10 Mom Bloggers to Follow On Instagram

Parenting is hard. Fortunately, we have social media and the internet to help us learn from and connect to other parents. Seeing what works for someone else, getting tips on child rearing or just commiserating about the stressful parts can be extremely helpful in navigating parenthood. Instagram is a great place to find some amazing parenting inspiration. There are tons of options out there. While many may get their start slowly, or even buy Instagram followers to gain some momentum,...
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Is The Bachelor Finally Ready To Acknowledge Its Racist Undertones?

Accusations of racism and The Bachelor go together like a confused hunk and a pile of roses in need of distribution. The Bachelor Nation flagship series has never had a lead of color save for the white-passing Juan Pablo Galavis (who ended up being the villain of his own season). Last year’s Arie Luyendyk Jr.-lead outing dipped into the most eye roll worthy of spicy Latina stereotypes with its depiction of fan-favorite Bibiana Julian. Even Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay has accused producers ...
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Could You Handle The Pressure Of These Careers?

Nobody likes pressure, especially when you just don’t know how to deal with it. But pressure in terms of your career is not actually that bad, it keeps you on your toes.
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The Bachelor Season 23 Premiere Recap: Like Sloths To A Flame

These days, a good Bachelor is hard to find. Which means that every Bachelor has two missions: To fall in love, and to prove to the viewers that he’s at all ready for that love. I hesitate to say that Colton Underwood isn’t ready for love — who is? — but, from the premiere of The Bachelor season 23, I can say definitively that he’s got a chip on his shoulder about all of this. Colton reads the comments section. He may even comment back. Which, like it or not, is going to make an interesting sea...
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This Is What Happened

Perfume PosseThis Is What Happened Hi everyone, and Happy New Year. So, in early November, I had surgery.  Two months later it’s pretty clear that the general anesthesia did something to my sense of smell (the surgery had nothing to do with my head).  It… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseThis Is What Happened
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How to Help Your Kids Make Realistic New Years Resolutions — and Keep Them

What if your child's resolution is to learn how to horseback ride and you know you cannot afford to send her for lessons? What to do?
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Being ‘Sober Curious’ Is the Trend Taking Over 2019

Cutting out, or even just limiting drinking can often be an easier way to drop the pounds you're hoping to shed this year. And it might just lead to you being a happier person overall.
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Everyone Thinks Ross from ‘Friends’ is Super Relatable for This Reason

So, back in 1999, Ross Geller (and the rest of his friends) made a few New Years' resolutions...
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The Gorgeous Dogs in Training for the Iditarod, Alaska’s Famous Sled Race

Some people call it "The Last Great Race on Earth" others call it "The Best Place to See Cute Doggos."
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Lush Now Sells Emoji Bath Bombs, and We Want All of Them

Eggplants, peaches, and love tokens, oh my!
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Classical Art Memes That Will Make You Laugh Your Face Off

We have a lot more in common with classical art than we think.
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How Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service Can Improve Your Life

There are not many homeowners out there that can actually say that they like to clean their homes. In fact, the whole ordeal is a time consuming and sensitive responsibility. Not only do you sacrifice an incredible amount of time when you clean your home, but also you probably always feel like you didn’t do a good enough job, which gets you down a little bit. Adults with larger families even face more of a challenge as they will probably have to clean the home at least two or three times a...
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10 Affordable Skincare Products That Will Make 2019 the Year You Glow

This year, commit to taking care of your skin with the newest innovations at the drugstore, paired with some tried and true favorites. We've rounded up some of the best and most affordable products you should add to your routine this year to finally achieve clear, glowing skin. Whether you need an extra dose of hydration, to fade dark spots, or to eliminate acne, these products will help you on your skincare journey without robbing you blind. Check out some of the best products ahead, from brand...
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24 Dresses That Would Clinch A First Impression Rose On The Bachelor

Tonight we will embark on the process (sorry, journey) of drinking several glasses of red wine as we watch a man who doesn’t know what he wants make questionable choices in a new season of The Bachelor. We can't help it. Week after week we tune in to see which relationships progress and which ultimately flop, with each episode concluding in a supremely high-stakes Rose Ceremony, where the lead hands out flowers to women who he wants to continue getting to know. Oh, the anticipation!Cocktail dre...
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9 Celebs Who Walked the Golden Globes Red Carpet in Drugstore Products

You might think that celebrities walking the red carpet at award shows are only adorned in the most expensive products to achieve their glam looks, but there's a surprising number of stars whose beauty teams prefer drugstore staples. Golden Globes attendees used everything from Dove dry shampoos to CoverGirl eye shadow palettes to get ready for the night's festivities, looking just as great as the celebs wearing luxury brands. Check out the photos ahead to see what products the night's guests w...
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The Bachelor's Makeup Artist Reveals Colton Underwood's $575 Skincare Routine

Before the world delves into which contestants are there for the "right" reasons, or whether it's harder to compete on reality TV than in the NFL, let's first address the elephant in the room with this season's The Bachelor: Colton Underwood is extremely disciplined . . . with his skincare routine. (Wait, that's where you were going too, right?) This is in part due to good genes, but there's also a beauty godmother - and luckily for us, the show's longtime makeup artist Gina Modica isn't wait...
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Kristin Ess's Newest Hair Mask Smells and Feels Expensive (but We Promise You It’s Not)

Kristin Ess is a magic-maker - just take a look at this dreamy hairstyle she created on one of her celeb BFFs, Lauren Conrad. In 2017, she did us a solid by giving us the tools and tonics to get A-list hair at an affordable price, but we think her most recent additions to her line are probably her best ones yet. Ess released a scalp care collection, a set of five products that are meant to restore the health in that area. A combination of this Winter's harsh cold air and my scalp's typical dryne...
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CoverGirl's New $7 Eyeliner Outlasted a Full Workout, and Here Are the Pics to Prove It

I love exercising. I love eyeliner. Somehow, CoverGirl found a way to intersect the two, making it possible for me to go through an entire workout without smudging or smearing my winged liner. When I'd first heard that the brand was coming out with a "sweat-proof" makeup line, I thought, "Like hell it is." It's not that I don't have faith in CoverGirl (and its awesome formulas), it's just that I've found very few liquid eyeliners can live up to such a loaded claim. I got my hands on the new Cove...
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This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Faked an Australian Accent During Show’s Premiere

This 'Bachelor' contestant has gone absolutely bananas and created a fake accent to hook Colton. How long can this last?
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Art in Public Spaces: A Chronicle of Art Installations in Berlin

Berlin has an international reputation for being a paradise for artists of any kind. During the last 30 years, our beloved city has seen an incredible big amount of large scale art installations, constructed not only in exhibition spaces, but also in public spaces, like squares or streets. We are crazy about artworks, especially if they are emotionally touching, impressive, contemplative, and why not, also appealing to our eyes. We prepared a list of the most remarkable and unforgettable art ins...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Germany, Berlin Wall, Berlin, Syria, Installation, Beethoven, Wall, Aleppo, Ai Weiwei, Christo, Daniel Barenboim, East, Jr, Potsdamer Platz

Rowan Blanchard Chopping 9 Inches of Hair For 2019 Is Our Mood For the Rest of the Year

If you were already considering a pixie cut, Rowan Blanchard's new hair will inspire you to take the plunge. The A Wrinkle in Time actress debuted a brand-new look at the Golden Globes on Sunday night after chopping nine inches off her lob, and it couldn't look better. Not only does Blanchard look incredibly chic, but the 17-year-old also revealed that the style had a deeper impact on her. She told hairstylist Laurie Heaps, who gave Blanchard the cut ahead of the Globes, that it "actualized her...
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11 Cookbook Recipes To Slay New Year's Food Resolutions With Flavor

New year, new food resolution. Whether your start to 2019 is all about eating more greens, honing a set of lackluster cooking chops, or just saving some extra dough by skipping weeknight takeout, having the right support is key. While the internet is an ever-flowing source of recipe inspiration, the endless searchable options out there can feel overwhelming — especially when specific and resolve-testing resolutions come into play. So, instead of blindly blog-searching, we're turning to the clas...
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I’ve Been Waiting for A Lipstick Queen Lip Scrub For Ages and Finally It’s Here!

Lipstick Queen Lip Restore Scrub ($24) and Lipstick Queen Lip Restore Balm ($20) have arrived for Spring 2019 and I feel like I’ve been waiting my entire life for this to happen. Lipstick Queen is well known catering to our lipstick and lipgloss fetishes and hell, occasionally they’ll throw a blush our way! Since they do focus on one area of makeup, that area being lips, that at this point they would have long since introduced an exfoliating lip scrub! But nope, they never did one! Until now...
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Exactly How Much It Costs To Be A Bachelor Contestant

Imagine you’re going to be a contestant on The Bachelor. (Just go with us here.) Now, we know you’re here for the right reasons, of course. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a little nervous about appearing on TV in front of millions of viewers — viewers who are going to dissect (and, sadly, hate-tweet) your every move, makeup malfunction, and bad hair day.And it's the worst for the women who appear on The Bachelor franchise. We already know that they spend way more than men to compete in the se...
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Kendall Jenner’s hyped Proactiv campaign sparks backlash

Over the weekend, Kris Jenner hyped an earth-shattering announcement about her model daughter Kendall and framed it as a profile in courage. “I’m so proud of my darling @KendallJenner for being so brave and vulnerable. Seeing you share [your] most raw story in order to make a positive impact for so many people and help...
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Rowan Blanchard Chopped Off Her Hair and Debuted a Pixie Cut For an Empowering Reason

If you were already considering a pixie cut, Rowan Blanchard's new hair will inspire you to take the plunge. The A Wrinkle in Time actress debuted a brand-new look at the Golden Globes on Sunday night after chopping nine inches off her lob, and it couldn't look better. Not only does Blanchard look incredibly chic, but the 17-year-old also revealed that the style had a deeper impact on her. She told hairstylist Laurie Heaps, who gave Blanchard the cut ahead of the Globes, that it "actualized her...
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21 Barrettes That've Come A Long Way From '90s Butterfly Hair Clips

If you were a child or teen of the '90s there's a very good chance that at one point in your life you were seen wearing those tiny butterfly hair clips. Now, two decades later, this beloved trend is making a comeback and barrettes and hair clips have started popping up on the heads of your favorite Instagrammers (we see you, Alyssa!) and fashion people. But instead of running to Claire's like you did in the past to restock on clips (a moment of silence for all of the hair ties, bobby pins, and ...
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NOT Perfumes from Sweden: Unique, Weird and Odd

After many years of composing "weird" bespoke fragrances for an avant-garde and creative clientele of freaks, artists and perfume haters, the idea of Swedish perfumer Johanna Venables to create a ready-to-wear range matured and morphed into her own brand NOT perfumes. In order to ensure full freedom as an artist in the olfactory field, as well as maintaining total honesty and integrity, the perfu... Read full article: NOT Perfumes from Sweden: Unique, Weird and Odd from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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