Dr. Pimple Popper Faces A Rare Skin Condition She Can't Solve In Episode 8

Every week on Dr. Pimple Popper , dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, meets with men and women suffering from rare, often confidence-crushing skin conditions. The boils they carry are massive. The cysts are bubbling up to balloon-sized. But it's the people underneath the incredible lumps and growths that make the show worth watching. Just cover your eyes through the pus-filled eruptions, if you must. Dr. Sandra Lee has seen it all: hundreds of lumps and squishy tumors growing on every nook and crevi...
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Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser Review

Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser is a gentle foaming cleanser that helps treat and prevent acne breakouts without drying out the skin. The key active ingredient in this cleanser is salicylic acid, a type of beta hydroxy acid (BHA). Salicylic acid is lipid soluble and is therefore able to...
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Oscars: Get a Load of the Early Beauty Looks From This Year's Best Actress Nominees

As we prepare for the 2019 Oscars, we can't help but reflect on how far all of the best actress nominees have come, both when it comes to their successful careers and (ahem) the many hair and makeup styles that have accompanied them through the years. (After all, with each award ceremony comes a new opportunity to reinvent yourself, and some of them have been in this business for decades.) Thankfully for us, we still have access to many of the early photos to eliminate some of the guesswork. Wi...
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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion Review

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is a nourishing body lotion that is clinically proven to improve the health of dry skin in one day with significant improvement in two weeks. The key active ingredient in this lotion is 1.2% dimethicone. Dimethicone is a type of silicone that functions to condition,...
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Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector Review

Whitening Labs Dark Spot Corrector is a daily-use face and body dark spot corrector that can be used by all skin types. It is said to visibly diminish the appearance of dark spots and age spots, leading to an even skin tone. One of the key ingredients in this product that helps to fade dark …...
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Bliss Micro Magic Review

Bliss Micro Magic is a microdermabrasion scrub that is said to powerfully yet gently exfoliate the skin to remove excess dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other impurities. It is meant to be massaged onto the skin for one to two minutes and then rinsed off. The Bliss Micro Magic scrub should only be...
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Finevine Activated Charcoal Mud Mask Review

Finevine Activated Charcoal Mud Mask is a multi-functional face and body mask that is said to minimize pores, reduce wrinkles, improve overall skin texture, and provide relief from acne, scars, and cellulite. The key active ingredient is activated charcoal, a type of charcoal that has been...
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Aveeno Maxglow Infusion Drops Review

Aveeno Maxglow Infusion Drops is a non-comedogenic moisturizing facial serum that is said to help even out skin tone and texture while providing skin with a glow. The drops can be used alone or combined with a moisturizer. The key ingredients include Actinidia chinensis (kiwi) fruit water and...
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StriVectin Multi-Action Blue Rescue Clay Renewal Mask Review

StriVectin Multi-Action Blue Rescue Clay Renewal Mask is a massage-activated, color-transforming clay mask designed to improve the look of dull, lifeless skin in just ten minutes. Encapsulated blue algae extract and pigments activate upon application, transforming from white to ocean blue color....
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Tula Purifying Face Cleanser Review

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser is a probiotic gel cleanser that penetrates deep into pores to remove impurities and helps condition skin, without stripping or over-drying. The probiotic strain in this cleanser is bifida ferment lysate, which is obtained from the fermentation of Bifidobacteria, a gram...
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Exuviance Age Reverse Review

Exuviance has been on the cutting edge of anti-aging skincare advancement for years. Because of this, they have gained quite a reputation for producing quality products, that are trusted by skin care professionals and aesthetics. One of their more well known products is the Exuviance Age Reverse....
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Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Review

If you’re looking for a chemical exfoliant that doesn’t aggravate the skin, you may want to check out the Farmacy Honeymoon Glow. As the newest release from the brand, the Honeymoon Glow has already been a huge success, and for good reason. Unlike some others on the market, this exfoliating product...
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How To Get Over Being Cheated On

If you ask eagle-eyed social media followers and Kardashian fans, Khloe Kardashian's two very significant Twitter “likes” all-but-confirmed the rumors that Tristan Thompson cheated on her with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods. (Not to mention that Khloe Kardashian removed all of her photos with Thompson from Instagram, Kim Kardashian unfollowed both Thompson and Woods, Woods is rumored to be moving out of Kylie Jenner’s house , and the Kylie Lip Kit named after Woods just went on sale...
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All The Rad New Beauty Products Coming To Whole Foods This Year

Whole Foods should be renamed Whole Life at this point. It’s dangerously easy to get lost in the aisles of the health emporium and spend our whole paycheck hunting for groceries, making overpriced salads, and stalking new beauty products. Yes, our love for the retailer runs deep, and it's about to get deeper.We got a preview of the new beauty offerings hitting shelves this spring — like mushroom-based highlighter sticks, USDA-certified organic sheet masks, and detoxifying scalp scrubs — and ou...
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What These Oscar Nominees Looked Like On Their First Red Carpet

With so many killer actresses dominating the Oscars ballot every year, we always anticipate some big beauty moments. After all, it's the awards show that closes out the season — might as well go out with a memorable bang, even if it's without a golden statue. Usually the red carpet is clustered with newcomers, but this year's nomination lists include industry veterans who've done this kind of thing before. Which got us thinking: What did these stars do with their beauty look the first time they...
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Trends Aside, There's Nothing Quite Like A Simple Black Bikini

Like a black t-shirt, sweater or pair of jeans, a black bikini is essential to any well-rounded wardrobe. Whether you’re a West Coast native who spends hours on the beach or (more realistically) just someone who plans to jet off on a lot of weekend getaways this spring, without a black bikini in tow, your swimsuit collection is hardly complete. Now, we love a trendy one-piece or animal print set as much as anyone, but when it comes to the basics, nothing competes with a black bikini.Of course, ...
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The market for luxurious purchases

For what may seem like an extravagant purchase to us, is nothing to the rich and famous – £600,000 for a diamond Christmas tree topper for example mightn’t cause a bat of an eyelid to them. And it doesn’t stop there, there are pens available for just short of £1 million and Rolex watches fitted with diamonds for close to £45,000. How the other half live, ay? Read on as we take a look at the market of expensive goods and investigate how some items earned their price tags. What factors can incr...
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People Are Now Claiming That Charcoal Face Masks Are Blackface

You might want to re-think using a charcoal face mask...
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Falconers Are Now Using ‘Sex Hats’ to Breed Birds

These conservation biologists are putting their heads out there for a good reason.
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Moschino show shines with game-show theme and Ferrari

Jeremy Scott’s fall 2019 Moschino collection was all fun and prize-winning games. The designer staged a playful presentation, which opened with Kaia Gerber strutting down the runway to “The Price Is Right” theme song. At the same time, a black curtain opened for the big reveal: a game-show inspired set. Models sporting sky-high bouffants and...
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25 of the Best Oscars Beauty Looks From the '90s, '00s, and Now

It's that time again! The one where some of the biggest names in Hollywood come together to honor what the Academy considers the biggest achievements in film (and, in the process, summon some of the biggest names in fashion, hair, and makeup to ensure they look their best for the occasion). With each Oscars season comes a new crop of perfectly-coiffed, lined, and powdered celebrities walking the red carpet (see some of our favorite looks from 2018, 2017, and 2016), but some have managed to stand...
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Rihanna's Birthday Nails Were More Colorful Than Her Freakin' Piñata, So There's That

When I pick out my nail polish color for the week, I rotate between a basic mix of reds, nudes, whites, and pinks, but my name isn't Robyn Rihanna Fenty. On Thursday, Rihanna shared a photo from her birthday celebration earlier this week, and it. was. popping. We're talking a ROYGBIV color palate from her blue eye shadow all the way down to each of her nails. The 31-year-old superstar took a french manicure and gave it the ultimate remix with layered glitter and pastel colors, even making h...
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15 Celebrity Bangs You'll Want to Copy ASAP

Every time you open Instagram, you're likely to see that another celebrity has opted to get bangs. In fact, the 2019 red carpet has turned into an endless stream of the curtain, baby, and blunt varieties. With every star from Bella Hadid to Lana Condor pulling off the style, you'll finally be convinced to make the plunge yourself. Ahead, check out 15 different celebs with different hair types who are all wearing bangs with ease to inspire your next chop. Related: This Surprisingly Versatile...
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See Ya, Lavender - Periwinkle Is Our New Favorite Pastel Hair Color

Pastel-hued hair is filling our Instagram feeds thick and fast, and guess what? We're still not bored of it. From "sweetheart" hair to "orange blossom" hair and even "squirt gun" hair, there is so much inspiration out there, we can barely take it. But we might just have found our favorite color yet: periwinkle. Part of the blue and violet family, periwinkle is the pretty in-between shade that mixes pastels with vibrant pops of color. (Even Cardi B is a fan.) Whether you opt for an all-over co...
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Spring Beauty Trends We Love

Spring Beauty Trends We Love The countdown is on! With spring mere weeks away, it’s time to start making room in the closet for your fresh florals and pretty prints. Along with those come a slew of gorgeous beauty finds destined to make spring 2019 one of the most memorable seasons in a while. With so many exciting trends hitting shelves right now, it’s going to be tough to resist. Here are just a few that are worth it. Top Spring Beauty Trends 2019 Cat Eyes Mesmerizing cat eyes turned up on the...
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Love Barack Obama’s ‘44’ Bomber Jacket? Here's Where To Buy It

Michelle Obama isn't the only one who has liberated her sense of style, post-White House. While the former First Lady is sweeping all over the nation on her Becoming book tour, wearing Pyer Moss, Balenciaga, Cushnie, and Givenchy, her husband will not be outdone.On Wednesday, Barack Obama attended the UNC-Duke game in Durham, North Carolina in all black everything. Unsurprisingly, he caused a frenzy while he took in the game. And we understand why. The former POTUS is looking good. Like, really...
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