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Best replacement for 1st gen Kindle PW

Hi, I have a 1st gen Kindle Paperwhite that I've read regularly for 6 years (my only e-reader). I've loved it. I added the standard hacks but only really use the Kindle Collections hack (for easy collections, mainly for nested collections) and the screensavers. I don't often bother with the other hacks at all. I also use calibre to convert my non-Amazon books to Kindle format (or to turn my own documents into ebooks), so book file type is no issue to me as I can easily convert all of my book...
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Forma build quality ? Plus Oasis question

Hi there ! So I want to trade my old Sony reader for something larger in the 7-8" area. I see a few options here... 1. Kobo Forma, but I read about how cheap it's made, lifted screens allow dust inside, rotten rubber casing.... Melts in the heal. So compared to the Oasis build it's kinda of a bummer to shed out 300 bucks+ for this one. Convince me otherwise ? 2. Oasis, I think it's pretty cool - But there's no way to lock the orientation ? Are they serious ? What if I lay on my side to rea...
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Considering buying my very first e-reader. Here are my thoughts. Please advise

Hi all, I'm looking for a device and started brainstorming inside a Google Doc. Because it's not easy to simply copy and paste (it has tables), I hope you don't mind reading my text in the google doc link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...4KmMA5uKw/edit I'd love to hear what you all have to say. If you have any questions, please ask away. Thank you so much!
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Large reader for academic PDF reading

Hi all, I guess this is the place to ask this sort of thing… nonetheless, this got a bit long, so I’ve highlighted the key bits: So I've finally decided I'm going to shell out the big buck for a large E-reader (13”, possibly 10” if there are compelling reasons); I want it mainly for academic work, which means reading a ton of pdfs: Journal articles with or without figures, low quality scans of book chapters, and sometimes digitized versions of historical music theory treatises like this one, e...
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New reader for mom

Hi all I finally convinced my mom to get an ebook reader. I am looking for something really simple for her around 6-7 inches. It does not need to have wifi cause she does not have internet. I will be loading the books for her so it should have an external SD reader and it should be able to read ePub, mobi and PDF. A backlight for night reading would be good too. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Cheapest with light?

A friend needs a cheap e-reader with a light. I can't think of any specific other features they need. Slight preference for Amazon. Probably would go for a used older one on eBay. I'm thinking a 3rd Gen Paperwhite? Is there an older one that's worth it? They don't want the absolute cheapest, if there is a better one for only $5 more, that could be worth it, but they want pretty cheap. Thank you in advance!
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Pocketbook Inkpad 3 vs Amazon Kindle Oasis 2 Screen Comparison

Hi All, looking for a comparison review of this two ereaders. Currently I'm using the Kindle Voyage and very happy with it but I would like something larger, I know the old cliché "Size doesn't matter" but in these case I think it does lol. I'm also a kindle unlimited member which I use a lot and I use calibre frequently. Any help would be appreciated.
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Larger e-ink reader for my dad

My dad is looking into getting an e-reader and I will be sharing some of the e-books I have on my computer with him, some of which are epub and others of which are pdf. These are the features he knows he wants for sure: e-ink (not tablet) - he wants the great battery and easy-on-eyes aspects good pdf handling (I spotted one 177 mb pdf on my hard drive, for instance - an extreme case, but it'd be nice if it could handle that) decently large size (at least 10-inch) frontlight some kind of SD car...
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Convince me please.

Hello there, wish I had found these forums before they seem very helpful. I'm going to retire my Nook touch with silly light appendage. I'd like an ereader with a bigger screen so some of the 7.8 inch models look quite nice. At the moment I'm swayed between the kobo forma and the Mars likebook. But to be perfectly honest I really don't think the SD card slot wi-fi and Bluetooth are much use to me, all I want to do is lie in bed and read a book and as such I know I'll find an Android e-reader p...
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Best ereader screen

Greetings all, long time forum lurker but I registered to ask your advice. I've got a kindle 3 keyboard, of which i've thoroughly modded with the help of all the advice on here, i'm just wondering if its time for an upgrade. My requirements aren't that tough, as I don't really care about total storage and calibre usually ends up converting anyway so format doesn't matter. (I don't read PDFs / mangas / comics on eink, the tablet is for that. Purely text reading, from fiction / fantasy books.) T...
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Upgrade from Kobo Aura HD to Likebook Mars

Hello I have been using my Kobo Aura HD for years now. And I have considered to get a new reader a couple of times during the years. I was looking at the Kobo Forma but, but there is someone selling his 1 month old like new Likebook Mars at a good price in the contry where I live. The Kobo forma including a protective cover, will cost me around twice the price of the Likebook. My concerns with the Likebook is mostly battery life. On my Aura, it feels like the battery lasts forever. I can b...
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Boox Poke or Tolino Shine 3

My main use case is to read books and sync highlights and reading progress to iOS. Assuming I can get both at the same price, which one of the two devices would you recommend? The Boox has beefier specs but may require fiddling around. I’ve also read that the touch screen does is not very accurate.
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Any eReader without App Store nor Book sales?

Hi, I am looking for a good eReader without any kind of app store nor book sales integration in its system. All I want is only read my own books. (Most downloaded from here.) Other specifications are: 6 inches Frontlight ePub format PDF format Is there any that fits with? Thanks a lot.
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Inexpensive Android ereader

I originally joined the forum several years ago and it was a huge help in buying and rooting my first eReader, a Nook Simple Touch that I eventually passed to my son and upgraded to the NST Glowlight. It was great because at the time, most of my book were either Amazon or BN and the Amazon app was functional. Lately, I've been getting most of my books from the local libraries via Overdrive and reading on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8" (which I absolutely adore). I rarely have time for leisure rea...
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What is the good choice?

Hi all. I'm an ebook addicted, and i've used since now my smartphone. It is a good one, 5.5', blulight filter, but i feel it is very weary for my eyes. Also, i need for some studies to have a bigger one, for read pdf, and because.. coff coff.. after 40ties we need bigger.. I've tried ebook readers in my past (i was registered here), and i want to retry. Ideal ereader for me is: 1- 8' or more for pdf 2- fast 3- waterproof 4- wifi 5- under €100... (oh well, i tried) Any hints?
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which for text highlights?

Hi and thanks for reading my post, would you recommend any current e-ink reader that has good text highlighting feature? I want to transfer highlights from my e-books on the e-reader to my PC to work with. It would be nice, if I delete the highlight on the reader to see that reflected in the highlights that I can export to my PC. Many thanks in advance for any kind help! :) p
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best 13 inch device for technical pdf with light

Hi. I'm searching for a 13 inch ereader device to study my technical PDFs. I don't need necessary to take notes with a stylus (but it's a plus for me). But it's essential that It has backlight do I can read in the dark (I know there aren't big ereaders with front light yet). I have been thinking about: - iPad Pro 12.9" (perfect to take notes with Notability an Goodnotes 5 apps) but thinking in my eyes health I would prefer an eInk reader. - Onyx Boox Max 2 Pro (but I didn't know if it has ba...
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Best e-reader for learning?

Hi there Im looking to buy a new e-reader but can't really decide what to chose. I want to improve my english more and wonder what reader has the best built in "learnining tools"? A good built in dictionary (if there are, swedish - english)/Funny quiz/learning pronunciation What are your tips?
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Kobo Forma vs Kindle Oasis 2. Limitations on connectivity?

Hello, I was really happy with my PW2, but it has been stolen, so I'm about to buy a new one. I spend 2 hours reading every day, so I don't mind spending a little bit more and improving my reading experience. I liked the portability of PW2, but from comments in internet I've decided to buy a bigger screen. I own a Kindle DX myself, but I find it too heavy. However, Oasis 2 and Kobo Forma seem to be much lighter and more compact. I was about to buy an Oasis 2, when I saw in a video on Youtube ...
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Help me chose my first ereader

Hi, I'm from Mexico. I write this because I think problems start there. I've been looking now for a week for the best reader I can buy. I don't want to spend much money as I just want a good one with the possibility to change color temperature of the screen, I don't see myself using the device for any other thing but reading books, so I'm looking for the best option where I can sideload the tons of pdfs and repubs I have, i.e. I have the fan translated " The Witcher" series and I just want to s...
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First E-Book Reader

Hello everyone! I've started reading books again and decided that I need an E-Book Reader. I'm probably going to be a simple user, as for web browsing and work I have a laptop. This reader would be dedicated only for reading books. I'm mostly interested in a reader that could handle PDF's (not main priority) and read Kindle or ePub books. As I find most of the books I want to read both on Amazon and Kobo so it's not necessary to support both formats. Another crucial feature I need is English-En...
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A ebook to replace my old Kobo Mini

My old Kobo Mini doesn't work any more :___ I'm looking for something similar about size (kobo mini was 10,2 X 13,3 x 1 cm) and quality Any recommendation?
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Looking for a simple e-reader without touchscreen due to shaky hands?

Hi everyone, What would be best recommendations for a reliable simple e-reader without touchscreen, as well as no need at all for keyboard, dictionary or wi-fi (usb connection to computer is good enough)? I am getting one for my 80+ grandmother who has tremor in her hands, and uses it to only read books and turn pages (i.e., she never uses dictionary or makes notes). Her old one fit this purpose perfectly but just died. Unfortunately, her ability to use touchscreens is only about 50% success...
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Ereader that automatically puts series in own collection

I've got all my books all nice and organized by series but when I send them to my PW3 it ignores all the series. Is there an ereader that reads the metadata and puts them in their own collection or w/e automatically when you load the books into it? If the ereader doesn't support that natively, which is the easiest ereader to jailbreak and install something that does that? I'd prefer to spend under $200 and that is my main "must have" option. Everything else is up for discussion. I've been looki...
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Clara or Paperwhite 4

I'm planning on buying my first e-reader in the next few days. At this point, I'm considering a 6" device and I've narrowed my search down to the Kobo Clara HD or the new Paperwhite 4. I don't want to spend more than about $130. Also I'm in the US and will use these devices to check out library books. My library uses Overdrive and supports epub and Kindle downloads. Finally, I don't mind converting formats/de-DRM using Calibre. I like some things about the Clara: more file formats, greater co...
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Best device for reading in the sun?

Would like to hear from anyone who has experience reading outdoors on both an e-reader, and a tablet. I want a device that I can use outdoors and also on the bus when the sun is streaming through the bus windows. I'm guessing that an e-reader screen would be washed out by the sun? And that a tablet might offer more workaround options, such as increasing the brightness, or reading white on black text? I don't know. Also, do anti-glare screen protectors work when the sun is fairly bright? Which...
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Cant Delete Kindle Books

Okay, so I have Googled and Googled this but I have not been able to find an answer! So I have a bunch of books that I wanted to delete. I went to the manage your content and devices web page and deleted them from my Amazon account which is what a lot of people said I should do. But they won't leave my device! And my device doesn't give me the option to delete them. Just to add to my kindle library (they are in my cloud- but I want them completely gone). I have even completely reset my kindle t...
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Reader with tts, iphone app and highlighting

Hey there, I'm not super new to the forum I joined a few years ago when the PRS-650 was top notch, but forgot my account details :D Nw I'm looking for a reader to replace my Kindle 4 for reading nonfiction books and specifications. My requirements are: • light (actually the only reason to get a new reader) • super easy to highlight stuff (one handed would be perfect) • an smartphone app with synced highlights and stuff So actually the perfect ebook reader to me would be kindle 4 with a lig...
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How to get epaper/eink and keep privacy and control?

tl;dr: I'm looking for the best no-tracking epaper option(s) to just read epub, pdf, and similar copied over from my laptop. Hi all! I avoided getting an epaper device for years out of spite for the lock-in, DRM, tracking etc. direction of the market. But I really hate reading on my laptop screen. I want to spend my time looking at e-ink and not a glaring, fatiguing screen. I want to find an article online and then quickly and easily switch to reading it on an e-ink device to get away from my l...
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Run out of storage

I have a Kobo One, which suited my needs perfectly. Until I ran out of storage! Who'd have thought 8Gb is not enough? I always liked having the option of a card in the reader, but in the past few years that seems to have become a no-no. Now of course I can delete the books I've read from the reader but, call me autistic, I like having all my books on it. What options do I have? 8Gb seems to be the maximum on offer. And external cards are nowhere to be seen. I don't particularly like Kindles (I...
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