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How to Estimate the Data You Spend Streaming Music and Video

Ever wonder just how much data your streaming apps use? Here’s the good news: For the most part, the differences aren’t that extreme between most apps when you’re viewing the same type and quality of content. (Netflix and Hulu will average out to about the same, for example.)Read more...
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What We Know (and Don't) About Russia's Supposed COVID-19 Vaccine

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the optimism that “we’ll get through this” and be “back to normal” sometime soon has been pinned to the development and approval of an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus. Major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna have been conducting…Read more...
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A Tampon Is Not a Sneaky Dildo, and Other Tips for Parents

Puberty is awkward for all parties involved. For kids, it starts with some build-up as friends start reaching these biological milestones, followed by sprouting new body parts and features, and ultimately resulting in a few years of asking yourself “Is this normal?” 37 times a day.Read more...
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Don't Schedule a Dental Cleaning Just Yet

Many dentists’ offices are open now, which is great news if something in your mouth has been bugging you since mid-March or if you know you need dental work done. But that doesn’t mean it’s time for business as usual if all you need is a cleaning. Dentists are especially at risk of contracting COVID-19 from patients,…Read more...
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Prepd Cheat Sheets Are Here to Save You Time and Energy Cooking at Home

Prepd Cheat Sheets | $39 | Kickstarter
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How to Safely Vote in Person This Year

The simplest way to stay healthy through this mid-pandemic election cycle and still get to vote is to request a mail-in ballot and avoid public polling places altogether. But not everyone can (due to state restrictions) or wants to vote by mail.Read more...
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Stop Apple News+ From Taking Over Your iOS or macOS

Even if you aren’t playing around with iOS 14 or macOS Big Sur yet, there’s one setting you want to know if you’re an Apple News+ subscriber. That’s because starting with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, web links to news stories that you tap or click will pull up said stories in Apple News+, rather than the publisher’s site.Read more...
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Why Your Net Worth Isn’t the Most Important Number

In personal finance your net worth gets a lot of attention, and for good reason—it’s basically your financial report card. You can calculate your net worth—or statement of financial position—by subtracting your total debt from your total assets. Read more...
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Take Your Temperature Easily With An Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Forehead Thermometer | $42 | Amazon
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How the New Payroll Tax Deferral Will Affect You

As Congress continues to debate the next stimulus package, President Donald Trump made headlines by signing four executive orders on Saturday. One of these orders, a memorandum on payroll tax deferrals, has left many employers scratching their heads on how it will work—and the impact it will have on their employees.Read more...
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How to Shelter From a Storm During a Pandemic

An “extremely active” hurricane season occurring in the midst of a global pandemic sounds like the plot of a late-1990s disaster movie, but it’s 2020, so it’s our current reality. Earlier this month, New York City and other parts of the east coast got a taste of this double-disaster situation when Tropical Storm…Read more...
Tags: New York City, Lifehacks, Natural Disasters, Emergency preparedness, Coronavirus

8 Magazines Kids Will Love

Sure, print is slowly dying, but printed magazines are still one of the very best things a person can find in the mailbox—and that’s especially true for kids (and for parents looking for any avenue to limit screen time).Read more...
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Mari Kondo Your Life With 15% off Yamazaki's Minimalist Home Furnishings at Huckberry

15% off Yamazaki Home Goods | Huckberry
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How to Turn Your Garage into a Playroom

The past several months have caused many of us to take a long, critical look around our homes, and in some cases, we’ve found our living space wanting. To be fair, most of us didn’t move into these spaces expecting them to serve as our home, office and school, but here we are. We’ve had to get creative by turning…Read more...
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What You Need to Start Hanging Stuff on the Wall—Before Your Room Becomes a Landfill

I live and work in a small bedroom. My bed, office desk, consoles, and other stuff are all in this 200 square foot or so space. It’s a bit of a tight fit! But I also get my own bathroom and for relatively cheap rent in my area, so I can’t complain. It’s good to downsize every once and a while. Since moving, however,…Read more...
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Don't Tell the Kids: Tide Pods Are $10 off When You Buy Two 98-Count Packs

Save $10 on Tide Pods With Purchase of Two (Spring Meadow, Free & Gentle) | $21 Each | AmazonSave $10 on Gain Flings With Purchase of Two (Original Scent, Blissful Breeze) | $21 Each | AmazonRead more...
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What to Expect From New York Comic Con's First Online Convention

We knew it was coming, but it hurts all the same: New York Comic Con’s 2020 convention is officially canceled in its physical form and moving to a digital experience. Much like DC’s new FanDome, NYCC hopes to capture as much magic as possible in an online setting, but for a significantly wider audience. For anyone…Read more...
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Strain Your Eggs Before Poaching or Frying

We commonly think of an egg as having two distinct parts: the white and the yolk. It is (of course) much more complicated than that. There’s rarely any need to think about all 15 parts of the egg, but considering both portions of the white—the exterior albumin and the middle albumin—can result in neater, more…Read more...
Tags: Lifehacks, Poaching, Fried Eggs

Stop Using the Chrome Web Store to Find Extensions

It sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. If you’re looking for a new browser extension to try, or you want to download one that has been recommended to you, stop using the Chrome Web Store to look for it.Read more...
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No, Neck Gaiters Weren't Proven to be Worse Than No Face Mask

There’s a new study claiming that neck gaiters like Buffs are worse than not wearing a mask at all. I’m not convinced that this study should be taken at face value, but it’s also reasonable to be suspicious of Buffs, bandanas, and other face coverings that aren’t designed to do the job of a mask. Read more...
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Apropos of Nothing, Check Out This Camelbak/Lifehacker Collaboration

Ah, summer. There’s nothing like enjoying a cold drink on a hot day. What a great time to purchase this Lifehacker Camelbak Wine Tumbler. This subtle and sophisticated tumbler is as classy as the article suggesting it—a genuine piece of service journalism that knows your drinkware could use an upgrade. Read more...
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Stop Apple News+ From Taking Over iOS or macOS

Even if you aren’t playing around with iOS 14 or macOS Big Sur yet, there’s one setting you want to know if you’re an Apple News+ subscriber. That’s because starting with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, web links to news stories that you tap or click will pull up said stories in Apple News+, rather than the publisher’s site.Read more...
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Poach Your Corn in a Buttery Milk Bath

Every summer, I get on social media and shout about how you don’t have to cook corn, and then I eat a lot of raw corn (mostly in “salads” that are actually just bowls of corn with seasoning). But I am not above a cooked ear or seven. I like it grilled, I like it steamed, I like it stripped from the cob and sautéed in…Read more...
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Solve Complex Equations By Scanning Them With These Google Apps

A new Google Lens feature is on the way that helps students learn math and STEM-related topics. To use the new “Homework” search mode, all you have to do is scan the equation you need help solving. It will be available in the Google Lens Android app and via Google Visual Search in Google Photos, Google Assistant and…Read more...
Tags: Ios, Google, Android, Math, Science, Lifehacks, Homework, Google Photos Google, Google Lens, Google Lens Android, Google Visual Search

You Don't Truly Build a Habit Until After You Break Your Streak

Keeping up a habit every day is a classic hack. Whether you track that with a row of red X’s on a calendar, or you let an app give you badges for consistency, a streak can help you get a habit started. But that’s just the first step. You find out who you really are after you break your streak.Read more...
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Visualize Math Problems With the Japanese Multiplication Method

In the age of smartphone calculators and voice assistants, multiplying large numbers by hand may seem like a quaint and entirely unnecessary skill. However, you never know when you’ll need to do quick math, and the Japanese multiplication method (also called multiply-by-lines) can help you figure out the answer simply…Read more...
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Teach Yourself an Arbitrary Skill During Social Distancing

It’s long been my belief that everyone should learn a quirky skill, if not several, to teach themselves to find joy in the arbitrary. There doesn’t need to be a “reason” to be good at anything outside of enjoying that thing, especially if it walks the line between being challenging but possible—just far enough out of…Read more...
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Don't Skip These Estate Planning Moves During Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the nation, some are preparing for the worst-case scenario. As AARP reports, attorneys are seeing an uptick in business as Americans rush to prepare estate planning documents—and it’s easy to see why. Fewer than a third of adults have a will or other necessary estate planning…Read more...
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How Long Will Your Freezer Stay Cold After Power Goes Out?

I believe ruminating on worst-case scenarios is often unproductive, but I also was a Boy Scout and the motto “Be Prepared” is an indelible part of my psyche. One of the best ways to “be prepared” for any kind of emergency is to have extra food stored in your freezer. However, freezers require power, and if you lose…Read more...
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Brush Your Biscuits With Bacon Grease Before Baking

Brushing breads and biscuits before they go into the oven with some sort of fat (or egg, or dairy) is a nice way to add color and flavor, but we often seem to default to butter and olive oil when it comes to fat. I have nothing against those two fats—they are lovely—but a bread or biscuit that has been brushed with…Read more...
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