Our Spelling Ability Is Actually Genetic, Says Scientists

Can you believe these spelling errors? It's egg Regis!
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Rogue:Minx Clothing: Ethical & Affordable Fashion for Dark Hearts

Ironically, it’s the colder, mandatory-jacket months of the year when I typically indulge in indie fashion k-holes. Maybe it’s the fact that there are so many more fancy events that occur during the stay-inside months, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m just… inside more. On my computer. Looking at dresses. (What else is new?) Now, as we head into November, there’s a new brand that haunts my dreams with their ethically-focused, darkly beautiful designs: Rogue:Minx. Found during a random Etsy...
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Burberry Her: A Berry Fragrance with a Hint of Forest

The new Burberry Her is coming to stores now, soon after its presentation at the TFWA show in Cannes. The fragrance has caused controversial comments, and my own oscillate from admiration to confusion. Burberry Her is very much a berry fragrance, and when I first smelled it I got a very frosty "industrial" opening, as if you're walking in some Brooklyn neighborhood, passing old factories or met... Read full article: Burberry Her: A Berry Fragrance with a Hint of Forest from Fragrantica Perfum...
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You Might Have the Most Valuable Cabbage Patch Kids Just Sitting in Your Basement

If you rummaged through your childhood bedroom, what types of toys would you find?
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26 Innovations That'll Change Your Mind About Self-Tanners

Since we’re all well aware of the dangers of tanning beds — and too much time in natural sunlight sans SPF — self-tanners are the perfect solution for when the pastiness of those post-summer months gets to be a little too much for those of us who crave sun-kissed skin.Sadly, not all self-tanners are created equally, and some can leave you looking streakier than a tabby cat. Luckily, beauty brands have launched innovative new products to make the process almost foolproof. Here are the ones to kn...
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Why You (Still) Won't See Any Size Diversity At This Year's VS Fashion Show

Ahead of this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, we know a few things: who's performing (Halsey, Shawn Mendes, and Rita Ora to name a few), who's walking (Behati Prinsloo, who's back after a three-year hiatus, plus 19 newcomers), that Adriana Lima is retiring, and more. In terms of more unexpected news, however, the VS Fashion Show is still committed to sticking to what it knows and what sells.In a lengthy interview with Vogue, chief marketing officer of L Brands Ed Razek and executive vice...
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9 Holiday Nail Polish Collections That'll Make Your Fingers Feel Festive

Like drugstore endcaps and your favorite coffee chain, as soon as Halloween's over we transform into people who strive for shimmer and relish in anything that makes us feel cozy. Neon lipsticks are swapped for sultry reds, pastel eyeshadow palettes are replaced with smoky colors, and nail polish? Well, that’s where the fun really happens.In the weeks leading up to the holidays, we’ve been patiently waiting to replace our everyday neutrals with reds and glitters, because 'tis the season. In fact...
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The Best Holiday Beauty Gifts of 2018, According to the Pros

Wanna know the only thing more cringe-worthy than your Uncle Joe telling the same dirty joke over latkes during the holidays? Watching someone feign delight after unwrapping a gift they hate . . . especially if it's from you. To help keep the awkward level down to a manageable 2 - and because it's hard to offend anyone on the other end of a fancy Diptyque candle - we've asked POPSUGAR editors to share the foolproof beauty gifts they'll be giving (and also, most likely keeping) this year. As for ...
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Let These Thanksgiving Meal Boxes Do The Work For You This Year

Believe it or not, we've officially hit the two-week countdown window for Thanksgiving 2018. For those of us who won't be traveling to homes with already prepared feasts, getting a menu together for the mega cooking occasion isn't exactly a cake walk. Which is why this year, instead of working ourselves into frenzied food shopping, cramped kitchen cooking disasters, we're wielding a holiday dinner secret weapon: the Thanksgiving meal in a box.For seasoned users of meal subscription services, th...
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Radical Transparency: How Much is Too Much?

If you type “company culture” into any search engine, you’ll quickly see the term “radical transparency” rise to the top. First coined in the early 1990s by stock market guru and hedge fund founder Ray Dalio, it’s become a hot topic over the last few years as more and more companies adopt the concept. Radical transparency is exactly what it sounds like – when companies are brutally honest about the good and the bad… and make it public. When it works like it’s supposed to, radical transparency...
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What the Season’s Hottest Shoes Are Doing to Your Feet

What the Season’s Hottest Shoes Are Doing to Your Feet A shoe lover is likely to zero in on style before anything else. Sometimes you’ll snap up some gorgeous trending shoe styles without trying them on — hello, online shopping and serious sales that have other shoppers circling those styles like sharks. But prioritizing style above all else can leave you with shoes that feel like ancient torture devices. And that’s not good. Because a shoe that you can’t wear is never a good buy. The question i...
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Frank Body Now Has a Green Tea Scrub, and It's Selling Out Fast

Frank Body just released its Green Tease Green Tea Scrub ($20), and I, like many of Frank Body's followers, was excited to see a green-tea-based body scrub come from the brand - if you're not familiar, the brand is well-known for its scrubs made from coffee, with one even garnering a 90,000-person wait list. I couldn't wait to test it, so as soon as I got the package, I lit some candles and hopped in the shower with it (don't worry, the pouch is totally waterproof). I began scooping handfuls an...
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The Cropped Coat Is A Petite Girl's Best Friend For Fall

To all the petite girls who have their tailor on speed dial, we feel you. Finding the perfect pair of pants, the coziest coat, or the slinkiest of dresses is a task on it's own without having to add the stress of knowing things rarely fit.But one of this season's popular outerwear pieces might just be the fix the 5' 4" and under gang need: it's a cropped coat, and it serves a one-two punch. On one hand, it's a silhouette that you can find just about anywhere this fall; on the other, it's perfec...
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3 Victoria's Secret Models Break Down Their Natural Hair Routines

Backstage at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, models are curled, oiled, and tszujed by the top industry pros. And while in years past the hairstyle has been all about long, flowing waves, recently VS has embraced natural and curly hair types on the catwalk. This year there will be several models walking with their unique texture on display, but what we really wanted to know: What products do these curly girls use when there's no professional nearby.After talking to three Angels, it t...
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This Is the Exact Charlotte Tilbury Makeup the Victoria's Secret Angels Wore

If you're into wings, beautiful lingerie worn by Angels, bouncy blowouts, and glowing skin, you'll likely love the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But of course, it's not just about the fantasy bra, it's all about the beauty, too. It takes many steps for the Angels to transform into being runway ready, but we've got all the products to re-create their look. As the official sponsor of the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Charlotte Tilbury brought fresh, glowing complexions with dreamy and g...
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How To Suck Less At Applying Eyeliner, With Tips From Pros

We've got an Achilles heel when it comes to applying makeup. It's the one step we skip out on when we've pressed the snooze button one too many times because it takes about four different tries to get it just right. We've even been known to dodge it altogether because, well, our hand-eye coordination isn't the best. We're not talking about false lashes or the dreaded smoky eye. No, we got beef with eyeliner.Liner is a common hit-or-miss situation. You have to get it perfectly close to the lashl...
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Do Mirrors Actually Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger? We Asked An Interior Designer

Welcome to The Shoebox, Refinery29's small space advice column. With the help of Homepolish interior designer Emma Beryl, we'll tackle all your cramped living woes — from where to store your stuff to how to make 500 square feet feel as open and unique as you are.Question: I don’t have a kitchen pantry, what do I do?Emma's Response: I always tell my clients that if they have a dining room in their NYC apartments then they've officially "made it." I think if you have a full sized pantry you can c...
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Top 100 Chick Flicks – by Girlfriendology Girlfriends!

Want to know the best Chick Flicks? Ask your Girlfriends! Most of us women LOVE Chick Flicks. We love to watch them, have them on in the background when we’re cleaning the house or fixing meals. We love to give and receive them as DVDs. We just LOVE a good romantic comedy, light and silly. We might happen to love an actress (Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Diane Lane, for example) or actor (lots of Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Keanu Reeves fans!) that influences our theater preferences. As much as we l...
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The Verdict Is In: The Youth Vote Shaped The Midterm Results

For months leading up to the pivotal 2018 midterm elections, the youth vote was brought up again and again: Especially after Parkland launched Generation Z's first social movement, would young people actually show up to the polls this year?And now we have our answer: A resounding yes. According to a new exit poll analysis from The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), 31% of 18-to-29-year-olds voted in the midterms this year, representing a 10% increase...
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Link Love: Budget-Friendly Skincare Products

Refinery29 rounds up six heavy-duty body lotions under $10 to hit the drugstore shelves this season. The Fashion Spot shows us 38 drugstore skincare products dermatologists swear by. With the future of The Ordinary uncertain, The Pool suggests some other new brands making effective skincare affordable. Face serums often come with a hefty price tag, but here are 17 options that clock in at $30 or less. Fab Links from Our Members Scarlet was trying to figure out what the brand Jen7 is, and came ...
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Traveler figures out crafty way to beat airline baggage fees

A savvy British traveler has found a clever way to bypass Ryanair’s new strict rules on carry-on luggage — by sewing his possessions into this coat. Lee Cimino, 30, of Staffordshire, England, came up with the genius plan ahead of his weekend break to Belfast, Northern Ireland, last weekend. Cimino’s trip occurred just a couple of...
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These Are Meghan Markle's Best Beauty Looks From 2018 - There Are Plenty

Meghan Markle might be new to royal life, but she's certainly not a beginner when it comes to her regal take on beauty. She's easily (and quickly) mastered the royal blow out and is a pro at elegant makeup, just like sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Since joining the royal family, she hasn't been seen sporting a bold red lip, but she has cleverly played around with her look in other ways. The duchess has always been focused on a glowing and dewy complexion, opting not to cover her freckles, but ad...
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Sally Hansen's New Crayola Line Is Like a Box of Glittery Crayons For Your Nails

Remember the days when showing up to school with the 64-pack of crayons made you feel on top of the world? You may be far past the age of ever having that kind of satisfaction again, but if you're in the mood to feel like a kid again, Sally Hansen is here to help. The brand teamed up with Crayola to add 12 new, metallic colors to its Insta-Dri nail polish collection, so now you can wear some of your favorite crayon colors on your fingertips. Like 2017's Back to School Collection that the two bra...
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This Is the Exact Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Worn by the Victoria's Secret Angels

If you're into wings, beautiful lingerie worn by Angels, bouncy blowouts, and glowing skin, you'll likely love the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But of course, it's not just about the fantasy bra, it's all about the beauty, too. It takes many steps for the Angels to transform into being runway ready, but we've got all the products to re-create their look. As the official sponsor of the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Charlotte Tilbury brought fresh, glowing complexions with dreamy and g...
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How To Take 360-Degree Selfies Using The iPhone Clips App

Apple just did a major update to the iPhone Clips app that will completely change your selfie game.We were first introduced to Clips last spring and got hooked on the app's ability to stylize short videos to send to our friends, family, and social media followers. Now, Apple has come back with a myriad of new features. Perhaps the best feature, 360 selfies, is reserved for newer iPhones with the TrueDepth camera that possess the A12 Bionic chip (that is also available on the new iPad Pro). Walk...
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You Can Now Buy The Self Tanner VS Angels Are Wearing On The Runway

Let's just come right out and say it: It takes a village to turn a model into a Victoria's Secret model. The look is closely controlled by the brand and takes hardcore training, $1 million of Swarovski crystals, and the kind of body treatments that many didn't even know existed — and we haven't even talked about the hair and makeup yet. But now that we know exactly how to master the undone curls seen on Candice Swanepoel and the Gisele-inspired makeup the show's known for, we're moving onto ano...
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