How to Maintain Your Mental Health as an Expat

Studies from different insurers indicate that expatriate mental health claims are on the rise across the board , all over the world, with one insurer reporting that mental health claims from Europe rose by 33% from 2016-17, and the claims from the Middle East and Africa rising by 28%. Other regions report less dramatic but still significant increases. Whether it’s due to better reporting and diagnosis, or because the world is becoming just a little bit harder to cope with, it’s clear that...
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Hey Kale, Your Closest Relative is Crunchier, Yummier and Even Healthier. Oh, and Apparently It's Cool Again - Some Cabbage Love

As Food and Wine magazine wrote this month - 'The Cabbage Craze is Officially 'Real'. I would add "The cabbage craze is real again.".Of course, there are other family members to thank for this resurgence in total-brassica-love such as the kimchi 'kraze', (or any fermented brassica for that matter), cauliflower (both in it's 'steaks' and 'riced' forms), Kohlrabi and it's Instagramable visual appeal, and even Brussel's Sprout (now that we all know how to prepare them properly (raw and sliced in wi...
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Designing the Right Physical Workspaces

In my work as a human resources and leadership consultant, I’ve observed that many organizations have dedicated spaces where employees come together to receive training. Most of the time, these locations are basic conference rooms, which led me to wonder: what if companies could build facilities uniquely equipped to meet the needs of the human learner? Seeking to find out what such spaces might look like and what best practices organizations would be smart to integrate, I spoke with Jonathan We...
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Private Brand Goes to College

Follett Corporation, the operator of more than 1,200 official on-campus stores and one of the nation’s largest retailers of college licensed merchandise, has launched an innovative new apparel customization program at its University of California Berkeley store. Marketed under its Fall Rush private brand which launched earlier this year, the Shirt Bar allows in-store customization of UC Berkeley and Cal Athletics officially licensed apparel with over 20,000 possible design combinations. Scot...
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Barbie fashion comes alive in vintage collaboration

One of the largest sellers of vintage-inspired clothes, Unique Vintage, is working with Barbie parent Mattel on the first women’s line to meticulously duplicate some of the doll’s most iconic early looks.
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Not Even Willy Wonka Would Eat This Chocolate Mess

Some of these legit made me tear up a little bit.
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Tide’s New Packaging Looks Like Boxed Wine and People Are Losing It

For sure, drink up all these Tide jokes. Just don’t drink the actual Tide detergent.
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Fans Are Mocking Bizarre Idris Elba Doll That Looks Nothing Like Him

This doll looks nothing like People's Sexiest Man Alive, right?
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The Tiny Skin-Care Tweaks You Should Make When It's Cold Outside

Photo: Courtesy of HBO. We've heard the warning before: "Winter is coming." In fact, we heard it for about seven seasons of Game of Thrones. Still, not once during Jon Snow's defense against the White Walkers did we see him ready his skin for the inevitably harsh winds and icy climate past the Wall. Luckily, we're planning on being far more prepared this winter than Snow was.It's time to face the facts: The moment the seasons change — from a moderately crisp fall to brick-cold winter — your...
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I Traded My Brown Hair For Bright Purple — & This Is What I Look Like Now

Natalie Goes True Violet Pop quiz: What leaves your mouth just before dying your natural brown hair a vibrant shade of purple? For California-based Natalie Austin, it was simple: "I'm ready for my hair to be fun again!"The Palm Springs local was ready for the positive change a new hair color brings, so she went to Spoke & Weal 's Los Angeles location where master colorist Del Miller transformed her brown hair to multidimensional violet. "Hair is really important," Austin says. "It's a lo...
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Grammar Jokes You’ll Only Get If You’re an English Language Expert

Raise your hand if you love a semicolon!
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Wife Fails That Pretty Much Sum up Married Life

I still have no idea which HDMI input goes to which electronic devices, and I'm not particularly motivated to figure it out anytime soon.
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Why These 3 Beauty Brands Supporting Wildfire Victims Deserve Your Attention

About an hour ago, the dude in my life left on recon to Malibu. His mission: Try to drive into the seaside canyon where we’ve lived for three years to see whether our neighborhood is still a neighborhood. Like many others in town, we bailed Friday morning when we saw flames from the Woolsey Fire peek over the ridge from Mulholland Highway. And like many others, we’ve been waiting to see what’s left of our home and community.The waiting sucks. It's been a nasty cocktail of regret (why didn’t I g...
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What You Should Know About Trump's New Anti-Birth Control Rules

The Department of Health and Human Services issued two final rules last week that make it easier for employers to deny women birth control coverage.President Obama's Affordable Care Act ensured that employer-provided health insurance plans covered birth control as a preventative service. But in an effort to "provide conscience protections for Americans who have a religious or moral objection" to health insurance that covers contraception methods, the Trump administration has released two new ex...
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Make Up Revolution Soph x Revolution Nude Lipstick Review & Swatches (And I Hope You Like My Tardis Cardigan)

Two weeks ago I was wearing Make Up Revolution Soph x Revolution Nude Lipstick and a Tardis Cardigan because Fall ya’ll (are you loving the new season of Doctor Who?)! Today, I’m sitting hear in a sun dress and pigtails because California ya’ll! This weather is stupid good, I’m never coming home (only kidding! I miss bagels, straws, pizza, and rude people that flip you off while driving down a parkway! There’s a ton more traffic on the West Coast but it feels like people driving around here hav...
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Travel Wise | A travel expert’s go-to advice: Pack the right socks

Your socks may be the most important thing you pack. Sound trivial? It's not.
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From Blonde To Jet Black, Claire Foy's Beauty Résumé Is Stellar

Claire Foy has exploded onto the Hollywood film scene over the past few years. You probably know the 34-year-old British actress as the young Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix's hit series The Crown, but this year, Foy has proved that she's no one-trick pony.In her most recent film endeavor The Girl in the Spider's Web — a sequel to Rooney Mara-led The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — Foy plays a whole new kind of protagonist. Lisbeth Salander, a dark and complex character, has survived severe emotion...
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28 Styles You Need To Learn If You're Transitioning To Natural Hair

When I decided to transition my hair from relaxed to natural over the course of a year or so, I naively thought I could continue my usual lazy-girl routine — which basically consisted of going to the hairdresser and having someone else deal with the mess on my head. But, as more and more new growth began to replace my straighter strands, I became concerned about not only the heat damage that might occur in the long run, but the fact that I was relying on somebody else to do all the work. So, I ...
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Tarte Tarteist Pro Remix Amazonian Clay Palette Available Today

Today the Tarte Tartetist Pro Remix Amazonian Clay Palette is a new eyeshadow palette that launches tonight at 6PM EST! This one is an early Spring 2019 launch and includes free shipping today thru tomorrow night. The palette is a remixed version of the popular Tarte Tartetist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette that launched in 2016. It includes 20 shades which are a little bolder for Tarte as they went with stronger shades of teal, purple, green, pink, purple, yellow, and other brighter shades that...
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​Patrick Starrr's Makeup Removing Hack Is Genius - and SO Easy​

Glitter and pigments are holiday-makeup must haves, but once the festivities are over - and all you want to do is hit the sheets - you're left with the trying task of sparkle removal. We, along with Patrick Starrr, are here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that hard. To take off glitter (and pretty much any other difficult-to-remove makeup), Starrr uses a genius combination of two gentle products: "I'll grab a makeup-removing wipe and squirt one to two pumps of cleansing oil for a double-...
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Priyanka Chopra's Makeup Artist Is Spilling All Her Secrets — & They're Good

Before Pati Dubroff was painting the faces of Priyanka Chopra, Amanda Seyfried, Eva Mendes, and Margot Robbie, she was just a girl growing up in New Jersey who was infatuated with makeup. Like many pros in the field today, her love for color cosmetics started while sitting at her mother's vanity. "I remember being 10 years old and completely obsessed," Dubroff tells Refinery29. "I remember thinking, 'I want to do this when I grow up' — I just didn't know what this was yet.""This" eventually bec...
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9 Simple Nail Art Looks To Impress All Your Relatives At Thanksgiving

There's not a one-size-fits-all answer to the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. Maybe you're planning to spend the holiday eating turkey wings and watching football, so you go with an oversized cropped sweater and your stretchiest high-rise jeans. Or, you know your mom will want to take the family holiday portrait, so you whip out that new emerald corduroy skirt, pull on sheer black tights, and add chunky hoop earrings.Whatever ensemble you land on, you'll want to make sure you're giving the smaller...
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Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

If your dream is to wake up with long, full, dark, and feathery eyelashes — without globbing on three coats of mascara — you've probably at least considered semi-permanent eyelash extensions, a trend that has sprung up over the past few years to respond to that exact wish.Going one step beyond falsies, these lashes last weeks. And while the trend has become prevalent in certain celebrity circles and big cities, you might still have questions about the safety, cost, comfort, and overall process....
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565 Help! I'm polysaturated!

What do you do when your long-distance partners move into town, and you find yourself with too many partners and too little time? 0:00 Introduction and host chat Under 18? Stop listening now and visit 1:15 Poly in the news What is polyamory? This is what it’s really like to have multiple partners. Heath Schechinger is one of the leaders of the new Consensual Non-Monogamy Task Force within the American Psychological Association. They're getting stuff done to advance pr...
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9 Ways to Personalize a Special Gift for Your Husband?

Everybody likes gifts, including people who say they don’t. Nevertheless, a gift means different things to different people. Many believe that a true gift is one that has something unique to it; something which separates that particular item from the rest. In other words, whether you are gifting a new pair of earrings to your wife or buying a bottle of single malt for your husband’s birthday, the gift needs to have a touch of personalization to it that reminds your husband of the celebration...
Tags: Fashion, Marriage, Gift Ideas, Personalized, Personalized Gifts, Special Gifts, Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Spotify Just Launched A Tool To Help Balance The Massive Gender Gap In Music

tLast month, in an interview about her new album, Alessia Cara told Refinery29 about the state of women in music. "People rarely ever believe that a woman can do it on her own," she said. "It seems like such a dated concept, but it is still so present in the music industry. I’ve seen with my own eyes some amazing and talented female songwriters and artists not get the recognition they deserve because people think they aren’t doing it on their own. Or, if they see a man’s name in the credits, th...
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8 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands To Support This Holiday Season

There's been a wave of international influence on the American beauty market in the last few years. From K-beauty skin care to French-girl makeup, brands from all over the world have been appearing in our favorite U.S. stores, consuming our Instagram feeds, and inspiring new beauty trends. And as unique beauty communities get more attention in the beauty aisle, we're seeing an uptick in brands owned by Latinx men and women.The Latinx community prides itself in having a strong connection to la b...
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Some Of This Year's Best Boots Don't Require A Heel

While you were dusting off your black ankle booties, you were also sleeping on the true trend of fall: chunky and flat military-inspired boots. In September, we saw the likes of Snow Xue Gao and Olivier Theyskens skip the heels and send their coat-wearing models down the runway in clunky combat boots. And since then, we've been hooked. We love a little extra height as much as the next person, but when truly cold-weather hits, we're leaning towards a look with a little more comfort. So when reim...
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Let's Name the New Dusita Perfume!

  At Pitti Fragranze 2018, we were able to test the new Parfums Dusita perfume created by Pissara Umavijani. I remember that it was a light, tender, powdery gourmand perfume, semi-transparent and soft like a whisper – the fragrance was not macerated yet, but with great longevity and good potential to grow. She told us about the concept, and she brought out the poem written by her father, t... Read full article: Let's Name the New Dusita Perfume! from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine...
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The Unadorned Realness of Berlin

As born and raised Neuköllner the 26-years-old photographer Hanko Ye really knows how to capture the unadorned and raw side of life in Berlin. Any kind of daily urban situation could represent a source of inspiration. He shoots photos of the streets, U-Bahn stations or green spaces. Private or public, intimate or social, forbidden or ordinary, ugly or beautiful: every moment and every detail becomes a puzzle piece of the bigger picture that is this incredible city. His focus is on the people aro...
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