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How to Automate Parenting With IFTTT 

IFTTT, the tool that lets you automate your digital life, can help any parent whose mental load has reached max capacity—and you kind of feel like a tech magician every time you use it. Here are some great IFTTT applets that can make parenting easier. (If you’re new to the service, check out our beginner’s guide to…Read more...
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Ultra Fine Sharpie EDC

When it comes to certain things, I am a very particular person. For instance, Twin-Tip Sharpies are my writing instrument of choice; however, I only use the Ultra Fine Tip and refuse to use Sharpie’s Ultra Fine Pen because it is simply too skinny. As they are my preferred writing instrument, I usual...By: Ham-madeContinue Reading » [Author: Ham-made]
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Are There Hidden Rebates on Cars That Buyers Don't Know About?

As Jalopnik’s resident car buying expert and professional car shopper, I get emails. Lots of emails. I’ve decided to pick a few questions and try to help out. This week we are discussing hidden rebates, getting rid of a gifted car, and leasing for older folks.Read more...
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Cherry Pie

Cherry pie is a classic, of course. It's an excellent way to bring the whole family together for an event. Everyone loves it, and it tastes absolutely phenomenal. Perfect for a rainy winter day or a warm summer evening, this pie will definitely impress. A blender 1 bowlA whiskRolling pinPie tin of...By: DreamingofdessertContinue Reading » [Author: Dreamingofdessert]
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How to Switch Out (and Store) Your SIM Card When You Travel

One of the benefits of having an unlocked iPhone is that you can switch out your SIM card when you travel. International phone plans are expensive, and it’s often much cheaper to buy a new card and a local data plan than to pay a daily or monthly fee or per-use rate to your carrier.Read more...
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Peanut Pie

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a Peanut Pie. It's quite a few steps, but totally worth it! For the crust you will need:1 1/4 c all purpose flour1/4 c dry roasted peanuts2 tsp light brown sugar1/4 tsp salt5 tbsp cold butter2 tbsp creamy peanut butter1 tbsp cold shortening4-6 tbsp...By: Befferoni and CheeseContinue Reading » [Author: Befferoni and Cheese]
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Remote Sensing for Korad Power Supply

Power supply units are essential tool for every person involved in electronics. It happens for me to own a Korad, that is a linear (heavy) power supply which is at good price and have received good reviews.What is a power supply and what is the problem this instructable solves.The main task of a pow...By: Inno_DimContinue Reading » [Author: Inno_Dim]
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Working RC Car Speedometer

This is a short project that I created as part of a larger RC build of a Lightweight Land Rover. I decided that I fancied having a working speedometer in the dashboard, but I knew that a servo wouldn't cut it. There was only one reasonable option: deploy the arduino!A bit of background to begin with...By: cpomeroy2Continue Reading » [Author: cpomeroy2]
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How to Send Quoted Replies in Facebook Messenger

It’s about to get a lot easier to manage conversations on Facebook. The social giant—when it’s not busy ruining your account security—is adding a new sort-of threaded reply feature for all users’ Messenger conversations. When you use one of these replies, you’ll be able to respond to a comment with text, GIFs, images,…Read more...
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How to See The Northern Lights in the US This Weekend

If you’re in New York City of Chicago this weekend you might potentially be able to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.Read more...
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We Made a GIANT Faux Concrete Logo Out of Foam!

This week are covering how we made the Inventables Booth for Workbench Con 2019! The whole idea was to have this as a photo backdrop, but also showcase what the X-Carve can do! We had such a fun time designing this booth, it was something so out of the ordinary! #Woodworking #MakeThank you to Inven...By: WoodbrewContinue Reading » [Author: Woodbrew]
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This Spain and Portugal Vacation Package Includes Your Airfare and Hotels Starting Under $1,000

There’s never a bad time to go to the Iberian peninsula, and you can do it for less than you might expect with this package from TripMasters (in partnership with Travelzoo).Read more...
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This Bacon Is Bananas (Peels, That Is)

Throughout my efforts to turn scraps into treats, I have encountered some challenges, but none have been as challenging as the dreaded banana peel. Though the fruit portion of the banana is delicious, its natural wrapper is just plain unap-peeling. Chewing on a raw banana peel is an extremely unpleasant experience.…Read more...
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How to Re-Fletch a Three-Vane Carbon Arrow

Archery is a technical sport with many disciplines such as 3d target, competition, and hunting. As a beginner in the sport, you can go to any retail store that sells archery equipment and buy a dozen low-grade carbon arrow shafts that are pre-fletched. Those arrows will get the job done in terms o...By: kum thojContinue Reading » [Author: kum thoj]
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Birch Tree Jewelry Organizer

Are you ever in a situation where you struggle to find that golden bracelet you know you have? Or maybe you find yourself trying to pick through a tangled mess of necklace chains. Well here's a solution. For all those people who love nature and need a way to organize their stuff, this Birch Tree Jew...By: ShivangiNContinue Reading » [Author: ShivangiN]
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Get a Look Inside Your Phone With This $24, 86-Piece Gadget Repair Set

If you’re the kind of person who scoffs in the face of warranties and wants to repair their own phone, this $24 tool kit (with promo code HA21HA21HH) has everything you need to open pretty much any gadget, including anti-static tools, a suction cup, spudgers (both metal and plastic), SIM removal tools, and of course,…Read more...
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Check Business Class Prices Before Booking an Economy Ticket

My typical experience with business class on a flight is my very brief walk through its aisles—as I make my way toward the back. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Seats that become beds. Plenty of leg room. And hot nuts! Hot nuts everywhere.Read more...
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How to Make: Pom-Poms (3 Additional Projects Included!)

IntroductionWhether you’re planning a party, sprucing up a room or looking for a fun way to fill free time, this versatile craft is a great go-to. The pom-poms themselves are an easy craft for all ages, and they make for colorful garlands, fun party hats, and creative pillow decorations. These instr...By: MadelineH1998Continue Reading » [Author: MadelineH1998]
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Blast This Playlist While You Get Ready to Go Out

When I’m getting ready to party, music is crucial. It’s the overture to the whole night of carousal (or of chatting on the couch in someone’s living room with a clear plastic cup of Two Buck Chuck). With the help of the Lifehacker team, Gizmodo Media colleagues, and Twitter followers, I’ve lined up eight whopping…Read more...
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The Best Time to Buy Flights in 2019, Based on 917 Million Airfares

When you’re planning vacation one of the biggest factors to consider, or at least the priciest, is airfare. When you buy your plane ticket can often have as much impact on its price as where you’re traveling to.Read more...
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How to Make an Apothecary Cabinet

I built this apothecary cabinet last week in my workshop. And here is the video of the building process.It's a 400mm*400mm cabinet which has 9 small drawers and 2 large drawers. I used 4/4 beech to build the outside part of the cabinet. To make the cabinet lighter, I used 15mm birch plywood to build...By: Alpaca StudioContinue Reading » [Author: Alpaca Studio]
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You Can Actually, Maybe, Sort of Justify Buying a Herman Miller Aeron Today

What Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are to acting, Herman Miller’s Aeron is to office seating. The classic adjustable chair has supported butts in fancy offices for over 25 years, and you can get one with upgraded adjustable arms for $431 on eBay right now, a steal compared to the $1,000+ you’d spend buying direct form…Read more...
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The KUNAI is a 4 x 4 MIDI controller that uses the highest quality; Japanese SANWA buttons , has as many banks as your DAW can handle, a touch filter , and completely customizable and modular!This is a project I have finally started to perfect after starting to work on a remix of this midi controlle...By: EhRabzContinue Reading » [Author: EhRabz]
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Wipe Off the Day With a Sustainable MakeUp Eraser For Just $16

Wearing makeup is all fun and games until it’s time to take it off. Stop scrubbing your skin raw with a washcloth or using endless, expensive, wasteful cotton pads and pre-soaked wipes, and get yourself a MakeUp Eraser for $16 in one of four on-sale colors (including a unicorn print). Read more...
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Tia, the Boutique Gyno, Wants a Whole Lot of Data About You and Your Vag

The Tia Clinic, a members-only doctor’s office that recently opened its first location in New York City, describes itself on Instagram as “part gyno’s office,” “part wellness center,” and “part lady fort.” Its office, near Madison Square Park, is rosy and speckled. Books by Simone de Beauvoir and Joan Didion are…Read more...
Tags: Big Data, Gynocology, Reproductive Health, Feminism, Tia Clinic

Buy Committee: Should I Replace My Kitchen Smart Speaker With a Google Home Hub? 

The dream of the internet-connected smart home is alive and well in 2019, but one of our readers, Methusalah, can’t seem to add the oft-$99 Google Home Hub to his collection.Read more...
Tags: Google Home Hub, Smart Speakers

How to Block Autoplay Videos Using Firefox

No one likes autoplay videos. A random assault of sound that you may or may not have come to see is rarely a pleasant surprise. This week, Firefox received an update that adds a new, robust tool for blocking the audio from autoplay videos from any site, which makes web browsing much more comfortable.Read more...
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Bénédictine and Tequila Are Very Good Together

Though I love introducing you all to new and exciting bottles, my bar cart is rapidly filling up, so I’ve been trying to find new and exciting ways to use up the alcohol I already have. My process for doing so is pretty advanced: I google random combinations of the ethanol I own until I find something that sounds good.Read more...
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It's Time to Unfollow Your Favorite Brands on Instagram

Instagram launched Checkout on Instagram this week, which makes it possible for users to buy products without leaving the app (before, users could click on a product, and would be directed to the retailer’s website to complete the purchase). In other words, it’s all too easy to impulse-buy a new sweater or pair of…Read more...
Tags: Instagram, Impulse Spending, Money, Personal Finance

Spend Your Ubisoft 'Club Units' Before They Expire This Month

There are so many digital currencies and rewards systems, it can be tricky to remember how much you have stored up where, especially if you’re like me, and you like saving up your virtual points/coins/doodads for something good. (I’ll use my credit card reward points someday, I promise.)Read more...
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