Washington’s future winemakers have 4 in-state college options

Viticulture students now have 4 choices that are especially suited to Washington’s wine industry.
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The Backstory: how a winemaker’s admission led to an exploration of wine education in Washington

When a prominent winemaker — a California transplant — said it took him five years to figure out Washington grapes, that gave Andy Perdue a story idea.
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14 Boundary-Pushing Nail Artists To Follow On Instagram

Like with most major beauty trends, the so-called nail art bubble hit fast and hard, followed by years of armchair analysis about when the trend would be declared officially dead. The truth? That nail art bubble didn’t exist; The artform is here to stay, as evidenced by a continuum of creativity kicked out by the top nail artists in the game.With veterans like Madeline Poole turning the page with unexpected color combinations, fresh talent like Cassandre Marie breathing new life into negative s...
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Worry Not: RBG Is Ready To “Get Back To Work,” According To Felicity Jones

You can breathe a sigh of relief, Ruth Bader Ginsburg stans. Ginsburg, who was hospitalized on Thursday after a fall in her office caused her to break three ribs, seems to be on her way to a speedy recovery.On Thursday evening, Felicity Jones, star of the upcoming RBG biopic On The Basis Of Sex, told reporters she had checked in on the Supreme Court justice via her family.“I spoke to her nephew Daniel, and he said that he had spoken to his aunt and she was hungry and she was looking forward to ...
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25 truths about total tops and top privilege

Dom top. Fem top. Vers top. Total top. These are all important terms in the lexicon of top culture.
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News From Tom Ford: Lost Cherry

  Tom Ford continues to strike, mostly with his name choices than with actual scents. The very first Black Orchid has still remained the most controversial fragrance by Tom Ford.  Coming back to Lost Cherry ("lose your cherry" means "lose your virginity" in American slang), it would not be as attractive or create such curiosity as just a cherry on a plate, but put it in a somewhat vulgar se... Read full article: News From Tom Ford: Lost Cherry from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Fun, silly and fabulous at the Goodwill Glitter Sale

The annual Glitter Sale at the South Dearborn Street Goodwill store is a fundraiser for job training and education programs. And it’s a venue for the city’s most stylish to hunt for bargains among a trove of designer and vintage clothes and unique items.
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Guy Who Thinks He’s About to Outsmart the Internet Turns out to Be Very, Very Wrong

Oh boy. This is going to hurt in the morning.
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Jeejeebhoy’s Bombay

The scion of a leading business family was among the first historians to document the city’s hidden stories, and was deeply affected by the loss of its heritage. If one were to think of a household name in Bombay that has endured for over the last two centuries, it would most probably be Jeejeebhoy. Hospitals, schools, colleges, dharamshalas, and whatnot: the Jeejeebhoy name is ubiquitous in Bombay. This name is associated with Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy (1783–1859), famous philanthropist and opium...
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Jimmy Engineer: “The servant of Pakistan”

Jimmy described his wall paintings depicting Allama Iqbal’s masterpiece Javed Namah as his most difficult work, but also one of his major artistic achievements “I have been sent here,” said an unfamiliar man, in a dark shalwar kameez, as he stood silhouetted in the doorway of my Karachi hotel room. It was late in the evening and he had insisted on seeing me personally and alone, an unnerving demand in 1997, when the filming had just started on my film Jinnah. There was a storm of controversy and...
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Adi Bulsara: Navy scientist selected for ONR’s Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Science

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) is proud to announce Dr. Adi Bulsara has been selected by the Office of Naval Research for the Dr. Fred E. Saalfeld Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Science. Bulsara will be honored during a ceremony at the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Virginia, Nov. 5, 2018. Article by Patrick Petrie | DVIDS Bulsara, the U.S. Navy ‘s Distinguished Scientist for Nonlinear Dynamics, is being honored for his contributions in the...
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Help, I've Fallen in Love With a $750 Face Cream and I Can't Give It Up

On a scale from one to Mariah Carey, my fancy meter tracks at a sensible two. I've always preferred to shop for clothes in my roommate's closet (which, in my defense, has incredible steals of free-99) and can count on one hand the amount of times I've splurged on guacamole at Chipotle. In my many years as a beauty editor, I've also learned that "pricey" doesn't always equate to "better" - especially when it comes to skincare. Still, I'd feel like a Charles Ponzi-level liar if I didn't get this o...
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My Mum Won’t Let Me Be with My Boyfriend

I am 18 years old and I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months now and my mum has found out about my boyfriend as she took my phone and saw text messages and photos of him but in those text messages, we were arguing. I’ve never told her about him as it isn’t our culture to be involved with a boy. everything is fine except for the fact that me and my boyfriend are different religions and my mum wants me to eventually get married to someone who’s the same religion. I’ve told my mum I see a future ...
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Russell Tovey’s feet, Tom Daley’s drink, & Laith Ashley’s big spread

Here's what you missed on Instagram this week:
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How To Help The Victims Of The California Wildfires

Three major wildfires – Camp, Woolsey, and Hill – have engulfed the state of California.Camp Fire, in the northern part of the state, has destroyed more than 6,700 structures and killed at least nine people, making it California's most destructive wildfire. The blaze also consumed most of Paradise, a town north of Sacramento. In Southern California, firefighters estimate that more than the 250,000 people have been forced to evacuate from their homes because of the Woolsey and Hill fires.As the ...
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White Rose de Alix:

  The house of Atkinsons revives their masterpiece White Rose, a perfume launched in 1910 and extremely popular in its time.   It was the signature perfume of the last Russian Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. The fragrance is now called White Rose de Alix, transformed into an aromatic monument to this ill-fated and beautiful woman, a perfect wife and an unlucky ruler, who was canonized as a ... Read full article: White Rose de Alix: from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Natural Fragrance House Smoke Launches Night Cloud

The natural perfume house Smoke was launched with a single fragrance by founder Kathleen Currie in 2013. Drawing on her background as a massage therapist and aromatherapist, Currie set out to craft a scent that was as evocative as it was therapeutic. The result was a signature scent of vetiver, citrus, and jasmine, offered in roll-on bottles with 10 ml perfume, which has continued to grow organic... Read full article: Natural Fragrance House Smoke Launches Night Cloud from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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Trump Threatens To Cut Federal Funding For California Amid Latest Wildfires

Wildfires are burning throughout Northern and Southern California. The Camp Fire, north of Sacramento, has killed nine people, and left countless more homeless. The Washington Post reports that the town of Paradise is almost completely destroyed. Near Los Angeles, the Woosley and Hill Fires are devastating neighborhoods, including Thousand Oaks, which is still grieving over this week’s mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill. Here’s what President Donald Trump had to say in reaction to th...
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Deadliest California Wildfire Since Record-Keeping Began Claims 9 Lives

At least nine people are dead as a result of wildfires in California that have decimated over 100,000 acres of land. According to CBS, it is the deadliest wildfire outbreak since record-keeping began.The wildfires are comprised of three separate fires. Camp Fire, the largest, is in Butte County, which is north of Sacramento in the California Central Valley. It is also the fire that caused the death of nine people, five of whom were seemingly overtaken by the blaze in their cars while trying to ...
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Proof That Ryan Gosling Is Still 'Hey, Girl' Hot

It’s difficult to recall the very first time we laid eyes on Ryan Gosling. It's probably because the moment is a distant, buried memory from the mid-’90s when he was a star on Mickey Mouse Club. But for some, the first Gosling experience came years later during his breakout role in The Notebook. Regardless, Gosling is a mainstay — in Hollywood and our hearts.If you’re not on the bandwagon yet — not even after the memes, the dancing, or the pro-Gosling protests – prepare to hitch a ride. In hon...
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How to escape your wardrobe rut and look fabulous at the office

Given the changes sweeping the workplace these days, what’s a woman to wear? That depends. While some fields lend themselves to T-shirts and jeans, others demand a more conservative look. As Gramercy-based lawyer Shermin Lakha puts it: “There’s a certain image that comes to people’s minds when they think of a lawyer.” The Post tapped...
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Kinsey, clubs, and ‘Pence must go’: Indianapolis goes full on gay

Indianapolis has always felt like a second home to me. I used to publish a mag there called UNITE a few years ago, so I was frequently visiting the city. This time, I wanted to experience things that I may not have had the chance to see on previous visits.
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How To Clear Chest Acne, According To Top Dermatologists

While no one welcomes a breakout, seeing a zit crop up after a string of late nights or going to sleep with makeup on makes a certain amount of sense. But developing chest acne from proper adulting — like working out or wearing fitted clothing in the winter (duh!) — feels far from fair. According to Miami-based dermatologist S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of Miami, simple things like that can lead to an acne flare-ups on the chest. It doe...
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Over 8 Percent of Americans Believe They Are Struggling With Compulsive Sexual Behavior and Thoughts

Sex and everything that revolves around it can no doubt be stressful and confusing, at least some of the time. But for a decent chunk of Americans, a new survey suggests, their sexual hangups might be causing them a significant amount of mental anguish.Read more...
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Is in-laws’ request to bring dessert about more than just pie?

Let the rational voices in your head drown out your insecurities.
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Jaguar Stance

Jaguar Stance is the new masculine fragrance that comes out in November 2018, dedicated to creative and independent men, to individuals who follow their own rules, as the press release states.  Perfumer Michel Almairac created the new composition as a potent mixture of woods and spices. Mandarin and apple in the opening are enriched with spicy aromas; in the heart, there is a combination of wood... Read full article: Jaguar Stance from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Thanksgiving Place Cards: Free Printable

My sister-in-law is a saint. Every year she volunteers to have her house inundated with crawling babies, squealing children, somewhat broody tweens, hard-at-work moms, and hungry dads so that we can all be together for Thanksgiving dinner! And every year she seems to easily and seamlessly put together a beautiful tablescape for us to enjoy... Read More » The post Thanksgiving Place Cards: Free Printable appeared first on .
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Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading: Where to Find Hope and Help amid the Sexual Revolution I want to suggest at least four changes that account for how our culture has come to this moment, and then propose seven ways in which we can respond. Preaching a Church Toward Mission The motivation of grace better triggers a church’s impulse for gospel mission. Why You Should Consider Reading the Bible Chronologically One increasingly popular approach is chronological. This plan takes you through the Bible’s...
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