Teen Accidentally Reads Girlfriend’s Thermometer as Pregnancy Test and Absolutely Freaks

We are honest to god dying over the fact that this teen thought his girlfriend's thermometer was a pregnancy test.
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Rose McGowan: ‘I don’t f–k with Hollywood’

She is also writing a book called 'The Second I Got My Boobs.'
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Warm up in a seaside city with a gay scene as vibrant as its sandy beaches

First stop on our tour of southern Florida: St. Petersburg, in the fantastic Tampa Bay area.
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The 25 Top-Rated Hotels In The World All Have One Thing In Common

Scheduling time away from our daily work grinds — while clutched in winter's cruel embrace — is a seasonal no-brainer. But, actually finding time to plan such an escape is never as dreamy as the vacation idea itself. The multiple moving pieces of travel-planning equations can be dizzying to put together, starting squarely at where the heck to go — and more importantly, where the heck to stay. Sure, you could kick things off with a from-scratch destination search...Or, you could consult a tighte...
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Debby Ryan dishes on her wedding plans

The newly engaged actress has high-fashion dress goals.
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I Copied 3 of Kylie Jenner's Makeup Looks, and Boy Was It Hard

Kylie Jenner has become one of the biggest names in beauty, so I was curious how her full-face glam look would translate to my not-so-glamorous life. I chose three of her recent looks and decided to wear them to work to see how practical they really are and how they would fit in with my everyday routine. Check out the results, ahead. Related: Kylie Jenner's Makeup Routine Woul...
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Sunday Riley Is Partnering With Captain Marvel to Rescue Your Skin

Sunday Riley - the brand known for its powerful, transformative formulations - is partnering with Captain Marvel to give you super skin. The brand is launching its Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment ($105) in Captain Marvel-inspired packaging. On its box, you'll find an illustration of the superheroine, while her crest is emblazoned on the treatment's bottle. Good Genes, which contains 5 percent lactic acid to gently exfoliate, licorice to battle hyperpigmentation, and lemongrass to br...
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These Easy, Romantic Hairstyles Are Perfect For Any Valentine's Date

Let's get one thing out of the way: date-night hair is whatever you want it to be. Still, if you're looking to change it up or add something special to your style, there are a couple things you can do. The addition of a few hair accessories and changing up the placement of your typical top knot are just a couple ways to elevate your look. Ahead, see the easiest, most romantic hairstyles that are perfect for the holiday of love.
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How I Went From A Bullied Teen To The First Male Cheerleader At The Super Bowl

The following interview was told to Thatiana Diaz and has been edited for length and clarity.I've been dancing since I was little. It took some getting used to for my dad, because I'm the youngest of two older brothers and they both competed in sports. They're black belts, so dancing with a whole squad of girls was a little bit harder for my dad to understand. I remember one day he asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to finish karate or anything like that?" But he eventually came around.I wa...
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When life gives you oodles of snow, go outside! Here’s where you can ski and sled in Seattle

Seattle is getting snowed in. What to do when you wake up Saturday morning to find lots of powdery stuff outside your door? Go outside to play, of course!
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Colin Reilly’s Tips for Balancing Work with Your Personal Life

In today’s work environment, it is difficult to draw a line between the office and personal time. In order to keep our personal and family lives strong, many business people find it necessary to separate work and home life as much as possible. Work-life balance can be a tricky proposition since both employers and families feel like they have equal demands on a person’s time. These 6 tips from Colin Reilly, President of Townsend Kane, can help business people organize their home and work lives to...
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Inside country music’s sexy new style for Grammy Awards 2019

Grammy nominees Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris and more are shaking up country's classic honky-tonk style
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Rita Ora Stepped Out With a Gold-Encrusted Tooth, and We Can't Stop Staring

Rita Ora's smile shone brighter last night as she showed up with a tiny, gleaming accessory encrusted into it at the Warner Music Group's Grammy Awards preparty. She had gold hardware looping around the border of one of her teeth. She posted a photo of her showing off the jewelry with a wide smile with "a girl always needs a quick tooth check" written in her caption. Ahead, stare at Ora's tooth accessory.
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100+ Eyebrow Transformations That Will Make You Say "Brow Goals"

Big, bold, and beautiful is the motto for eyebrows these days, so shape up or shape out! Transforming your eyebrows can change the whole look of your face (in all the best ways) and these eyebrow transformations prove just that. With bold eyebrows taking over, there's no better time to get your eyebrows on point. Take a look at some women who did it best. Related: Can We Talk About...
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Inside country music’s sexy new style

Grammy nominees Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris and more are shaking up country's classic honky-tonk style
Tags: Fashion, Kacey Musgraves Maren Morris

I Used To Be Part Of A Pyramid Scheme But Now I Make $100K

In our series My 6-Figure Paycheck, women making more than $100,000 open up about how they got there and what exactly they do. We take a closer look at what it feels like to be a woman making six figures — when only 5% of American women make that much, according to the U.S. Census — w ith the hope it will give women insight into how to better navigate their own career and salary trajectories.Today, we chat with a client success manager from Shawnee, KS. Previously, we spoke to a senior partners...
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We Asked 5 French Women What They Really Think About Leggings

Even if you’re only mildly interested in fashion, you’re certainly aware of one of the industry’s most polarizing debates: Do leggings count as pants? We’ve seen the style staple everywhere from the pilates studio to the runway, but the fashion world remains divided. While some trend-conscious women are totally down for this buttonless, zipper-free, Spandex-y goodness, others think leggings don’t belong anywhere outside the walls of your local Equinox. It’s a question that stirs up a lot of sar...
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Everything You Need to Know About CBD and Hemp Oil in Skin Care

The beauty industry is experiencing an all-time high, as the end of 2018 brought us a lengthy list of beauty products containing CBD oil and cannabis sativa seed oil (aka hemp oil). As the trend creeps into 2019, some of us are wondering exactly what the difference is between the two ingredients and if the products that have them swirled into their formulas actually benefit our skin in any way. To help sort through the confusion, we've tapped founder of Lord Jones Cindy Capobianco, founder of ...
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Katy Perry Felt "Exposed" After Cutting Her Hair: "You Really Can't Hide Behind It"

It's been nearly two years since Katy Perry cut her hair into a supershort, superblond pixie, and she's sticking to it. In a new interview for Paper's Spring 2019 issue, the singer reflected on the effects of her dramatic haircut. "Changing my hair definitely was the biggest physical transformation I have experienced as a woman," she said. "When you don't have long hair, you really can't hide behind it. Everything is exposed." This doesn't mark the first time Perry has been vulnerable about her...
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How supermodel Dilone made her vision board come true

“I’VE really become a homebody,” confesses the 24-year-old, almost 6-foot-tall model Dilone. “I travel so much that I’ve learned to make my home a sanctuary.” The busy Long Island native turned Bushwick resident has walked in shows for Marc Jacobs, Versace and Victoria’s Secret, and starred in campaigns for David Yurman and H&M. She’ll rock...
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2019 Queerties Spotlight: Tuning in to the web series nominees

From mysteries to sketch comedy, from the sexual to the brooding, these web series look to explore new voices and entertain along the way.
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Review: Winter Slaw with Sprouted Lentils

We found this delicious salad at Beth Dunham’s blog. It only took a little bit of adapting to be vegan. We really enjoyed this salad. You will need to start a couple of days ahead to sprout your lentils but it is well worth doing as they add such a nice crunch to the salad. We did follow the instructions, and only changed the dressing by using non-dairy yogurt instead of the sour cream and mayo. We did add a small splash of sesame oil to the soy-yogurt so as to bring out the Vitamin A in the c...
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California National Guard will defy Trump’s transgender military ban order

"As long as you fight, we don’t care what gender you identify as."
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Self Care: How Sleep Can Revolutionize Your Life and Improve Performance

When we set out to improve our lifestyle by taking care of our health and joining a gym, we often rush down to the supplement store and load up on goodies. In fact, recent studies have found that the supplement industry has grown to over 200-billion dollars in annual revenue from gym enthusiasts around the globe. But what if there were something, we could incorporate into our lifestyle that was more powerful than supplements and less expensive than organic food? Sleep, contrary to popular beli...
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Iconic model Pat Cleveland kills it on the runway at 68

Veteran catwalker Pat Cleveland strutted her stuff at the Hellessy show during New York Fashion Week on Friday. She appeared twice during the show, first in a patriotic star-patterned dress with shoulder cutouts and stark red stockings and pumps. Her second look — a dramatic hooded red dress worn over seriously sparkly sequin pants — was...
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