Art Outings: 2 Seattle Times writers experience — and sometimes endure — the dinner and antics of Teatro ZinZanni’s ‘Hollywood & Vine’

Dinner-and-wine-and-wacky-cabaret Teatro ZinZanni has a new home in Woodinville. Food writer Bethany Jean Clement and arts writer Brendan Kiley went to evaluate the experience (all three-plus hours of it!).
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1 million Americans live in RVs: Meet the ‘modern nomads ’

About a million Americans live full-time in RVs. Many say this modern nomadic lifestyle has improved their marriages and made them much happier.
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Real women try out J.Lo’s racy naked cape

When donning an eye-popping statement piece like Valentino’s sequin-bedecked, emerald-green haute couture cape, some might be tempted to balance it out with understated items — a plain blouse, say, or sensible slacks. Jennifer Lopez had a different idea. In InStyle’s December issue, the 49-year-old tossed the billowing cape over a pair of six-inch gilded Christian...
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Holiday Hairstyles That Are WAY Easier Than They Look

Branded: Target Two Torial - Holiday Hair There's something about the holiday season that inspires us to step up our game in the makeup and hair categories and try our hand at fancier looks we wouldn't normally dare attempt. You know, the kind of looks you'd only see strutting down the runway in Paris or while scrolling through your social feed during awards season?Well, 'tis the season to try said looks, so to help you get in the holiday spirit, we asked two women to show us how they pla...
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Justine Marjan and Kitsch Prove That Hair Pins Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

This week, Justine Marjan dropped a line of rhinestone-encrusted hair accessories with Kitsch, and they have taken social media by storm. The crystals are arranged in the form of four words - "Feelings," "Damn," "Glam," and our personal favorite, "Drippin" - or as straight pins. They've been seen in the hair of celebrities and models, elevating top knots and styles, from classic to glam. Justine Marjan has taken to Instagram to show us how to wear her pieces. On her page, you'll see "Drippin" an...
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6 Unexpected Ways To Give Your Thanksgiving Traditions A Refresh

While there's plenty to love about Thanksgiving (No obligation to check email! Dinner at 3:30! Lots of encouraged napping!), the holiday can start to feel a little repetitive year after year: We wake up early to watch the parade, inevitably fight about politics with our extended relatives, then cap off the night counting down the hours until we blow our entire monthly budget on Black Friday sales. Fret not, though, because it's never too late to hit the refresh button on your Turkey Day celebra...
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New Music To Know This Week: Normani Is In Limbo, Karen O Has A New Collaborator & More

After my first job at MTV working as a music programmer, I can't stop trying to matchmake people with music they might like. So, I wrote a book calledRecord Collecting for Girls and started interviewing musicians. The Music Concierge is a column where I share music I'm listening to that you might enjoy, with a little context. Get everything I've recommended this year on Spotify, follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and leave a comment below telling me what you're listening to this week. Normani &...
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The Results Are In: These Are the Best Beauty Collaborations of 2018

Picture this: two icons walk into a room, and sparks fly immediately. That's kind of how we feel about a good beauty collaboration. This year, celebrities, fashion legends, influencers, and even Disney princesses have partnered with top cosmetics brands to make our dreams come true, with limited-edition sets of makeup, skin care, and hair care that perfectly meld the two's unique personas. Some of 2018's best collabs (and there were many of them) had the ability to prompt our editors to do two t...
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The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Makeup Lovers

When people start planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they usually start saving their coins for new TVs, appliances, or that coat at Nordstrom they've had their eyes on since September. But what's not spotlighted enough are all the beauty buys you can snag on the biggest shopping day of the year.Most of the products that you'd have to step out of your budget to get (like that $60 NARS palette) or the wish list items you resisted (even if Jackie Aina told you it was worth it), are actual...
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As Nigerian fashion booms, women lead its coverage

Spurred by the leadership of entrepreneurial women and Nigeria’s cultural cachet around Africa and the world, the country’s fashion magazine industry has found a receptive audience.
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For the Office Holiday Party; Under $75

For the Office Holiday Party; Under $75 Outfit specs: Occasion: Office holiday party Body type: Petite, pear-shaped Budget: Under $75 Pieces: Polka dot wrap dress from ASOS, $55 Druzy necklace from Target, $16 Add basic black pumps from your closet This is an original post from The Budget Fashionista. For the Office Holiday Party; Under $75
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Cyber Monday Is Coming - These Are The Best Sales To Shop

There's no time to let any shopping blues get you down once Black Friday ends. Where one sales day ends, another begins. Cyber Monday has become the premier date to ignore your coworkers' small talk about their holiday weekend, flex your credit card number memorization skills, and covertly spend the first day back at work scrolling through the hundreds of sales happening online.To help you avoid the grueling process of scrolling through one too many email newsletters, we're rounding up all the...
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3 Gift Ideas For The Guys In Your Life This Holiday Season

Gifts for men can be some of the hardest to purchase, especially during the holiday season. From dads, sons, grandfathers and uncles to coworkers, bosses, friends and neighbors, every guy on your shopping list deserves something special this holiday season. Some men have hobbies or interests that make it very easy to select the perfect gift, and many guys are very direct when it comes to telling their friends and loved ones what tops their holiday gift list. While these men may be easy t...
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Target's New Curated Beauty Boxes Are Practically Made For Gifting Season

Any kind of subscription service sounds great — free music, streaming TV, weekly meals delivered to your door — until you start considering that pesky monthly fee. $9.99 a month isn't so bad for Spotify Premium, you think. Then you tally up how much that will ding you over the course of a year, and realize a curated ad-free workout playlist might not be worth $120 in the long run after all.Luckily, Target understands both our need for convenience and general aversion to accumulating credit-card...
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You Can Win A Free MAC Lipstick When You Shop At Ulta Beauty Right Now

There's no losing when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings — we can all reap the benefits. But what separates an experienced, zen bargain hunter from someone who spends hours in the checkout line with a splitting headache come Thanksgiving week is that the former jumps on those early sales.This year, you can fancy yourself a planner, because you'll win big on everything beauty-related when you shop Ulta Beauty 's annual Cyber Fundays flash sale, going on right now. The savings are...
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I Finally Found the Secret to "Glass Skin" - and It's in Farsali’s New Serum

ICYMI, "glass skin," an Asia-born beauty trend of having blemish-free, reflective skin, swept Instagram feeds everywhere last year. Now, Farsali has come out with Liquid Glass Radiance Make-Skin Serum ($54), a liquid that promises to give you the same effect while simultaneously hydrating and priming the skin for makeup. If that sounds like a tall order, that's because it is. Farsali has managed to pack the bottle with ingredients that make skin shine (like mica) and stay hydrated (like wate...
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I Let My Long Hair Define Me For 23 Years, So I Cut It Off to Take Back Control

"I am my hair," Lady Gaga belted on the sixth track of her 2011 Born This Way album. Aptly titled "Hair," the lyrics champion owning your identity - profoundly, unapologetically - by way of how you choose to wear yours. It's a song I've always felt connected to and a sentiment I understood well. To myself and others, my hair was a huge piece of my identity. Thick, naturally straight, and rarely less than two feet long, it cascaded over my shoulders and down my back, often in loose, bouncy curls...
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Mariah Carey Is The Master Of Her Own Domain On Caution

In the face of a culture that remains ambivalent about what middle-aged (or older) women have to say, Mariah Carey refuses to be silenced — or forced to “act her age.”In the year of our Lord, 2018, Mariah Carey finally decided – after an especially dramatic several years in her personal life – to drop a few f-bombs. Sure, the superstar has dropped a few swears on live TV and is a known curser in her day-to-day life, but she hasn’t really done it in a song before. With Caution, the diva’s 14th s...
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The Instagram Highlighting The Fashion Of Our Favorite Music Videos

Our latest Instagram obsession? Runway To Music Video, an account highlighting all the best designer pieces worn in music videos, from the of-the-moment to the legendary. Run by Mario Dodovski, a 24-year-old fashion enthusiast living in Skopje, Macedonia, the account brings together our two passions – beautiful fashion and music we listen to again and again – in one aesthetically pleasing post.Incidentally, Mario doesn't work in either industry; he's a technical writer for a large international...
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Parsnip Apple Risotto

This is a lovely meal. It could also be used as a holiday main course. One could also add smoked tofu pieces if you want it to be heartier, but we felt it was perfect the way it was. Ingredients: 3-4 medium to large parsnips 1 red onion 1 cup risotto rice ½ cup white wine 2-3 cups vegetable bouillon ¼ cup pine nuts or sunflower seeds, toasted 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast 1-2 sprigs rosemary 2 tablespoons cooking oil 1-2 handfuls dried cranberries Directions: Toast the pine nuts or sunflo...
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Consider The Crop Top: A Surprisingly Versatile Wardrobe Addition

‘Tis the season for wardrobe confusion. While the temperatures have definitely dropped from what they were in October, we’re still in the awkward in-between season where you can be bundled up in a parka walking outside and then feel uncomfortably warm as soon as you step inside of a building. This fluctuation calls for some transitional pieces to take center stage in your closet and one of the tried-and-true classics you can wear over the next few weeks is the long sleeve crop top.Crop tops and...
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This Style Hack Is The Secret To Smart Winter Layering

Stylish people love the talk of layering, but, truth be told, layering successfully isn’t as effortless as it looks in the wintertime. A few misplaced layers can quickly send your carefully planned ensemble into puffland — and, as people who have been there many times before, we can attest that it’s not so much cozy as it is stuffy and uncomfortable.That’s where the DIY catsuit comes in, our favorite cold-weather wardrobe hack for layering smartly and stylishly. This base is comprised of just o...
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See the Best Buys From Ulta's Cyber Fundays Sale Before It Ends

Black Friday may not be until next week, but there's no reason you can't get in on the money-saving fun now, too. If you truly cannot wait until you're fueled up on turkey to shop major deals, Ulta's got you. The retailer has kicked off its Cyber Fundays a little early this year, giving you the chance to shop some of the most generous beauty deals. Among the discounted items are jam-packed gift sets, skincare bestsellers, 'grammable palettes, wondrous discovery kits, and even our own Beauty by ...
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A Comprehensive Guide To Growing Out Your Pubic Hair

Public opinion on pubic hair has come a long way since the Renaissance. Back then, south-of-the-border fuzz was thought to be so uncivilized, women used depilatories formulated with arsenic to remove it. (The directions, according to a 1532 recipe: "Wash quickly with hot water so the flesh doesn't come off.") Those times, in the best interest of everyone's skin, are luckily behind us.Today, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. Plenty of celebrities, from Emma Watson to Amber Rose t...
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Instagram Memes For Every Thanksgiving Mood

Ah, Thanksgiving: a holiday known just as well for its signature turkey and gravy as the familial discord it brings to the table.So this year, after piling mashed potatoes onto your plate, consult the following memes and videos as inspo for navigating tricky holiday scenarios: like, when your grandpa makes you give a toast on the spot and you've had one too many glasses of wine, when your uncle says something racist and/or sexist just as dessert is being served, or when your ex sends you a late...
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These Were the 10 Most Dramatic Hair Transformations of 2018

If 2018 felt like a whirlwind of a year to you, you're not the only one. It went by so quickly - and was so jam-packed - that a number of beauty moments ended up lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we thought it'd be fun to comb through the last several months to highlight the most dramatic hair transformations. Naturally, we asked hairstylists, who study such moments as a part of their jobs, to chime in about who was worthy of making the list. From the red carpet to the runway to social media...
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From Heaven to Earth - Lush's “God Is a Woman" Bath Bomb Has Arrived

Lush's Goddess Bath Bomb ($9), the brand's spin on the heavenly pools Ariana Grande bathed in during her "God Is a Woman" video, has finally touched down on earth. This bath bomb, which Ariana Grande fans have been waiting for since July, explodes into celestial swirls of lilac, silver, and pink that smell of oudh and sandalwood. (It's funny because that's exactly what we thought the pool in Grande's video would smell like: tranquility.) The orb also contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and arga...
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Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union’s Miracle Baby Name Revealed… (PHOTOS)

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade announced the birth of their daughter a few days ago and shared several images of their bundle of joy (click if you missed that). The NBA guard recently showed off his latest tattoo and proudly introduced his newborn’s name to the world with his new ink. Details + photos below… (more…) Related Posts Instagram Flexin: Dwayne Wade Sends Online ‘Love Note’ to Gabrielle Union…Boo’d Up – Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade Lunch in Miami… [PHOTOS]If You Care: Ma...
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12 Beauty Moments That Pushed Major Boundaries in 2018

The turn of the new year tends to put us in this funny mental juxtaposition of past, present, and future. It causes us to look far into the months ahead of us as we contemplate goals, while also begging us to consider how the past 12 months have transformed our world in ways we may not even fully appreciate yet. This is true for everything ranging from important events to milestones to, yes, notable moments that happened in the beauty community. Today, we're focusing on exactly that, partially b...
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