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Barrett Celebrate MRAD Winning US SOCOM ASR Contract

On 12th March we reported that Barrett Firearms Manufacturing had been awarded a contract worth nearly $50 million to produce their MRAD rifle fulfilling the US Special Operations Command’s Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) requirement. Barrett have welcomed the contract and confirmed that the rifle purchased is the MRAD or Multi Role Adaptive Design. Here’s what Barrett had […] Read More … The post Barrett Celebrate MRAD Winning US SOCOM ASR Contract appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Has China’s one child policy increased crime?

Crime rates in China have increased more than six-fold over the past three decades. Likely causes include extraordinary economic growth and rising inequality, mass rural-urban migration, and the erosion of traditional values. China’s one child policy may, however, have also played a role. At the same time as crime has increased, the one child policy, coupled with a strong preference of Chinese parents for sons over daughters, has resulted in there being approximately 120 boys for every 100 girls...
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DoubleStar Ahab Knife Introduced, Designed by “Filo” Cabrera

This everyday carry was designed to be discrete and compact without sacrificing relevance. DoubleStar Ahab Knife Winchester, Ky. (Ammoland.com) – DoubleStar Corp, manufacturers of high-quality, US-made AR components, rifles, pistols, and blades, is pleased to introduce the latest knife to its DSC Blade Division, the Ahab Knife. Made from 1084 Carbon Steel, this everyday carry was designed by Division Director Rob “Filo” Cabrera to be discrete and compact without sacrificing relevance. Eleme...
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White River Knife’s Super Popular Survival Utility Knife, You Need This

White River Knife Survival Utility Knife Coopersville, MI, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- White River Knife & Tool's Firecraft 3.5 small survival utility knives have proven a remarkable success for hunters. The Firecraft 3.5 is intended as a compact ultra-lite tough survival knife especially suited for day hikers as well as a tough backup for longer trips that require either a backup or less weight. Recent feedback from hunters says it has found popularity as an efficient big game dressing/skinning ...
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Meprolight Mepro MOR PRO Reflex Sight Now Available for U.S. Customers

Originally developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the MEPRO MOR PRO is a multi-purpose, multi-activated red dot reflex sight with laser pointers. Meprolight MEPRO MOR PRO Middletown, Penn. – -(AmmoLand.com)- Meprolight USA, the US sales and marketing division of Meprolight, a world leader in a variety of optic solutions from electro-optics sights, self-illuminated night sights, and innovative pistol sights, introduces the MEPRO MOR PRO, a multi-purpose reflex sight with two laser p...
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Desert Eagles Now Completely Made in the US by Magnum Research

Magnum Research is most famously known for their “Big Boys,” their “D-Eagles,” or whatever affectionate moniker you would like to tie to the company who makes handguns in all things large. A new title they can add to their growing legend is “Made in the USA” because now all of their Desert Eagles will be completely […] Read More … The post Desert Eagles Now Completely Made in the US by Magnum Research appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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American Tactical Announces “Tax Day” FX1911 Promo

American Tactical Announces “Tax Day” FX1911 Promo Summerville, SC – (Ammoland.com) – American Tactical, US manufacturer and world-wide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is happy to announce a special “Tax Day” Promo for select FX1911s. From now through April 15, 2019, users can visit AmericanTactical.us and use the code “TAXDAY1911” to receive 15% off MSRP on the purchase of an FX Military or GI model 1911. The Firepower Xtreme .45 ACP Military 1911 (ATIGFX45MIL) and...
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How to Pack Your Electronics for Air Travel

Elnur/Shutterstock 06Photo/Shutterstock Vacations prove to be a great opportunity to use your electronics away from home. But just this year, the US government banned lithium-ion batteries from checked bags. So, just how are you supposed to pack that laptop? This isn’t just a question of TSA compliance; this is a question of convenience. If you plan to bring a bunch of large electronics on your next vacation, you need to be able to organize them in your carry-on bag. Otherwise, your flight...
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10 Easy Pieces: Best Appliances for Small Kitchens

We’ve all heard stories about professional chefs and cookbook writers cooking up a storm in cramped quarters with just the basics—a range, a refrigerator, maybe a dishwasher—all within arm’s reach. Now a slew of appliances stand ready to take on the task. Here are our top picks for the small but mighty kitchen. Ranges and Ovens Above: Professional performance downsized: The BlueStar 24-Inch Culinary Series Sealed Burner Range in stainless steel has four open burners with up to 21,000 BTUs. ...
Tags: Books, US, Appliances, Energy Star, Kitchenaid, Miele, Small-Space Living, 10 Easy Pieces, Liebherr, Kitchen Appliances, Fisher Paykel, Small Appliances, AJ Madison Above, AJ Madison Limited, Inch Electric Range, CoolDrawer Multi Temperature Refrigerator

City Lights founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti: 'The US isn't ready for a revolution'

As the poet behind the San Francisco literary institution turns 100, the city is preparing for ‘Lawrence Ferlinghetti Day’The last couple of years have taken their toll on Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The American publisher, poet, painter and political activist is frail and nearly blind. He spends a lot of time in bed, relying on his assistant for emails and phone calls.His body might be failing him. But his mind is still on fire. He’s hoping for a revolution. Trouble is, he says, “the United States i...
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Bear & Son Cutlery India Stag Bone Pro Skinner ~ Knife Review

Opinion Bear & Son Cutlery 5009D Caper India Fixed Blade Knife Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- I was recently writing an article for a magazine and was requested to include a knife from Bear & Son Cutlery. Looking at their website, the Bear & Son Cutlery Genuine India Stag Bone Caper 5009 stuck out to me. First off it is a beautiful little knife with a cool looking scabbard. Bear & Son Cutlery 5009D Caper India Fixed Blade Knife First, we’ll go over the features that caught my eye at first blush....
Tags: Guns, India, US, Amazon Kindle, Gear, Skinner, Knife Reviews, Tom Claycomb, Hunt Alaska Bass Pro Shops Bowhunter, Tom Claycomb Tom Claycomb, Bear Son Cutlery Looking, Bear Son Cutlery Genuine India Stag, Bear Son Cutlery Genuine India Stag Bone Caper, Genuine India Stag Bone Caper

Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge

Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge Shreveport, LA, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Join us for the 4th Annual Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge May 25-26, 2019. Once again, the Babes 3-Gun Challenge is Female (and Novice) friendly and Male inclusive! Held at Kay and Jerry Miculek’s Shootout Range outside of Shreveport, LA, the Babes with Bullets 3-Gun Challenge was designed to meet the growing demand for 3-gun matches that are female friendly, but not at the exclusion of men. The match features two...
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Theranos and the cult of personality in science and tech

Elizabeth Holmes was a chemical engineering student who dropped out of Stanford to found Theranos: a silicon-valley start-up company that, at one point, was valued at US$9 billion. Her plan was to be another Steve Jobs and, for a while, it looked like that would happen. She made the cover of magazines like Forbes, Fortune, and even Glamour, wearing black polo-neck shirts and was touted as being the next big thing. Former President Clinton was a fan. Former Secretary-of-State George Schultz was a...
Tags: Apple, Books, Technology, Featured, Law, Steve Jobs, Stanford, Defense, US, Fraud, Engineering, Silicon Valley, Wall Street Journal, Biotechnology, Theranos, Clinton

New Zealand Mass Murderer’s Primary Goals: Gun Control in the United States

Opinion New Zealand Mass Murderer's Primary Goals: Gun Control in the United States Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- -The mass murderer in New Zealand was not an ordinary active shooter. He is a political terrorist who is working to advance a political agenda. One of his primary goals is to further gun control in the United States. His manifesto clearly states that goal. From The Great Replacement: Finally, to create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of fi...
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The future of borders in the Middle East

The collapse of Arab regional order during the 2011 uprisings provided a chance to reconsider the Middle East’s famously misshapen states. Most rebels sought to control the central government, not to break away from it. Separatist, in contrast, unilaterally sought territorial autonomy or outright secession. They took advantage of the breakdown of security services to set up their own peripheral enclaves. In the last eight years, separatists have served as foot soldiers in the coalition that defe...
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American Classic Commander 1911 Pistol ~ VIDEO Review

YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video review of the American Classic Commander from Eagle Imports. USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Eagle Imports has been sneaking some incredibly high-value 1911s into the US market from Metro Arms.  Under their four brands of American Classic, Llama, Metro Arms, and SPS 1911 fans and newbies alike can find something built to the trim of their preference with a high chance of it costing much less than expected.  On the surface a purist might reject the i...
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How boring was life in the British Empire?

Boredom is a pervasive problem. Teenagers suffer from it. Workers are afflicted by it. Psychologists research it. Academic conferences are devoted to it. There is even evidence that you can die of it. And while there are those who claim that boredom can foster creativity, many people would rather give themselves an electric shock than be bored.The word itself was not used until the mid-nineteenth century (in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House). The feeling, however, saw increased expression beginning ...
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The case for citizenship for US immigrants serving in the military

The United States has a long history of immigrant military service. Immigrants who serve in the armed forces during declared hostilities, including the period after 11 September 2001, are eligible for expedited naturalization. However, those who naturalized through military service since 24 November 2003 are vulnerable to potential revocation of their US citizenship. This presents unique and unacceptable risks for non-citizens who volunteer to serve in the United States military beyond the alrea...
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WS Merwin, Pulitzer-winning former US poet laureate, dies at 91

Writer who protested against environmental destruction and the Vietnam war died at home in HawaiiWS Merwin, a prolific and versatile poetry master who evolved through a wide range of styles as he celebrated nature, condemned war and industrialism and reached for the elusive past, died Friday. He was 91.A Pulitzer prize winner and former US poet laureate, Merwin completed more than 20 books, from early works inspired by myths and legends to fiery protests against environmental destruction and the...
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‘Restrictive’ New Zealand Gun Laws Useless at Stopping Mosque Massacres

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush holds a press conference on the Christchurch Mosque shootings. (New Zealand Police video screen capture) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “LIVESTREAM TERROR New Zealand mosque shootings – White supremacist gunman videos live murder of 49 at two Christchurch mosques,” The Sun headline declares. “Shocking GoPro footage – too graphic to publish – shows a shooter executing Muslim worshippers at point blank range with automatic weapons.” “New Zealand mosques' att...
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BINO DOCK Makes Finding Those Spring Turkeys a Breeze

BINO DOCK Makes Finding Those Spring Turkeys a Breeze USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- With the warmer, longer days of Spring, nature lovers of all types are now excitedly heading to the outdoors to pursue their passions. Searching for a gobbler? Trying to spot a Tanager? Maybe you're heading offshore for some fantastic fishing or spending a fun-filled week in a national park. Whatever the adventure, the BINO DOCK is an essential piece of equipment for your truck, car, SUV, boat, ATV/UTV and RV becaus...
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“Atomic Gnaw-X” Lottery from Plaseebo

The Atomic Gnaw-X Lottery is open now thru Tuesday March 19th 2019. The "Atomic Gnaw-X” is a custom Plaseebo clear vinyl Gnaw head, produced by Rampage, on a clear vinyl SHB X body. LIMITED to only 3 unique pieces, the 8.5-inch tall figure is filled with a selection of Atomic wiring, components and spiders that are illuminated from within by a motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. These are custom painted with multiple Monster Kolor sprays, and each piece is ha...
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NZ shooter promoting gun control

From the New Zealand lunatic’s manifesto: I chose firearms for the affect it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide and the affect it could have on the politics of United states and thereby the political situation of the world. The US is torn into many factions by its second amendment, along state, social, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines. With enough pressure the left wing within the United states will seek to abolish the second amendment, and th...
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LMT M203 Grenade Launcher: Pull Trigger Go BOOM

Tom reviews the LMT M203 Grenade Launcher. AmmoLand News and Brownells.com is giving away this rifle and launcher package. Make sure you are subscribed to our daily email for your chance to win. Enter here. LMT M203 Launcher USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Last month we hinted at a super nifty add-on for the Brownells BRN-601 AR-15 Rifle that one of you is about to own. Yes, you can win it by entering here. The Brownells BRN-601 Rifle is a reproduction of the very first AR-type rifle ever issued to ...
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13 Favorite All-Purpose Cleaners, Eco Edition

There’s an ever-growing array of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market, all of which ditch chemicals and harsh scents (remember Pledge?) in favor of natural, plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. We particularly like those that do double (or triple) duty, safe for use all over the house: on counters, tile, floors, and bathrooms, and even (in some cases) dishes and laundry. As one such company says, these solutions leave “a clean you can actually eat off of”—good news for the kitch...
Tags: Cleaning, Books, UK, US, Brooklyn, Montreal, Sustainable Design, Watkins, Bronner, 10 Favorites, Murchison Hume, Domestic Science, Sapadilla, Kinn, Cleaning Products & Supplies, Wendyl Nissen

Preet Bharara: ‘I didn’t call Trump back and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made'

Fired by the president, the former US attorney has written his first book. He talks about if and when Trump will face justice – and why he fears for his own safetyPreet Bharara is used to dealing with bullies. When he was the US attorney for the southern district of New York, the premier law enforcement body in America, his office prosecuted Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, Crips and Bloods gang leaders and mafia bosses. For going after the infamous arms dealer Viktor Bout he was banned from Russia...
Tags: Books, New York, Osama Bin Laden, Russia, US, America, Joe Biden, US news, Culture, United States, US politics, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Madrid, Donald Trump, Viktor Bout, Trump

Salamanca Attack Murders 15 in Gun Free Mexico

Salamanca Attack Murders 15 in Gun Free Mexico U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The murderers in Salamanca arrived in three vans before dawn Saturday morning. Armed attackers came into the club and shot people on the dance floor. Fifteen people were murdered and an additional seven were injured. Mexican police have no suspects in custody. How did this atrocity happen? Civilian gun ownership is effectively prohibited in Mexico. Criminals fear neither their victims nor law enforcement. Because of Mexic...
Tags: Usa, Guns, Mexico, US, Socialist, Nra, Salamanca, Ammoland, Gun Rights News, Rob Morse, Slow Facts, Polite Society Podcast Rob, Gun Free Mexico, USA Shame

Mossy Oak Fishing Pros Heading to 2019 Bassmaster Classic

  Mossy Oak Fishing Pros Heading to 2019 Bassmaster Classic WEST POINT, MS – -(AmmoLand.com)- Mossy Oak came into the outdoor industry as a camouflage company 30+ years ago and expanded to include other companies under the Mossy Oak brand. In 2017, Mossy Oak launched Mossy Oak Fishing and introduced its fishing pattern, Elements Agua, and partnered with Bassmaster, becoming the official pattern of Bassmaster and the title sponsor of the Bassmaster High School Fishing Series. Today three of ...
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Can-Am to Attend March Outdoor Life/Field & Stream Expos

Can-Am to Attend March Outdoor Life/Field & Stream Expos USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Can-Am is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Outdoor Life Field & Stream Expo. Those attending are invited to come by the Can-Am booth to celebrate a passion for the outdoors. Can-Am will have several units on display to look over at each show, including the hard-working Defender side-by-side and versatile Outlander ATV. Product specialists will be available to answer all questions to help attendees find the perfect uni...
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