The Power Of A Personal Challenge

As the year draws to a close, it’s normal to glance back and appraise how it all went. Alongside the successes and celebrations, you might be taking a closer look at some of the habits that did not add joy to your life, or whose pain outweighed their pleasure. I have certainly been examining 2018, and while this year has been a wild one, in the shuffle, I picked up (or amplified) a couple of habits that I know are not serving me in the long-term. The first one was bingeing on sugar. I find it al...
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The Newest Beauty Brands You Should Know About in 2019

While many news outlets cover the first infant born in the new year, at POPSUGAR, we're much more concerned with the new baby beauty brands. Hopefully throughout the year, you'll find products that totally redefine your beauty style, transform your skin, or make your hair shinier than you could ever have imagined. Check out the brand-spankin'-new lines ahead. Related: 10 Underrated...
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A 10-Day Party Marathon: Your Berlin Holiday Party Guide

Ditch your desk and roll up your sleeves, because we gotta get ready to take this holiday madness by the horns! I don’t know about you, but I’m in such a festive mood, I can’t get enough of raising my glass to a kinky new year. Right on time, Berlin quenches our party thirst with a crazy 10-day party marathon, that will satisfy all your festive needs for sure. We pre-selected some cool events for you, one for every day around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So… ten days – are you ready for it? ...
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Woman Tracks Down Mysterious Man Who Helped Her Travel to the U.S. After 15 Years

This beautiful story of a young girl rescued from a Sierra Leone airport by a total stranger is part of a greater Twitter trend.
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Sweet Video of Grandpa Greeting His Granddaughter Will Make You Want to Call Your Own Pop-Pop

The only way this duo could be any sweeter is if they started solving cute, low-stakes crimes together.
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These Absurd Quotes From College Students Will Make You Laugh and Then Groan

"We lost the ping pong ball so we used an avocado seed for beer pong instead.
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These Overheard Uber Conversations Deserve a 5-Star Rating

"A long-distance relationship is any ride over $20."
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People Reveal the Dumbest Things They Did as Kids, and They Are Hilarious

"Someone made fun of me crying so I went home and put L’Oreal No Tears shampoo in my eyes."
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Emily Blunt's Hair For Mary Poppins Returns Was Created With This Terrifying Tool

It took two old-fashioned styling techniques and one scary-looking hot tool to transform Emily Blunt into Mary Poppins. To create Blunt's loose curls, Oscar-winning makeup and hair designer Peter Swords King said he did finger waves "like they did in the '30s." Finger waves originated in the 1920s, and King re-created the look by pushing waves into Blunt's hair with his fingers, using clips to secure them in place, then drying each section. Next, he employed his second technique: pin curling (wh...
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Link Love: Holiday Medley 2018

We’re continuing our tradition of ringing out the Link Love year with a collection of style-related stories that didn’t quite fit into the themed Link Love posts we published throughout the year, but are worth a look anyway. Enjoy! Monetising Meghan Markle: brands are getting increasingly better at capitalising on what the royal wears immediately after she’s seen out. The New York Times explains why holiday windows still matter. How designers decide what to wear on the runway. Fashionista publi...
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The New Year’s Resolutions to Make For Longer and Stronger Hair

Whether you're experiencing some unexplained hair loss, or just want to rid yourself of a terrible cut - growing your length out takes work. Many factors play into the strength of your hair, but we've figured them out for you. With the help of some of our favorite experts, we've put together our resolutions for the new year . Head down the long road, below.
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5 Stylish Mom Outfits That Will Have You Looking Fabulous This Spring

If you’re a stylish mom, you’re probably looking forward to flaunting your spring fashion. Here are 5 fabulous outfits for your inspirational pleasure! If you’re a mom, then no-one said it better than Taylor Swift: “you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world”. Motherhood is a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your day in style. For the stylish mom who’s looking forward to flaunting this spring’s fashions, here are 5 fabulous outfits to inspire. 1....
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16 Makeup Looks That Take All The Fuss Out Of Planning New Year's Eve

When the earliest-known New Year's Eve celebrations went down in 2000 B.C.E., the Mesopotamians probably weren't spending the days leading up to the party worried about the falsies that could last through sticky showers from popped Champagne bottles (which, frankly, no one likes, by the way) or exactly what kind of updo they'd spin into a fancy hair clip. But in this day and age, what you wear seems almost as important as who you'll be kissing when the clock strikes midnight... if not more.The ...
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Watch The Crazy Makeup Routine Of A Cirque Du Soleil Star

Makeup artists have a lot to deal with when it comes to the red carpet: Bright flashes, harsh lighting, and unflattering lenses can turn a perfectly buffed face into a flat, blank canvas. Now take those conditions, add in a marathon, and that's what Cirque Du Soleil performers deal with."We do two shows a night, 10 shows a week," Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity acrobat Marina Tomanova says. "We sweat, we run around, and we want it to last."In this video, Tomanova walks us through her hour-long pre-...
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5 Women On How They Really Feel About Their Stretch Marks

Tiger stripes. Lightning strikes. Stretchies. These are some of the pet names people (Chrissy Teigen among them) have come to use when talking about their stretch marks. As cute as they sound, the nicknames are proof that the naturally-occurring scars needed something of a re-brand in a society that has long deemed them undesirable.In the ancient era, it's been rumored that both the Greeks and Romans looked to the powers of olive oil to make stretch marks on pregnant bellies disappear. And in t...
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Vintage Secrets to Being a Good Conversationalist

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from Our Deportment by John H. Young, an etiquette manual published in 1882. The character of a person is revealed by his conversation as much as by any one quality he possesses, for strive as he may he cannot always be acting. Importance of Conversing Well To be able to converse well is an attainment which should be cultivated by every intelligent man and woman. It is better to be a good talker than a good singer or musician, because the former is ...
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Patrick Collison — CEO of Stripe (#353)

“If people around you don’t think what you’re doing is a bit strange, maybe it’s not strange enough.” — Patrick Collison Patrick Collison (@patrickc) is chief executive officer and co-founder of Stripe, a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. After experiencing firsthand how difficult it was to set up an online business, […]
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City investigating Prada over ‘racist’ blackface merchandise

The city has launched a probe into Prada over a Soho store display that featured a line of accessories blasted as racist. The NYC Commission on Human Rights is looking into reports that a Prada employee was retaliated against for complaining about the display of “Pradamalia” keychains and other trinkets — that included a character...
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Statement Barrettes Are The New Graphic Tees

Back in the day, making a statement with your hair meant mom tying plaid ribbon around your ponytail, tacking plastic bow-shaped clips on the ends of your braids, or lining them with beads. Now, the accessories from our childhood are all grown up and bold in a totally different way.A new wave of hair jewels (including headbands, metallic clips, and even velvet ribbon) are emerging on runways, and on the heads of some of our favorite celebs. The latest adornment to steal our hearts? Blinged-out...
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Nexxt Welcomes an Industry Pro as the Newest VP of Sales

Nexxt is excited to welcome our newest member, Wade W. Pierson, as the Vice President of Sales. Wade has worked in the human resource and staffing space for over two decades, and plans to use this experience to lead Nexxt’s sales team to success through exceptional customer experience.“Wade’s passion, business acumen and dedication to his clients’ success make him the perfect addition to the Nexxt family,” said Andy Katz, COO of Nexxt. “As we gear up for a busy and successful 2019, I have full...
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Sponsored: Women are on track to earn the same as men — in 202 years

The latest Global Gender Gap Report is out: Iceland was the best performer on the list for the 10th year running.
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The Results Are In! These Are The 10 Best Rated Black Tights On The Market Now

Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top reviewed products across the web — according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.Update: Thank you for all of your amazing input in the comments. We've since updated our story with a few popular options.To bring you up to speed, we recently launched a new series, Hype Machine, where we round up the top reviewed items on the internet. Boots, sex toys, hu...
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10 Underrated Drugstore Products to Return to in 2019

It's easy to overlook drugstore brands in favor of high-end products encased in gold-clad glass, but we're telling you that's a major mistake. Some of the items in the aisles of your local drugstore have the best items on the market, and it's time you consider revisiting some of them in the new year. Not only will you save a boatload of money (I'm going to spend mine on soup dumplings), but you'll find makeup, skincare, and hair products you would choose over your more expensive stuff. Check out...
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Naomi Campbell finally booked her first beauty campaign at 48

Nearing her fifth decade of life, it’s about time Naomi Campbell landed a beauty campaign. The legendary supermodel has rocked the runway for major brands (Versace, Chanel, Dior, you name it) more times than one can count, yet somehow has never been chosen for a cosmetics contract like her high-profile peers — until now. NARS...
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16 Unique Subscription Sites That Take The Stress Out Of Creative Gifting

Over the years, we've come to learn that one is either born to holiday gift...Or not. And for those of us who were skipped by the gifting gene, this season represents a time of idealess turmoil instead of festive shopping sprees. But this year, we won't be throwing in the towel when our creativity banks hit empty. Because this year, the effortless solution of the subscription box has hit an all-time high in creativity and quality.When you can't figure out how the hell to wrap friends, family me...
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