What Trump Got Wrong About "Late-Term Abortion" At The State Of The Union

President Donald Trump decided to attack women's right to chose an abortion during his second State of the Union address, specifically railing against people who terminate their pregnancies in the third trimester.Only 1.3% of all abortions nationwide take place after 20 weeks of gestation, according to a 2009 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life," the president, who has promised to overturn Roe v. Wade, s...
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Less Is Always More - These Nude Nails Can Testify to That

Nude nail polish is a timeless, classic, and - more often than not - totally sexy shade. It can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how you like it, and it can work effortlessly with any article of clothing or jewelry you wear with it. If you still don't believe us, take a look at these notable neutral nail looks. We promise they will change your mind. Related: 22 Easy Rom...
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There Was An Unexpected Moment Of Unity At SOTU, But It Wasn't Because Of Trump

Body language-wise, Tuesday's State of the Union address was shaping up to be the shadiest in history. First, we had House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's tepid handshake with Trump and her perfunctory golf claps. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. Then she pursed her lips and read (presumably a printout of his speech, although people on Twitter speculated it was everything from Michelle Obama's memoir to Trump's tax returns) for a long time.Nancy Pelosi is 100% reading a Jodi Picoult novel bac...
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Women Are Pranking Their Boyfriends by Texting ‘I Want a Baby’

Apparently, talking about babies is too much for some men.
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The Harsh Truth of What Life With a Newborn Is Actually Like

If you're a new parent, try to read this between all the crying and the pooping and the eating.
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People Who Knew Celebrities Before They Were Famous

These old-school pics of celebs before they were famous will make you feel better about your own hair choices.
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This Guy’s Mom Painted a Bird, and Before Long, the Whole Internet Was in on the Joke

Guys, the internet went wholesome again, and it was amazing.
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Woman Who Got KFC Logo Tattooed on Her Lower Lip Wants Free KFC

A woman in Australia just got the letters KFC tattooed on her lip and I have so many questions.
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Cloon Keen Castana

Perfume PosseCloon Keen Castana Okay, that was a complete bust on the Cloon Keen Castana.  It was okay, more masculine than would work for me  – which usually isn’t a deal breaker – not enough chestnut. Heavy sigh I really want something new that… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseCloon Keen Castana
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These Brushes Harness the Power of Crystals and Even Come With Matching Bracelets

Your obsession with crystals can now migrate to your makeup bag thanks to It Cosmetics. The brand just released a trio of brushes with handles made of your favorite gems: jade, amethyst, and rose quartz. Each brush comes with a matching bracelet, is designed for a different part of your makeup routine, and will give off the energy of the stone it's made of. The Jade Full Potential Duo includes a powder brush and is thought to give off harmonizing and healing properties, the Amethyst Meditating D...
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You'll Love Maroon Hair Way More Than This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Unlike the unfortunate SpongeBob-lacking halftime show, maroon hair color is sure not to disappoint. The understated red-purple hue is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to dip their toe into unnatural color territory, without going full-on rainbow hues. While some opt for just getting the ends of their hair dip-dyed, others commit fully and get maroon from their roots to their ends. Ahead, see how beauty-lovers are wearing the trend. It's sure to convince you to book an appointment with your...
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This Concealer Makes It Look Like I Never Had Dark Spots, and It's Only $5

E.l.f. Cosmetics 16 Hour Camo Concealer ($5) is at the center of a lot of hype. A quick Google search of the concealer will yield reviews that say the 18-shade concealer range, which goes for $5 per tube, has comparable results to its more expensive competitors. This is why I chose to put it up against my dark spots, splotchy red areas, and difficult-to-shade-match complexion. A crisp Lincoln can't be the answer to all of those challenges, right? I pulled the jumbo wand from its tube and tapped ...
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These Pretty, Silver Hairstyles Will Make You Want to Call Up Your Colorist Right Now

Silver hair takes hours of sitting with your colorist and, likely, multiple appointments, but the results - glistening, metallic hair that you can see from space - are completely worth it. If you don't believe us, see it for yourself. Ahead, find the prettiest silver hair photos that will make you feel like you struck gold.
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The Tie-Dye Manicure Is The Grooviest Nail-Art Trend Of 2019

From holographic and heart-embellished to chic, understated ombré, this year is already rife with inventive new nail-art trends... and we're only a week into February. But for all the Valentine's Day-ready designs and negative-space French tips out there, there's one other bold look in particular we've got our eyes on right now — and it's very 1969-meets-1999-meets-2019.Tie-dye designs might conjure up images of Janis Joplin in a technicolor dress at Woodstock, or maybe the fluorescent tees we ...
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Amid Trump’s transgender military ban, Dems bringing trans troops to State of the Union

Luckily, some people in Congress know actual patriots when they see them.
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Your Best Work

Do you have a job or career path that supports you in doing the best work of your life? If I were to ask this of various people, some would laugh at the ridiculousness of this question because it’s a standard they’ve never come close to experiencing, so a jaded reply is all they can muster. If I ask certain friends who are very fulfilled by their work, their answers would be something like, “Of course… why would I tolerate any less?” Consider that if you’re not aligned with this standard o...
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16 Heart Tattoos That Are Easy To Love

Ask a cardiothoracic surgeon to draw a heart, and you'll get a sketch of the muscular pump-like organ that sits in the center of our chests beneath layers of connective tissue. Ask anyone else, and you'll get a much simpler, much cuter alternative to the real, messy thing (which, to its credit, does keep us alive).What the tapered, scalloped heart sans veins and valves may lack in physiological functions, it makes up for in aesthetic. Conveniently, the universal symbol for love and romance also...
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How to Wear A Bomber Jacket 6 Ways

How to Wear A Bomber Jacket 6 Ways Bomber jackets are more classic than trendy — and always reliable, comfortable, and super stylish. You can easily wear this piece when you want to dress down something that’s a little too prim for your everyday or toughen up a pair of jeans and a tank. You can even throw your bomber on over a skirt, a dress, or a jumpsuit! So what’s the best way to wear the always-cool bomber? Here are six bomber jacket outfits to inspire you! 1. Top Your Dresses Ready to show ...
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Model claims Clairol illegally used her photo for years: suit

This was one bad dye job. A model-actress who did a stint as one of Bob Barker’s “Beauties” on the “Price is Right” claims Clairol illegally used her photo on a box of hair dye for more than a decade, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday. Thurayyah Richardson inked a three-year contract with Abrams...
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These Are The Funniest Valentine's Day Memes On The Internet

January has come and gone, which means one thing: Valentine's Day approacheth. For some, this means chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears or bust. For others, it could prompt an awkward convo: Like, should you and your hook-up buddy transition from hanging exclusively after dusk to being a couple that acknowledges Hallmark holidays? Or gasp, should you make it Insta official? And for others still, it's just another Thursday with the gals. (Galentine's Day, FTW.)No matter which camp you fall into,...
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This Pizza-Themed Eyelash Collection Is What Carb-Loving Dreams Are Made Of

Glamlite Cosmetics is at it again, just casually creating another beauty product that's begging to be Instagrammed. At the end of last year, the cruelty-free beauty brand stole our hearts by releasing a pizza-themed eye shadow palette that quickly sold out, and now it's launched another carb-themed product drop: a pizza lashes collection. We know you're probably thinking to yourself, "Hold up, pizza lashes? What does that even mean? Do they come with cheese?" Though mozzarella is unfortunately n...
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Pizza-Lovers, Listen Up! You'll Crave This False Lash Collection Like the Last Slice

Glamlite Cosmetics is at it again, just casually creating another beauty product that's begging to be Instagrammed. At the end of last year, the cruelty-free beauty brand stole our hearts by releasing a pizza-themed eye shadow palette that quickly sold out, and now it's on the brink of another carb-themed product drop: a pizza lashes collection! I know you're probably thinking to yourself, "Hold up, pizza lashes? What does that even mean? Do they come with cheese?" Though mozzarella is unf...
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