Handling hecklers: Lessons from a comedian

Not every audience member who speaks out during a comedy show is a heckler. But there's a way to test the waters without upsetting your audience, says comedian Paul F. Tompkins.By engaging in a civil way with the person who spoke out, you either give them an opportunity to add more fun to the show, or they'll reveal their true colors.If the person ends up being a heckler after you've attempted including them in the conversation, the audience will be on your side when you shut that person down.
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Researchers asked older adults about the strategies they use for combatting loneliness. Here's what they said.

In an ever-more connected world, it would be easy to assume that loneliness was on its way out — after all, we now have unlimited opportunity to communicate with almost anyone we want at any time we please.But, in fact, it's still rife: according to the Campaign To End Loneliness, over nine million people in the UK describe themselves as "always or often lonely." Age has an impact here, too: an Age UK report suggested that the number of over-50s experiencing loneliness will reach two million by ...
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Law vs. justice: What is our duty in society?

Can you divorce the rule of law from the virtue of justice? Immanuel Kant said the perfect constitution would work even among a nation of devils, provided they were intelligent devils.Professor James Stoner thinks the opposite is true. The right punishments don't lead people to behave well, we are also guided to make morally good decisions by our conscience—by our internal sense of justice. The ability of all people to pursue their own good is itself a kind of common good of a liberal society. ...
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The precise meaning of emotion words is different around the world

When you can't quite put your finger on how you're feeling, don't worry — there may be a non-English word that can help you out. There are hundreds of words across the world for emotional states and concepts, from the Spanish word for the desire to eat simply for the taste (gula) to the Sanskrit for revelling in someone else's joy (mudita).But what about those words that exist across many languages — "anger", for example, or "happiness"? Do they mean the same thing in every language, or do we ex...
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What Is an Innovation Manager – And How Do You Become a Great One?

In the last few months, I’ve had a few readers ask me how they could become an innovation manager, as well as how they could succeed in that role. So, I thought I’d give my take on what an innovation manager actually does, how to become one, and how to be good at the job. ...
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SpaceX Super Heavy Starship Construction and Weight

Felix Schlang did some calculations of the weight of the ring segments with the Serial number one starship which is using 4 millimeter thick steel. These segments weigh 1622 kilograms. They are less... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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SciShow Explains Cardiff’s Potential Universal Cancer Treatment

Three weeks ago, Nextbigfuture covered the cancer treatment breakthrough made by researchers at the University of Cardiff. Now SciShow has a video that explains how this discovery was made and why it... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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