Leading Thoughts for January 14, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. Elaine Kamarck on presidential responsibility: “Despite of al he trappings of power—the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue, Camp David, Air Force One, never having to sit in a traffic jam (ever!)—the president is in charge of an entity over which he has fairly limited power. This is, of course, exactly the way the Founding Fathers wanted it. And yet, tr...
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Culture Renovation

WE hear a lot about changing the culture. And the successful are more like renovations than they are like rebuilding the culture. Kevin Oakes advocates that mindset in Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company Companies that effectively changed their cultures were successful because they were renovating what they had, not starting from scratch and completely rebuilding or transforming. Furthermore, he notes that the best time to renovate your culture is when all ...
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Values are Worthless Without These Four Things

Guest post from Beth Miller: Values are more than a list of words on your website or a poster in your office. For values to benefit an organization they need to be lived by everyone and fully integrated into a company’s processes and decisions.   Without a focus in your values, a clear definition of each value, and integrating your values into your hiring and performance management system, your values will remain hollow words. Focus I remember many years ago going to visit a new clien...
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Born to run (things)

The first half of Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography makes some things abundantly clear: He had no natural ability to play the guitar. In fact, after his first lessons, he quit, unable to play a note. He had no singing talent. Every group he was part of needed a lead singer, and it wasn’t him. And just about everyone dismissed him. Audiences walked out, his first agent simply stopped returning his calls and bandmates gave up and moved on. He didn’t even know how to drive a car. Not on...
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Are You Struggling With COVID Anxiety and Stress?

Do you find yourself more upset whenever you take in news concerning COVID-19? If you’ve been feeling more stressed out or concerned lately, it’s not unusual. Numerous other individuals are also like this. As the pandemic took hold of the country, it left a course of unpredictability in its wake — enough to create some psychological health and wellness issues that need to be dealt with. Note that there are steps you can take to defend yourself against stress and anxiety brought on by CO...
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Are you a leader? Here’s how to bring out the best in your people

By fostering an environment that allows everyone to be their best selves — staffers who genuinely want to do meaningful work, combined with happy agents who have what they need to succeed — you’ll create a win-win situation. Here's why.
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Burned out/burned in

Burned in is what we look for in an electronic device. It’s working perfectly, in the groove. Burned out is what happens if we abuse it. Burn-in comes from a practice, a generous, persistent approach that’s within our control. Burn out, on the other hand, is often caused by trying to control things that we can’t possibly control. As a result, we waste cycles and create a pattern of stress. Even though it seems as though the world is trying to steal our focus and our energy, ultimately, in each m...
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