46 years ago, the “Goodbye New York” essay has become a de rigueur career move for aspiring belle-lettrists. It is a theme that has been explored continu...
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Disqualified Opinions

I've had people tell me on Facebook that "the mainstream media is ignoring..." a story that was literally right that second playing on the @TODAYshow before the first commercial break.Media doesn't come much more mainstream than that, folks. https://t.co/BIHUyjvpMy — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 5, 2020 You can't talk out one side of your mouth about how you proudly never watch the "mainstream media" and then out the other side, claim that the "mainstream media" is ignoring thus-and-such. . [Aut...
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If y'all see ever see me type "LIKE AND SHARE!", I'm under duress and y'all need to roll the QRF. https://t.co/xQX1nIrDH4 — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) June 6, 2020 Insert comment about "'Viral' is born, not made." . [Author: Tam]
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Hey, I know that dude!

Prof. David Yamane of Gun Culture 2.0 is interviewed on the topic of "COVID & Guns". . [Author: Tam]
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Overheard in the Office...

Me: (seated in front of computer when brainstorm hits) "Wonderpants!" RX: (down the hall, getting ready for work) "That is such an obvious name for underwear that surely it is a thing that already exists. Probably in both 'o' and 'u' spellings." Me: "Hang on... Yup, the 'o' spelling is boutique underthings out of Australia and... Ehrmagerd, I got as far as typing 'wunder' in the search bar before Siri suggested 'wunderpus photogenicus', which is the most wonderful name for a critter ever and...w...
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Tab Clearing...

Knitting a Purity SpiralFrightened and DisgustedIt's always fun to see Thorsten Overgaard get dragged [Author: Tam]
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Here's a pretty decent interview with Marko in which he drops some hints about this winter's forthcoming seventh installment in the Frontlines series, Orders of Battle.Of course I've pre-ordered. Have you? . [Author: Tam]
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Hey, look!

The latest issue of RECOIL: CONCEALMENT is on newsstands! I have a digital subscription on Kindle, but I snagged a dead tree copy from Walgreens yesterday because I have two pieces in this issue.The first is the regular "Crap Shoot" column, which is a look at guns in the $200-or-less price bracket for personal defense. I think I picked a winner, but you may want to read for yourself... Ruger P89 shot by available light with a ten-year-old Nikon D700*, using the secret technique of settin...
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Tab Clearing...

I don't know or care doodly about pasture pool (aka "golf") but this was a story with enough human interest I found it enjoyable. (I especially loved uber-nerd Peyton's note-taking.)Via Commander Zero, the flight endurance record...in a Cessna 172 back when cars had tail fins.Why meat packing plants are COVID-19 hot spots.If you are attacked by a mountain lion, do your duty as a hominin, dammit, and go crazy monkey on that thing with the nearest stick. [Author: Tam]
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Low and Slow Across the Ocean

Following a conversation with Marko about X-Plane and sim-flying ferry routes in a Cessna 172RG, a bit of googling turned up this neat BBC Magazine story on the pilots who ferry small planes on transcontinental flights and the dangers they face. . [Author: Tam]
Tags: Guns, Planes, Ocean, Tam, Cessna, Marko, BBC Magazine, Teh Intarw3bz

Pick a side!

Nuance is the first casualty of culture war. https://t.co/JbC3G2rQoX — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) May 20, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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Pretty much...

My plans: 2020: pic.twitter.com/cOgNzVRA5k— Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) May 19, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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Flying in Style

Here's a neat little retrospective on what air travel was like on the Concorde.My favorite factoid in there was the part about Andy Warhol boosting the Raymond Loewy-designed flatware whenever he had the chance, to the point of asking a seatmate if she was going to take hers and, when answered in the negative, scooping it up for himself.I was kinda hoping someone would offer replicas on Amazon, but no dice. The real deal is crazy expensive on eBay, as one might imagine. . [Author: Tam]
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People are losing their tiny little minds.

File under "Things I never thought I'd read in a New York Times op-ed"..."So much for those resilient checks and balances I lauded to my Colorado neighbor. Back then, in the bygone era, he wrote to me: “No wonder Republicans are laughing at us. The billionaire politicians have complete control (besides the military at this point), no oversight, and most of their constituents are armed, some heavily, and ready to defend them. Roll over and die? What the hell? Time to even things up. To save this ...
Tags: Wtf, Guns, Colorado, New York Times, Tam, Life In The Monkey House, Teh Intarw3bz

Regaining focus...

While I'm not abandoning Facebook, since it's a primary means of keeping in touch with friends scattered all over the place, I'm definitely throttling back use. Pursuing half a dozen separate slow-motion conversations, checking in every fifteen minutes for that dopamine hit...it's done damage to my concentration and attention span. I need to get that back.Yesterday I went ahead and deleted the app from my iPad and iPhone. I can check in via the browser here in the mornings before I really get my...
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Strange Days Indeed

Never thought I’d go into the bank wearing a mask and carrying a gun and still only be allowed to withdraw my own money. — Tamara K. (@TamSlick) May 16, 2020 WORST. APOCALYPSE. EVER. . [Author: Tam]
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Brick & Mortar Chixculub

"U.S. retail sales and factory output registered the steepest declines on record in April, illustrating a recession so deep that it will likely take years to fully recover. Revenue at retailers and restaurants fell 16.4% from the prior month, almost double the 8.3% drop in March which was previously the worst in data back to 1992, according to a Commerce Department report released Friday. That compared with the median projection for a 12% decline. A separate report from the Federal Reserve showe...
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"Kinda makes you wonder how they got all that power out of only 488 cubic inches." -Brock Yates testing the 1st generation Viper https://t.co/NFagUjTD9P— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) May 14, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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