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Second Roundup Verdict Resurrects Unanswered Questions for Shannon Watts

What role did PR Director Watts play during her watch? U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “A jury found that a man developed cancer from exposure to Roundup weedkiller he used in his yard, in the second case to go to trial over the alleged harms of the popular Bayer AG product,” The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The first case was one reported in AmmoLand Shooting Sports News last August when a California jury found the company’s products containing the chemical compound glyphosate, “‘contri...
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Jade Street Guru at Silent Stage

Clutter has announced the release of their Jade Street Guru Limited Edition Sculpture . “The streets have their own rules, the players make their own way. The Street Guru lights the night!” From UK street artist Czee13 comes this traditional green jade colorway of the 6” Street Guru, exclusive to Silent Stage, produced by Clutter Studios. Limited to a run of only 50 pieces, you can pick up the Jade Street Guru from Silent Stage (an online exclusive) for $199.99.
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Google’s Stadia Streaming Platform is an All-Out Invasion of Gaming

Stadia is Google’s new all-streaming game platform. Google Today the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Google showed off its brand new game streaming service. Stadia (as in the Latin plural of “stadium”) will be available everywhere that Chrome is: PCs, phones, tablets, and televisions, with current hardware. Google gave us a preview of its system with Project Stream last year. But Stadia is built from the ground up for both streaming and sharing. The service will stream games at ...
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Today's Read: The Man with No Face by Peter May

Imagine that you're a Scottish journalist on assignment to investigate the political climate in Brussels as the UK is on the verge of joining the European Union. What would you do if the journalist you're supposed to meet up with is found dead alongside a high-ranking British government official? You would likely stick around to figure out what happened. That's what protagonist Neil Bannerman does. Here's how the book starts: Kale watched the train through the rain-spattered glass and th...
Tags: Books, UK, Scotland, European Union, Belgium, Edinburgh, Brussels, Cabinet, Peter, Joann, Daryl, Peter May, Beth F, Bannerman, Harvee Lau, Neil Bannerman

Action Williams, Valentine: Okewood of the Secret Service (1918), v1, 19 Mar 2019

Aka "The Secret Hand." A World War 1 tale of German secret agents in UK, a Mata Hari style exotic dancer, double agents, and murder. Attached Files Okewood of the Secret Service - Valentine Williams.epub (395.9 KB)
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Thomas Nosuke Tiffanyblue Edition

Tomenosuke has announced that they will be releasing new versions of Doctor A's latest figure - Thomas Nosuke - beginning on Saturday March 23rd 2019 at 11:59pm Japan Time. The Tiffanyblue, Edition will be limited to a run of 40 pieces (5 for AP and 5 for PP - meaning 30 will be sold). All of them will come with a bonus miniature accessory in the style of the space pistol that was used in the 1956 Sci-Fi Classic, "Forbidden Planet." Thomas Nosuke can be made to hold it.  You'll be able to po...
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Pleasings...in a week when I think we'll need them.

Thank you for all those wonderful comments on my last scribble and doesn't the world work in such mysterious ways...that I had written and pre-scheduled those thoughts on Skybound and South Island on the very day that the world's heart and mind was taken there as of one, in solidarity with New Zealand and Christchurch. My feeling and real hope, and I have to be optimistic in the face of such carnage, is that perhaps this might just be a turning point. Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minist...
Tags: Books, UK, Rome, New Zealand, Luna, Pompeii, Belle Epoque, South Island, Country Life, Gareth, Robert Harris, Sansom, Cott, Dovegreyreader, Wilhemina, Jacinda Ardern

Nicci Gerrard: ‘Dementia is more scary when you try not to think about it’

The Observer journalist on her father’s dementia, caring for campaigners, and facing her fears in her new book• Read an extract from What Dementia Teaches Us About LoveNicci Gerrard is a journalist and campaigner, who writes bestselling novels with her husband under the name Nicci French. She won the 2016 Orwell prize for exposing Britain’s social evils, for her reporting on the care of dementia patients in the UK.What compelled you to write this book?I didn’t want to write a memoir about my fat...
Tags: Health, Books, UK, Society, Mental Health, Culture, Britain, Dementia, Autobiography and memoir, John, Orwell, Nicci Gerrard, John Gerrard, Nicci, Mind And Body Books, LoveNicci Gerrard

POTD: British Nuclear Police – Now & Then

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary at one of the UK’s nuclear powerplants in Sellafield, Cumbria recently shared a cool ‘then and now’ photo on Twitter. The CNC are a special police force responsible for protecting Britain’s civil nuclear power infrastructure. As such most CNC officers are authorised firearms officer. The UK’s CNC is based at 10 sites around the UK […] Read More … The post POTD: British Nuclear Police – Now & Then appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: UK, Guns, Law Enforcement, Britain, CNC, Sellafield Cumbria, Photo of the Day, UK police, MIL/LE, Civil Nuclear Constabulary

‘Restrictive’ New Zealand Gun Laws Useless at Stopping Mosque Massacres

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush holds a press conference on the Christchurch Mosque shootings. (New Zealand Police video screen capture) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “LIVESTREAM TERROR New Zealand mosque shootings – White supremacist gunman videos live murder of 49 at two Christchurch mosques,” The Sun headline declares. “Shocking GoPro footage – too graphic to publish – shows a shooter executing Muslim worshippers at point blank range with automatic weapons.” “New Zealand mosques' att...
Tags: Facebook, UK, Guns, Australia, US, New Zealand, The Guardian, Resistance, Al Jazeera, Christchurch, Trump, Nra, David Codrea, Mike Bush, Gun Rights News, RKBA

13 Favorite All-Purpose Cleaners, Eco Edition

There’s an ever-growing array of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market, all of which ditch chemicals and harsh scents (remember Pledge?) in favor of natural, plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. We particularly like those that do double (or triple) duty, safe for use all over the house: on counters, tile, floors, and bathrooms, and even (in some cases) dishes and laundry. As one such company says, these solutions leave “a clean you can actually eat off of”—good news for the kitch...
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Truth and truthfulness in democracy (and the problem of Brexit)

When it comes to democracy, the cynics are having a field day. Whether it’s Brexit or Trump – it’s currently popular to be a pessimist, or – more politely – a “realist” about democracy. Let’s call this view the “tribal theory” of democracy. The tribal theory takes democracy as a contest of wills, a fight for power conducted within the confines of democratic institutions. For the tribalists, there are no better or worse, correct or incorrect answers. How to choose which tribe to join? Reflective ...
Tags: Books, UK, Eu, National Health Service, Brexit, Trump, Pixabay The post Truth

The Cambridge Guide to English Usage

So, as noted in another thread, I purchased a copy of The Cambridge Guide to English Usage by Pam Peters, published by Cambridge University Press, 2004. (Link to ebook edition.) I think it's an interesting enough publication to be worthy of a thread here. This is a UK publication, but it makes a brave attempt to cover English usage at an international level. It notes regional variances (American, Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and "Standard" - whatever that is) and ...
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Daily News Roundup: Google Killed 2.3m Bad Ads, Microsoft Announced Game Stack for XBL, and More

In today’s headlines, we learned that Google is making the web a better place by removing horrible ads (2.3 million last year, in fact), the Edge Insider Addons site for Microsoft’s new Edge-Chrome thing showed up, and more. Note: This post is constantly updated throughout the day as we find more interesting news. Microsoft and Windows News Things have been fairly quiet in Microsoft news this morning, but then Game Stack happened. Oh, and we’re getting a better idea of how Microsoft’s Chrome ...
Tags: Google, Crafts, Motorola, Facebook, UK, Microsoft, Samsung, Mit, Ikea, Htc, Gizmodo, Huawei, Engadget

Stanley 'Tookie' Williams: one of the last men to be executed in California

The once-feared leader of the Crips, put to death in 2005, had a warning for UK gangs. Tony Thompson met him in prisonOn 13 March 2019, California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, placed a moratorium on the death penalty, halting executions for the duration of his tenure. Stanley “Tookie” Williams was among the last people to be executed in the state before the moratorium. The former Crips gang leader died by lethal injection on 13 December 2005, after last-minute appeals by his lawyers and a clemency ...
Tags: Books, UK, California, Culture, Williams, Capital punishment, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nobel Peace Prize, Gavin Newsom, Stanley, Tony Thompson, Stanley Tookie Williams, Biography books

Author Tanaz Bhathena talks her new novel THE BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT

In Tanaz Bhathena’s new YA novel, The Beauty of the Moment, Susan is new Canada. She’s not used to the cultural freedoms in this new country, she’s used to live in Saudi Arabia. Susan is reserved, wary of boys and determined not to get her driving license.  She is very bright and her parents have high expectations of her. They want her to be a doctor although in secret she wants to be an artist. Then she meets Malcolm, and her world spirals into a completely new direction. Article by Lucas Maxwe...
Tags: Books, UK, Saudi Arabia, Life, US, Canada, North America, South Asia, Jeddah, Susan, Malcolm, Malcom, Mahtab, Tanaz Bhathena, Tanaz, Lucas Maxwell

Old School Wednesdays: FARTHING (Small Change #1) by Jo Walton

Old School Wednesdays is a regular Book Smuggler feature. We came up with the idea towards the end of 2012, when both Ana and Thea were feeling exhausted from the never-ending inundation of New and Shiny (and often over-hyped) books. What better way to snap out of a reading fugue than to take a mini-vacation into the past? Logo designed by the wonderful KMont Title: Farthing Author: Jo Walton Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: Tor books Publication date: First publ...
Tags: Books, Science Fiction, UK, England, Scotland, Book Reviews, David, Britain, United Kingdom, Carmichael, Parliament, Hitler, Scotland Yard, World War Two, Lucy, Brexit

5 Companies That Make It Easy to Upgrade Your Ikea Sofa

Seven years ago, Izabella wrote about the “thrillingly transformative” Ikea-ready slipcovers from Swedish company Bemz. (You can read her story here.) Since then, more businesses have popped up to help customers upgrade their Ikea sofas, either with new legs or custom coverings. We rounded up our five favorites, starting, of course, with Bemz. Featured photograph courtesy of Bemz. Bemz There are so many reasons to like Bemz—and not just for the quality and uncommon stylishness of their slipcov...
Tags: Books, UK, London, US, Furniture, Paris, New Zealand, Ikea, Miami, Izabella, Sofas & Couches, Living Rooms, Small-Space Furniture, Ikea Hack, Bemz, Custom Cabinet Companies

Artist Spends Her Days Creating Stuffed Toys With Artificial Human Teeth

Mrs McGettrick is a UK based artist that spends her days creating stuffed toys with artificial human teeth. Hobby that started as a joke in 2010, is now a successful full-time business venture with her own store on Amazon. Why do people buy these monstrous creatures? We have no idea… More: Amazon h/t: Source
Tags: Amazon, Toys, UK, Design, Human, Teeth, Stuffed

Meanwhile in (Formerly) Great Britain...

Turn off your sound (fvcking autoplay...)  Defence secretary Gavin Williamson says military 'ready to respond' to knife crime crisisThe UK armed forces “stand ready” to intervene in the knife crime epidemic, the defence secretary has said.Gavin Williamson said military personnel “would always be ready to respond” to calls for help while the Ministry of Defence “always stands ready to help any government department”.No request has yet been made, Mr Williamson said during a question-and-answer ses...
Tags: UK, Guns, Ministry Of Defence, Gun Control, Defence, Metropolitan Police, Kevin, Williamson, EUtopia, One Fundamental Right, Cressida Dick, Gavin Williamson, Had Enough Yet, Faith in Government, Formerly Great Britain

“The Endless Beyond”: Superb Fantasy And Creative Inspirations By Adrian Chesterman

Born in London of Scottish descent, Adrian Chesterman, British painter and illustrator, was educated at the William Harvey School in Kent. It was here that he first discovered his burning passion for the visual arts. More: Adrian Chesterman Adrian Chesterman studied fine art at Norwich School of Art and illustration at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London. Since leaving the R.C.A. Source
Tags: Books, UK, Design, London, Covers, Kent, Illustrator, Inspirations, Royal College of Art, Norwich School of Art, Kensington London, Adrian Chesterman, William Harvey School, Adrian Chesterman Adrian Chesterman

Atwood to launch The Handmaid’s Tale sequel with live broadcast

Exclusive: Author’s interview about The Testaments will be filmed at National Theatre in LondonMargaret Atwood is to mark the publication of her sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale with a midnight launch in London on 9 September followed by a live interview at the National Theatre broadcast around the world.There will also be a six-date tour of the UK and Ireland. Continue reading...
Tags: Books, Publishing, UK, London, Film, Fiction, UK News, Culture, Ireland, Margaret Atwood, National Theatre, Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale, LondonMargaret Atwood

New Leaf Vote for for April 2019 • The Way I Heard It: Retellings

Heads up! This is a three-day poll. Let's select the book we'll read and discuss in April 2019! We love new participants. We're happy for you to vote, but we'd like to request that you not vote unless you plan to join the discussion whatever the selection, in the interest of a vibrant conversation. :) So if you haven't posted in a book club thread yet, do please say a quick hello here or in the Welcome thread. This is a poll. Vote for as many books as you'd like. Questions? FAQs...
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10 Easy Pieces: The Mohair Throw Blanket (A Stylist’s Secret Weapon)

Whenever I’m on a shoot, the one prop I cannot live without is a mohair throw. Other interiors stylists I know can confirm: the mohair throw is crucial. Mohair, woven from angora goat and wool, has a great texture. You can toss it on the end of a bed or over the arm of a sofa and it falls just right and scrunches even better. Plus, mohair is dyed in the best colors: chalky grey, vegetal green, or not-too-millennial pink. Whether you’re styling a room for a photograph or just as a start the day, ...
Tags: Accessories, Books, UK, Navy, Color, Chicago, Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Pebble, Grey, Evangeline, Portland Maine, DWR, Margaret Howell, 10 Easy Pieces

10 Easy Pieces: Colorful Mohair Throw Blankets (A Stylist’s Secret Weapon)

Whenever I’m on a shoot, the one prop I cannot live without is a mohair throw. Other interiors stylists I know can confirm: the mohair throw is crucial. Mohair, woven from angora goat and wool, has a great texture. You can toss it on the end of a bed or over the arm of a sofa and it falls just right and scrunches even better. Plus, mohair is dyed in the best colors: chalky grey, vegetal green, or not-too-millennial pink. Whether you’re styling a room for a photograph or just as a start the day, ...
Tags: Accessories, Books, UK, Navy, Color, Chicago, Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Pebble, Grey, Evangeline, Portland Maine, DWR, Margaret Howell, 10 Easy Pieces

The Retail Apocalypse continues in '19...

"There's roughly 52 square feet of retail space per person in the US, compared to 19 square feet of retail space in the UK, according to CoStar.This market oversaturation suggests the US is still in the "early innings" of mass store closures, according to a report last October by the advisory firm Cowen and Company."The Macy's that anchors what's left of what used to be an indoor mall just up the road is making the go-aways, probably finally killed off by the super Target across the parking lot....
Tags: UK, News, Guns, US, Tam, Macy, Cowen and Company, Money Makes The World Go 'round

Tim Maughan's Infinite Detail: a debut sf novel about counterculture, resistance, and the post-internet apocalypse

Tim Maughan has long been one of the most promising up-and-coming, avante garde UK science fiction writers, whose post-cyberpunk short fiction mixed radical politics with a love of graffiti and a postmodern filmmaker's eye: now, with his debut novel Infinite Detail, Maughan shows that he has what it takes to work at longer lengths, and can sustain a first-rate adventure story that grabs and never lets go, without sacrificing the political and technological insights that give his work depth that...
Tags: Reviews, Post, Books, Happy Mutants, Science Fiction, Gift Guide, Floss, UK, News, Wales, Cyberpunk, Vr, Ar, Bristol, Smart Cities, Ukpoli

Why YouTube is Still a Great Place For Gun & Hunting Video

Opinion Charlie Jacoby makes the case why there is still some positive numbers for Youtube inclusion of guns and hunting. Top Ten YouTube Gun Channels for 2018 United Kingdom – -(AmmoLand.com)- The new YouTube gun and hunting TV channel ranking is out: Read the full report below or online. For anyone who thinks that YouTube has pulled all support guns and hunting, it makes a surprising read. Our sport has had 12.8 billion views on YouTube from the 500 top-performing channels More than 20 h...
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The Capital by Robert Menasse review – first-class satire on EU bureaucracy

Farcical power plays in Brussels and a pig on the loose … this German bestseller has sardonic fun with the European projectMedia organisations report alarming falls in circulation or ratings for editions dominated by Brexit. So there is a risk that fatigue with the subject of the European Union will reduce our appetite for Robert Menasse’s 2017 German-language bestseller – a satirical novel about the workings of the multinational Brussels bureaucracy – which is timed to appear in English just ah...
Tags: Europe, Books, UK, Comedy, Fiction, Eu, European Union, Culture, Fiction in translation, Capital, Brussels, Menasse, Robert Menasse

THORNBOUND: Stephanie Burgis on Inspirations & Influences

“Inspirations and Influences” is a series of articles in which we invite authors to write guest posts talking about their Inspirations and Influences. In this feature, we invite writers to talk about their new books, older titles, and their writing overall. Stephanie Burgis’ new adult romantic fantasy novel, Thornbound (Volume II of The Harwood Spellbook) is out now and we are delighted to welcome the author today to talk about Inspirations and Influences behind the work. I grew ...
Tags: Books, UK, England, Wales, Fantasy, Cassandra, Tamora Pierce, Boudicca, East Lansing Michigan, Angland, Inspirations and Influences, Stephanie Burgis, Kat Stephenson, Alanna, Cassandra Harwood, First Reading

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