Inside the Real World of Super Rich Kids

"First day as a librarian in a private school. Help a 7-year-old with the printer. He offers to tip me."
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This Artist Paints Extremely Realistic Features on Dolls and the Results Are Jaw-Dropping

Because the world needs more dolls that look like actual people, flaws and all.
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These Perfectly Timed Photos Are a Thing of Beauty

Everyone has had one of those moments in life where something goes horribly, horribly wrong.
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The Newest Internet Trend Is… Parents Throwing Cheese on Their Kids

Cheese is love, cheese is life, cheese is the ultimate prank.
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Colin Hanks Just Shared a Sweet Story About Luke Perry Breaking up a Fight on a Plane

Luke Perry may be gone, but fond memories of him remain.
Tags: Life, Luke Perry

Colin Hanks Just Shared a Sweet Story About Luke Perry Breaking up a Flight on a Plane

Luke Perry may be gone, but fond memories of him remain.
Tags: Life, Luke Perry

The Teen Who Got Vaccinated Against His Mom’s Wishes Just Testified Before Congress

Lindenberger told Senators that his mother didn’t mean to put him in danger, she thought she was protecting him.
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Brilliant Travel Hacks From Frequent Flyers

“Ask for upgrades at the gate. Sometimes they’re really cheap."
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8 Black Women Making The Tattoo Industry More Colorful

The tattoos that people get are as nuanced as the skin they live on — but what about the people behind the needles? As tattoo artists become forces of their own (thanks to social media and celebrity clientele), there's an obvious lack of Black artists at the forefront. But that doesn't mean they don't exist.There are plenty of Black artists trailblazing in the tattoo industry, specializing in a variety of artful techniques. Need a teeny tat? A realistic portrait? A sketch to commemorate your cu...
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Nothing to See Here, Just the Most Cutting-Edge Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2019

There's nothing more liberating than getting a fresh haircut, and these celebrities know that all too well. So far this year, celebrities have graced us with such hot hair looks that we can't stop saving them to every Pinterest board and Instagram folder we have. Charlize Theron snipped her hair the day of (!) the 2019 Oscars, showing us that the time is always right to take to the scissors. Gabrielle Union (literally) turned heads at the 2019 Vanity Fair afterparty with her cutting-edge pixie, ...
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This 'Grammable Hair Accessory Will Complete Your Festival Look, and It's Only $6

Your hair during a festival - with its bright colors, intricate braids, and shimmering jewels or glitter - has to somehow last through warm temps and dancing in crowds. The new Sincerely Jules x Scunci Collection somehow creates magical hairstyles that are also practical. The 10-piece line has you covered for your next Summer adventure with its jewels for braided styles, bedazzled clips with a secure hold, rainbow sweat-slicking headwraps, and a brilliantly curated visor - all of which cost unde...
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These Hanging Planters Will Actually Breath Life Into Your Home

We’re always looking for simple and affordable ways to upgrade our home decor. But how many throw pillows and succulents can an amateur decorator possibly go through until running out of options? Enter: the hanging planter. A decorative planter suspended from your ceiling or wall offers a different way to display herbs, small flowers, succulents, and even cacti. And, this stylish home to your greenery rarely costs more than $25. The easy-to-implement decorative item can transform even the dulle...
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The Very Best Products From Kylie Cosmetics, Because It's Not Just Lip Kits Anymore

Regardless of what you think of Kylie Jenner, the 21-year-old makes some quality makeup products. Since launching her revolutionary lip kits in 2015, Kylie Cosmetics has grown tremendously and now includes tools, eye shadows, highlighters, and more. The expansive color selection and limited-edition collections can be tricky, so we've picked out the very best formulas in the line so you can shop with ease. Check them out ahead so you can recreate Jenner's makeup looks with the products she uses ...
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Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Has Been Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Trebek has been hosting the popular show for over 30 years.
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PHOTOS: Meet the sexy men of Africa’s gayest and most progressive city

The first guy I met in Cape Town was Phijo, who suggested we meet at a coffee place in Tamboerskloof because even though our shoot was at noon, it was early morning for him and he needed the caffeine boost (as did I after an extremely long flight journey).
Tags: Africa, Lifestyle, Cape Town, Ad Friendly, Gaycities Link, Tamboerskloof, Phijo

Finally, a t-shirt fit for the Scots

H&M makes a T-shirt with a sequinned message that changes depending on the nap. It says "Skate", and with a swipe of one's hand, it says "Chill". Catriona Black, however, noticed that you can, of course, choose to swipe only some of the sequins, thereby creating the ultimate Scottish t-shirt. Don't think H&M thought this through. My children did. You can take the child out of Scotland... — Catriona Black (@CatrionaBlack) March 3, 2019
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Be gay in the UK – enter to win a fabulous trip!

What do you travel for? Tell us for a chance to win a six-day trip for two to London and Manchester!
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Podcast #488: Fasting as a Spiritual Discipline

The health benefits of fasting from food have gotten a lot of attention in the last several years. What’s often forgotten in these discussions, however, is that fasting has been practiced for thousands of years not only for the sake of the body, but for the spirit as well.  My guest today has written a book, The Sacred Art of Fasting, that explores the different ways fasting is practiced by all of the world’s major religions and how it can be practiced by individuals today. His name is Fathe...
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Embrace The Siren Call Of The Long-Sleeve Swimsuit

When you think of the occasion for long sleeves, a few things come to mind: church, a job interview, or the first time meeting your S.O.'s parents. One thing that may not come to mind: the beach. And yet, there seems to be something in the water (zing!) because we keep noticing our favorite celebs sporting a certain type of long-sleeved swimsuit, and have spotted plenty of trend-forward takes on traditional rash guards when we search "swimwear" at the coolest boutiques. We wanna know: what's th...
Tags: Nordstrom, Fashion, Music, Asos, Cannes, Anthropologie, Hepburn, Cynthia Rowley, Andrea Iyamah, Seea, Gyres Institute, Anthropologie Safety, Anthropologie Floral Rashguard, Malibu Bikini Top, Volcom Volcom Simply Solid Rashguard, Patagonia Patagonia Micro Swell Rashguard

Following Raf Simons' Exit, Calvin Klein Is Closing Its Ready-To-Wear Business

After chief creative officer Raf Simons' nightmare-before-Christmas, effective-immediately departure last December shocked the fashion world, Calvin Klein, Inc. announced today that it will be shuttering its runway business altogether. Last month, the billion-dollar fashion and lifestyle company reported it was closing its higher-end, Simons-born 205W39NYC line. The company will also let go of some 100 employees — 50 in New York and 50 in Milan.Reports of waining 205 sales surfaced last year, w...
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Your Spring Break Packing List, Solved

Even when you make a complete packing list, it's inevitable that there will be last-minute add-ons that will keep your suitcase from actually zipping shut. And even though vacation clothing tends to be small (shorts and bathing suits take up a lot less space than sweaters and pants), the need for options ends up undoing any mental editing and outfit-planning that happened while daydreaming in that last pre-vacation board meeting.So, whether you're planning ahead for an upcoming trip or scrambli...
Tags: Topshop, Fashion, Music, Rachel Antonoff, Urban Outfitters Photo Courtesy of Urban, Anthropologie Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie, Photo Courtesy of Lisa Says Gah, Palm Leaf Beach Towel, Coqui Coqui Hot Chili, Coqui Coqui Photo Courtesy of Coqui Coqui, Donni Photo Courtesy of Donni Leave, Neck Top With Gathered Front

Hosi Mehta Shares Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds!

Our dear friend Hosi Mehta, Co-Chair of the FEZANA Welfare and Critical Assistance Committee, Chicago resident, business owner, and all around good guy, shares his life story.  Mehta describes his childhood in India, moving to the United States and returning to India with his American bride.  He explains why he decided his family should return to the U.S. (the answer may surprise you!) and how his faith shapes the way he lives his life.  LowDown Food Critic Slappy Sal reviews the Rainbow Café an...
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Queer Eye’s Tan France on the pressure of fame: “I represent Asians globally at this point”

"I represent Asians globally at this point, and that’s a lot of pressure for one person."
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Spring Pairing Event by Euphorium Brooklyn in New York

Whenever we announce perfume events organized by the New York based perfume house Euphorium Brooklyn, we have many of our readers wishing they would live close to the Big Apple. And for good reason; who wouldn't like an evening filled with for instance Fragrance, Chocolate, Film Burlesque? Well, here we go again.... On March 20th, 2019, you can join Euphorium Brooklyn, the Flowerschool New York... Read full article: Spring Pairing Event by Euphorium Brooklyn in New York from Fragrantica Perf...
Tags: Fashion, New York, Euphorium Brooklyn, Fragrantica Perfumes, Flowerschool New York Read

B. Blumarine, New Fragrance by Blumarine Parfums

  Composed as a fragrance of fashion, the latest feminine release B. Blumarine is blooming in the most beautiful way with a floral-fruity composition that follows the fashion collection of the house and the floral patterns used on the Blumarine materials. B. Blumarine will arrive in April 2019 with a key accord of Cabbage rose extrait (also Centifolia Rose or Rose de May), celebrating its romant... Read full article: B. Blumarine, New Fragrance by Blumarine Parfums from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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What Lasering Off The Top Layer Of Your Skin Looks Like Up Close

File under things we've been extremely curious about, but are hesitant to try: Fraxel, a catchier word for fractionated resurfacing laser. The celebrity-favorite treatment, beloved by Kim Kardashian, Jhené Aiko, and more, prompts skin to physically peel in order to trigger collagen production and the growth of new skin cells.The procedure has been trending for years, but the results are what really keep people coming back. After about two weeks' time, discoloration from sun damage is diminish...
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Did Your Spring Cleaning? Here's Where to Donate Your Beauty Products

So you've finally made it through binge-watching Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, you've purged everything that doesn't spark joy, and now you have a mountain of rejected beauty products in need of a home. Luckily, there are a handful of organizations that collect your new, unused, or gently used products and give them to someone in need. Ahead, check out five places you can donate your beauty products so you can declutter with a clear conscience.
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