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How to Host Video Chats Inside 'Fortnite'

As I often say, I’m the world’s worst Fortnite player. Unless I can catch someone standing still for an extended period of time and snipe them from an ungodly distance, I take shotguns to the face and build about as well as a three-year old. However, Fortnite is more than just running-and-gunning; there’s a big social…Read more...
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Who Will Get the Vaccine First?

One COVID-19 vaccine is already under review for possible emergency authorization in December; its competitors are close behind. Once we have a vaccine—or maybe several—it will be a while until there are enough doses for everybody. The CDC is working on a plan to prioritize certain groups of people to get it first.Read more...
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Google Assistant Finally Lets You Schedule Lights On and Off

Google’s first smart speaker, the Google Home, debuted in 2016, and it’s taken four years for Google to add a single feature in its digital assistant that I would consider essential for anyone looking to control their smart home—specifically, their lights. Read more...
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ButcherBox Unleashed My Inner Chef on a Budget

Classic Box | $149 | ButcherBoxBig Box | $270 | ButcherBoxRead more...
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Is a Warm Smoothie a Thing You Need?

I have never been much of a smoothie drinker. It just isn’t my vibe. I don’t like to drink my fruit (unless it’s blended into a cocktail); I like to eat my fruit, and I like to drink Diet Coke (and cocktails). This is all to say I may not be the target audience for Tasty’s warm smoothies, though I’m honestly not sure…Read more...
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Kill Fleas on Your Pets With Dish Soap

Even if you do everything right, there’s still a chance your pet could come home with fleas. The good news is that there’s something you probably have on your sink right now that can help get rid of them: dish soap.Read more...
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How to Run a Virtual Turkey Trot This Thanksgiving

A race on Thanksgiving morning or the weekend that follows—often called a “turkey trot”—is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and see your fall running training pay off. But in pandemic times, a virtual race is a safer option than running in person, and fortunately there are a bunch of good ones available. Read more...
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Don't Fall For The 'Secret Sister' Scam

It’s becoming an annual holiday tradition—the Better Business Bureau has once again issued a warning about the “Secret Sister” gift scam. Stay away from Facebook posts asking for “six ladies to participate in a Secret Sister gift exchange,” as it’s a pyramid scheme that relies on unwitting people to promote the scam…Read more...
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It's Time for the Annual Romaine Recall

We’ve been warned about visiting family and friends, and asked to stay at home on Thanksgiving, but it appears that another threat to our health may already be lurking inside our homes: Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. has voluntarily recalled some of their romaine lettuce because of concern over possible E.coli…Read more...
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How to Use a PlayStation 5 Controller With Steam

Windows: PlayStation 5 owners can now use their PS5’s DualSense controllers to play PC games on Steam. Valve’s most recent Steam beta adds full compatibility for the DualSense in all controller-enabled games by default—no extra software to necessary, and no settings to configure.Read more...
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Our Annual Reminder That There Is No Such Thing As A 'Black Friday' Car Deal

Because many Americans have not altered their travel plans for Thanksgiving, creating what could be ideal conditions to further entrench the pandemic, I feel I should remind you to avoid dealerships at all costs this weekend. Seriously, you aren’t missing out on anything. Read more...
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If You're Planning to Travel for Thanksgiving, Read This Twitter Thread

Despite the accelerating pace of the COVID-19 pandemic across the United States, millions of people are traveling this week to see their families for Thanksgiving. Gatherings will continue as planned, as if the Centers for Disease Control hadn’t issued a warning against traveling for the holiday. With the masses…Read more...
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Actually, Video Games Can Be Beneficial to Your Mental Health

As the global pandemic batters economies and consigns billions of people around the world to isolation in their homes, our collective mental health is understandably taking a nosedive. With many people lacking their usual outlets for initiating contact with family, friends, and co-workers, depression has soared…Read more...
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Rinse Potatoes After Peeling, Not Before

Potatoes grow under the ground, in dirt, which makes them dirty. (This is science.) If you are going to eat the whole potato—skin and all—you should wash it beforehand. Baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, skin-on fries—all of these spuds need a good scrubbing as a first step, before any further prep work or cooking is…Read more...
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Do You Need a 'Second Chance' Checking Account?

If past financial trouble has prevented you from opening up a checking account, you have another option: a second-chance bank account. These usually have some restrictions, including a monthly fee, but you can save money long-term, especially if you’re using check-cashing businesses with high service fees.Read more...
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Thanksgiving Can Still Be Special

Thanksgiving is a bit of a weird holiday for me. When I was growing up, and all through college, it involved having the same meal every year at my grandparents’ house. But after college, when I moved across the country for a job at a newspaper, things got wonky. That first year, I worked on Thanksgiving—covering local…Read more...
Tags: Thanksgiving, Lifehacks, Celebrations, Pandemic Parenting

The Roomba i3 Robot Vacuum Is $399

iRobot Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum | $399 | AmazoniRobot Roomba i3 Robot Vacuum | $399 | BuyDigRead more...
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Oxford English Dictionary Needed 16 'Words of the Year' to Describe 2020

Traditionally speaking, the team that publishes the Oxford English Dictionary picks a “word of the year”—a word or expression that has attracted significant interest over the course of the past 12 months. It’s a way to capture the mood or lasting impact that a particular year has had on us all; for example, 2019's…Read more...
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Shop Early Black Friday Deals on Apple, LEGO, Always Pan, AeroGarden, and More

Black Friday is hitting a little different this year, and for your sake and everyone’s, we hope you plan on doing any deals shopping online. Luckily, retailers far and wide are lining up to grab your attention with amazing deals, and they’re starting even earlier than usual. We’ve seen loads of great Black Friday dealsRead more...
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How to Be a Better Ally, With Disability Advocate Alice Wong

This week we’re learning about disability rights and how to be a better ally with help from disability activist Alice Wong. Listen to hear Alice talk about the unique perspectives that disabled people bring to the conversation, what non-disabled people can do to promote and protect equality, and why Crip Camp is…Read more...
Tags: Podcast, Equality, Lifehacks, Disabilities, Alice, Advocacy, Disability Rights, Alice Wong, Crip Camp, Alice Wong Listen

Bulk up Your Winter Wardrobe and Grab Any 3 Flannels for $75 at JACHS NY

3 Flannel Bundle | $75 | JACHS NY | Use Code 3FNRead more...
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How to Change Edge Chromium Back to Its Old Copy/Paste Function

I thought I had lost it, because something felt off about the URLs I was pasting in to Lifehacker’s Slack the other day. Rather than appearing as regular URLs—something like—they showed up like this, with just the title and a link to…Read more...
Tags: Url, Settings, Lifehacks, Paste, Copy, Edge Chromium

Make Quick and Easy 'Gnocchi' With Leftover Mashed Potatoes

The staggering beauty of mashed potatoes is fleeting: You have to eat as much as you can while they’re hot, knowing that any leftovers simply will not hit as hard. This is why the best uses for leftover taters turn them into something else entirely, like waffles, dips, and dumplings. Read more...
Tags: Thanksgiving, Mashed Potatoes, Lifehacks, Leftovers, Gnocchi

Cover the Perfect Present in Hallmark Holiday's Gift Wrap, Now 30% Off

Up to 30% Off Hallmark Holiday Gift Wrap | Amazon Gold BoxRead more...
Tags: Deals, Kinja Deals, Black Friday Deals, Amazon deals, Lifehacks, Amazon Gold

How to Restore Your M1 Mac if macOS Won't Reinstall

Apple’s first generation of M1 Macs is slick, but some early adopters are running into a strange error that can render a new computer unusable. Those attempting to perform a full restore of macOS on an M1-equipped Mac or MacBook before upgrading to macOS Big Sur might experience a system-stopping warning over and…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Mac, Macbook, System Recovery, Lifehacks, macOS Big Sur

What Parents Need to Know About Yubo, the 'Tinder for Teens'

I was recently introduced to Yubo, which is advertised as the “make new friends” app for teenagers, but is often described as “Tinder for teenagers.” The app enables teenagers (or adults pretending to be them) to find others with similar interests and chat through private messaging or via public live streams. They can…Read more...
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What to Stream This Week

This week in streaming: From the reboot of ‘90s fave Animaniacs to the lingering popularity of the chess-based drama The Queen’s Gambit, nostalgia and competition are at the forefront.Read more...
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Video Games Can Be Beneficial to Your Mental Health

As the global pandemic batters economies and consigns billions of people around the world to isolation in their homes, our collective mental health is understandably taking a nosedive. With many people lacking their usual outlets for initiating contact with family, friends, and co-workers, depression has soared…Read more...
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Thanksgiving Dinner Is Healthy, Actually

Across the country, people will gather (or, ideally, not) for a dinner of lean meat, plentiful vegetables, and moderate amounts of sweets. In a testament to our ability to manufacture guilt out of nothing, we then wonder if this dinner—this whole holiday—is “healthy.” Read more...
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How to Complain About Your Noisy Neighbors Without Being a Jerk

Unless you live in a pretty remote location, chances are you’ve heard at least some sort of noise courtesy of your neighbors, whether it’s loud music, someone working on a car, barking dogs, or screaming children. For those of us living in apartments, condos, row houses, or other housing where everyone is in close…Read more...
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