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Clouded View

As a part of catching up with general maintenance that I'd let slide during the past year, I made an appointment with a new eye doctor. My previous guy retired so I picked out a group  nearer to us. I don't wear prescription glasses, but use over-the-counter readers for close work. After cataract surgery and a lens implant five years ago, my vision has been not perfect but quite adequate for my needs. Lately though I've noticed blurring and  having to squint to read some text. ...
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Japanese Iris, Hollyhock, and Clematis

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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                                         A few weeks ago, Joe Kendricks of WNCW and Southern Songs and Stories came out and interviewed me and two others for a podcast about the Shelton Laurel Massacre. The other two, Sheila Kay Adams and Taylor Barnhill, did a radio show some years back that had a segment on the Massacre, and bits of that old show are included in the podcast. Sheila Kay is a noted ballad singer, banjo picker, novelist, story teller, and her memories and family stories go way ...
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In Progress

I've had this picture of Josie at the river as the wallpaper on my laptop for months now.  Finally, I decided to brave up and try to paint it. It's not done--Josie needs a face but it's so tiny I've already messed it up a bit. Also, I forgot to leave some areas of white in the river.  I'll probably fiddle with it a bit more and then try again, maybe on a larger piece of paper.  Always something to learn...   [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie's Busy Social Life

On Friday I had another playdate with a different little girl. She is almost three and much younger than me but we had a good time. Louise brought her over and Louise is very good at playing. She can get down on the floor like Meema can't. We played in The Room with my stuffies. I shared Octalia and then I showed my new friend how to jump on the bed. It was a short playdate because after lunch I went to visit the place I will be going to school in August.  And a...
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Judy's Chimney

A lone sentinel marks the spot when the thirteen victims of the Shelton Laurel Massacre were held the night before being marched off to their deaths. This chimney is all that remains of Judy Shelton's cabin. . .   [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Painting With Suzy

  On Thursday, I had a playdate at my friend Louise's house where the talented watercolorist Suzanne DesLauriers held a mini-workshop for us. Suzy is not only a gifted painter; she is also an excellent teacher. You can check out her Facebook page for more about where she teaches.                                                      We began with exploring texture achieved by various surprising means--string, cheesecloth, plastic wrap, and salt. Then a quick exercise on primary and secondary col...
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  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie Has a Play Date

I am getting ready for a playdate. My friend is coming over. I am fixing a tea party with all my castle people. How does it look? It's almost time. We are going down to meet them at my house. I am so excited! This will be the best day EVER! There is my friend and her papa. He had to change the tire on his truck because it was flat but they finally got here. I was worried the playdate might not happen. She was a little shy at first because she is much younger tha...
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River Time

What a wonderful thing a river is! I don't go paddling or fishing but just the sight and sound of the flowing water brings a kind of renewal. I love that its my neighbor--not close enough to be a flood potential but just a few minutes down the road and on my way to almost anywhere I might go. The mountain view is always there and always deeply satisfying; the river is a lovely joy--perhaps because I don't see it every day.   [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Practice. Practice. Practice

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Rambling Through a Garden of Memory

I have only one hollyhock this year but it makes me very happy. I always wanted a row of them--against, perhaps a white picket fence but that's not happening. Neither are the masses of delphiniums I once coveted and tried to grow but failed. I walk around and see the ghosts of those garden dreams. Many years ago I had a bed of fancy roses--but the spraying that seemed necessary to keep them alive and blooming was too much. I do have this fine little red rose--a gift from a neighbo...
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  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Floating . . .

A floating island Manifests itself, a-swim In a sea of cloud.   [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

                               One of those book pushers on Facebook (Mario? Barbara?) suggested some time back that I might like Small Gods. Oh, I do, I do! Pratchett's wry humor is at work here, as is his wisdom. I found myself bookmarking many passages, and, rather than undertake a review, I'm going to do some quoting.   "Humans! They lived in a world where the grass continued to be green and the sun rose every day and flowers regularly turned into fruit, and what impressed them? Wee...
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Still At It

And still really enjoying playing with watercolors! I'm working with the exercises in two different books--that's where most of these images come from.  Though I can't resist adding a bit of background or even a gnome. I   stick the finished exercises in the corner cabinet (the two shelves not occupied by Josie's castle people,) not because I think they're worthy of display, but so I can look at them while at meals and figure out what worked and what didn't. That yellow iris...
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Very Young Turkey Poults

This gang of a dozen or more was hurrying across the road in front of the Gran House, heading into the woods, presumably following their mama--whom I did not see. Ah, wildlife! Speaking of which, something got our suet feeders the other night. We suspect a return of Brer Bear and there is talk of getting a game camera.  It's good to know who your neighbors are, large and small alike.   [Author: Vicki Lane]
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And Just like That, It's June

And the shop is nearing completion. One side is done and John is building tables and benches and putting up pegboard and bringing order to his scattered stuff. The other side is in progress--Justin has hung and spackled the sheet rock and a bit of sanding, more spackle, more sanding, some paint, and Bob's your uncle! (For an explanation of this mainly UK phrase, see HERE.) At one point, well, at several points, we wondered if this rebuilding would ever become reality. But thanks to the many...
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Britches Winter?

No, no snow. That's our Kousa Dogwood. Not even frost. But it was right chilly--in the fifties all day Sunday. We went around closing windows and I hauled out some warmer clothes, but we resisted building a fire or turning on the heat.  I did make soup for supper and John made bread which heated up the kitchen for a while. We've already had Blackberry Winter--a cold snap when the blackberries were booming. This (very) late May cold snap is called Britches Winter because you have to g...
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Silent Sunday

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie in the Attic

I am in the attic! It is a bedroom over the living room and it has FOUR beds and lots of books. When I am older, it will be my own room. But the stairs are very steep and Meema and I have to be very careful on them. I bounce on the trundle bed and then I make a bed on the floor. There is a desk where we do arts and crafts. I use a glue stick. Then I decided to make a fort. Meema stayed on one of the beds and I went in my fort. (She could not fit.) We both had bo...
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As I was falling asleep a few nights ago, the word tergiversation floated into my semi-consciousness. I have no idea why--just some of the random debris that clutters my mind. I felt sure it had once been the Word of the Day or some such, but I couldn't remember its meaning and was too near sleep to try to find out. I just hoped I'd remember the word come morning. And I did. And it means the act of equivocating or taking contradictory positions. Kellyanne Conway sprang to mind. ...
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Blogger Says No

 Blogger is refusing to load my photos, citing an unexpected error.  Will try again tomorrow . . . [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Fauna and Flora

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Anchorites, Contented Slaves, and Florida Crackers

My recent reading is, as usual, all over the place. New to me was Illuminations by Mary Sharratt, a novel about Hildegard von Bingen--the famous mystic. composer, theologian, nun, writer, and eventually, abbess of her own foundation. It's a fascinating look at the religious politics and policies of Medieval Germany--from the horrifying practices of extreme asceticism (HvB was an anchorite for thirty years--walled into a little enclosure from an early age) to Hildegard's ecstatic vis...
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As the Sunrise Creeps Northwards

About a month to go till Summer Solstice when the sunrise will begin its journey back to the right(southwards.) For reference, below is a pre-sunrise picture from the Winter Solstice--the sun is brightening the sky behind those trees on the right. Such a journey! Growing up in the suburbs with no clear view of sunrise or sunset beyond an occasional trip to the beach, I had no idea of how the sunrise moves.  Sure, science teachers explained it, but it took living with it to ...
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I had a playdate yesterday! Some friends of Meema's brought their little girl over. She is only two and a half but we had fun together. The grownups sat around and talked while we colored. I showed her how I do it.                              We also played in my sand pile.  We brought water to make a pond. I got wet. The grownups talked and talked. I think they are becoming friends like me and the little girl. She is good at getting wa...
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In the Little Pond

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Magic Numbers 6 and 10?

Authors are advised not to obsess over book reviews and ratings--i.e. stop checking the numbers on Amazon and Goodreads all the time. But I'm pretty delighted that Crows has hit 90 ratings (the stars thingy) and 44 reviews on Amazon--much better than any of my previous books have done. I'd like to think it was due to the quality of the book--but I suspect my nagging  reminding has something to do with it. I'm hoping for the magic number of 50 for the reviews--supposedly th...
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More Flowers (I May Need an Intervention)

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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