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Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights, Join Our WomXn’s March

Gun Rights Are Women's Rights Colorado – -(AmmoLand.com)- Why do the same politicians who claim to support women's rights want to take away a woman's right to defend herself with a firearm? Saturday, January 19th, 10am, is the nationwide WomXn's March (the X is apparently to be MORE inclusive, which we assume means even us too!). Well, gun rights ARE women's rights – and we're going to join the Denver march to let them know just that! Anyone is welcome to join us under our banner…we're non-pa...
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CTL Announces $300 Rugged Chromebook Tablet for the Education Market

The Chromebook Tablet (seriously though, why can’t get rid of the “book” in that title?) education revolution is here. Acer started it, ASUS got in on it, and now CTL is getting in the game. Here’s the skinny. You’d be forgiven if your first thought was “…who is CTL?,” because honestly, they’re not as well known as some of the other companies that are active in the Chrome OS market. Still, they make some fantastic Chromebooks and Chromeboxes (see, we don’t say “Chromebook Desktop,” so why aren’...
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How to Change How Excel Displays Negative Numbers

Microsoft Excel displays negative numbers with a leading minus sign by default. It is good practice to make negative numbers easy to identify, and if you’re not content with this default, Excel provides a few different options for formatting negative numbers. Excel provides a couple of built-in ways to display negative numbers, and you can also set up custom formatting. Let’s dive in. Change to a Different Built-In Negative Number Option One thing to note here is that Excel will display diff...
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Other Fiction Bremer, Fredrika: Nina. V1 [German] 16.1.2019

Die hierzulande so gut wie unbekannte schwedische Autorin Fredrika Bremer, die den Roman "Nina" im Jahre 1835 in ihrer Heimat erstveröffentlichte, genießt in Schweden den Status einer Initiatorin der nationalen Frauenemanzipation, und durch Übersetzung ihrer Werke ins Englische fanden diese im gesamten angelsächsischen Sprachraum einen bemerkenswerten Widerhall, was 1851 sogar dazu führte, dass ein County im US-Staat Iowa ihr zu Ehren den Namen "Bremer County" erhielt. Wenn man "Nina" heute mit...
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10 Easy Pieces: The Perfect High-End Luxury Sofa

At Remodelista, we often feature sofa designs that are economical to mid-range in price, but for readers in search of a truly luxury sofa, we decided to cover our bases (plus, one can dream). There are sofas past and present that are priced upward of $60K, but in our book, expense alone does not merit quality. This roundup includes our most-dreamed-of luxury sofas, and while none of them are $60K, all tend to ring in above the $8K mark. Above: New York City atelier Dimitry & Co. designs some ...
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MDT Releases Second Generation LSS Chassis

Modular Driven Technologies (Canada) are makers of Chassis Systems and Accessories for Bolt Action Rifles. The company was founded in 2009. Manufacturing takes place in Chilliwack BC, Canada. All their US sales and distribution is operated by their US entity company located in Sumas Washington, USA. MDT’s LSS chassis (Light Sniper System) is well known […] Read More … The post MDT Releases Second Generation LSS Chassis appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, US, Canada, Daily News, LSS, M-LOK, Product Announcement, Modular Driven Technologies, AICS, Chassis Systems, Long Range Design, SHOT Show 2019, MDT Chassis, ORYX Chassis, JET-01, MDT LSS

“Hear the Truth About Suppressors” presented by the NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is a tremendous steward and champion of the shooting sports. Their work occurs through innumerable events throughout the US in educating people about firearms, but they also do smaller works as well. Some of those are simple infographics that can catch fire on social media and sometimes be even […] Read More … The post “Hear the Truth About Suppressors” presented by the NSSF appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Mauser 18 Now Available in 6.5 PRC

Mauser 18 Now Available in 6.5 PRC San Antonio, Texas –-(Ammoland.com)- Mauser’s award-winning Mauser 18 bolt-action rifle is now available in a 6.5 PRC chambering with prices starting at $699. Recognized for its accuracy and ruggedness at an exceptional price point, this popular hunting rifle is among the first chambered for Hornady’s hot new 6.5 PRC cartridge. The 6.5 PRC is a magnum version of the 6.5 Creedmoor and has a flatter trajectory and higher impact velocity than the 6.5 Creedmoor....
Tags: Usa, Guns, US, United States, San Antonio Texas, PRC, Mauser, Creedmoor, Shooting Industry News, Firearm News, Blaser, Sauer, John Rigby, 6.5 PRC, Christian Socher CEO of Blaser, Creedmoor Utilizing

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s serial-killer thriller: would you help your murderer sister?

The Nigerian author’s darkly comic debut novel, My Sister, the Serial Killer, has become a literary sensation. She explains her struggle with the moral ambiguity of her writingWhen Oyinkan Braithwaite sent an early draft of her debut novel to a few friends, one of them told her it was the best thing she had ever written. “I was offended,” Braithwaite says, her voice heavy with irony. “I knew how I had written it.” She might not have thought much of it at the time, but this quick draft ended up u...
Tags: Books, UK, Fiction, Nigeria, Africa, US, World news, Culture, Braithwaite, Oyinkan Braithwaite

NRA 2019 Board Candidate Lt. Colonel Willes K. Lee: Interview

Editor Note: AmmoLand News has officially endorsed Willes Lee for the 2019 NRA Board of Directors. Please consider him for your vote. NRA Board Candidate Lt. Colonel Willes K. Lee U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Later this month NRA members will receive their ballots to select members of the 2019 NRA Board of Directors. One-third of the Board's 76 seats are due to expire in April at the NRA Annual Meeting. Voting-eligible NRA members will determine which 25 nominees will receive a three-year term t...
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Firearms Regulation Always Misses the Target

Gun Confiscation U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The mass murderer at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas used something called a bump stock. In theory, a bump stock allows a gun to fire faster. Some politicians say that is too fast. In fact, the fastest shooter alive today fires a semi-automatic gun so quickly that it rivals some machine guns. Government regulators, and some anti-gun Democrat politicians, then concluded that civilians should be denied the use of all semi-automatic weapons. They cl...
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U.S. Judge Rules Fingerprint, Face Unlock Are Protected Just Like Passwords

The Fifth Amendment of the US constitution forbids police from forcing you to disclose your phone’s PIN or password, but courts have ruled that protection doesn’t apply to a fingerprint or face unlock. Now, that might be changing. Here’s how it went down: a warrant was filed in Oakland requesting a raid and seizure of personal property, which included access to all mobile devices—even ones that are locked with biometric data. But a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of C...
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B&T USA Announces APC308

Back in March 2018, Eric broke the news that B&T were finally set to offer a 7.62x51mm APC, the APC308. The rifle was unveiled at the 2018 Enforce TAC show but no details on when it might arrive in the US were given. It now appears that B&T USA are preparing to bring the APC308 […] Read More … The post B&T USA Announces APC308 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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In the face of such ridicule, why would any sane women run for office?

The recent election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress has evoked a fair amount of ridicule among persons taken aback by her youth and ideology. She is the “telegenic it girl of the left” according to Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis. CNBC notes that she has only $7,000 in savings; this is a millennial who is so financially irresponsible that she cannot afford an apartment in D.C. until her first congressional paycheck. And because she wears “that jacket and coat [she] don’t look like a gir...
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Interview: Allen West, 2019 NRA Board of Directors Candidate

Allen West is running for reelection to the 2019 NRA board of Directors. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- AmmoLand News had a chance to catch up with our friend Allen West to talk about his run for reelection to the NRA board of directors in 2019 and about the organization itself as well as the current political outlook for gun owners in the face of a hostile Congress. Fredy Riehl: Hello Allen, thank you for taking the time to talk with AmmoLand News I know you have a busy schedule. Can you start by l...
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DSC Announces Formation of Conservation Advisory Board

DSC Announces Formation of Conservation Advisory Board DALLAS  -(Ammoland.com)-  During the 2019 Convention and Expo, a group of top-level conservation experts will convene for DSC's Conservation Advisory Board (CAB). This new group is charged with the mission of providing subject matter expertise with both regional and global perspectives on needed research, program development and advocacy. The CAB will advise and assist the DSC Board of Directors and the DSC Grants Committee on domestic an...
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Why We Continue to Have School Murders

Students are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school U.S.A. (Ammoland.com)- Why have there been any more school murders in the USA since the attack at Columbine High School two decades ago? Violent attacks aren’t a mystery. We know why murderers kill. Narcissistic psychopaths and disgruntled sociopaths kill because the media turns these murderers into celebrities. We know the kind of targets they want. We know they will attack unarmed groups of p...
Tags: Florida, Usa, Media, Guns, Obama, Russia, US, Ukraine, Fbi, United States, Crimea, Socialist, Nra, Ammoland, Columbine High School, Gun Rights News

The Left’s Strategy to Disarm America

Opinion by Allen West My right inner forearm has a simple tattoo with the words “Molon Labe.” My message to the progressive socialist left, “Come, Take,” because I will not surrender to you. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- If you cherish your individual freedom and liberty, please read this entire missive, and share its warning. This last week was the National Rifle Association (NRA) winter board meeting. As you should know by now, reading these pages, the NRA is the nation’s oldest civil rights orga...
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HP and NVIDIA Made the $5000, 65-inch Monitor Your $5000 Desktop Deserves

The cheekily-named “BFGD” program—for “Big Format Gaming Display,” and nothing else—was announced at CES 2018, a full year ago. We expected these overpowered, gamer-friendly screens to hit shelves before the end of that year. The wait was worth it. Technically, the HP Omen X Emperium 65 is only a “display,” not a TV—a distinction required in the US because it lacks a tuner for over-the-air TV programming. But what it lacks in rabbit ears it makes up in every other category. Looking at it purely...
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US Army Wants New Innovative Artillery Muzzle Brakes

Another set of US Department of Defense solicitations has been published on the website of a US government program called SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research). This program includes a huge variety of different projects initiated by all branches of US Armed Forces. In this article, we’ll discuss a US Army solicitation for designing an innovative […] Read More … The post US Army Wants New Innovative Artillery Muzzle Brakes appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Trailblazer Firearms Introduces the LifeCard .22 Magnum Pocket Pistol

The newest model in the diminutive folding, single-shot pistol line will be unveiled at SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 22 -25, 2019.  Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard .22 WMR folding pistol Asheville, N.C. (Ammoland.com) – Trailblazer® Firearms will be exhibiting at Booth 2262 during SHOT Show 2019, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 22 – 25, 2019, and will introduce firearms retailers to their newest model, the LifeCard .22 Magnum folding, single-shot pistol. The company, Trailblazer ...
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White River Knive’s “Small Game” is Picked Best of the Best

White River Small Game Knife Fremont, MI,  -(Ammoland.com)-  -White River Knife and Tool's Small Game Knife was chosen as Field & Stream's Best of the Best for 2018. “It is an honor being chosen top knife for Field & Stream's prestigious Best of the Best for hunting and fishing gear of 2018. Our family of knife makers could not be more pleased.”–John Cammenga, President. White River Small Game Knife This year White River's $150 MSRP Small Game knife was chosen. With a choice of Micarta hand...
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Firstly here's wishing you all a belated but very happy and peaceful New Year; one that prospers where you need it too and is gentle where it needs to be too. I hope you have all had a restful mid-winter break too. We've had a splendid few family weeks covering Christmas, New Year and Bookhound's birthday, but now that Offspringette is flying home to New Zealand it's time to fire up the desktop, wake up the scribbles and get started on a new year of reading and other exciting projects. We bade ...
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America's Fiber Future: Susan Crawford on how America's wired future is slipping away

No one in America explains the importance of good network policy than Susan Crawford (previously), a one-woman good sense factory when it comes to Network Neutrality, municipal fiber, and reining in the excesses of the goddamned ISP industry. Her latest book is Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution―and Why America Might Miss It, a timely and urgent look at how America is sacrificing its digital future, productivity, connectivity, social mobility, entrepreneurial growth, education, and every other p...
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A new geological epoch demands a new politics

Young people have become increasingly vocal in castigating older generations for their failure to act on climate change. University students are at the forefront of campaigns to divest from fossil fuels. A group of 21 young Americans launched a high-profile court case against the US government to pursue a legal right to a stable climate. And the School Strike for Climate initiative launched by fifteen-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg has attracted worldwide attention.At the UN climate cha...
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New Leaf Vote for February 2019 • Let's Make a Deal: Trade Secrets

Let's select the book we'll read and discuss in February 2019! We love new participants. We're happy for you to vote, but we'd like to request that you not vote unless you plan to join the discussion whatever the selection, in the interest of a vibrant conversation. :) So if you haven't posted in a book club thread yet, do please say a quick hello here or in the Welcome thread. This is a poll. Vote for as many books as you'd like. Questions? FAQs |
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Star-spangled shutdown: how nationalism and nationalization warped US politics

Three new books help us understand how Trump’s spat with Democrats over 1,000th of one percent of the federal budget came to be so weighted with meaningAs I write, the federal government sits in partial shutdown, ostensibly over a measly $3.7bn difference in funding, less than one 1,000th of one percent of the 2019 federal budget, for construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border. Related: It's the demographics, stupid: party loyalties are shifting as 2020 looms Continue reading...
Tags: Books, US, Culture, US politics, Trump, Politics books

DEEP WAR by David Poyer – Review

Opinion DEEP WAR by David Poyer USA –  -(AmmoLand.com)- My first David Poyer book was Hunter Killer. I spotted it at my local library, and the jacket cover depicted a naval conflict with current stealth aircraft flying over the fleet. That book pretty much scared the heck out of me. So, I found the book Onslaught that was written just before Hunter Killer, wanting to get a better grasp of the main characters. The author of these books is Captain David Poyer, US Navy retired. He is a Navy Aca...
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How women really got the vote

In 2018 we commemorated property-owning women over the age of 30 getting the vote in the United Kingdom. Two years later we will mark 100 years since all women received the vote in the United States.These are important parliamentary milestones but the lauding of campaigners has given priority to organised women’s movements in gaining the vote. This edges women’s suffrage off the main stage of world politics and makes it a pressure group issue; interesting enough in its way, but of no great conse...
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Spyderco Advocate Flipper-Style Folding Knife Review

Tom reviews the Spyderco Advocate Flipper-Style Folding Knife. After testing the Spyderco Advocate I'd recommend it for an EDC or self-protection folder. Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- Spyderco Knives has a legendary following of knife connoisseurs and for good reason. Everyone that I have ever tested has come from the factory with a wicked sharp edge. I’ve known the Spyderco head of Public & Media Relations, Joyce Laituri for years. She is great and the perfect Media representative, in fact the ...
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