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“Have Gun, Can’t Travel”

After nearly a decade of silence, the Supreme Court finally takes another Second Amendment case. And it’s a doozy, on New York’s “eccentric and abusive” ban on gun transport [Ilya Shapiro, Cato, Jacob Sullum (including headline), Dave Kopel (“eccentric and abusive”), Joyce Lee Malcolm on New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York] Tags: guns, NYC, Supreme Court
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Furniture Majors Snapshot, Q4 2018: Steelcase and Subsidiary Brands Show Strongest Annual Growth

Our furniture majors snapshot for the last quarter of 2018 demonstrates the familiar competition between Herman Miller and Steelcase, with the latter showing the highest spec rate at quarter’s close (5.46%). However, Steelcase is hot on the heels with a closing rate of 4.9%. Among the Majors, Haworth is third at 2.06%, while Knoll brings up the rear at 1.87%. This is the same order as at the end of Q318, but longer-term trends are markedly different, with Herman Miller dropping sharply at year’s...
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I Rejected Spanish As a Kid. Now I Wish We’d Embrace Our Native Languages

The U.S. has never been a monolingual country, writes author Daniel José Older in 'The Good Immigrant USA'
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Gun confiscation

More than 1,700 red flag orders of protection in 2017. The NRA is walking a fine line here regarding second amendment rights and due process. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a winning issue for anybody.
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Well, one of many problems actually: The problem with socialism is that you can vote your way into it but you need to shoot your way out of it.
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Are you now or have you ever been an advocate for civil rights?

LA is demanding that potential contractors disclose any ties they have with the NRA.
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Aww, that’s cute

He thinks he gets a say in what I “need”: The fact is that these high-capacity magazines allow someone to fire off more than 10 rounds in a row, Deutch added. You dont need that if youre a hunter, you dont need that for any purpose. You dont need that for sporting purposes. You can fuck right off.
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An Insider’s Take on How the Black Panther Party Was Hurt by Its Own Ideals

Read an excerpt from Don Cox's posthumously published memoir of life with the Panthers
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Trump defends 2nd amendment: “Come and take it”

Here’s the story. So, what about bumpstocks?
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The TSA at work

Not only do they violate peoples’ rights every day, they use your tax dollars to make cutesy little twitter videos: Every day, TSA officers discover a wide range of strange and dangerous items at security screening checkpoints. Here's a collection of the #topten most unusual items that were found in 2018. pic.twitter.com/YmIM2r4nRD — TSA (@TSA) February 11, 2019 Ok, some of that stuff might be dangerous but it’s not going to take down a plane.
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Looks like a big nothing burger

The Russian spy who wasn’t. This thing seemed more designed to get attention and publicity than anything else.
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Marvelous Hand-Woven Rugs from Kechmara

Kechmara is a Nor-Cal based importer and vendor of beautiful Moroccan-made rugs, “bringing together art, history, design and luxury with several distinct styles.” The hand-weaving discipline is close to founder Ali Setayesh’s heart—he spent time during his youth visiting his uncle in the far-flung locale of Aroudant, a rural village south of the coastal town of Agadir. Setayesh’s travels have been a boon for aficionados in the U.S. Kechmara (the name is an anagram of Marrakech) supplies these ...
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Luscious Levers: the Latest from Zietta Clara

What makes a lever “luscious”? Stacie Isabella Turk, founder of Zietta Clara—a manufacturer of beautifully tactile door knobs, cabinet knobs, and closets pulls—has the answer: “Cream dropped into coffee… tortoise shell sunglasses on the dash of a car… buttons on a vintage sweater.” This list of seemingly haphazard (yet palpably memorable) referents is a potent example of Turk’s inspiration: items/phenomena whose visual and tactile essence she aspires to capture in her work. The “Luscious Lever...
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We must ban coat-hangers

How the DIAS made from a coat-hanger works:
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A case to watch

Volokh: Right to Carry Guns in Public Headed for Ninth Circuit En Banc A panel decision had said there is such a right to carry (though the state can decide whether people must carry openly or may carry concealed); the Ninth Circuit has just agreed to rehear the matter with an 11-judge panel.
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Truth. The comments on the piece I did on the same subject from 2011 got similar comments. Those have since disappeared, it seems.
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News you can use

. Via ASM. I thought it to be informational.
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Smith & Wesson Spurns Smart Guns Despite Pressure from Investors
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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Gun control advocate and presidential candidate assaulted staff with a binder. Sheriff refuses to enforce unconstitutional gun law. Democrats respond with threats of violence.
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Talking wine with Natalie MacLean

We’re talking wine in the latest AbeBooks podcast. Award-winning wine critic Natalie MacLean joins us to discuss the wonderful world of wine, from the most famous vineyards to wine in literature, $15 wines versus $30 wines, tasting in the digital age, pairings with food, and much more. Natalie (pictured) is the author of two books about wine – Red, White and Drunk all Over, which is about many areas of the wine business from critics to vineyards and wine shops, and Unquenchable, where Natalie vi...
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The Hidden Segregation of Military Executions During the Civil Rights Movement

All eight white soldiers who were condemned to death during that period saw their sentences commuted. Not so for the black soldiers
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Fate, Tempted

You know, it is hard to know how to blog a project when it’s all going really well.  I mean, could there possibly be anything more boring to read about than a piece of knitting that has no problems? Such is the case with the Dover Castle Shawl. Actually, let me be clear. It’s not just that this thing has no problems – It’s that it is all going so swimmingly that I cannot even dream up a bit of dramatic interest. Nothing, except for yesterday I sneezed and dropped a stitch, and then I picked it ...
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The first and second amendments

New Jersey wants to arrest people for publishing gun manufacturing instructions. John has a good round up of the court cases dealing with this case.
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Looks like some are getting ready to molon some labe

NPR: Bump Stocks Will Soon Be Illegal, But That’s Not Stopping Sales Why, it’s like banning a thing makes it more valuable or something. You can still get them here. Yeah, they’re pretty dumb but they’re a fun kind of dumb.
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I like them

Weaponlights: Do They Belong on a CCW Gun? But you’ll give away your position!!!!!!!!!!111111111eleven
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