Ayanna Pressley Makes History As 1st Black Congresswoman From Massachusetts

On an election night where the results are mixed for Democrats so far, there’s one bright spot to celebrate: Ayanna Pressley just won an uncontested race in Massachusetts’ 7th congressional district, becoming the first Black woman to represent the state in its history.During the primary, Pressley handily beat 10-term Democratic incumbent Mike Capuano, where she won 58.6 percent of the vote. Prior to her campaign, Pressley had served as a member of the Boston City Council since 2010, where she w...
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The Women Of Color Who Made History This Midterm Election

You hear that? It's the sound of glass-ceilings shattering all across the nation. A record-breaking number of women ran on the 2018 midterm election. According to the New York Times, "more than a quarter of all the candidates running this year are female, including 84 women of color — a 42% increase from just two years ago." Out of this diverse cohort of candidates, many won big on election night, making historyWhen running for office, women of color often face more roadblocks and a lack of ins...
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Ted Cruz Holds Onto His Seat, Defeats Beto O'Rourke In Texas Senate Race

Tonight Republican incumbent Ted Cruz beat his Democratic opponent Beto O’Rourke in the Texas Senate race. Republicans have held every statewide office in Texas since 1994. In what may have been the most-watched race Senate race of the cycle, Cruz had been predicted to win by 6%.As the race between O’Rourke and Cruz heated up, it came to represent the bitter political divide in the country and was seen as not only a referendum on the Trump presidency, but also issues of gender, race, and violen...
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Sharice Davids Defeats Kevin Yoder, Flipping KS-03 & Making History

Democrat Sharice Davids defeated Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder in the race for Kansas third congressional district tonight. Davids, 37, will be among the first Native American women serving in Congress, and also the first lesbian to represent the state of Kansas in Washington. Yoder has been district's representative since 2011.At the beginning of the race, Davids' chances of winning the seat were slim. In 2016, Yoder carried the district by more than 10 points. But Donald Trump's sinking a...
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Antonio Delgado Flips NY-19, Becoming the District’s First Latinx Representative

A tight race in upstate New York has resulted in a groundbreaking victory for Democrats.Antonio Delgado defeated Republican incumbent John Faso in the race for New York’s 19th District, flipping the district. Delgado, a prominent attorney, is the first Latinx and biracial major party candidate — and now U.S. Representative — for the seat.Delgado ran a progressive campaign, calling for education reform, equal pay for women, bringing jobs to the district, and environmental protections to combat c...
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Ron DeSantis Defeats Andrew Gillum In Florida

Ron DeSantis narrowly defeated Andrew Gillum in the race for Florida governor on Tuesday.An unabashed progressive, Gillum energized the state's young and minority voters by promising to seek an assault-weapons ban and other gun reform legislation, championing Medicare for All, and supporting a $1 billion investment in public schools and $15 minimum wage. Gillum is the mayor of Tallahassee and was elected to the Tallahassee City Commission in 2003."I am running as the most progressively viable c...
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Lauren Underwood Pulls Stunning Victory In One Of Illinois’ Reddest Districts

Earlier this year, experts believed that Democratic candidate Lauren Underwood had no chance at defeating Republican incumbent Rep. Randy Hultgren. They were wrong. Today, voters in Illinois’ 14th District elected her to the seat, ending Hultgren's eight-year tenure.Underwood, a 32-year-old nurse and Obama administration alumna, defeated Hultgre. She will be the first Black person and first woman to ever represent this majority-white, heavily Republican district.Underwood is one of the many fir...
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Abigail Spanberger Wins Virginia's 7th District, Helps Democrats Flip The House

Tonight, Abigail Spanberger won Virginia’s 7th congressional district and beat out Dave Brat with 49.7% of the vote.Spanberger, a former CIA official, focused on providing quality healthcare to her district, particularly given concerns about health services not reaching rural residents. She made waves in a recent debate, where her opponent brought up Nancy Pelosi’s name over 20 times in order to tie her to the Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. Spanberger went viral after set...
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With Acqua di Scandola, Parfum d'Empire Puts Corsica in a Bottle

  The niche house Parfum d'Empire has recently expanded its range with a new fragrance, Acqua di Scandola, a creation that celebrates the charms of Corsica, an island very dear to the creator and perfumer of the brand, Marc-Antoine Cortichiato. For his twentieth fragrance, the perfumer drew inspiration from the peninsula of Scandola, a UNESCO protected nature reserve accessible only by sea, wher... Read full article: With Acqua di Scandola, Parfum d'Empire Puts Corsica in a Bottle from Fragran...
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Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum up What It Means to Be an Adult

"Welcome to your 30s. You now have Home Advil and Purse Advil."
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Harry Potter Christmas Sweaters Are What Every Muggle Needs This Christmas

You can channel Mrs. Weasley herself with a personalized letter sweater!
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Ralph Lauren shares plummet after lackluster quarter

Ralph Lauren’s 3-year-old turnaround bid isn’t galloping like a polo pony yet. The New York fashion giant’s shares plummeted 6.6 percent Tuesday after it reported lackluster second-quarter results, with experts fretting that millennials continue to ignore the brand’s fancy stores and pricey, preppy styles. The upscale clothing label invested heavily in marketing during the quarter...
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Under Armour does damage control over alleged frat house culture

Under Armour is scrambling to do damage control amid reports that its chief executive has run the company like a frat house. For years, Chief Executive Kevin Plank and other execs took athletes and co-workers to the Scores strip club that’s down the street from Under Armour’s Baltimore headquarters — with some billing the company...
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Red Dead Redemption 2: game criticised over killing of suffragette

User of the much-anticipated game have posted videos of avatars beating and killing a female characterThe makers of the most anticipated video game of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2, have been criticised after players recorded videos of themselves beating, abusing and killing a suffragette character.After its release in late October, the game – in which players can choose whether to speak to, rob, abuse or kill characters they interact with – was praised for its extraordinary attention to detai...
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The Best Holiday Gifts At Sephora For Any & Every Budget

The holiday season always inspires generosity, but it's important to remember that splurging on your nearest and dearest also comes with the harsh reality of credit limits and having to spend New Year's Eve with Chinese food takeout and a live telecast of Times Square on your couch — all because you went over budget.Don't get us wrong: The stay-in scenario might sound like heaven for some of us, but it's not quite the same when you know it's obligatory. But what if we told you there was a way t...
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The Biggest Hair Color Trend For 2019 Is More Versatile Than You Think

Before this year, going red felt... off limits. Even though platinum requires a ton of bleach and rainbow is a multistep process, becoming a redhead always felt like the most extreme hair color transformation possible. Whether it's because people were too scared, too nervous, or just simply fixed on the color they already had, most of us never really considered dyeing our hair red — until now.If there's one major color trend to look out for fall — and 2019 — it's red. More than ever, salon clie...
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10 Beauty Brands That Embrace Diversity as Much as You Do - Plus, What to Buy

For many people of color, makeup shopping is a lot harder than it should be. The lack of inclusion down the cosmetic aisles leaves room for a lot of disappointment. While we wait for the industry to fully catch up, there are many brands - both big and small - made by people of color. If you're looking for products to complement a complexion that is rarely represented (whether it be yours or that of a loved one), here are 10 brands you need to know about this holiday season.
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What Exit Polls & Early Voting Results Really Mean

Exit polling and early voting results can be a tricky, and not always accurate, business. However, they can be useful in discerning trends such as which types of voters went to the polls. This Election Day, many Americans are watching this data closely because it's shaping up to be an unusual election — with a higher youth turnout than in previous midterms, for example. Early voting is on the rise this year, and it remains to be seen how much of a difference it will make, but one thing's for su...
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6 Hair Tools That Just Made The Drugstore Way Hotter

Some people consider Disneyland the happiest place on Earth but, for us, the drugstore comes pretty close. Where else can you pick up emergency toothpaste, toilet paper, and medication all while upgrading your beauty collection at the same damn time? It's pretty much heaven on Earth.Now the beauty selection at your local store just got a lot more legit thanks to a wave of new hot tools. There's a fresh selection of hair dryers, flat irons, and curling devices lining the hair aisle (and coming i...
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21 Camel Coats To Get You Over That Winter Hump

By now, we've covered every color of the rainbow — electric blue is on track to be the next color of the season, lime green was the color seen 'round the world this past fashion month, and lest we forget how pink shed its association with coming of age flicks from the '80s to become the defining hue of an entire generation. Exciting colors aside, let's not neglect to mention the more muted palette that manages to make its way into our closets every fall.All hail the longstanding reign of camel....
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21 Camel Coats That Will Help Your Closet Over That Winter Hump

By now, we've covered every color of the rainbow — electric blue is on track to be the next color of the season, lime green was the color seen 'round the world this past fashion month, and lest we forget how pink shed its association with coming of age flicks from the '80s to become the defining hue of an entire generation. Exciting colors aside, let's not neglect to mention the more muted palette that manages to make its way into our closets every fall.All hail the longstanding reign of camel....
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Teeny-Tiny Animals That Will Make You Squeal and Cry

Good things come in very small packages.
Tags: Life

People Are Sharing Their Hilarious Family Group Chats

Do you have a group text chain with your family?
Tags: Life

Hilarious Family Group Chats That Will Make You Want to Join These Families

Do you have a group text chain with your family?
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Eve Hewson on smooching her ‘Robin Hood’ co-star — and becoming the next Tom Cruise

Eve Hewson finds the humor in everything, from her dangerously single status to her prepubescent-boy dress sense. When she’s not poking fun at her personal life, the Irish actress is making light of her on-screen escapades, especially the stunts and smooches. There are plenty of both in her first action flick, director Otto Bathurst’s gritty, reimagined “Robin...
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