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How the Months Got Their Names in the Italian Language

I mesi  The months  The original Roman year had ten named months, beginning with Martius, named for Mars, god of war. This was the month when the mighty Roman legions resumed their battles to conquer and rule the known world. It was also the time when farmers began working the fields and preparing for planting.  The other months were:  *Aprilis (April), dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite (Venus)  *Maius (May), for Maia, the goddess of new plantings (who also gave her name to il maial...
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Inspiration, Travel, and Stories

It is a time for making plans, for making resolutions, for setting goals — and for seeking inspiration for doing all those things. As you are doing that, we are here to help out with stories of places you want to return to, places you have not yet been, and ways to enjoy travel even if this is a season that finds you staying close to home base. Enjoy these stories for travel inspiration: If...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Inspiration, Travel, and Stories - EnclosureSaint An...
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10 of the best creative retreats in the UK and Europe

Want to sit quietly with your paints or handicrafts, burst into song, or use kung fu or dance to get moving? We pick holidays for nourishing your inner makerTao’s, a meditation centre on a hill overlooking the sea on the island of Paros, hosts a dance retreat each September. The style of dance is “open floor movement”, which is said to boost creativity and help people “refresh, recuperate, recharge and rejoice”. It is suitable for anyone who wants to move, regardless of age or experience. The sc...
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Away with words: an Arvon fiction-writing retreat in Devon

Expert tuition, camaraderie and walks in the rain – plus a healthy lack of wifi and mobile coverage – leave our writer buzzing with creativity and short story ideasDespite the glowering weather, the 1½-mile walk from my creative writing retreat at the 16th-century manor house of Totleigh Barton is invigorating. The remote west Devon landscape is heavy with winter; it’s stark and elemental but also evocative and, most importantly, thought-provoking. Being in the wilds gives me the time and space ...
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DIY: Travel Inspired Art with Photoshop Elements

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my new office, and I wanted some original art on the walls. As you know I looooove to travel and I always take a lot of pictures when I’m someplace new! Last year I visited Oahu for a week and also had weekend getaway in Maya Riviera, Mexico. I love exotic botanicals so much so I took several pictures on my trips. To remind myself of these beautiful places, I turned them into original artwork for my office using Photoshop Elements. If you’re unfamiliar ...
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Off the chart: the big comeback of paper maps

As Stanfords travel bookshop moves into new London premises after 118 years, its cartographer explains how the ability to tailor-make any map is keeping their magic aliveWhen I was living in Yemen during the 1980s, someone gave me a battered old map. Information was scarce then, and accurate maps were extremely hard to come by. So departing expatriates tended to pass on any treasures to new arrivals. As he did so, my benefactor paused. “Be careful,” he said, “You don’t want to get caught with th...
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Take the long view: Chile revisited

In three trips over 25 years, writer Sara Wheeler has discovered as much about this South American country as she has about herselfWhen I first went to Chile 30 years ago, I interviewed a television weatherman. Every evening after the six o’clock news, this fellow had to say : “Tomorrow it will be very hot in the north, pleasantly warm in the middle, and perishing at the bottom.”What a shape. That was what attracted me to this long, thin country. Could a Chilean woman at the top possibly have an...
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Reading in 2019

Great, a post about resolutions, just what everyone needs. Love ’em or hate ’em, the start of a new year is indeed the time to think about resolutions, things you’d like to try doing — or doing better — and for me it’s reading. Don’t get me wrong, I read constantly, but it’s usually limited to magazines, comics, bandes-dessinées, and tons of stuff on the web. I’ve been trying to get my book reading habit back up and running for years now, and it’s a constant struggle. I don’t know when it happe...
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My Favorite Reads of 2018

If you read about my literary journey in 2017, you might not expect that this year could top it, but 2018 was a great year of reads for me. The number of books I read is my second all-time high score with a whopping 95 books. (The highest number of books I read was 101 books and that was well over 25 years ago.) It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it. ― Oscar WildeClick To Tweet This was my 7th year completing the GoodReads Rea...
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Three Days of Christmas Feasts in Italy

Le Tre Feste di Natale  The Three Christmas Feasts  Most families in Italy begin celebrating il Natale on the evening of December 24 (la vigilia di Natale) with a big dinner. Because Christmas Eve is a vigilia di magro (a day of abstinence on which the Catholic Church prohibits the consumption of meat), the centerpiece of the meal is fish.  The traditional choice is eel, a favorite of the ancient Romans that appears in the earliest known cookbook, written by a gourmand known as Apicius. This...
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Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Brick + Mortar

Exemplary gifts found in real-life stores With just a few days left to prepare, shopping for presents online may no longer be an option. For those who need to make the dash to brick-and-mortar stores, we have selected a bunch of gifts that are available at retail outposts all over—from NYC to Nashville, Miami to Minneapolis, SF to Seattle. Chances are there are a couple of these …
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The Curator of Broken Things trilogy is available for preorder

To me, this has to be one of the least traumatic and more productive month of December on record.  My novels are DONE !!! All 3 of them! Incredible. Absolutely incredible. And yet because the process happened so incrementally it feels natural. Normal.  A huge amount of mental preparation must be happening below the surface before a writer releases a book. Or 3. By release, what I mean is that the book stops being a private thing, and start belonging to everyone. Before releasing it, the book i...
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What books have changed your life?

One simple question. What books have changed your life? What books have made you think, made you give a hard look at your life, your choices, your decisions and everything that you stand for?Thing is, starting Monday, I am hoping to not touch an electronic device. And for someone like me who literally lives on the Internet, this is going to be one of the toughest things I've ever done.While I am on this digital detox, I am hoping to feed myself healthier things, including books! So, I am trying ...
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Christmas Family Traditions in Italy

    Le tradizioni di Natale  Christmas Traditions  “Natale con i tuoi; Pasqua con chi vuoi,” Italians say. “Christmas with your family; Easter with whomever you want.” An Italian Christmas centers on casa (home) and stare insieme in famiglia (being together as a family). Here are some of the most beloved traditions among Italian families: L’albero di Natale e il presepio (the Christmas tree and Nativity scene) Italians in the northern part of the country began decorating alberi di Natale (Chr...
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2018 Holiday Gift Books for Travelers

Read the full article on PeterGreenberg.com at - 2018 Holiday Gift Books for Travelers One of the best books you can give anyone is a travel book. It could be a travel destination book; a travel history book; a book that celebrates a travel... Read More... The post 2018 Holiday Gift Books for Travelers appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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KY drinks – Tea Appreciation Day with Dilmah Tea at Sheraton PJ

On the 15th of December, I was invited to a tea appreciation day hosted by Dilmah Tea at Sheraton PJ, and little did I know that the date coincide with International Tea Day, a day that has been celebrated since 2005 in tea producing countries. Dilmah Tea Appreciation at Sheraton PJ For the Tea Appreciation session, Dilmah brought in Sensory Evaluation consultant and Oenologist Edwin Soon to share with us the origin of tea and the science of flavors behind it. Oenologist Edwin Soon explaining ...
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New Elena Ferrante-inspired street art to be unveiled in Naples

The author’s Neapolitan novels and the TV adaptation My Brilliant Friend have brought attention to Naples’ Rione Luzzatti district, where a dramatic mural will become a major drawElena Ferrante fever spread across the globe with the release of the author’s Neapolitan novels, but it took the success of the acclaimed TV adaptation, My Brilliant Friend, for the hype to come full circle back to Rione Luzzatti, the neighbourhood east of the city centre where the bildungsroman unfurls.As the eight-epi...
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Holiday Gifts 2018

It’s the holiday shopping crunch now and you are still figuring out what gifts to buy your loved ones and work associates. Choices can be overwhelming, so I am offering some timely gift ideas for all you Francophiles. All items listed below can be delivered to the USA and internationally in time for the holidays.   Petits Tresors a France   Petits Tresors a France, offers imaginative, beautifully packaged gift boxes featuring exclusive specialties and delicacies made in France....
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Celebrating Saint Nicolas, the Original Santa Claus

  San Nicola di Bari In some parts of Italy the feast  of San Nicola, patron saint of Bari,  ushers in the Christmas season (stagione natalizia) with the giving of gifts (regali) on the eve or morning of December 6, his onomastico (name’s day). Although many stories of San Nicola’ s life may be mythical, he did inspire the figure of a beloved old man—whether he’s known as Babbo Natale (Father Christmas) or Santa Claus—who gives out presents in December. The son of a wealthy Christian family...
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If you’re in Delhi on 10 December please attend the release of Sagarika Ghose’s book on Indian liberalism

Sharing for the Delhi liberals who may follow this blog. Although I’ve not yet read Sagarika’s book (which I’ll get to read when I reach Delhi in end-January), I think Sagarika has a broadly liberal inclinations including for economic liberty. I will comment further when I read the book and review it. In the meantime, […]
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Travel: There’s a town of bookstores in Wales called Hay-on-Wye, and, yes, there’s ice cream

There’s no shortage of storybook villages in the United Kingdom, but a village devoted to storybooks? There had to be a story there. Located near the Black Mountains in Wales, Hay-on-Wye is a village with an unusual sales pitch: It’s largely made up of bookstores. There are 19 of them according to the local website, and the shops specialize in everything from general fiction and nonfiction to mysteries, the military and poetry. It also hosts a literary festival in the early summer that attracts ...
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Explore the world: 10 children’s gift ideas from Stanfords bookshop

Fun, interactive travel books can open up the world for younger readers. Vivien Godfrey, head of Stanfords, picks some of her favourites of 2018This book was already popular in our children’s department and has been made even better with this special edition, which includes 16 new maps. The collection of 68 maps takes you through 58 countries and six continents. It is packed with illustrated information, which includes famous historical figures, local dishes, festivals, wild animals and landmark...
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Explore the world: 10 of the best maps for children

Younger readers will discover dinosaurs, stars, explorers, landmarks and more in these atlases and travel books chosen by Vivien Godfrey, head of StanfordsThis book was already popular in our children’s department and has been made even better with this special edition, which includes 16 new maps. The collection of 68 maps takes you through 58 countries and six continents. It is packed with illustrated information, which includes famous historical figures, local dishes, festivals, wild animals a...
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Rough Guides launches tailormade trips as part of major overhaul

Guidebook publisher moves away from book sales to become a tech platform providing bespoke holiday service that aims to ‘change the way people travel’After almost 40 years of helping backpackers travel on a budget, Rough Guides has launched a bespoke holiday service aimed at “time-poor” adventurous older travellers who no longer want to rough it. The move is the start of a transformation of the publisher’s entire business model from guidebook seller to online travel company.“In five to ten years...
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Blast From the Past: Family, Friendship, Feast

Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to the United States: it falls in the middle of the work week and ties most of its tradition to the meal served to an extended gathering of family and friends.  In the contiguous 48 states, Thanksgiving still rates way up there as a “driving holiday,” when families load up the kids and head “over the river and through the woods/to grandmother’s house we go.”  Here at T Ching, we are grateful for all the people who contribute to our daily cups of tea: thank you. ...
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Ways to Say Thank You in the Italian Language

Thank you Italians don’t observe the all-American holiday of thanksgiving (la festa del ringraziamento). There are Italian words, but no cultural equivalents for the Pilgrim fathers (padri pellegrini) and the American Indians (Amerindi) who came together to celebrate the harvest (il raccolto) in the new world (il Nuovo Mondo). Italians do eat turkey (tacchino) and pumpkin (zucca) but not in the traditional way (modo tradizionale) that Americans prepare them on Thanksgiving. Yet Italian has a wo...
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The Panchatantra — Textbook of Niti

The following is an extended edited excerpt from Arthur Ryder’s introduction to his translation of the Panchatantra. What’s the book about? Ryder begins his introduction with: “The Panchatantra contains the most widely known stories in the world. If it were further declared that the Panchatantra is the best collection of stories in the world, the assertion … Continue reading The Panchatantra — Textbook of Niti
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Great literary getaways: 10 writers’ retreats for an inspirational break

Follow in the footsteps of George Orwell and nine other celebrated writers to the places that inspired their workSitting in the pretty walled garden of Montague House on Southwold High Street, it’s as if the clock has stopped. There is the same slope of pretty 19th-century roofs and tiles over the wall, the same languor and stillness. There are the same ancient bells ringing out from St Edmund’s church around the corner. All under the same low-slung gloomy Suffolk sky. No sounds of traffic, no d...
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Download Digitized Copies of The Negro Travelers’ Green Book, the Pre-Civil Rights Guide to Traveling Safely in the U.S. (1936-66)

As an American living outside America, I'm often asked how best to see my homeland by people wanting to visit it. I always suggest the same method: road-tripping, preferably across the entire continent — a way of experiencing the U.S. of A guaranteed to at once to confirm and shatter the visitor's pre-existing perceptions of the country. But even under the best possible conditions, such road trips have their arduous stretches and even their dangers, a fact understood by nobody better than by th...
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