Recruitment in National Seeds Corporation

Recruitment in National Seeds Corporation National Seeds Corporation Limited (NCS), A Government of India Undertaking under the administrative control of Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, New Delhi is an apex body engaged in production of quality seeds and distribution. National Seeds  invites online application from... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (SarkariNaukriBlog com)]
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Bail litigation updates across Texas, and other stories

A bit of personal news: After Just Liberty's Executive Director, Shakira Pumphrey, left to join the new Texas House Speaker's staff to work on criminal-justice policy, your correspondent was elevated to her old post on an interim basis. Many thanks to Shakira for all her hard work for Just Liberty over the last two years, and good luck at the new gig! Meanwhile, as Grits struggles to fulfill his new admin duties, here are a few odds and ends that merit readers' attention. New Harris judges propo...
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Rat magnet.

[Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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This week at the court

The Supreme Court will release orders from the January 18 conference on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. There is a possibility of opinions on Tuesday at 10 a.m. The justices will meet next for their February 15 conference. The calendar for the February sitting, which will begin on Tuesday, February 19, is available on the Supreme Court’s website. The post This week at the court appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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The man in the middle.

"It was an aggressive display of physicality. They were rambunctious and trying to instigate a conflict. We were wondering where their chaperones were. He was really trying to defuse the situation."Said Chase Iron Eyes, an attorney with the Lakota People’s Law Project, quoted in "'It was getting ugly': Native American drummer speaks on the MAGA-hat-wearing teens who surrounded him" (WaPo).I am touched by the charity of "They were rambunctious." But I'm only guessing at what the video sounds like...
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"Scott Adams apologizes for believing @CNN about the Covington Catholic Boys fake news."

Oh, well, this is interesting... Scott Adams apologizes for believing @CNN about the Covington Catholic Boys fake news. With coffee. — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) January 20, 2019 ... because I realize that my idea of what happened — which you're jumping on me about in the comments to the previous post — was influenced by listening to what Scott Adams said about it yesterday...So do I need to apologize for believing Scott Adams? Not exactly. My post — "The man in the ...
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Finally, some relief from the heat.

I knew it had to be good and cold — at last! — from the look of the morning sunlight on the plume from the steam plant: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At the Deep Snow Café...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Summaries Sunday: SOQUIJ

Every week we present the summary of a decision handed down by a Québec court provided to us by SOQUIJ and considered to be of interest to our readers throughout Canada. SOQUIJ is attached to the Québec Department of Justice and collects, analyzes, enriches, and disseminates legal information in Québec. FAMILLE : Le juge de première instance a commis une erreur révisable en refusant de rétracter le jugement ayant prononcé la déchéance de l’autorité parentale du père car, d’une part, le délai de ...
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DC Circuit showcases Second Amendment's second-class status by holding very old, non-violent felony eliminates right to keep arms

A few days ago at PrawfsBlawg, Gerard Magliocca touched off a debate over the reach and application of the Second Amendment via this post titled "The Bill of Rights Has First-Class and Coach Tickets."  His post riffs off a recent Third Circuit opinion upholding a New Jersey ammunition limit that prompted lengthy dissent by Judge Bibas.  And, as noted in this post from last year, Justice Thomas has lamented in a cert denial that the Second Amendment has become "constitutional orphan."  Long-time ...
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What I Learned About Innovation from Practicing Law

For some years I was a litigation attorney, and much of my work revolved around courtroom rules of evidence. I appreciate these rules; they make rational sense to me. These days I help companies innovate successfully and gain market traction. When interacting with non-attorneys, however, I see these rules of evidence being violated at the ...
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"Early in his career, he was a co-author of two seminal works on American society, 'The Lonely Crowd'... in 1950 and 'Beyond the Melting Pot'... in 1963."

"Later volumes included 'We Are All Multiculturalists Now' in 1997 and 'From a Cause to a Style: Modernist Architecture’s Encounter with the American City' in 2007.... A child of Jewish immigrants from Warsaw, Nathan Glazer was born on Feb. 25, 1923, in New York City and spent his early years in East Harlem. His father, Louis, was a garment worker, and his mother, Tilly, was a homemaker. Nathan was the youngest of seven children, and when he was 10, the family, which was crammed into a four-room...
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Home Insurance: Help

My question involves insurance law for the state of: Alabama. If I have Warrant of Deed Contact can my seller/landlord make me pay insurance for house but the insurance and his name?
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"But on Friday, Trump and Pence spoke again. And again, some said they were unhappy to associate the antiabortion movement with a president they dislike."

I'm reading the Washington Post article about yesterday's March for Life, "Trump and Pence give surprise addresses at antiabortion March for Life."[L]last year, when Trump addressed the crowd, some complained that the polarizing president distanced those who aren’t fans of Trump from the antiabortion movement. In this shifting environment, the march leaders picked science as their theme this year — under the headline, “Unique from Day One: Pro-Life is Pro-Science.”March for Life president Jeanne...
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People are criticizing Gladys Knight for accepting the invitation to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

CNN reports.My reaction is, in this order: 1. Don't criticize Gladys Knight, 2. Don't make singing the National Anthem into a bad thing, 3. The question of protesting the National Anthem is separate, and if you want to defend the players who have been protesting, you're making a big leap if you go from arguing that the protest is respectful, respectable, and permissible to saying that protest is required and anyone not protesting is to be disrespected, 4. Those who are making that big leap are c...
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"[Kamala] Harris is not, of course, alone in possessing 'baggage' that will attract criticism from within her own party and intense media scrutiny."

"Joe Biden famously has enough baggage to derail a train’s luggage car. Critics of Bernie Sanders always suspected that conservatives built a massive oppo research file on the Vermont socialist that they would have pushed with hundreds of millions of dollars of negative 'stories' and ads had he won the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, matching or exceeding the damage they did to Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren has struggled to overcome the stupid but pervasive 'Pocohontas' taunt, along...
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Consent Suspension For Alford Plea To Negligent Injuring

The Louisiana Supreme Court has accepted a three-year consent suspension of an attorney who entered an Alford plea to negligent injuring. The Advocate reported on the criminal charges A Prairieville man is accused of attempted murder after repeatedly ramming his... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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"I am providing this factual account of what happened on Friday afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial to correct misinformation and outright lies being spread about my family and me."

Writes Nick Sandmann, in a statement published at CNN:I am the student in the video who was confronted by the Native American protestor. I arrived at the Lincoln Memorial at 4:30 p.m. I was told to be there by 5:30 p.m., when our busses were due to leave Washington for the trip back to Kentucky. We had been attending the March for Life rally, and then had split up into small groups to do sightseeing.When we arrived, we noticed four African American protestors who were also on the steps of the Li...
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Stayed Suspension For Premature Taking Of Personal Representative Fees

The Missouri Supreme Court has a summary of a bar discipline decision The chief disciplinary counsel’s office seeks discipline for an attorney’s conduct while serving as the personal representative of an estate in a probate case. In a decision written... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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February D.C. Bar Exam At Risk

It appears that the federal government shutdown has placed the administration of the February 2019 District of Columbia Bar examination in jeopardy. From the court's web page IMPORTANT NOTICES During the federal government shutdown the Committee on Admissions is closed.... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Cutthroat doings in Miami real estate

Of most interest for our purposes for the criminal-law consequences: “’Classic resolution of a lawsuit before it’s filed,’ he told the jury. But the argument didn’t fly: in the end, the jury returned with a unanimous verdict … of extortion.” [Mark Seal, Vanity Fair] Tags: Florida, legal extortion, real estate, settlement
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The Daily Beast calls this — from Bill Maher — a "sexual harassment meltdown."

I'm reading "UNBELIEVABLE/Bill Maher Has Sexual-Harassment Meltdown Over Bernie Sanders Story on ‘Real Time’/The HBO host appeared to minimize the allegations of sexual harassment in Bernie Sanders’ campaign, saying, 'It didn’t seem like it was the worst kind of sexual harassment'" — about this segment on last night's show:I hate the overuse of the term "meltdown," which I believe used to be more common. I don't like the implication that a person speaking with passion is becoming mentally incomp...
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Florida Sanctions Announced By Bar

The Florida Bar announced disciplinary sanctions in a number of matters. Highlights Peter Dale Fellows, 1031 Ives Dairy Road, Suite 228, Miami, disbarred effective 30 days from a December 4 court order. (Admitted to Practice: 1999) In one matter, Fellows... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Court of Appeal Materials on Greenhouse Gas Challenge

On Sept. 14, 2018, the Government of Ontario announced a challenge to the federal government’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, which will have significant economic and environmental implications, irrespective of how it is decided. A statement of particulars was required by this date, and the province specified that the Act creates an unconstitutional tax because it is ultra vires of the federal government, and contravenes s. 53 of the Constitution Act, 1867. The full arguments are availabl...
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"Sharks and Minnows in the War on Drugs: A Study of Quantity, Race and Drug Type in Drug Arrests"

The title of this post is the title of this important new article authored by Joseph Kennedy, Isaac Unah and Kasi Wahlers now available via SSRN. Here is its abstract: Conventional wisdom has it that in the war on drugs you have to catch small fish in order to catch big fish.  But what if the vast majority of drug arrests were for very small fish, and disproportionately brown ones at that?  This Article is the first to conclusively establish that the war on drugs is being waged primarily agains...
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My question involves real estate located in the State of: Alabama. Can a lawyer acting as a Agent be liable for not following Lead Base Paint Disclosure Act?
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"BuzzFeed's report... as written, was as clean as it gets: Trump directed Cohen to lie about the Trump Tower in Moscow project, and there’s tons of evidence to support that."

"Very rarely has a story been so unequivocal — usually there are more hedges and acknowledgments of what isn't known. And unlike most other reportage in this saga, this accused the president of a felony — a very different bar. Democrats read the story and began immediately dreaming up articles of impeachment. Even some conservatives joined the 'If true' chorus...."Writes Axios in "A reckoning for political journalism" (also reporting that BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith is standing by his sto...
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Badgers beat Michigan.

That was amusing. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Former Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke sentenced in state court to only 81 months for murder of Laquan McDonald

As reported in this lengthy local article, headlined "Jason Van Dyke given relatively lenient sentence of under 7 years in prison for Laquan McDonald shooting," a high-profile killer seems to get a relative low sentence in an Illinois courtroom yesterday. Here are some of the details: Former Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced Friday to nearly seven years in prison for the fatal on-duty shooting of Laquan McDonald, bringing to a close one of the most racially fraught and sociall...
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"Positive Sanctions versus Imprisonment"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new article authored by Murat Mungan.  Here is its abstract: This article considers the possibility of simultaneously reducing crime, prison sentences, and the tax burden of financing the criminal justice system by introducing positive sanctions, which are benefits conferred to individuals who refrain from committing crime.  Specifically, it proposes a procedure wherein a part of the imprisonment budget is re-directed towards financing positiv...
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