10 Ways to Be a Better Man

You may be a great guy and have good intentions, but until you become the man that you know you can and should be, people won’t rush to show you more respect. This is a subject that I know a lot about because it is something I went through myself. I went from being a man who was overlooked for promotions at work, rejected by women and ignored by friends to a man who is running his own successful business for the last nine years. And yes, even the ladies have noticed. Along the way, I have learne...
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Two Types of Creative’s That Bring Success to a Team

There are two types of creatives I love to have on teams I lead. Sometimes I think we recognize the first one, but fail to appreciate the second type. Creative at shaping the vision. These people help us see where we need to go in the future. They are thought leaders and trend setters. They test the boundaries of what’s been done in the past. They love a challenge of figuring out the untested, untried and previously unthinkable. Reality has to be proven and doesn’t come assumed for these ...
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Do Ping-Pong and Paint Make Workplaces More Creative?

When I talk to people about workplaces that maximize creativity, they often imagine ping-pong tables and brightly painted walls. I enjoy an entertaining game of ping-pong as much as anyone. I even have a ping-pong table at my home. I have nothing against brightly painted walls either. But have you ever wondered why we default to these as solutions for creative workplaces? I think Gordon MacKenzie sheds some light on this. In the 1980s, Gordon MacKenzie was a ruckus-maker in the corpo...
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How to Keep Communication Quality High When Things Head in the Wrong Direction at Work

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The Leader as Gardener

“Well-oiled machine.” For most of the time I’ve been in business, that was the metaphor for organizations. Leaders designed machines. Other leaders operated machines. And the machines themselves? Well, they were made up of interchangeable parts. If a part broke or if a part wore out, all you had to do was replace it with another part. That metaphor comes from the early Industrial Age. It made sense then, but it makes little sense now. Leaders aren’t super-powerful beings that design and operate ...
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