Spring Trend Report — What to Buy Now

Spring Trend Report — What to Buy Now We’ve just survived a polar vortex and now, a bigger problem lies ahead. How do we play in always-lively spring fashion trends without blowing our clothing budget for the entire year? And in this 2019, it’s an even bigger issue because there are dozens of amazing looks on the radar. From brilliant hues to out-there prints, there’s something for everyone in this engaging mix. Here are eight of our favorite trending styles. 1. Scarf Prints Was the scarf print ...
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Adam Thielen cooks Super Bowl chili with Chef Kenneth

Adam Thielen got a cooking lesson from Chef Kenneth Temple on how to make two easy but delicious chili recipes for Super bowl Sunday.
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This ‘Amazon coat’ is the hot winter jacket of 2019

Move over, Canada Goose, there’s a new “it” jacket in town — a $130 padded parka that won’t break the bank. It's the hottest winter coat of 2019.
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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Denies He’s In The Racist Photo & Won’t Step Down. What Happens Next?

In a reversal of his previous comments, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam says he is not pictured in the racist photo from his yearbook and he will not be stepping down from his post, despite calls for his resignation from both Republicans and his fellow Democrats after the image came to light on Friday.The photograph, which shows one man dressed in blackface and another as a member of the Ku Klux Klan, is sourced from Northam’s 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. It sparked instant outcry...
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7 Packing Hacks for Summer Camp

Overnight summer camp is a fond memory for lots of parents. Those summers they got to pack their things, get away from their norm, explore nature, and make new friends were some of the most adventurous times in your life. Now, that it’s your kid’s turn, you want to ensure that they have experiences equally as unique to their growth and development. If they’re going to have a great time though, having the things they need from home during camp is important. As packing for overnight camp...
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12 Serums That Will Give You the Hair of Your Dreams

In my quest to wake up every morning with perfectly tousled, undone waves sans hot tools, I've recently discovered hair serums - and they're a game changer. Think of hair serums the way you think of skin serums; they're potent products that work to combat whatever specific concern you might have, whether that's split ends, dullness, or thinning strands. These are the 12 hair serums worth shopping. Get ready for your best hair ever. Related: ...
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The Week Explores the Global Loneliness Epidemic

Studies show the continued growth in the number of people who are lonely, which has reached epidemic levels in many countries. Recently, my wife Katie and I had the opportunity to teach a Connection Culture Workshop for the Institute for Management Studies in Columbus, Ohio. Mary Held, head of IMS Columbus, made us aware of this outstanding brief on the global loneliness epidemic published by The Week. I encourage you to read the brief and consider the steps you could take to reduce loneliness i...
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Quick Pics: #RHOA ‘Super Friends’ Marlo Hampton & Tanya Sam Link Up… (PHOTOS)

What’s better than one fashionista??? TWO!!! Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sams were serving LOOKS during one of the weekend Super Bowl festivities in Atlanta. [FLASHBACK: RHOA RECAP: Season 11, Episode 13 ‘Tempers in Tokyo’ + Watch Full Episode… ] All eyes were on the two fashionable super friends as they rocked labels from head to toe and stunned onlookers with their fabulous designer wares. Photos below… (more…) Related Posts 5 Things Revealed on #RHOA Season 11, Episode 13 ‘Tempers in Toky...
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These dogs and cats will strut their stuff at NY Fashion Week

Rita began modeling just four years ago, but she’s already a seasoned pro. The Boston Terrier has donned a gown for Vogue Italia, hawked bow ties in Tatler magazine and appeared on the CBS show “Elementary” alongside Lucy Liu. She has about 200 outfits, some of them gifts from her favorite designers. Her Goop-worthy beauty...
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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Faces Calls To Resign After Racist Photo Emerges

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is facing calls to resign after a yearbook photograph surfaced of him dressed in racist attire.The photograph, which The New York Times reports is from Northam’s 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook, shows a man wearing blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan garb. Northam initially admitted he was in the photograph, although he has not specified which of the two costumes he was wearing. On Saturday, Democratic State Sen. L. Louise Lucas told the Washingto...
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I Lived the Goop Lifestyle For a Week - Am I Gwyneth Paltrow Yet?

Gwyneth Paltrow is the kind of person who swears by quartz stones and "breath work," and thinks pricking your face with a bee stinger is the secret to great skin. I, on the other hand, am about as holistic as a loaf of Wonder Bread. (We can probably all agree there's room for growth on both ends.) Still, there's something wildly appealing about Paltrow's intentional approach to beauty and self-care - an area I could stand to widen. Could there be a method behind the madness of floating around i...
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The Nostalgic Jewelry Of Our Childhoods Is Back In Time For Valentine's Day

You’ve been through all of life's ups and downs together, have spent countless nights over countless bottles of Pinot catching up on on everything from relationships to Housewives, and prefer not to buy something without the other’s approval. Yep, we’re talking about your BFF of course. And regardless of your romantic relationship status, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your true number one (whether you’ve spent two years or two decades together) is a must to showcase your bond and love for ea...
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A Week In Hamilton, Canada, On $5,000 A Month

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a business owner working in jewelry retail who makes $230,000 per year (together with her fiancé) and spends some of her money this week on milk. Below, we asked the OP some questions about her career. Editor's note: This diary was submitted in Octobe...
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Man Falls Asleep During Stream, Wakes Up To Find 200 People Watching Him

Sleeping is the new streaming. At least for this nap-happy guy it is.
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This Is What KKW Beauty's Classic Red Lipstick Looks Like on 5 Editors

We knew it was coming. When North West was seen wearing a bright red lip in a photo with her family last December, we immediately speculated that it would make its way into KKW Beauty's lengthy list of makeup products. Now, the brand has released the Classic Red shade in a lipstick and lip liner, and five editors put them to the test. Check out the results ahead.
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Our favorite two male cheerleaders will perform at this year’s Superbowl

Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will take to the field as cheerleaders for the Rams this Sunday.
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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Faces Calls To Resign After Racist Photo Emerges

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is facing calls to resign after a yearbook photograph surfaced of him dressed in racist attire.The photograph, which The New York Times reports is from Northam’s 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook, shows a man wearing blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan garb. Northam initially admitted he was in the photograph, although he has not specified which of the two costumes he was wearing. On Saturday, Democratic State Sen. L. Louise Lucas told the Washingto...
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Aerin Lauder Aegea Blossom

  Aerin Lauder presents the newest fragrance inspired by sailing on the Aegean sea and exploring the beauty of the Greek islands. The clear turquoise waters, blue sunny sky and the salty air is filled with the rich aromas of oranges fruits and blossom, which bring a smile on our faces and happiness in our hearts. The latest release AEGEA BLOSSOM is about happines, pleasure and serenity; an ol... Read full article: Aerin Lauder Aegea Blossom from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Police Shock-In-Scent Duo

The POLICE SHOCK-IN-SCENT duo comes to the market in late January 2019, continuing the Legend collection launched in 2017. Designed to offer a different concept from the past, It draws attention to modern elements like trendy "studs," authentially replicated on the bottles with other attractive details. This time the new duo of Shock-In-Scent is presented in provocative, vibrant colors of electri... Read full article: Police Shock-In-Scent Duo from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Jasmin Dentelle: White and Transparent Like Lace

  The Comptoir Sud Pacifique perfume brand, founded in 1974 by French couple Josee and Pierre Fournier, could be considered one of the very first niche brands. Their first perfume, Aloha Tiare, was inspired by tiare flowers and their trip to Tahiti. It was followed by 17 other scents, which are memories of the exotic travels of this loving family, of freedom and new experiences. The islet Motu... Read full article: Jasmin Dentelle: White and Transparent Like Lace from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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More parents are putting limits on college help for their kids

While most parents plan to help with at least some college expenses, more are coming around to the view that they shouldn't sacrifice their own financial well-being to do so, a survey by student lender Sallie Mae finds.
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Palm Springs trainer David Perez on how Bad Bunny pumps up his lifts

Positive thinking, positive music, positive attire and getting in shape.
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Tarotscopes that Slay: Get your astrology read for filth (Feb. 4 – March 5)

It's like a horoscope but in a better outfit.
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6 powerful takes on the attack on Jussie Smollett

Friends and supporters of Smollett have joined activists and allies in condemning the racial and homophobic violence and pleading for the safety for queer people of color.
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7 brand-name ads that challenged homophobia and changed the national debate

Every so often a commercial rises from pack and sparks debate by challenging conventions. Starting with the new Gillette ad, here are 8.
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The Understated Ombré Nail Trend You’ll Want To Wear All Winter

Pulling off the tiny nail-art look at home is inherently daunting — no matter how much you want trendy itsy-bitsy silver stars on your fingers, you know the safest bet is to buy a pack of stickers, shell out $20 for a manicure, or risk losing your mind trying to paint them on yourself.Luckily, the next new trend to take off this winter is the antithesis of pain-in-the-ass nail art: Faded ombré is soft, sophisticated, and the perfect DIY project to recreate as you binge watch The Ted Bundy Tapes...
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Rant & Rave: Thank you, bus drivers

Readers rant about walkers not paying attention, rave about thanking bus drivers
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Mugler Alien Fusion Alien Man Fusion

In the spring of 2019, the house of Mugler continues its "extraterrestrial" perfume line with new takes on the original Alien (2005) and Alien Man (2018.) Mugler Alien Fusion and Alien Man Fusion, a new fragrance duo that represets the "duality of an eclipse," are inspired by the light of the sun's eclipse, a fusion of day and night, a meeting of sun and moon.   Alien Fusion is announced a... Read full article: Mugler Alien Fusion Alien Man Fusion from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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