The Bachelor Season 23, Episode 2 Recap: Billy On The Street, Colton In The Sheets

The Bachelor is constipated. Forgive it! Perhaps the show just had too much protein this season. Not enough fiber! Not enough water! The result is fairly tepid — or just awkward — television. Colton is trying his hardest to be the debonair gentleman, but things are just moving a little slow! To move things along, The Bachelor introduces a few experts in the field of moving things along. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, self-declared fans of the franchise, join the fun, livening up the show wit...
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Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Masks

Sheet masks: they have become a weekly thing for me and I truly believe that they’ve made my skin so much brighter.  I totally didn’t believe in them at first.  I figured that... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Sisley Eau du Soir

I’m wearing Sisley’s Eau du Soir these days and it is perfect for these winter days.  I know wintery fragrances tend to be warm and cozy, but I like something that reflects the weather... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Two Cats Live Alone in a Silicon Valley Apartment for $1,500 a Month

We've found a pair of cats that are DEFINITELY living a nicer life than you are in their own Silicon Valley apartment.
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You Can Now Make Sick Beats by Having Siri Crunch Numbers

Start the year off right, and dance your way into 2019.
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Meet Remus, the Adorable Dachshund Who Learned ‘Harry Potter’ Spells

This cute dachshund named Remus is breaking the internet with the video of him responding to commands as Harry Potter spells.
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That madeleine

Perfume PosseThat madeleine (Caution:  this post contains a whole lotta ellipses) Y’know… that madeleine… I’ve often wondered if the smell or taste of something is required to be persackly what it is remembered to be (and can you even prove that it is?)… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseThat madeleine
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25 Travel Essentials For Harsh (But Stylish) Winter Escapes

Not all winter trips translate to sun-drenched beach scenes on remote islands. For some of us, getaways during the months of January into March look a little more local and snow filled — making our suitcase contents less crochet bikini and more wool beanie. So when winter escapes aren't literal cold-weather departures, there's an entirely different set of travel essentials to turn to.Enter: A streamlined a hit-list of 25 goods, from fashion to wellness and tech, that will suit any chilly destin...
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These Cuts Are Going to Be Huge in 2019, According to Hairstylists

Some day we'll be able to try out every new haircut trend using only our brain waves. Until then, the formula to pulling off a fresh chop in 2019 is simple: enlist advice from the pros, bring plenty of hair inspiration to your stylist, say a little prayer to your maker, and just . . . take the leap. "It is liberating to make a big hair change, and we often see this happening a lot as the new year begins," said celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps. "It is a signal to start fresh and conquer the co...
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Shay Mitchell Has A Warning For Those Romanticizing You's Joe Stans

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 1 of You.If you haven't heard, because you're understandably still riding the Marie Kondo wave, there's actually another show that's getting lots of buzz: the psychological thriller You. The new-to-Neflix series, which premiered on Lifetime in September 2018, has been trending on social media after its debut on the digital streaming service this month. Many viewers have been romanticizing Penn Badgley's stalker character Joe Goldberg, which has ma...
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Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

The new chapter of the Gucci Guilty fragrance line will be opened early 2019 with the new Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum edition and the new advertising campaign featuring singer Lana Del Rey and actor Jared Leto. The campaign is shot by Glen Luchford under the editorial of the creative director of the house Alessandro Michele, also featuring a cameo of rock star Courtney Love. The campaign... Read full article: Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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24 Travel Essentials For Harsh (But Stylish) Winter Escapes

Not all winter trips translate to sun-drenched beach scenes on remote islands. For some of us, getaways during the months of January into March look a little more local and snow filled — making our suitcase contents less crochet bikini and more wool beanie. So when winter escapes aren't literal cold-weather departures, there's an entirely different set of travel essentials to turn to.Enter: A streamlined a hit-list of 20 goods, from fashion to wellness and tech, that will suit any chilly destin...
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Why Australia's beaches are the spiritual centre of a secular nation | Brigid Delaney

Many of us have firsthand experience of the ocean’s lethal power, yet we cannot stay away• Vote for Australia’s best beaches• Open thread: tell us about your favourite beachThere is no place in Australia as egalitarian or as democratic as the beach. The beach doesn’t care who you are or what you wear. It doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race or religion. It says come as you are, and all over Australia we heed that call.The day after Boxing Day, at Sydney’s Bronte beach, so many different tri...
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Custom Skin Care Is the Wave of the Future, and These Brands Put You in Control

We've seen hair care and makeup brands providing bespoke options, but now, personalized beauty is coming to skin. These skincare companies are allowing us to take on the role of a chemist, controlling what ingredients make it into our serums, masks, and moisturizers. By filling out a quick survey either online or at a derm's office (and for one brand, snapping a selfie of your skin), you'll be able to buy products that were formulated just for you. Take control of your skin regimen with the fiv...
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O.A.K. – A Café to Fall in Love with in Neukölln

photo: Martina Trovato With all the cool and cozy cafes in Neukölln, O.A.K. definitely stands out as one of the most delightful. It’s not only the ideal place to sip a cup of a well-brewed Italian cappuccino while chatting with your friends, but also a nice spot to get some work done on your laptop and fill your belly with homemade delicacies. O.A.K. Cafè is run by a joyful Italian couple: Giulia and Martino (plus the cute glasses-wearing koala in a Hawaii shirt enjoying a coffee, the symbol o...
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‘Bad Boys 3’ Camera Test Shows Will Smith in Action

The Bad Boys are back for Bad Boys 3, aka Bad Boys For Life (or Bad Boys For Lif3, if you want to get crazy). After a lengthy period of uncertainty, production on the third entry in the over-the-top cop series has begun. If your thirst for all-things Bad Boys has yet to be quenched, you’re in luck: a new Bad Boys 3 camera test has given us our first look at Will Smith stepping back into the role of Detective Mike Lowrey. It’s not the most exciting footage, but it does prove one thing: Will Smit...
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13 Peels For People Who Are Still Scarred By That SATC Episode

Sex and the City inspired countless glittery and smoky-eye looks, deftly covered the politics of stashing your beauty essentials in your S.O.’s bathroom, and kept us busy playing catch up with Carrie’s long-to-lob, curly-to-straight, blonde-to-bronde hair changes. But of all the memorable beauty images that the show churned out, one of the most unshakable is that of Samantha Jones post-chemical peel. After getting an impromptu treatment, her skin looks burned to smithereens — or, as Carrie put ...
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Celebrity Doppelgängers That'll Make You Do A Double Take

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage. It's almost eerie how much some celebrities resemble each other. Just look at the star of Netflix's Sex Education, British actress Maeve Wiley — she looks just like Margot Robbie. Enough so that when you Google her name, Margot Robbie's name pops up right after it. But these two actresses both share high cheekbones, they aren't related at all, and probably haven't even met (yet.) Yet, the two of them could easily share a passport or star in a madcap series of...
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How You Can Benefit From These 5 Types of CBD

The possibilities with cannabidiol (CBD) are endless, and companies are constantly coming up with new ideas to maximize its effects and enhance the experience for users. The non-psychoactive compound is legal in the United States and many other countries, providing it has been extracted from the hemp plant and not cannabis – hemp is technically a strain of cannabis sativa , but is granted an exception because of the minimal THC content. The stark differences in how various CBD pro...
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In Honor of "Januhairy," 5 Women Explain Why They Don't Shave Their Body Hair

While men are expected to do very little grooming when it comes to body hair, women often feel pressured to be without any from the shoulders down. Laura Jackson, a 22-year-old student from the UK, started the #Januhairy movement after growing out her armpit hair for a performance and discovered that she actually liked it that way. Since then, she and other women have been sharing their stories about embracing body hair throughout social media. Ahead, we've collected some of the most compelling...
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9 Iconic Wardrobe Essentials — and Where To Get Them Now

9 Iconic Wardrobe Essentials — and Where To Get Them Now There’s never just one item that every closet needs. If anything, there are at least a handful of classics — wardrobe essentials that all women should own, mostly to resolve the dreadful and recurring “nothing to wear” problem. Read on for nine pieces no woman should do without. (Or jump to the infographic.) 1. The Little Black Dress Nothing says timeless like the LBD. Its popularity stems from more than just its versatility. There’s somet...
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The Makeup Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2019, According to a Makeup Artist

As you're shopping the many new beauty products of the new year, consider some of the biggest and most fun makeup trends that lie ahead. We asked celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli (who works with Elle Macpherson) to spell out which colors and formulas will be everywhere in the next few months. From colorful graphic liner to sheer berry lips, check out some of the freshest looks of 2019 ahead. Related: ...
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Horrific new details emerge as “gay purge” in Chechnya worsens

LGBTQ activists in Russia say two people have died and dozens more have been detained in what the Associated Press calls a “gay purge” in the Russian republic of Chechnya.
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Bad Boys 3 Has Officially Started Filming

Bad Boys 3 has finally begun filming, so it is time we let ourselves indulge in why it is that we love the Bad Boys films so much!
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Would you wear this high-cut bikini?

Some social media users say that this super-high cut bikini isn’t made for women’s bodies. Earlier this month, Australian retailer Beginning Boutique uploaded an Instagram photo of their Heron swimsuit, which features a crop-top shirt and a bikini bottom with a very high waist and narrow cut. The image caused an online stir with social...
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Hold Up - There Are a Bunch of Fenty Beauty Products on Sale at Sephora Right Now

Fenty Beauty quietly put its Chill Owt Holiday 2018 Collection on sale - which makes sense, considering it's, well, no longer the holidays. Products from the collection, including the Mattemoiselle 10/10 ($105) vault, the Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set ($69), and the brand's first-ever highlighting palette, the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette ($38), are now discounted by about 30 percent. Most of the collection is still available at Sephora, though some may have sold out. D...
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These Goods Will Turn Your Fridge Into An Organized Oasis

When the dizzying holiday season finally ends, our apartments look like a festive bomb went off inside them — with our kitchens as the main impact zone. But instead of letting the remains of 2018's feasting and baking feats consume our tidy spaces, we have Marie Kondo-esque plans to start at the source and tidy up our refrigerators.Before you bemoan tackling this grocery-bearing beast, consider the payoff that a sparkling food space can provide. Creating an oasis inside your refrigerator isn't ...
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