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A Designer and an Antiquary’s Remodeled Guesthouses in Reims (Soon Available to Rent)

I have never been to Reims, the city in the Champagne region of France where all of the French kings were once crowned. But, through the magic of Instagram, I’ve spent the last few weeks poring over one of the most classically, quietly lovely projects I’ve seen: a pair of guesthouses and the accompanying family house of the family renovating them, steps from the city’s famous cathedral. It was Instagram that first led me to discover Les Penates Reims: While researching Nomibis—a flea market base...
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French Lessons: A Designer and an Antiquary’s Remodeled Guesthouses in Reims (Soon Available to Rent)

I have never been to Reims, the city in the Champagne region of France where all of the French kings were once crowned. But, through the magic of Instagram, I’ve spent the last few weeks poring over one of the most classically, quietly lovely projects I’ve seen: a pair of guesthouses and the accompanying family house of the family renovating them, steps from the city’s famous cathedral. It was Instagram that first led me to discover Les Penates Reims: While researching Nomibis—a flea market base...
Tags: Books, Instagram, France, Vacation Rentals, Reims, House Tour, Rose, Jean, Brun, Architecture & Interiors, Antiques & Vintage, Brice, Design Travel, Berard, French Style, Salome

Steal This Look: A Botanical Stylist’s Creative Kitchen Remodel in London

Leave it to a botanical stylist to come up with a kitchen like this one: serene and bright, with an installation of dried and living botanical displays. It’s the kitchen of Yasuyo Harvey, who got her start in London working with designer Faye Toogood. Yasuyo and her husband, Phil, remodeled the kitchen of their 1930s house in Worcester Park with the help of friend Ryuta Hirayama, who works with architects Jonathan Tuckey Design. The plans included an extension, custom maple plywood cabinetry, an...
Tags: Amazon, Books, Japan, New York, London, France, Brooklyn, Italy, Belgium, Japanese, Falcon, Benjamin Moore, Botanical Art, Kitchens, Modern House, Phil

Gift Guide 2018 Roundup: Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the cook, the dinner party host, the devoted dog parent, the environmental activist, the self-taught design scholar, the utilitarian, or just to fill the stockings, we’ve got you covered. Take a look: For the Zero-Waster Above: For the eco-conscious person or cook: these organic cotton Couvre-Plat Round bowl covers come in three sizes from Àplat and fit our ethos of zero-plastic and no single-use disposables. More zero-waste (and surprising...
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La Vie en Rose: Inside a Costumier’s Dreamlike, DIY Maison in France

How would a French costumier style her own stately country house? With quiet, rosy hues, cinematic hints of silver, and linens she sews herself. For months we’ve been following French stylist and costumier Céline Sathal on Instagram as she slowly and with care restores a traditional hôtel particulier in a tiny village outside of Tolouse. Sathal, who works as a costume designer for the French theater, opera, and cinema, found the 1870s house on Le Bon Coin, the French equivalent of Craiglist (“wh...
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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: 12 Petite Gifts from the Old Country (aka Europe)

One of the great joys of life is the pleasure of tiny fancy things. To an American, they’re especially satisfying amidst super-sized products and packs of multiples. Traveling through Europe earlier this year, I couldn’t seem to pass up another well-packaged lip balm at the pharmacy (I now have six—how American!) or a pint-sized brush for an oddly specific purpose or the perfect palm-sized box of matches with a French label. As a gift, they’re the sort of corner store purchase that might fall fl...
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Home at the Office: Designer Marianne Evennou’s Paris Work Quarters and Pied-à-Terre

French interior designer Marianne Evennou is known as a colorist: “Colors for me are like musical notes—they’re all good; you just have to adjust them to make a nice melody.” She also has a thing for interior windows: “As I always say, the eye needs to be able to escape.” For years, Evennou worked out of the vast loft she shares with her sculptor/furniture maker husband, Franck Evennou, in the cobblestoned town of Senlis, 45 kilometers north of Paris. More recently, she decided to open an office...
Tags: Books, UK, Paris, Offices, Lyon, Signal, Villeroy Boch, Napoleon III, Home Offices, Architecture & Interiors, Marianne Evennou, Little Greene, Senlis, Franck Evennou, Olivier Abry, Zangra

10 Easy Pieces: Shaded Bedside Sconces Under $200

Bedside lighting can get pricey fast—particularly if you’re planning for lights on either side of the bed. For proof that a classic shaded sconce need not break the bank, here are our favorites, each under $200. Above: The Anglepoise Type 75 Sconce is designed Sir Kenneth Grange and available in Brushed Aluminum, Jet Black, and Alpine White; $155 at Horne. Above: The Artemide Tolomeo Wall Spot Light by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina is $175 from Design Within Reach. Above...
Tags: Books, China, Eu, Ikea, Belgium, Lighting, Bedrooms, Task Lighting, Horne, Kenneth Grange, Michele de Lucchi, 10 Easy Pieces, Normann Copenhagen, Industrial Lighting, Sconces, Wall Sconces

Steal This Look: A Retro Bath on the English Seaside

Ever since we featured The Rose, a new hotel in the seaside town of Deal in East Kent, England, we’ve been thinking of the boldly colorful rooms and baths designed by Harding & Read and stylist Michelle Kelly. The retro-looking bath in Room Seven, a botanical-inspired guest room, particularly caught our attention with its vintage mint green fixtures and French wicker furniture. We were compelled to research it further and here are the sources we’ve unearthed. Above: The bath on the top floor ...
Tags: Books, UK, England, London, Ebay, France, US, Green, Ikea, Retro, Provence, Willow, Bathrooms, Rose, Kelly, Rockwell

The Modern Garret: An Inventive Remodel in Paris, Tiny Ikea Hack Kitchen Included

Meet the 21st-century version of the romantic Paris garret. It belongs to a lucky young screenwriter, who was still a student when she moved in. And, thanks to Anki Linde and Pierre Saalburg, the husband-and-wife team behind LSL Architects, her 26-square meter (approximately 280-square-foot) space is a now compendium of inspired tight-living solutions. “The apartment is in a four-story, 18th-century building in the buzzing heart of the Sixth Arrondissement, steps from Bon Marché,” reports Linde....
Tags: Books, England, France, Normandy, Paris, Ikea, Apartments, Merci, Paladin, Jung, Bon Marche, Linde, LSL, Remodel & Renovation, Small-Space Living, Architecture & Interiors

10 Easy Pieces: Basic Porcelain/Glass Ceiling Lights Under $200

Sometimes all you need is the most basic light fixture—nothing too of-the-moment and nothing too expensive. Enter the porcelain and glass shade fixture, as basic as they come; here are our favorite options, ranging in price from $20 to $200. Above: Ikea’s well-priced Vitemölla Ceiling/Wall Lamp with a porcelain stoneware ceramic base and frosted glass shade is $19.99. Above: Belgian company Zangra makes a simple White Porcelain Lamp that comes with a frosted, clear, or opal glass shade; ...
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Angle of Repose: A Restored House in Tielrode, Belgium, Available for Rent

The East Flanders town of Tielrode is located where the rivers Scheldt and Durme meet and is surrounded by nature reserves. It’s a good place to find peace; that’s the mission of the “Good Repose” house. A former café and inn, the house has been renovated by two Belgian artists as “an escape for those who enjoy life to the fullest.” The gut renovation included opening up the floor plan, bringing light into loft bedrooms, replastering walls, and redesigning the kitchen and bathrooms. The interior...
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10 Easy Pieces: Modern White Ceiling Socket Fixtures, from $5 to $300

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the hardest to find. Take lighting, for example, where it can be a challenge to find unobtrusive, classic modern ceiling fixtures.  Here we’ve sourced our 10 favorites, ranging in price from $4.35 to $287.87. N.B.: Looking for lights with vintage appeal? See our post  10 Easy Pieces: Retro Ceiling Socket Fixtures . Above: Greek designer Michael Anastassiades’s White Porcelain Series Ceiling-Wall O1 Light is available for $287.87 at Mohd. For more, ...
Tags: Books, Etsy, Germany, Uncategorized, Belgium, Vancouver, Lighting, White, Modern, Minimalist, Ceiling Lights, Michael Anastassiades, Industrial Lighting, Wall Lights, Vico Magistretti, Manufactum

Scandi Meets Shaker in a Parisian Japanese Restaurant by LSL Architects

Tokki, a Japanese restaurant in the Ninth Arrondissement of Paris, had served a sophisticated menu for years, but the restaurant interior had taken a backseat. Until Anki Linde and Pierre Saalburg of LSL Architects came along, Tokki, Linde says, “looked more like an ice cream shop with green plastic chairs and stickers on the walls.” To better match the look with the owner’s “elaborate and refined” food, LSL renovated the restaurant—cave included—with economical solutions and a design inspired b...
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Kitchen of the Week: An Architect’s Own Custom Kitchen in London

When Luke and Estelle Chandresinghe of London-based Undercover Architects renovated their 19th-century townhouse, the kitchen is what gave them the most trouble. In fact, they did it twice. “The kitchen, which is quite small, is the one space we struggled to get right,” Luke says. They integrated storage into the kitchen island and designed the kind of custom solutions you’d expect to find in an architect’s own kitchen. The finishes include a mix of blackened steel, blanco marble, and evocative ...
Tags: Books, London, Uncategorized, Color, Green, Kitchenaid, Blue, north London, Modern, Kitchens, Massimo Vignelli, Luke, Greene, Schoolhouse Electric, Kitchen Design, Kitchen of the Week

The White Album: 27 Sleep-Inducing Bedrooms in Shades of Pale

Who doesn’t long for a bedroom that acts like a lullaby? If you’re sleep-challenged—isn’t everyone these days?—consider creating your own cloud chamber. Fans of all-white bedrooms use words like “tranquil,” “blank slate,” “no distractions,” and “Zen” to describe the appeal. There’s also an automatic tidy look that comes with opting for all white: a single color creates cohesion and, like a T-shirt, can stylistically go in any direction. Too much etherealness, however, can be chilly and soporific...
Tags: Books, UK, Milan, London, Sweden, Matthew Williams, Uncategorized, Brooklyn, Paris, Belgium, White, Cape Cod, Lisbon, Hamptons, Cape, Minimalist

Glamorous Smoke-Colored Light Bulbs from Belgium

Noticed recently: smoky glass light bulbs from Belgian company Zangra, for adding a touch of glamour to any light fixture. (Bonus points for being dimmable.) The bulbs, available in LED warm white and halogen, are made in such a way that “once the bulb has burnt out, simply unscrew the globe and you only have to replace the inside so you no longer have to throw out the whole light bulb.” Above: The Drop Light Bulb in Smoke is $25.22 for the LED at Zangra. (For the smaller size the Small Drop ...
Tags: Books, Uncategorized, Belgium, Products, Lighting, Light Bulbs, Zangra, Small Drop Light Bulb, Pumpkin Light Bulb in Smoke, Lines Light Bulb in Smoke, Crystal Light Bulb in Smoke, Zangra For

New Favorites in Black Enamelware

The latest development in enamelware? Jet black pieces, a trend we’re welcoming. Here are some of our latest obsessions and where to find them. Above: Falcon in the UK—which has been manufacturing enamelware since the 1920s—just released a new series of pitchers in three sizes. Here, the 3 Pint Jug in black; $47. See more favorites from Falcon in Noir Enamelware: Falcon Basics in Black and White. Above: We usually spot UK companies manufacturing enamelware, but Barn Light Electric now man...
Tags: Books, UK, Uncategorized, Colombia, Belgium, Products, Black, Falcon, Tabletop, Tableware, Titusville Florida, Enamelware, Zangra, Barn Light Electric, Falcon Basics, Glocal

Object Lessons: The Hardware Store Porcelain Light Socket

The porcelain light socket, once the hallmark of the New York City tenement apartment, has come to represent the essence of timeless and affordable utility design. Its shape is taken directly from two sources: the neck of an oil lamp (the kind that uses a key to control the flame) and the base of a candleholder. This “keyless lampholder” was created in 1910 to accommodate the Edison lightbulb, which was gaining popularity in the home. Manufactured by Russian immigrant Isidor Leviton in his facto...
Tags: Books, New York, Hardware, Germany, New York City, Uncategorized, Connecticut, Belgium, Manhattan, Lighting, Megan Wilson, Object Lessons, Lower East Side, Schoolhouse Electric, Ceiling Lights, Noguchi

Kitchen of the Week: A Copenhagen Stylist Reinvents her Kitchen, Ikea Hack Included

Pulling off sophisticated Ikea kitchen upgrades seems to be getting easier by the day. We recently spotlighted Plykea in London, Stylish Cabinet Fronts and Worktops for Ikea Kitchens. We also investigated a French designer’s own improved Ikea Kitchen in Provence. And today, we’re taking a look at a sprightly apartment kitchen in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, that was given the Reform treatment (see High-Brow Ikea Hack from Reform of Denmark). The kitchen belongs to girl-about-town Tikkie Elsøe and ...
Tags: Books, London, Uncategorized, US, Ikea, Denmark, Copenhagen, Provence, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Small-Space Living, Kitchen Design, Kitchen of the Week, Louis Poulsen, Kitchen Remodels, Ikea Hack, Zangra

A Glamorous Farmhouse in Southwest France by Studio Maclean

Back in 2003, London-based interior designer Jason Maclean and his business partner, Amanda Gillis, purchased an 1850s stone farm that was in a state of ruin. Located in the hamlet of Hautefage in the Lot-et-Garonne region in the southwest of France, it came with a houseful of restorable original features, an astonishing 1,600-square-foot granary in its roof, and the perfect place to install a pool. Maclean and a group of handy friends moved to France for a few months and worked seven days a wee...
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