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This 1952 Mr. Potato Head spot was the first TV commercial targeted at kids

u/Keltik says: "[In 1952] Mr. Potato Head became the first toy advertised on TV and the first ad campaign to be aimed directly at children — previously toy ads were always aimed at parents. It successfully sold over a million units in the first year, and the concept revolutionized marketing." — Read the rest
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The stunning book design behind the new Philip Dick collection

The Folio Society is releasing a limited edition collection of all 118* short stories written by Philip K. Dick — and like a lot of the Folio Society's work, the graphic design is absolutely stunning. Check out the video for more about the process: This limited edition of Philip K. — Read the rest
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Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots to become a big Hollywood movie starring Vin Diesel

Toymaker Mattel is developing the nearly 60-year-old game Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots as a feature film to star Vin Diesel. I think the two youngsters in the original TV commercial above should have cameos. According to Variety, "The story follows a father (Diesel) and son who form an unlikely bond with an advanced war machine": Mattel has several film adaptations in the works, some more curious than others. — Read the rest
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Legendary toys of the 70s: Spider-Man's web shooter

This toy rocked so hard. Naturally, the modern version is not cool.
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A guitar tech explains Van Halen's most infamous tuning disaster

In 2007, Van Halen was performing in Greensboro, North Carolina. They had planned to close the show out with "Jump," as they often do ('cause that song bops), but something went … horribly wrong. As heard in the early viral video seen above, the synth riff sounded like it was coming from an entirely different universe than the guitar, and Eddie Van Halen didn't seem to notice or mind. — Read the rest
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That time that Kenner released a torture chamber playset

Who can forget that charming scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when we got to see screaming droids being branded and torn apart in the dungeon beneath Jabba the Huts' palace? Ah, fond memories. Lest any child forget, in 1983 (er… and again in 1984), Kenner released a Jabba the Hut Dungeon action playset. — Read the rest
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Someone invented a "Safe Space Desk" for school shootings.

From Fox8 Mississippi: Serving 20 years in law enforcement, four of those years as a school and research officer in Hancock County, [Todd] Drummond grew to love protecting school children. He retired in 2016, then two years later in 2018 he was devastated to learn children had been killed while at school in Florida. — Read the rest
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Watch this 1/13 scale remote control Airbus A380 fly

I want to sit on top and ride like this plane like it is outside a supermarket and my parents just gave me .25 cents.
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14-string guitar in action

Ichika Nito shows how to play the 14-string guitar made for them by 10sguitars. Here's Ichika with a slightly less extremist 9-string axe: 9弦ギターをしばらく使ってみて出来たもの pic.twitter.com/D41F7fejx7— ichika nito (@ichika_mo) December 26, 2020
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Easy to build self-watering containers

I love self-watering containers. We currently have 7 Earthboxes going in our home garden. The gent at Arms Family Farms builds some big ones. I homemade a few containers out of rubbermaid bins and garden irrigation pipe. My problem was finding plastic that is UV protected and when they fell apart I just bought more Earthboxes. — Read the rest
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Italy Acquires Umberto Eco’s Vast Collection of Books

Italy has acquired Umberto Eco's 30,000+ volume library of ancient and modern books. Learn more about the late author's vast collection.
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America has an unprecedented shortage of bullets

Gun sales in the United States have surged over the last year, with the FBI seeing a 40 percent increase in background checks. It didn't help that Remington Arms also recently filed for bankruptcy, and only recently began manufacturing again under the new ownership of Vista Outdoors. — Read the rest
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Check out the Guinness Record-holder for the world's largest guitar pedal board

In 2019, guitarist Rob Scallon enlisted the Sweetwater music gear company to help him create the official world's largest guitar pedal board…and then play a song on it. This 70-foot-long beast consists of 319 pedals spread across 34 individual pedal boards linked together with 500+ feet of cabling, and required 8 people to handle its 1000+ knobs. — Read the rest
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Two-headed crocodile sculpture crafted with quail eggs

Sarah Lee makes amazing sculptures using eggshells, like this two-headed croc covered in quail eggshells. Her Instagram has lots of other onderful pieces like this molting ouroboros: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sarah Lee – SF/Bay Area (@srhlee) View this post on Instagram A post shared b...
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Double-sided embroidery with different images

In this remarkable double-sided embroidery, one artisan embroiders a dog on one side, the other artisan creates a monkey on the other. This art form originated in Suzhou province about 2000 years ago, according to People's Daily. Image: YouTube / People's Daily, China 人民日报
Tags: Crafts, Video, News, China, Embroidery, Suzhou, Embroidery art

Umberto Eco looks for a book in his private library

In this footage, Umberto Eco, the late professor and novelist, hunts down a book in his enormous private library. He knows where it is, but it takes a while to get there. Eco's library contained 30,000 books and tended to separate visitors into two categories: 'those who react with 'Wow! — Read the rest
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Huge crystal ball vs. a 50 caliber round

The fine folks at Demolition Ranch blast a giant glass sphere with a few 50cal rounds after working up from some smaller ones. The big one is at about 14 minutes in. Trigger warning for those who don't like to see people inhaling glass dust. — Read the rest
Tags: Video, News, Guns, Crystal Ball, Demolition Ranch, Blowed It Up Real Good

New rare book catalogue features a Soviet Space Race picture book with backyard-built rocket

As a rare book dealer and specialist in the history of the book, I view printed texts as historical artifacts, holding material clues to the past. When it comes to children's books, we tend to see them as a reflection of their target readers, but they more often convey the hopes and anxieties of the adults who created them. — Read the rest
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How to make Chinese thread books with dozens of pockets

Zhen xian bao, or a Chinese thread book, is a folder with compartments for storing small items. Each compartment folds down flat, making it a compact way to store things like thread. There are a lot of great videos on how to make them yourself, and they can be quite creatively designed once you master the basics. — Read the rest
Tags: Crafts, Books, Video, News, Origami, Threads, Zhen Xian Bao

Artisan creates a traditional Chinese jewelry box

Xiao Qian Feng creates a gorgeous wooden jewelry box, right down to the hand-crushed pigments. Note to purists: she uses some modern power tools among the ancient ones. I love the pace of this channel's videos, like this one on building a traditional recurve bow. — Read the rest
Tags: Crafts, Jewelry, Video, News, Woodworking, Maker, Xiao Qian Feng

Artist makes remarkable tiny sculptures and paintings

Xiang Duan creates very detailed stone carvings into stones, making them appear to sit atop the rock from which they were sculpted. She also does amazingly detailed paintings inside small glass containers: View this post on Instagram A post shared by 段翔 (@xiang.duan) — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Crafts, Video, News, Painting, Sculpture, Carving, Xiang Duan

Abandoned AT-AT diorama

YouTube JankLabs hand-painted this cool diorama of a destroyed AT-AT that is decaying in shallow water. Great details of nature reclaiming the machine. The AT-AT is not a toy or model kit, but was 3d printed by Jank prior to the paint work. — Read the rest
Tags: Crafts, Star Wars, Video, News, Painting, At-at, Dioramas, Jank

The evolution of the guitar over the centuries

YouTuber Rob Scallon invites guitar historian Brandon Acker on to discuss the history of the guitar from the 1400s through current models: "We learn about and play 7 instruments along the path of the guitar's evolution, from the Arabic Oud to the modern acoustic as we know it today." — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, History, Guitars, Guitar, Luthiers, Youtuber Rob Scallon, Brandon Acker

Watch 70 birds play guitar in Canada

From CBC in 2015: A living musical exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will set 70 zebra finches loose in an aviary, and the only perches are the strings of 14 electric guitars and bass guitars.When the birds land, they create music that's played through amplifiers stationed around the aviary. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Post, Video, News, Birds, Canada, Artists, Guitars, Guitar, Modern Art, Art Installation, Cbc, Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts, Art Exhibit, Free Bird, Birds of a Feather

Self-strumming guitar

Behold the "Circle Guitar", an invention of Anthony Dickens, which has a motor-driven disk that spins and strums the strings. You can place pick-pegs in the disk to represent different strumming patterns, so it's sort of like a MIDI sequencer for strumming — the guitar self-strums the patterns with machined precision, at up to 250 picks-per-second. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Video, News, Inventions, Guitars, Anthony Dickens, 250 BPM

Eddy Goldfarb invented chattering teeth and 800 other legendary toys

The New Yorker has a wonderful profile of 98-year-old inventor Eddy Goldfarb, creator of some of the world's most iconic toys, including the bubble gun, Kerplunk, and perhaps most notably, chattering teeth. They include a fun tour of his workshop as well as details of his interesting life. — Read the rest
Tags: Toys, Video, Games, News, Fun, New Yorker, Inventors, Eddy Goldfarb

Simple screenprinting using adhesive vinyl and a basic printing kit

In this hour-long "Build-a-Long" livestream on Tested yesterday, Jen Schachter demonstrated how you can create simple screenprints by cutting stencils out using adhesive vinyl. No photo emulsion or light exposure needed. Image: Screengra
Tags: Crafts, Post, Video, News, Tested, Screenprinting, Jen Schachter

Delightful dinosaur hand puppets

Maker Teresa Noel shows off these wonderful dinosaur hand puppets. In addition the one shown, they have a triceratops and others: This red one has a nice mix of scary and awesome: Image: YouTube / Teresa Noel
Tags: Toys, Video, News, Puppets, Dinosaurs, Teresa Noel

Sand-powered automata of yesteryear

Alexander Korzer-Robinson modeled this charming acrobat after a Victorian children's toy. It is powered by sand and is reset by gently rotating the toy. Here's an antique one that is still operational: There were lots of versions, most of which were humans and circus animals performing. — Read the rest
Tags: Toys, Video, News, Sand, Automata, Alexander Korzer Robinson

Adam Jones from Tool's gorgeous short film announcing his custom guitar

Tool's Adam Jones directed and composed the music for "The Witness," a short film announcing his 1979 Les Paul Custom guitar. Accompanying Jones on the gorgeous, expansive score are Tool bandmates Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. Along with being a guitar virtuoso (duh), Jones is a hyper-talented visual artist, film director, and veteran special effects designer. — Read the rest
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