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Watching and Waiting

A pleasant and meditative occupation is sitting on the front porch and watching the rain dance across the landscape.  Sometimes it reaches us; this time it didn't. I waited, hoping for a rainbow.  A rainblob formed over the property where the Copper Beech I wrote about is and I waited some more. At last it came, arching across the sky.  Perhaps there's a pot of gold under that Copper Beech . . , [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Have You Ever Really LOOKED at Your Tomatoes?

The cherry tomatoes on the deck are Josie's special treat. But the two rows in the garden are for me and John to tend.  I spent several hours yesterday morning, getting up close and personal as I removed the low-hanging leaves to deter the spread of blight.  That down low v iew afforded me an excellent opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the tiny blossoms. And those tiny hairs on the vines--what'up with those? Well. A quick side trip via Mr. Google and now I...
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A Reward for Early Rising

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Beeing Here--and a Question for the Hive Mind

Down in the garden yesterday, I was delighted to see numerous wild honeybees working the white clover. A hopeful sign for this small portion of the planet, And now my question: I'm working with Malaprop's, Asheville's iconic bookseller, to plan a virtual October launch  for AND THE CROWS TOOK THEIR EYES. The event will be streamed live at 6 pm EST -- either on Friday the 16th or on Tuesday the 20th. So, what I want to know is . . . If this is something you might be inte...
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Josie and the Very Ordinary Day

When Meema makes pancakes, which is mostly, she always makes one last big one and leaves it in the pan. She says it is for the dogs but I like to sneak and get it for myself.  I took it back to The Room where some of my babies were having a tea party and I shared it with them. Octalia was on the bed playing ball with some more of my babies. Meema let me take this picture. Octalia is the best babysitter because she can hold them all with her long arms. They are called tentac...
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After the Rain

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Celebrating the 4th In the Garden

Out to the garden before the temps get unbearable. John had tilled around the watermelon and butternut squash, but we were late getting our garden in and I'm trying to hand weed close up so these babies have no competition. A weed's eye view as I sat and scooched along through the dirt. I can hoe better sitting down as my back begins to complain after about fifteen minutes of upright hoeing. Whatever works. "A weed is a flower in the wrong place." On the other side ...
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On This Fourth of July

The words of the Founders, from the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Ri...
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Reading in the Time of Pandemic

   I've been chipping away at The Travels for some time now. The prose isn't exactly compelling -- there's a lot of repetition as in the people are idolaters or the country supplies the necessaries of life in great abundance or, much like grade school geography,  perfunctory lists of what each area produces: ginger, raw silk, tissues of silver and gold, frankincense . . . One is constantly reminded that Polo was first and foremost a merchant.  But his observations on the customs of th...
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Josie has Braids--and Meets Igorina--with Social Distancing

My mom fixed my hair in braids for Family Dinner Up. I like the way they look.   Meema had something to show me but first I had to get a banana for a before dinner snack. Then Meema took me to meet Igorina. She lives in the bathroon where my potty is. In this picture she is on one of my poop books. (That is what it is called because I read it sometimes when I sit on the potty.) Igorina is a Wolf Spider. And she is carrying a big white sac full of spider eggs. When it hat...
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And , , ,More Daylilies

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Mystery Readers Journal and Miss Birdie

Law, hit's good to see you, honey. Come on up here and git you a chair on that end of the porch. I'll set myself over here and we'll holler back and forth. I'm doing just fine. Calven has been doing what little shopping I need and I ain't in need of much. This flu thing is hitting the old folks hard and I praise mercy I ain't in a nursing home. And it's a good thing I ain't going out for if I saw some of those folks that won't wear masks, carrying on like they do, I believe I'd take my wa...
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New Website in the Making

It was time and past time for a new/updated website. I finally bit the proverbial bullet and have hired a fella to bring the site up to speed. With a new book coming out in October (finally!) and with little prospect of actual in person events to promote And the Crows Took Their Eyes, a good website seems crucial. So I've spent most of yesterday (it was rainy) creating new content for the new pages and searching my files for pictures to adorn them.  HOME was simple -- book cov...
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A Poem by Tu Fu

The days grow long, the mountains Beautiful. The south wind blows Over blossoming meadows. Newly arrivedswallows dart Over the steaming marshes. Ducks in pairs drowse on the warm sand.   Tu Fu, 713-779                                                                 (  translation by Kenneth Rexroth) [Author: Vicki Lane]
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In the Garden

I hesitate to say anything for fear of putting a jinx on it, but the garden is coming along. I've been suckering the tomatoes and removing their low-hanging leaves in hopes of slowing down the ever present blight by better air circulation. Also, some hoeing and weeding . . . The temperature's been moderate (low eighties) and it's been a real pleasure to be outside digging in the dirt. This bed with zinnias and little onions required hand weeding so I unched along on my rear...
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Josie Presents

After breakfast Meema and I took a little walk. We had to go get string for my beans to grow up. Also I had to check out the garden. The plants are growing fast because it's rained a lot. Weeds too, says Meema. The wet grass gets in my sandals. I have to sit on the blue bench and let them dry. I can climb this wall. And sit on it.  Then we walk around the front yard and up to the basement door. The washer and dryer are down here and I h...
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Consider the (Day)lilies

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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John called my attention to this handsome critter crawling over his shoe that was on the porch railing. So I wanted to figure out what it was and did the search thing, to no avail. (The first search showed me pictures of spa rocks--shiny and black like the shoe sole.)  The closest I could come (on a NC website that has pictures of 149 common beetles) was the Larger Elm Leaf Beetle. The color and markings are more or less correct but the site says that this beetle is distinguished by ...
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Flowers and Rain

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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And They Did It Again

Not satisfied with their progress on the previous weekend, the gang reassembled on Friday and laid more block. The walls inched higher . . . The newlyweds were there. Their wedding had been on Wednesday and Friday they were hard at work. In the evening we had another socially distanced meal--ribs and hotdogs, salad, baked beans, and potatoes au gratin. Josh heaped it all on a hot dog. . Note the formal attire. And the admiring gaze of his bride. Josie and Shay...
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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to two of the best! (You know you're a grammar nerd when you start wondering about an apostrophe--Father's, Fathers', or just plain Fathers?  There are good arguments for each as elucidated HERE.) [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Solstice--The Sun Stands Still

Summer solstice and the sun rises so far to the north that I can't catch the moment it clears the mountains. Now it will begin its stately southerly progress till, come the Fall Equinox, it's smack dab in the center of our view. In our current suspended state of semi-lockdown, one could almost believe the sun is standing still. I look at my empty calendar and feel something between unreality and relief.  It's  just as well that I have my days with Josie to lend a sense of purpose and...
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Brown Dog by Jim Harrison

                                                    I just spent a couple of days in the company of one of the most likeable characters since The Dude in The Big Lebowski. There are so many similarities in these two feckless yet charming guys that I really suspect that the Coen brothers may have had Brown Dog in mind when they created The Dude. There's a touch of Huck Finn too. Brown Dog, commonly known as BD, is an easy-going fella who supports himself by odd jobs and cutting pulp wood...
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Wednesday with Josie

It wasWednesday at Meema and Grumpy's and there were pancakes, of course. I had to check on my bean plants. They are taller than me. It was chilly outside and we spent a lot of time in The Room.   I am getting ready for a party. I put on pretend makeup. Later I will polish my toes. Meema's chapstick is my lipstick. Also, I use the silver-backed hairbrush to brush my hair. It belonged to Meema's grandmother who is my great great grandmother. Her name was Ruby and...
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The Copper Beech

For several months I was mildly obsessed with what seemed to be a large dark tree in a meadow across the river.  Even from a good distance (a mile or more,) it just didn't look like our native species. I know who owns the property but didn't feel up to calling and inquiring about the large dark tree. How creepy to think a neighbor is keeping an eye on one's vegetation. The picture with the blue arrow pointing to the mystery tree is an early attempt with my little camera, which does...
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Taking Pictures Elsewhere

Borage Our friends' (Bob and Sue) garden is a target rich environment for taking pictues. It's always beautiful but between the stay-at-home mandate and the upcoming wedding, it's at its best, manicured and mulched to a fare-thee-well. If the rock work looks familiar, it's because Justin learned from Bob and Bob helped build many of the walls at our place. Feverfew Borage [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Work Weekend--with Social Distancing

  Reconstruction on the shop has been languishing, what with one thing and another, but this weekend, Justin's longtime friend Josh was in town and a plan was hatched. Josh and his fiancee, having scrapped plans for a big wedding due to Covid-19, are having a small family wedding at his folks' house next week and Claui's dad (a Presbyterian minister) is officiating.  So what could be more natural than that all these folks spend three days laying block?  A goodly amount got do...
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Work Weekend--with Social Distancig

  Reconstruction on the shop has been languishing, what with one thing and another, but this weekend, Justin's longtime friend Josh was in town and a plan was hatched. Josh and his fiancee, having scrapped plans for a big wedding due to Covid-19, are having a small family wedding at his folks' house next week and Claui's dad (a Presbyterian minister) is officiating.  So what could be more natural than that all these folks spend three days laying block?  A goodly amount got do...
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In the Clover

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie and Octalia

When I was up at Meema and Grumpy's, I had to check on The Room and there was Octalia. reading to some of my friends. She is such a nice octopus. Then they all came up on the bed to watch me bounce.  I said "Meema, hold Octalia so she can talk." And Octalia said she wanted to bounce too and she did! (She is very tall when she stands up on her tentacles.) She is also soft and squishy and good for hugging. Later, Meema and I went out to the porch. We blew bubbbles and then I...
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