These Fancy Heels Are The Finishing Touch Your Valentine's Day Look Needs

Unlike fancy purses or a trendy pair of mismatched earrings, shoes are all about practicality. They protect you from the elements, weather-related and otherwise (we're looking at you, public transit!). And for the most part, we play by the rules, choosing sneakers that double as therapy shoes and chunky boots that would be appropriate for a construction site. But there are a few occasions here and there that call for a variety of shoe that's a little less utilitarian and a little more fun — lik...
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Cross-country skiing in your own neighborhood — and other snow-day Seattle activities

A snow day is a rare, welcome disruption from the bleak, persistent darkness of winter in the Northwest.
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Perfume PosseProvisions Hey, there’s a quiz at the end! New year, new me, right?  I get very comfortable in my habits, and sometimes I have to rock the boat a little. I still remember that magical day in 2002 when I discovered… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseProvisions
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Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Make with Your Kids

Kids love celebrating Valentine's Day, too!
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These Mind-Blowing Realizations Will Completely Change Your Worldview

"Almost 18 years on this planet and I just realized sweatbands on wrists are for wiping the sweat on your forehead off & not for wrist sweat."
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According to Tinder, This Is What Valentine's Day Smells Like

Some think that the holiday of love is a celebration of flourishing relationships, and in a way, so does Tinder. The brand behind the dating app wants everyone to relish in their relationships with themselves with its new candle, appropriately titled Single, Not Sorry ($30). The freedom-inspired, soy-based candle is perfect for a night of self-care with its soothing blend of eucalyptus, sandalwood, amber, and citrus notes that transports you to a sunny day at the beach. See the relaxing candle a...
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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: Every Trick You Need To Seduce Someone With A Playlist

A woman goes home with a man. She looks around his bachelor pad, taking in his wall art: Klimt, Lichtenstein, and an Arcade Fire concert poster — clearly, he contains multitudes. While she's making the rounds of his black-leathered pad, he slips over to his record player (no matter what year it is, he has a record player, because he is “smooth”) and drops that needle. The dulcet sounds of Lana Del Rey’s “Cherry” start to pipe through the apartment. Or maybe it's Chet Baker’s “I Fall In Love Too...
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Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé Extra 212 VIP Black Extra

Carolina Herrera comes out with two new fragrances in February 2019: 212 VIP Rosé Extra and 212 VIP Black Extra. The fragrances are limited edition versions of the original VIP Rosé from 2014 and 212 VIP Black from 2017. "A celebration of fabulous, 212 VIP Rosé Extra is a glittering limited edition that brings out your most extravagant persona. Why be Basic when you can be Extra? Reveal your i... Read full article: Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé Extra 212 VIP Black Extra from Fragrantica Perf...
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Gentle Fluidity Francis Kurkdjian Gold Silver Review

  Francis Kurkdjian has launched Gentle Fluidity Gold Silver; the two new fragrances are now exclusively available at Neiman Marcus. The fragrances, made of the same ingredients, smell different. "No more feminine or masculine. There is a personality, a sensitivity, a “Gentle Fluidity” between all gender identities."     The Golden one is truly generous with musks and vanilla; my thought... Read full article: Gentle Fluidity Francis Kurkdjian Gold Silver Review from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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Business Innovations of the Future

As a futurist, I often get asked to predict the business trends that organizations can afford to ignore, because, while they generate a lot of buzz, they are also likely to fizzle out. On the other hand, we must also pay attention to  business innovations  that are gathering such rapid strength that adoption is now essential. Let's look at a few. Blockchain A  blockchain  is a data structure that builds a digital ledger of transactions and shares it among a distributed network of computers...
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19 celebratory photos from Mumbai’s historic 2019 Pride

Pride is always a fabulous party no matter where it’s held, but the thousands-strong crowd at Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride March 2019 had extra cause for celebration.
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New Research Says People With Beards Are Healthier

Sure we all love beards but do we have scientific proof that they're better? Now we do.
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13 Cookbook Recipes To Slay New Year's Food Resolutions With Flavor

New year, new food resolution. Whether your start to 2019 is all about eating more greens, honing a set of lackluster cooking chops, or just saving some extra dough by skipping weeknight takeout, having the right support is key. While the internet is an ever-flowing source of recipe inspiration, the endless searchable options out there can feel overwhelming — especially when specific and resolve-testing resolutions come into play. So, instead of blindly blog-searching, we're turning to the clas...
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Podcast #479: Becoming a Digital Minimalist

Practicing minimalism with your possessions has been a trend for the past decade, and it can be a worthy practice, as long as you use it as a means to greater efficacy outside your personal domain, rather than just an end in itself. But there’s arguably a minimalism practice that’s even more effective in achieving that greater efficacy: digital minimalism. My guest has written the definitive guide to the philosophy and tactics behind digital minimalism. His name is Cal Newport and this is his...
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145-year-old Parsi agiyari in Rajkot battered by encroachments

The only agiyari (fire temple), holy place of worship for Zoroastrians or Parsis in Rajkot, has been battered by encroachments from nearby residents, causing irreparable damage to the 145-year-old structure. According to trustees Rajkot Zarthosty Anjuman Trust that manages the agiyari, despite their representations to the Rajkot Municipal Commissioner and district collector, there has been not action against the encroachments. Kushman Tamboli, secretary of the trust said they were helpless agai...
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This Nail Brand Is Donating Money to the Ripped-Off Fyre Fest Bahamian Workers

In 2017, "business man" Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule teamed up to create what was supposed to be a luxurious Bahamian music festival called Fyre Festival, that ended up being a severe failure with tents and cold cheese sandwiches. In the last month, both Hulu and Netflix have both come out with documentaries on the now legendary disaster, and it's coming to light that many of the Bahamian workers that were hired by McFarland were not paid. The people behind nail brand Digits are just as d...
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Cardi B's Makeup For the Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial Was Created With These Palettes

Cardi B, without fail, manages to steal every show with a flip of her multicolored hair and snap of her lavishly manicured fingertips. This time, that show was the Super Bowl. During commercial break, she made a cameo in a Pepsi advertisement wearing the brand's signature colors across her nail beds and swept onto her lids. Her longtime makeup artist Erika La Pearl was the mastermind behind her berry red lids and rosy lips. La Pearl used MAC Cosmetics, and according to the brand, Cardi wore the ...
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I'm Obsessed With This Paint-Roller-Inspired Highlighter

I've been obsessed with Kaja since it launched last year with brightly colored packaging, heart-shaped motifs, and pigmented formulas. That's why when the new Roller Glow Highlighter ($28) appeared at POPSUGAR I was tripping over myself to volunteer to try it first. For starters, this product is so cute, it's practically made for your perfectly curated Instagram feed. It comes in a neon violet box with holographic lettering and opens up to a tiny paint roller the perfect size for sweeping across...
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Why Are So Many White Women Suddenly Wearing So Much Gold Jewelry?

There is a scene in Sex and the City I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Miranda Hobbs, Carrie Bradshaw’s very dependable and sensible friend, tried to help Carrie’s boyfriend at the time, everyone’s favorite nice guy who finished last Aidan, pick out an engagement ring. Carrie hated the ring. She hated it so much she threw up when she saw it. Dramatic, yes, but she couldn’t understand how the man she could potentially become betrothed to would buy her a gold ring. “But you wear gold,” Mir...
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People Are Propping Their Jeans up in the Snow for the ‘Frozen Pants’ Challenge

Midwest residents affected by the polar vortex have started freezing their jeans and standing them up as if an invisible man is wearing them.
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Anonymous Good Samaritan Pays for Hotels for 70 Homeless People in Chicago During Polar Vortex

A life-saving act of kindness in the midst of the Midwest's polar vortex.
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Sexy ski week photos to ward off the winter chill

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pics from recent events in the U.S. and Europe, where thousands of snow-worshipers gather to ski, snowboard, and shimmy the night away.
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