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How to Stream Google's Pixel 4 Event Tuesday

On Tuesday, Google is set to announce the Pixel 4. Perhaps one of the most leaked phones in history, if you’re interested in the device chances are good you probably already know a good bit about it.Read more...
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Delete These Android Adware Apps Hiding on Your Phone

If you have any of these 15 sneaky apps on your Android device, it’s time to go on a digital hunt and delete them. According to Sophos, these adware apps are doing everything they can to hide themselves on your device and inject crappy advertising into everything you do—and more than 1.3 million devices worldwide have…Read more...
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The Best Place to Buy Halloween Candy for Cheap

If you are planning to give out candy this year, you should probably go all in and distribute full-size, name-brand candy bars. Not only will you be the hero of your block, but you will make your other, cheaper neighbors feel inadequate, which is a fun bonus. To get the most bars for your buck—and the most smiles per…Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Candy, Trick Or Treat, Restaurant Supply Stores

Sunday's Best Deals: mophie Power Bank, Tatcha Sale, Weighted Blankets, and More

A handmade goods sale, Final Fantasy X|X-2 for the Nintendo Switch, Energizer Headlamp, and a Doritos discount lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
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If Your MacOS Catalina Installation Gets Stuck, Try This Fix

Have you had any issues installing macOS Catalina? Specifically, have you encountered any strange scenarios where the upgrade—which shouldn’t take that long to do—seems to hang for a lot longer than what feels reasonable?Read more...
Tags: Macos, Mac, Macos Catalina, Apple, Operating System, Troubleshoot

Pick Your Next Vacation Destination Based on Price or Weather Using This Site

Sometimes a vacation is to a destination you specifically want to visit. Other times, you just want to go somewhere “warm” or “cheap” and are open to options. For those times, Escape is a site that can help you with a little inspiration.Read more...
Tags: Travel, Travel Planning, Lifehacks, Travel Tips

Save $80 On One of Anker's Best Alexa-Capable Robotic Vacuums

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | $170 | AmazonRead more...
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How to Become a Better Driver

Think back to when you first learned how to drive. An adult in your life probably told you that driving is a responsibility and a privilege, and though your daily commute may not exactly sound like a privilege, you still definitely have a responsibility to be safe on the road. Whether you’re an experienced driver or…Read more...
Tags: Driving Safety, Auto, Cars, Driving

Tricks to Help You Make Any Difficult Decision

Most of our day-to-day decisions are pretty low-risk: what to have for breakfast, what to wear to work, what to watch on Netflix. But even if picking a breakfast food isn’t going to change the course of your life, choices can present a real challenge.Read more...
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If You Rarely Bother to Air Dry Clothes, Spend $10 On This Hanging Rack

Whitmor Clip and Drip Hanger | $10 | Amazon
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How to Stop Caring What People Think, With Mark Manson

Do you find yourself spending way too much time worrying about what people think of you? Are you ready to let go of those needless concerns in order to focus on other, more important things? This week on The Upgrade, we’re working through our issues with Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, as…Read more...
Tags: The Show, Psychology, Mark Manson, Self Esteem

Tile's Clearing Out Its Previous Generation Trackers For Dirt-Cheap Prices

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery | $16 | AmazonFour Pack Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery | $45 | AmazonFour Pack Tile Combo | $45 | AmazonRead more...
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Where To Start If You Haven't Played Video Games In A While

Maybe you’ve taken an extended break from gaming and now want to get back into things. It can feel very intimidating: there are new games, new consoles, new slang, a lot of teenagers, and what’s the deal with Twitch? Here’s some tips on where to start.Read more...
Tags: Service, Fandom, Kotakucore

Stock Up on Halloween Candy With Today's Gold Box

Mars Wrigley Halloween Favorites Gold Box | Amazon
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Use Kurt Vonnegut's Happiness Trick

English has no precise antonym for “complain.” All the closest verbs require an object: you can praise a thing or compliment a thing, but you can complain, full stop. Whatever the opposite would be, Kurt Vonnegut says you should do it. It will make you happier.Read more...
Tags: Gratitude, Gratitude Journal, Kurt Vonnegut, Austin Kleon, Happiness

Monday's Best Deals: Kate Spade, Fire TV Sticks, eufy 15c RoboVac, and More

A Hobo Handbag sale, Halloween candy, Anker Bluetooth FM Transmitter, and Tile Trackers lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
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Introducing the 'Parental Advisory' Advice Column

At some point (or many points) during the parenting journey, we all need a little help. New parents, parents who have been at it for a while—all of us at one time or another find ourselves at a crossroads, unsure how to proceed. It’s at that crossroads that we hope Offspring’s new Parental Advisory advice column can…Read more...
Tags: Advice, Parenting, Kids

Is iOS 13 Sharing Your Browsing Data With China's Tencent?

iOS 13's “Fraudulent Website Warning” feature for Safari mobile shares some of your browsing data by default. That’s normally a good thing, since Google takes this data, hashes what you’re attempting to access, and is only able to sort-of match what you were looking for with your IP address. However, Apple is also…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Ios, Safari, Web Browsers

What to Do if You Don't Have a Seat Assignment for a Flight

When you buy a ticket for a flight, airlines often conveniently fail to spell out all the other fees you’ll be responsible for, like the price of a crappy boxed meal, spotty wifi, and often, an actual seat assignment.Read more...
Tags: Flight, Middle Seat Sadness, Airline, Travel, Jetblue

How to Avoid Awkward Political Conversations

We recently wrote about how to disagree about politics without ending a friendship—but what should do you if you’d really like to avoid the conversation altogether?Read more...
Tags: Politics, Disagreement, Disagree, Differences, Social Anxiety

Light All Your Fall and Winter Candles With This $6 Electric Arc Lighter

Tacklife Electric Arc Lighter | $6 | Amazon | Promo code BFM3MDJYRead more...
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Single Parents: What Are Your Best Solo Parenting Tips?

It’s hard for any parent to manage tantrums and picky eating, to enforce screen time limits and get through bedtime with our sanity intact, all while raising kids who will hopefully grow up to be good humans. But for single parents, there is an extra layer of challenge wrapped around each day: Two hands when four…Read more...
Tags: How Do You Do It, Single Parenting, Co Parenting, Kids

What's Coming and Going From Netflix the Week of October 14, 2019

Paul Rudd is not aging. See for yourself on Friday when the not-too-promising series Living With Yourself debuts. This N.O. features Rudd as a man who undergoes a spa treatment that literally replaces him with a better version of himself. I’m worried about this one the way that I was worried (with good reason) about…Read more...
Tags: Coming And Going, Netflix, Entertainment, Streaming, TV, Movies

Does Blue Light Actually Affect Your Health?

Blue light before bedtime can make it harder to sleep, and the screens on phones, computers, and televisions emit plenty of blue light. This is all true. But if you’re focused on blue light as a major problem affecting your sleep or your eye health, it’s time to step back and get a little perspective. Read more...
Tags: Eye Health, Screens, Digital Detox, Sleep

Zip Together Two Freezer Bags to Make One Large One

Freezer bags are great for storing all kinds of things. This week I discovered something new about them: You can zip two of them together.Read more...
Tags: Storage, Lifehacks, Storage Solutions, Storage Hacks

You Should Add Lemon Zest to Pancake Batter

I am an unapologetic champion of baking mixes. Baking from scratch is great, and if you have the time and resources to do so, go for it. But mixes are one of the first modern hacks, and their introduction helped lighten the workload of (mostly) women performing unpaid labor in the home. This—in addition to being…Read more...
Tags: Pancakes, Breakfast, Lemons, Zest

Monday's Best Deals: Kate Spade, Fire TV Sticks, Halloween Candy, And More

A Hobo Handbag sale, Halloween candy, Anker Bluetooth FM Transmitter, and Tile Trackers lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
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14 Actually Useful Thing Household Tools You Can Buy For Under $5

What does $5 get you these days? A small latte, or a cold brew after tip. It will still buy 20 gumballs because gumball machines haven’t been affected by inflation in a few decades. The Maybelline Great Lash mascara all women have been told is a “cult classic” despite it doing nothing but clumping your lashes. Around…Read more...
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The Best RSS Readers and News Aggregation Apps

A few days ago, I asked you for your favorite news aggregator apps. We got tons of responses, but it was pretty clear which apps were going to be our top recommendations within the first batch of comments. Without further ado, here are the best RSS readers/news aggregators, plus a few alternatives for good measure.Read more...
Tags: Rss, News Aggregation, Apps, Hive 5, Feedly, Inoreader

When Can Kids Ride in the Front Seat of the Car?

If you want a quick and simple answer to one question on every tween’s mind—When can I sit in the front seat?—it’s this: Age 13. That’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends and is widely accepted as the safest age among car seat safety experts. Read more...
Tags: Car Safety, Tweens, Teens, Parenting

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