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If You Want to Prioritize Something, Put It Where You Can See It

There are two really good techniques to help you remember what you need to carry with you as you walk out the door every morning. One of them is to give yourself a mantra, like “phone, wallet, keys,” and the other is to put the stuff you need to take with you in front of your door. Read more...
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How to Get All of Your Subscriptions Under Control

There’s a subscription for everything, from gaming to streaming to pre-packaged meals. And as convenient as all of these services may be, those “only $5/month” offers can quickly stack up and get out of control. In the video above, I share some of the techniques I use to keep my subscription budget in check.Read more...
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40 Incredible Life Experiences You Will Never Forget

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”— Albert Einstein The older we grow, the more peaceful and grateful we become. Life humbles us gradually as we age. We realize how much nonsense we have wasted time on. And we begin to feel the peace that flows from our decision to rise above the petty drama and distractions that don’t really matter. I was reminded of this today after reading the opening lines of ...
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This Food Scale Can Get You Perfect Portions Every Time

Nicewell Food Scale | $20 | Amazon
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How to Fix the Gmail Bug That Won't Let You Empty Trash and Spam

Even though my inbox is unwieldy, I try my best to keep it as clean and as organized as I can. That includes taking some time to ditch old emails with gigantic attachments, and then clearing out my trash to see just how much space I saved.Read more...
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How to Get the Benefits of a Boutique Fitness Class for Free

Ads for fitness classes make a lot of promises. You and your super-attractive classmates will become great friends by doing early-morning workouts that are incredibly intense but also fun. Your athleisure will fit perfectly. The lighting will be very good.Read more...
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How To Transform Your Logo Into A Piece Of Art

We all know just how important the logo is for any company or brand. You don’t have to listen to me rant on and on about the importance of the logo, how it is supposed to be memorable and evergreen and everything else. You know it better than I do. That is why a lot of companies pay a hefty amount to a logo design company to make the logo as relatable, relevant, and sometimes mysterious as they can. Your company’s logo is supposed to tell your story. People should relate to it. It should have th...
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How to Help Your Kids Build Self-Esteem

Your child really is a special, fantastic little human. They’re an incredibly poised dancer or outgoing in a way you could never be or gifted in math. You know your kids are great; you just want to make sure they know how great they are. And it’s natural to want to praise them for all the wonderful, impressive things…Read more...
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How Bernie Sanders Plans to Pay for Everything

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has spent the past several months promising to cancel student debt, provide Medicare for everyone, and stave off climate change. But pundits and fellow candidates have spent just as much time asking Sanders how he’s going to pay for all that. This week, the Sanders campaign…Read more...
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Get a TACKLIFE 1200A Car Jump Starter for a Low $49

Tacklife 1200A Peak Car Jump Starter | $49 | Amazon | Clip the coupon and use the promo code EFQICLMYRead more...
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Dating Mistakes To Avoid for Happy Relationships!

Falling in love with someone is a wonderful feeling that can only be topped by the feeling when that love is mutual. Starting a new relationship is extremely exciting! However, even with such an unpredictable matter as love is, there are still some rules to follow. After all, dating is one of the most powerful forms of human communication. Hence, in order to make it fruitful and happy, you need to understand the basics of human relationships. Here are some of mistakes to avoid for happy relation...
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Want great vegetables? Cook them in meat

There’s a Korean restaurant in Los Angeles, Ham Hung, that makes the best stewed potatoes and carrots I’ve ever had. Vegetables are usually an afterthought on a pork bulgogi plate, but at Ham Hung they play in the same stadium as the main meal. Every time I eat them, it blows my mind that these boring, basic bitch…Read more...
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What to Do If You Think You Have COVID-19

With the news that the coronavirus is spreading, it’s only a matter of time before people start to think—wait, do I have the coronavirus? At this point it’s still extremely rare, and your cough is far more likely to be a cold or flu. Still, here’s what you should do. Read more...
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How to Pack a 'Go Bag' for Emergency Evacuations

If you don’t live in an area prone to natural disasters, you may think it could never happen to you—but unfortunately, that’s not the case. A few years ago, a fire sparked on a tiny trail on the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains in Anaheim, California. It moved fast, and through news reports, we watched it snake…Read more...
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How to Prepare Your Kid for Their First Pair of Glasses

When my 9-year-old son first mentioned that he couldn’t read the basketball score across the bottom of the TV, my heart admittedly sank a bit. As practically a lifelong wearer of glasses and contacts myself—I got my first pair of glasses at the exact age my son is now—I figured he’d likely need them at some point. But…Read more...
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7 Apps to Help Protect Your Mental Health at Work

In today’s competitive world, our work stress reaches a new high almost every other day, taking a toll on our mental health. While we can’t ignore our work, we can take the right measures to protect our mental health. So here’s a list of some handy apps and tools for a sound mental well-being. Today, most of us lead a highly stressful life – be it because of the increasing job stress, cut-throat competition, or poor work-life balance. The challenges never cease to arise. The consequence of this ...
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Find Lost Websites With Wayback Machine's Browser Extension

Pulling up a website, only to come face-to-face with the dreaded “404,” can be annoying. But if you really need whatever content was previously on that site prior to its demise, you have options. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is one of the best and most well-known ways to access saved caches of dead websites,…Read more...
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How to Balance Parenting and Elderly Caregiving

My cell phone sits in the kitchen next to my wife’s, as I play on the floor with Ella, my two-year-old. My wife is upstairs supervising bath time for Layla, our 9-year-old. I don’t notice the phone vibrating on the quartz countertop, but in the space of 25 minutes, it has rung 13 times.Read more...
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Contigo Is Recalling Millions of Kids' Water Bottles—Again

If your kids use Contigo water bottles with silicone spouts, you may remember that millions of them were recalled due to a choking hazard back in August. Well, now the replacement lids are being recalled, too, after hundreds more reports of the spouts detaching.Read more...
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Don't Keep a Balance in Your Venmo Account

The days of digging up cash when you owe money to a friend or family member are long gone. But the way you use your favorite peer-to-peer payment app might not be the best move for your finances.Read more...
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How to Pickle Frozen Vegetables

Pickling is, first and foremost, a way to preserve food, but unless you have a fruitful (vegetableful?) garden, you most likely see it as a way to make plant parts tangy and delicious. This is most commonly done with fresh vegetables, but if the vegetable you desire isn’t in season, you can (probably) use frozen.Read more...
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5 Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting A Business

This article will present the 5 most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs or wanna-be entrepreneurs make, that causes their businesses to fail. This applies to all industries, not just online businesses. Treating your business like a magical money vending machine Seriously. I see it all time. Most people who say that they want to start and build a new business aren’t actually looking for that at all. Instead they just want a magical money vending machine, where if they put $100 in they’ll g...
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Panera's New $9/Month Coffee Subscription Is Actually a Good Deal

If you’re always popping into the same coffee shop for a quick cup—and that coffee shop just happens to be Panera—you might want to get a subscription.Read more...
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Mousepads Are So 1995—Get Yourself a Full Desk Mat Instead

When I say the word “mousepad,” your brain probably conjures up images of the promotional mousepad your orthodontist gave you 30 years ago, resting underneath the beige, two-button mouse connected to your 486 PC playing games.
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These Lowkey $299 Indochino Suits Are Tailored to You and Your Budget [Exclusive]

Select Indochino Suits | $299 | Promo code KINJA19
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How to Create Multiple Google Contacts at Once

Google has quietly reinstated the ability to batch-create and import multiple contacts to your Google account at once. This time-saving feature was removed when Google began switching its mobile and web apps over to the material theme design last year, and Google didn’t announce its return. That’s a shame, as it’s…Read more...
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What Is 'USB Fast Charging' and Why Does It Matter for Your Smartphone?

You might have seen that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are the first smartphones to receive “fast charging” certification from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). Many smartphones claim to have “fast charging” batteries, but if the Galaxy S20 line is the first to get the USB-IF’s official…Read more...
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If You're Over 65 You May be Able to Get an Apple Watch Series 5 for $49

Apple is teaming up with Johnson & Johnson on a “Heartline”study, which will test the Apple Watch’s ability for detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib)—an early warning sign for strokes. Anyone 65 years of age of older may be able to get an Apple Watch Series 5 for just $49, which is a huge discount from the normal $400…Read more...
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Best Mid-Century Modern Interior Designs For Your Living Room

The mid-century living room style mainly encompasses graphic wall art, wooden furniture, and tidy ceiling lines. It has easy sofa sets and comfortable carpets to boost the design of the living room. Mid-century modern interior design applies to the trend that first appeared in the 1950s. The concept still remains a favorite among home interior enthusiasts even after decades. Mid-century modern style blends art with soft-lined furniture. Traditional and futuristic lead in an overall minimalistic ...
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The Best Mac Screensaver for Apple Devotees

One bit of joy from Apple’s October 2018 announcement—beyond USB-C finally arriving on the iPad Pro—was the way Apple handled the event invitations. Every single invitation Apple sent out had a unique piece of Apple art, beautiful remixes of its logo that are a must-see for Apple fans. And now, you can cycle through…Read more...
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