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What is Subornation of Perjury, Anyway?

Last night, BuzzFeed News published evidence that Donald Trump actively instructed his ex-personal counsel Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project. If you woke up to a timeline full of Twitter Lawyers screaming about subornation of perjury and you aren’t quite sure what it means, here’s…Read more...
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DIY Black Ops 4 Zombies Monkey Bone Helmet

Tim had a special guest join him for the holidays, his brother William!! Of course they decided they had to make something. So, the Monkey Bomb helmet from Black Ops 4 Zombies was just the thing. This was a pretty straight forward build: foam, carving foam, and a lot of Dad jokes! FYI this instruct...By: StewieWorksContinue Reading » [Author: StewieWorks]
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Stop Releasing Balloons Into the Sky

Where exactly do balloons go once you’ve released them into the sky? We now know that answer, and unfortunately, it’s anything but pretty.Read more...
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DIY Christmas Tree

Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in countries around the whole world.The practice of putting up special decoration at Christmas has a long history.People decorate their house,Garden, workplace with Christmas tree, Christmas Wreath , Christmas Bells etc and putting ...By: artwithdEvaContinue Reading » [Author: artwithdEva]
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This Discounted Lounger Will Make Your Cat Happy, But Won't Make Her Love You

Find someone who looks at you the way cats look at the PetFusion cat lounger. Normally $50, it very rarely goes on sale, because with 6,000 reviews and an insane 4.8-star rating, it probably sells itself. It’s made of recycled cardboard, its curved design makes it easier for cats to scratch, and the grooves of the…Read more...
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Solar Air Heater

The design of this solar heating was strongly inspired by Guy Isabel, on the plans he describes in his book Les capteurs solaires à air, Eyrolles edition. The sun transmits energy to the earth by radiation. At the equator, the radiation reaches the power of 1000 W / m², it is by comparison, the powe...By: Low tech LabContinue Reading » [Author: Low tech Lab]
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Wireless Bicycle Mounted Bluetooth Speaker

Hi there! In this Instructable I will show you how I have built my wireless bicycle mounted Bluetooth speaker. I have to say, this might be one of my favorite projects so far. It looks great, has great sound and has that futuristic appearance! As always, I will include the build plans, laser-cut pla...By: Donny TerekContinue Reading » [Author: Donny Terek]
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I'm Author and Podcaster Hillary Frank, and This is How I Parent

(Hillary Frank is the creator, former host and executive producer of the popular parenting podcast, The Longest Shortest Time. Her new book, “Weird Parenting Wins: Bathtub Dining, Family Screams, and Other Hacks from the Parenting Trenches” was released on Jan. 15.)Read more...
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Try These Thinking Strategies From Different Professions if You're Stuck

“My thinking about this case had become very uptight,” says the Dude in The Big Lebowski as he figures out that the other Lebowski kept the ransom money. If you find that line a “big mood,” in the parlance of our times, then try out these twenty-five useful thinking tools gathered from various professions.Read more...
Tags: Mind Hacks, Creativity, Problem Solving, Lifehacks, Thinking, Lebowski, Creative Thinking, Mental Models

All Raincoats Should Have Hood Brims: A Modest Proposal

My old raincoat was some $10 piece of garbage that was scarcely better than wearing a trash bag, so for Christmas I asked for and received a Marmot Minimalist, mostly because it came so highly recommended from our readers, but also because there was a really good deal that brought it down to about $113. Read more...
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Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia

In this instructable, I will show you how to make parmesan encrusted tilapia. For this recipe, you will need:4 tilapia fillets2 tbsp canola oil1/2 c panko1/2 c parmesan cheese1/4 tsp rosemary1/4 tsp salt1/4 tsp pepper2 lemons2 eggs Wash the fish off and pat dry. In one bowl, beat the eggs, in ...By: Befferoni and CheeseContinue Reading » [Author: Befferoni and Cheese]
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Interactive Glowing Mushrooms

This instructable will show you how to make mushrooms that will glow in the dark. You can turn individual mushrooms off and on again by pressing the top.I started this project for a school assignment where we had to create something using the Arduino Uno.I wanted to create something pretty and magic...By: Phyllite0_0Continue Reading » [Author: Phyllite0_0]
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You Can Look Through Frosted Glass With a Piece of Scotch Tape

This is a hack that can be used for good or evil. You may have a good reason for needing to see through a frosted glass window or you may be Penn Badgley’s character in You. The hack works either way.Read more...
Tags: Glass, Lifehacks, Penn Badgley, Tiny Hack, Cool Trick, Scotchy Scotch Scotch

Amazon's Terrific Super Bowl Audio Deals Include Sonos and Dolby Atmos

It’s not surprising that Amazon would run a home theater audio sale with the Super Bowl now just two weeks away. But holy crap, we weren’t expecting so many great options.Read more...
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Digital Treasure Chest

I study Game and Interaction technology at Utrecht University of the Arts. There is one project called "If this then that" where you're asked to build an interactive product. You are to use an Arduino, design an interesting interactive element and build a nice and professional-looking prototype arou...By: CasperV2Continue Reading » [Author: CasperV2]
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Calm Your Mind With the Brainstorm Cocktail

Happy weekend, everyone, and welcome back to 3-Ingredient Happy Hour, the weekly drink column featuring super simple yet delicious libations. This week we’re making a classic—I’m talking 1930s—cocktail: the Brainstorm.Read more...
Tags: Drinks, Whiskey, Cocktails, Booze, Lifehacks, Irish whiskey

Before Taking a Tax Refund Advance, Ask These Questions

Many Americans rely on their tax refund to pay off bills, fund larger goals or, this year, keep them afloat as they wait for the government to reopen to be paid for doing their jobs. And while it might be tempting to take a tax refund advance, especially this year, consumer advocates warn against the practice.Read more...
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How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

This week, Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows you to post an image across multiple accounts, or even post an image on more than one account at the same time. Though that sounds like a niche feature created to help power users, there are plenty of people who juggle multiple Instagram feeds: Users who keep…Read more...
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Should You Convert to a Roth During a Down Market? 

If you’re a high earner or invest in a traditional IRA, you might be planning to convert your account to a Roth for some tax savings and easy access to your contributions, depending on your circumstances. When to convert, though, is a question with a million different considerations. There’s no perfect time, of…Read more...
Tags: Personal Finance, Money, Retirement, Investing, Ira, Lifehacks, ROTH IRA

How To Know What Changes You Should Actually Make In Your Life

These days, the internet is full of confusing mixed messages. There is the message of “Be yourself! You’re beautiful no matter what you look like!” Then, there is the message of “You must look this exact way in order to be considered beautiful.” Neither of those are necessarily true. Beauty is a standard and everyone has his own idea of what that looks like. You don’t meet everyone’s criteria and not everyone meets your criteria. That’s just how the world works. This makes personal improvements ...
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Making a Baby Gate for Cheap

Now that our daughter has decided she wants to climb on and over everything in our house it's time to baby proof the stairs. There are a bunch of commercial baby gates available, but I wanted to make one to an exact size that didn't cost too much.Here is what I used: Rigid Table Saw Dewalt 12in Pla...By: makeorbreakshopContinue Reading » [Author: makeorbreakshop]
Tags: Lifehacks, DeWalt, Makeorbreakshop

Toy Helicopter

Here's the 3d printed toy helicopter in operation.This requires two motors, two batteries, screws, 3d printed parts and a polymer clay driver. Let's get started! My wife made a sketch of this toy and we went forward from there.I used a metal gear digital servo motor to drive the blade. This motor ...By: MikeTheMakerContinue Reading » [Author: MikeTheMaker]
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Interactive Infinity Mirror

The assignment for this class was simple yet complicated: Make something interactive with an Arduino. It had to be designed well, technically challenging enough and original for as far as original ideas go these days on sites like Instructables. From the start, I was interested in LEDs. My project w...By: Jrossum1998Continue Reading » [Author: Jrossum1998]
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How to Make Home Security Alarm

Before the inception of smartphones, people used the old keypad phones that were very sturdy and offered tremendously long battery life. In the last decade, Mobile technology has evolved at a rapid pace and everyone now use a smartphone leaving the old phone on its fate. Have you ever wondered what ...By: TechgenieContinue Reading » [Author: Techgenie]
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Lovely Cardboard Heart Seat !

Cardboard furnitures may seem wrong but I can say it is strong and durable ! See how to build a cardboard seat in shape of heart. I detailed all the step for you to understand the process and then for you to do whatever shape you want :) Let's recycle cardboard into useful furniture ! The first ...By: lpxavContinue Reading » [Author: lpxav]
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PIXELCADE - Mini Bartop Arcade With Integrated PIXEL LED Display

A huge thanks to Tobias for posting the original laser cut CAD design for this project. This project leverages the design from Tobias with the following modifications: An integrated PIXE: LED ART display that changes with the selected RetroPie game Laser cut side art inlays Audio amp with ...By: alinkeContinue Reading » [Author: alinke]
Tags: Lifehacks, Tobias, Alinke

Saturday's Best Deals: Nintendo Classics, Sonos and Atmos Speakers, Nike Flash Sale, and More

Discounted home theater speakers for the Super Bowl, refurbished SNES and NES classics, and a Nike weekend flash sale lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Nike, Lifehacks, SNES, Atmos Speakers Nike

Easy Exploding Gift Box Tutorial

I have searched for an exploding box tutorial for the upcoming Valentine's Day, and I found many, but they were quite complex and lengthy, so I decided to make a simple and doable one.In this tutorial, You will learn how to Quickly and Easily build an Exploding Box for your partner.This Exploding bo...By: KreativeCubeContinue Reading » [Author: KreativeCube]
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Electronic Component Tester (with a Nice Case)

Have you ever had a faulty and/or broken device and found yourself thinking "what can i recover from this (s)crap"? It happened to me several times, and while i was able to reclaim most part of the hardware i wasn't able to reclaim most part of the electronics components. The issue wasn't about deso...By: garzoContinue Reading » [Author: garzo]
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Remove All The Ads and Sponsored Products From Amazon With This Extension

When you’re shopping on Amazon, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the ads and suggestions the site makes. You might get so distracted, in fact, that you end up forgetting what you went to the site to shop for in the first place.
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